Regal Blood


Countess Elsa has hidden herself away from the world, including her sister Anna, for several years after their parents disappeared. The reason for this becomes clear when Anna follows her one night...

Horror / Romance
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Blood Ties That Bind

Regal Blood

A Horrific Halloweeny Elsanna Vampire!AU
by Jessica X and Somethinginthenothing

Frozen, Elsa, Anna and related characters/settings are ©Diznay. All original characters, settings and story elements ©2014 Jessica X and Lily D.

NOTES: Happy Halloween, my friends! This is actually the first time I've done anything specifically for this both under- and over-celebrated holiday. Of course, it's Elsanna. Hope you enjoy what my associate and I have cooked up for you – and it's only the beginning!

~ Chapter One: Blood Ties That Bind ~

Many have speculated about why the skies over the village of Arendelle always seemed to be overcast. There has never been a satisfactory explanation. The locals sometimes claim it is a centuries-old curse having to do with blood that was spilled during a civil war that is only remembered in half-truthful recountings at the local tavern. No historical accounts remain to confirm or deny the stories handed down by word-of-mouth throughout generations.

One of the more noteworthy oddities was the castle on the hill overlooking the township. It held the same name of the town, and the same pallor hung overhead. Previously, there had been a ruling family who held the village in an iron grip, but those days were long past. Now, the castle was home to two sisters who ruled from afar, unobtrusively. While people would whisper in quiet voices about the countess who managed their affairs, most of those who had seen her refused to contribute to the conversation.

~ o ~

At exactly midnight, Lady Anna heard the sound of steps outside her door. Her breath quickened at the noise and she swallowed deeply. She wondered if the woman on the other side was finally going to be brave enough to open her door and greet her.

Exactly at midnight, every Sunday, Elsa came. She lingered only for a moment before then the shadow of her feet moved away from the doorway and she left, softly whispering to whoever was on the other side with her. Anna envied them. She let out a heavy sigh while the goosebumps that had spread across her skin during the brief, exciting moment – always exciting as it was disappointing – began to disappear.

"And my appointment for tonight is in order?" the regal voice purred quietly from out in the shadowy corridor.

Anna crept to the doorway, hearing the word "order" clear as a bell. Elsa. Majestic and steady, incredibly calm. Her excitement built again. She pressed her ear to the door, trying her hardest to listen in on the conversation outside her bedroom and not succeeding. Relenting to her curiosity, she pushed the door open about half an inch. The cold clung to her, a small breeze blowing in from the hallway. She wrapped an arm around her torso, shivering slightly while peering out.

The deep blue cloak shrouded Elsa in mystery. It certainly wasn't to keep out the cold; she had never felt its effects very deeply. She also never found the heat of the summer overly stifling, either. It was an unimportant detail to her. Yet the cloak remained as a testament to not only her wealth, but the might of rule. Its presence was for others, not herself.

"Of course, My Lady," Gerda murmured to her pale Countess, her voice hushed and hallowed. "I've never made a mistake before and I certainly didn't make one tonight."

"Good. You know I only ask to make absolutely certain." Then her head swiveled. What was that sound from behind her?

Anna pulled away from the door hurriedly, covering her mouth and staying as quiet as possible. She didn't fully know why she hid; instinct and the feeling that if Elsa saw her she'd be angry. Where was Elsa going? Where did she keep going every Sunday, and in the middle of the night? She needed to know.


Gerda raised a brow at her Countess's expression. "What is the matter, Madam?"

"I could have sworn I heard... nevermind." Elsa clutched the collar of her cloak. "I won't be needing Kai tonight; the weather is mild and it's not threatening rain. Mind the castle."

Gerda hesitated. "My Lady, you've never gone alone before... are you sure that such a thing would be wise?"

At that paranoid question, Elsa rolled her eyes. "In the past decade since the Count vanished, has there ever been a single incident, or even threat of one? Ill be fine." Catching the look on her servant's face, she softened her tone slightly. "Thank you for your concern."

Gerda hmphed, but nodded her head. "Well, you just be careful then..."

At her doorway, Anna listened with interest. Perhaps if she caught up to her sister outside while she was alone, they could talk finally. She bit her bottom lip at the idea, her heart pounding. If she were to pursue this plan, there wasn't a moment to waste.

~ o ~

The clanking of every chain link filled the air as the drawbridge dropped into place. Moments later, Elsa's heeled boots were clopping across the wooden planks and down toward the village. As an afterthought, she twitched her hood up to cover her eye-catching white-blonde head; no point in drawing unnecessary attention to herself.

It had taken Anna a little bit of time to follow. She had gotten dressed as quickly as possible, swept her hair back, and proceeded to wait for Gerda's puttering about to fade. Swirling a cloak around herself, she slipped out of the castle as silently as possible. It dawned on her that she didn't know where Elsa was even going; then she caught sight of the drawbridge sliding down and a smile passed over her lips. She followed stealthily, watching as her sister hid her streams of golden hair.

It wasn't so much that Elsa was unobservant as that she never expected anyone to follow her. Why should they? She was in charge of their little hamlet in the craggy hills. There was little poverty and nearly no crime. No discontent from the townsfolk that would warrant her being stalked. Therefore, she simply didn't think hearing someone nearby was any cause for concern – unless she was somewhere she expected to be alone.

Anna followed Elsa, eyes locked on her. It was strange seeing her, even covered as she was now. It had been so long since she had been able to watch her sister for such a long period of time. A few years previous to losing their parents, her sister had suddenly closed the door on her and shut her out without any explanation. She wondered if these regular, Sunday excursions had any connection to the reason. Bunching her cloak around herself and shivering almost violently, Anna kept walking, wondering where exactly Elsa was going.

The square was nearly empty at this hour, and the Countess cast around to make sure the few stragglers making their way home from the tavern weren't paying her any mind. Then, steeling herself as she always did, she strode purposefully toward the Cathedral of St. Idun and the sanctity it promised.

Anna couldn't keep her brow from furrowing. Her sister crept out at night to... pray? She wondered if perhaps the woman prayed for the souls of their mother and father. Anna hesitated, not sure how she should proceed. Debating a moment, she dashed across the square and eased open the heavy oaken front door.

Elsa was kneeling before the altar, crossing her heart and muttering her prayers. She stayed kneeling there for many minutes, never turning, never wavering from her attention on the dais before her.

Apparently, her sister did come to pray every Sunday. Anna stayed at the entrance, her warm teal eyes locked on her elder sister. Her hood had fallen back, and from this angle Anna could just see the pale shape of her face and her platinum blond waves. She truly was a creature of immeasurable beauty, which made it all the more confusing that she should hide herself away the way she did.

Suddenly, the door behind the pulpit creaked open. Nuns in habits were filing out, somber and with heads bowed. They had not looked toward the front of the church yet, but one of them had begun to head down the side aisle next to the pews. Clearly she was approaching the doors.

Anna felt her chest tighten with panic, and she slipped across the entranceway as quickly as she could, ducking behind the nearest pews. She wanted to see Elsa. Oh, how badly she did! However, she didn't want to interrupt her sister. Questions could wait until she was done; she didn't want to intrude, after all. She pressed her back against the wood, waiting for the sister to pass, her heart pounding oddly in her chest.

But Elsa did not pass.

The nun walked past Anna's hiding place and toward the door. Her hands hesitated for a moment when she saw that it was ajar, but then she pushed it to and lowered the bar, sealing them inside the chapel.

Mentally slapping herself for not fully shutting the door herself, Anna flinched at the loud boom of the crossbar. Then she relaxed as the nun seemed to put the matter from her mind – however, her relief was short-lived. There was no going back anymore; she was locked inside.

As the woman of the cloth returned to the pulpit, two more nuns came out, and between them was a third woman – this one not clothed in a habit, but in very simple rags. Struggling feebly, it was readily apparent that she was less than enthused at being in the cathedral but she wasn't attempting to escape.

Anna watched what happened in front of her with shock. Was this a game? This woman was either afflicted with dizzy spells, or being forced to do something against her will. None of it made any sense. She clamped her hand over her mouth to keep from speaking up.

A snap entered Elsa's tone as she spoke. "Sister Inger, you said there would be no more unwilling participants. Are you sure she asked for this?"

Sister Inger nodded. "Oh, you know they always ask. She's probably just a bit scared."

Seeming only partially satisfied, Elsa turned to the girl dressed in rags. "Have they plied you with sacramental wine?" A weak nod was her only response. "What was your response beforehand?"

The young woman avoided her Countess's eyes, nervous. "I... resisted at first, but it's as the s-sister says, I was just... scared. I'm okay now. I want to do it now."

The more they talked, the more Anna's eyes widened. Sacramental... or sacrificial? Was someone being killed here tonight? Was Elsa involved in some kind of horrid ritual? The thought made her shake with worry and she was tempted to stand and demand an explanation, but instead but she stayed quiet from where she knelt and listened.

Gathering her royal cloak closer, Elsa stepped forward, fully immersing the young woman in her shadow. Her voice was pitched lower as she asked, "Are you certain? This is your final warning, girl. Do you freely grant me sustenance?"

The girl was visibly shaking as she slowly nodded, wiping the slight sheen of perspiration that had begun to grow on her forehead, staring into the ice blue eyes of her Countess, the sensation of her being so close making her stiffen slightly.

With a nod, Elsa reached forward and brushed her fingers over the girl's neck, slowly, almost sensually. She seemed to inhale as she gently tucked her hair behind her ear. There was no warning: her mouth surged forward and latched onto the woman's neck, lips working at the skin.

Anna let out a sharp gasp, covering her mouth quickly after that, as she watched her sister bite into the "sacrifice" before her. Even from this distance, she could discern the hunger in Elsa from her body language, the slow rise and fall of her throat as she drank. Meanwhile, the woman reacted as if she was... being pleasured. She let out soft mewls as if she were a kitten, leaning against Anna's elder sister and gasping. Anna wanted to look away but she found herself paralyzed, stuck in place, watching this dark act unfold.

The time came when the Countess had drank her fill. Once she finally drew back, she presented a ghastly sight: twin rivulets of crimson streaming from the corners of her mouth. Her irises matched the same shade. Her hackles were raised and her chest was heaving slightly. Finally, she seemed to realise the need to regain herself, and closed her eyes as she withdrew a lily-white handkerchief from her pocket. One finger pushed what blood she could get back up into her mouth. The other hand used the kerchief to clean the remaining residue. By the time she opened her eyes again, they were back to their usual icy blue.

One very alarmed Anna pushed backwards as quietly as possible, away from the church pews and the unholy sight of what was happening with her eyes on the doorway that led to fresh air and the sight of something other than blood cascading down her sister's chin. Elsa had drank another human being's blood – called her a "sacrifice". Every night, she had been disappearing to come here and... and eat someone?

The thought nearly made her sick, but so much worse was the sudden rush of unexplainable desire she had felt watching Elsa and the girl moan. The thought of having teeth in her neck, hands on her body... her sister's in particular, made her heart pound and her face flush. The inhumanity of it all made her shake.

"Now," Elsa said shakily as she finished cleaning up the evidence of her indiscretion and began to dab at the peasant girl's neck with the handkerchief. Then her voice took on a deeper resonance as she stared directly down into the dun-coloured eyes of her latest meal, gazing as if to pierce through to her soul. "You will not speak of this to anyone. You will not think of this when you are with anyone. This is an event that never took place. Understand?"

The girl smiled almost dreamily and nodded, wordless, a dazed and empty look in her eyes. Anna paused at the doorway, even more horrified at the sight of... some kind of hypnotism? She steeled herself then, and ducked down again behind the pew. This couldn't be allowed to continue. She'd follow her sister home and corner her. Once they were alone, Anna would confront her and demand answers. At least, that was the plan.

Elsa gave a slight nod to Sister Inger as she stepped backward, watching the other nuns take the girl into the rectory. "Ensure that she's well taken care of and then sent on her way with the usual remunerations."

Anna watched the sisters disappear with the girl in front of them, thinking wildly about what to say and what to do. How does one confront their sibling about their bizarre habit of drinking human blood? But it could be done. This was just some phase Elsa had got involved with... wasn't it? She had to believe that. Even so, the memory of her blood-red irises was burned into Anna's mind. She shook the thought away; no, there had to be an explanation. Her sister couldn't be a vampire, or a demon, or any other bloodsucking creature. Her sister was just... her sister.

As the door to the rectory swung shut, Elsa turned and began to stride down the aisle, the picture of refinement and royal dignity. No evidence showed that she had ever done anything out of the ordinary, much less ingested the bodily fluids of a helpless waif. All was eerily calm.

And then she stopped dead. Her nostrils flared, her head tilted. She sniffed. Both of her eyes closed halfway in either satisfaction or irritation; it was impossible to tell which. Seconds passed. Then she strode forward and flung the doors to the cathedral open, storming out into the night.

Anna's heart had nearly stopped when her sister did. She had sniffed the air and Anna had thought for one moment that, perhaps, her sister knew she was there? Or at least that someone was there... the idea of it made her shudder and she kept quiet as possible as she left the cathedral, making sure Elsa was well away before she moved out, walking at a distance.

As she followed, she planned her confrontation. It would have to be careful and firm; this could not go on. The Countess would have her chance to explain, of course, but whatever reasons Elsa had for performing this ritual, it wasn't worth how badly it reflected on their positions in Arendelle. And that was that.

The elder sister stopped into Oaken's Public House and returned a mere ten minutes later, tucking a small glass bottle into her cloak. Then she continued along to the drawbridge at a steady clip. Anna watched curiously. It was an odd time to take a shopping trip... an odd time to do anything, for that matter.

Finally, Elsa made the safety of the castle. When Anna arrived, however, she had completely vanished. No sign of where she had gone remained.

~ o ~

For lack of a better idea of how to confront someone who wasn't there, Anna ran herself a bath. She rarely prepared them for herself, but she felt filthy from what she had seen. She felt filthy because even now, there was a steady burn between her legs. She sighed as she sunk into the still, cold water. It had taken her a while to set the bath up. Had her sister fallen asleep by now? The question that made her shiver more than the chilled water was: would she even need to sleep now, considering what she could possibly be?

An hour later, Anna stepped out of the tub after a long, relaxing dip. The strain and awkward warmth she had felt as a result of the earlier events were waning and she sighed pleasantly, wrapping a towel around herself as she slipped into her bedchamber to seek out proper sleepwear.

"Feeling better?"

Elsa was perched on the foot of Anna's bed. She had not changed out of her regal gown and cloak, which was odd because they had been home for quite some time.

Anna nearly screamed. She clamped a hand over her mouth, eyes wide as she forced herself to relax. It was odd hearing her sister's voice, odd hearing her sister address her at all, in any manner. What was she to make of those words? She then looked away, avoiding the beautiful face of her sibling, nodding curtly. "I was a bit tired..."

"Oh, you were tired? I see." Elsa stood and paced toward her. Tension was in her posture, in her every movement. "And when you're tired, you enjoy long soaks in cold water?"

"It wasn't all that cold," Anna lied softly, clutching her towel tighter around herself while stepping away from the older blonde instinctively. Her eyes remained downcast, afraid of what she'd see in her siblings face – but then she raised them defiantly to look upon it, her own as expressionless as possible. She wasn't ready for this talk yet, but the option to postpone it was no longer available.

"Wasn't it? Anna, you're positively shivering. Let me help you with that." With a flourish, Elsa drew the cloak from around her own frame and surged forward – far faster than a human should be able to move – and cinched the cloak around Anna's shoulders snugly.

Anna reacted before she could hold it back, planting her palms on her sister's shoulders for a light shove, fear flashing across her face, a gasp falling from her lips. "Stay away," she murmured softly after a moment, her body completely still and tense. Regardless, she pulled the cloak tighter around herself. '''What does it matter to you why I took a cold bath? You've ignored me for years, so why should tonight be so different?"

One of Elsa's hands trailed up her arms and clutched the collar of the cloak tight, grinning darkly at her sister as her free hand began to slide around her waist, applying nearly no pressure. "Come now, Anna. Why be so coy? We both know why tonight is different."

The same burn from earlier bit into Anna as she ran her tongue across her dry lips, staring at her sister's mouth. Tonight was different because of that mouth, those teeth... she didn't resist her sister's light hold, and even leaned into it a little bit, though it was hardly noticeable. "Yes, I know what you- what you did with that girl!"

"You do." Her fist tightened on the collar, partly cutting off Anna's air supply. "And I shan't pretend I'm not angry with you. Following me. Spying on me. That is hardly behaviour that befits a lady. Also... technically, it's treason."

"And technically, you're a monster," Anna snapped, voice strained from the pressure on her throat. Her sister was lecturing her after Anna had just seem her suck the blood from a young woman's neck! "You've been acting odd, disappearing, for months now... I wasn't going to let it happen without finding out what it was. Now I know what you've been sneaking out to do..." She trailed off at the end of statement, sorrow and confusion entering her voice. "You drank her blood... blood, Elsa."

All hints of dark humour left Elsa's face at the accusations. Both sisters knew there wasn't a single word she could do to refute them. Instead, she merely drew her hand out of the cloak and held a clear glass bottle between their eyes as her own glinted in the moonlight. "Yes, I am aware... that you are aware. And therefore, I have brought you this."

Annas eyes drifted to the bottle. "What is that?" she whispered after a second, not liking the look in her sister's bright eyes. "A-are you... going to p-poison me? Or make me like you?"

Then Elsa blinked at the suspicion. "What do you mean, 'what is that'? It's gin." Releasing Anna, she unstoppered the bottle and held it out to her. "Thought you could do with a stiff drink after what you've been through down in the village."

"No, thank you. I don't drink; I don't like the taste of it. Maybe if you'd been around, you'd know that..." Even as she said it, she took the bottle in her hand, gazing through it at Elsa as if together they formed some kind of puzzle.

"Yes, well." Elsa turned the cork over and over in her nimble fingers, eyes on Anna's all the while though she never fumbled or dropped the cork. "Perhaps if you put your mind to use for a moment, you'll understand why I've kept myself at arm's length from you." Then she turned to the window, at last breaking the staring contest.

"It's been a lonely life these past years, Anna. I've wanted to share it with you, but... how could I risk it? Risk telling you who – what I am? There was too much at stake, I'm afraid. Now that you know, however..." A light shrug.

"Too much at stake? What was possibly at stake? The castle has been shut for years so it's not like I would run around, telling the world the truth." Anna decided she did want a drink, and took a large mouthful, swallowing. It burned all the way down. She closed her eyes and tried to relax and calm the building hysteria.

Elsa's ears twitched as she listened to the overpowering liquid slide down Anna's throat. "You had to be protected at all costs. Your lineage. Do you not yet understand why?"

Slowly, Anna shook her head. "No... sorry, but I don't understand at all. Why did I have to be protected?"

"You are human." Elsa strode back to stand more fully in front of her, staring evenly with her hands in the small of her back. Unblinking. Her eyes simply remained open as if they had been stuck that way. "Even with our mother being human, the odds of a vampire siring a fully-human child are... astronomical. I mean, look at what you see before you. Only one of us received that stroke of luck."

Anna stiffened and drew away from her elder sibling. If what Elsa had just said was true, that meant that both her sister and her father were... vampires, of all things? The idea made her shudder, and she shook her head. She wanted to deny or to argue, but it was painfully obvious in the way her sister simply stared as if she didn't need to blink, as if all the times she did before were pretend. There was a darkness, not necessarily a malevolent one, in her sister's eyes that she had never before witnessed.

"...So all this time... you were a vampire," she whispered, gazing into Elsa's unblinking icy eyes.

After hearing the unspoken accusation attached to that statement, Elsa lowered her eyes. "Well... yes and no. The symptoms grow worse with age. Until puberty, I could still go out into the sunlight and eat human food. As I aged, I grew less tolerant of both and the craving for human blood increased. Now... I am 'fully vampire', if that makes more sense to you. And have been for several years."

Suddenly, it all clicked; her sister was avoiding her for all these years, was taking sacrifices and drinking from them all so that she did not hurt Anna. Guilt surged through her, and she bit her lip, a lump growing in her throat and her eyes burning lightly.

"I'm so sorry. If I'd known..." she trailed off, not sure where she was going with the statement, slowly looking up and down her sister's face, moving closer now because she was sure her sister wouldn't hurt her.

"If you had known, then what? You would have cured me? Fixed me? You cannot." An ugly laugh of resignation burst from her throat. "Even the witches of the mountains say it is nearly impossible for me to be cured. And believe me, I have asked."

Anna shook her head as she hesitantly placed a hand onto her sister's face. The flesh was cold beneath her fingers, yet warm in its own way. She trailed her nails lightly down the soft skin, grazing the corner of her lips. "No... not tried to cure you at all. I'm not that stupid. But I could have been there for you."

"As what, a snack?" Elsa's hand flashed up to ensnare Anna's wrist, and was not at all gentle. "The hunger is manageable some nights. Others... it is less so." Her unblinking eyes went out of focus as the fingers tightened. "Right now, I can smell it... your blood calling to me... like a siren song. It fills my lungs, spurs my thirst." Then her expression clarified, grip relaxing. "But I have fed tonight. I can ignore it, and very easily. What of other nights, dear sister?"

Heat returned to Anna's body, along with the sudden mental imagine of Elsa above her, fangs digging into Anna's throat, blood pouring into her sister's mouth and quenching her thirst... she flushed, her pulse rising, eyes shifting to avoid her sister's now as she shivered.

"If you wanted a snack... th-then I would be more than willing to help you. If it means that I can be with you again, the way we used to be, I w-would do anything." She nodded then as if to assure herself, bottom lip trembling.

The Countess's eyebrows drew together. "Anna, you... can't know what you're saying. Once we have fed, you will respond more easily to suggestion. The more times I feed from you, the more easily your blood calls to me, and the more readily you submit." She swallowed thickly. "That is not the life I want for you, sister. Please don't ask me to contemplate it further."

Anna slid her fingers higher, into her sister's hair, running lightly across it. "I'm not asking you to do anything. I'm telling you," she went on daringly, her eyes darting to her sister's lips. Behind those lips were the cause of all of this. She wet her own lips and slid her towel a bit lower, offering her throat for her sister's consumption.

"I want it," she admitted shakily, eyes wide and full of desire.

Her last three words seemed to shoot through Elsa like an arrow tipped with poison, for in the moments after the initial shock, Elsa's face slowly became more and more pained. All the same, her irises began to slowly shift to violet. The pounding of Anna's heart, the pulsing of the veins in her comely neck. The Countess clearly yearned to partake. Her gloved hand not already clutching Anna's wrist reached up and yanked her hair back as her lips brushed along the neck, the skin that would so easily yield if she were to break it with her elongating fangs...

Where Elsa touched Anna's skin, pleasure rippled and made her tense with desire, eyelids sliding shut. She could feel her sister's breath on her skin. Feel the desire she felt in the way she gripped her so tight and hungrily. Her loins ached with a need that seemed to be constant tonight and she let out a tiny whimper, suppressing it quickly after so her sister did not think she was hurt. She felt the strength in Elsa's hands. If she wanted, she was sure the older girl could break Anna.

"No," Elsa growled. An honest-to-goodness growl. Her next words were only scarcely more human. "No, I will not. I will not turn you into my thrall. Anyone – anyone but you!" Then she tore herself away, staggering a few steps until she slumped face-first onto the bed, shoulders shaking, hands grasping at the duvet.

Anna stepped back, momentarily terrified by the monstrous snarl that had ripped from her sister's throat. It pained her to see the elder woman in such an anxious, troubled state and she touched her arm, worry in her eyes. "Elsa..." Hesitantly, she paced to the bed and tried to get her sister to look up into her own wide teal eyes.

"You don't know what it will mean for you to become one of my 'flock', Anna!" Her voice was still strained, still full of grief and anger. "Some of our number keep a herd of humans from which to feed! Chained in their dungeons, penned in like sheep! They become mindless, only existing to pleasure their master – either with blood or with body!" Taking a long, slow breath, she then said more evenly, "Can you see why I don't want that for you? My precious sister who escaped my fate, you deserve much more. Once would be one time too many."

"Oh, Elsa..." Anna understood her worry, or at least part of it. She shook her head and tentatively smiled. "You're not like them; you won't do that to me. The power is in your hands." Sliding onto the bed next to her, she held her sister's face again. Her own was crimson as she leaned in for a gentle kiss.

Lips slid over Elsa's lips. For a long moment, she merely sat there, entirely stunned. Enjoying their smooth and delicious feel, the light earnestness of the action. Then she pushed the younger woman back slightly, just enough to speak. "I... Anna, what... what is this, what are you doing?"

"I... Obviously, I'm kissing you." Anna shrugged, her cheeks warm. "Ask a silly question, get a silly answer, right?"

"No, but... I don't understand." Elsa's hand came up to rest on her cheek. "You're m-my sister, why would you...?"

Anna bit her sister's bottom lip, lightly running her tongue along it. "Before, you always took care of me. You held me when I cried and kissed my cuts and bruises... you and I cuddled together when it was cold, even though now I realize why you felt so almost as cold against me. Even so, I loved it, I... I know I want this, Elsa..."

"You don't know... anything!" Yet when Elsa's hand went down to Anna's shoulder to shove her away, she was somehow only able to clench it tightly; still Anna kissed at her lip, still she allowed it to continue. "Th-this isn't- it's not the same as g-giving me blood, or us getting to know each other again, it's... how long have you felt this way about me?"

"Since, umm..." Anna blushed harder, so hard she felt like her entire face was on fire. "Well, kinda like, forever."

Elsa pulled back forcefully from her sister; it took nearly every last ounce of willpower. "Wh... all this time, you've been hiding your feelings?" Then she squeezed her eyes shut, trying not to feel the body heat leaching into her from the form curled around her own, trying not to smell the coppery hints of blood just under the surface of her befreckled skin. "B-but we are sisters, we cannot... we must not! How could you?"

"Easily," Anna whispered as she leaned closer, before she pressed her lips onto the older woman's again, sliding her arms around her shoulders slowly, cautiously. She let out a soft whimper at how soft her sister's lips were, how moist. They felt like velvet and steadily made her shudder and press her thighs together in an attempt to quell the heat building there.

This was the most unfortunate part: it wasn't long before Elsa's heightened senses became aware of the arousal. Yes, she had noticed it before in the cathedral, but it was a fairly commonplace reaction from the sacrifices. Comparing it to Anna's usual scent now, of course, its origin was all too apparent. Her sister wanted to go far beyond familial bonds or the necessary act of sharing blood. She wanted sex. She wanted heat and passion, tangling bodies. Those were things Elsa could never, ever provide for her.

"P-please," she gasped between moments. "A-Anna, please!"

After hearing it the second time, Anna drew away but an inch. Her large teal eyes stared into Elsa's burning gaze. Her sister had not moved. She had simply laid there, stiff in her embrace, and that hurt more than a rejection. She could still taste her sister's lips as she stood from the bed awkwardly.

"I simply thought..." she trailed off, ashamed. She drew the cloak around her chest with her arms. It was embarrassing knowing her sister hadn't eyed her body with those eyes. Only her throat.

"Anna," Elsa began desperately as she sat up on the bed, breathing ragged. She had to think, but somehow her sister had reawakened the bloodlust she had so recently sated, and that made it nearly impossible to string two thoughts together. "For God's sake, I... you can't mean these things. It's because you've been cooped up in this castle too long; you need to get out a bit more, go on holidays. Perhaps we can arrange a visit to the Southern Isles...?"

Anna nodded numbly, and forced a thin smile. "Sure, whatever you say, Elsa. Just... stop pretending you know what I want and don't want." Her head jerked towards her bedroom door, her face eerily calm. "Get out." As she spoke, the tears started to spill. Years of love and need poured down her cheeks. Memories of only brief glimpses of her sister's back disappearing into her bedroom that lit her need to rekindle their relationship flashed through her mind and spilled down her lightly freckled face, only to be soaked into the towel.

One spidery hand reached out for Anna, pale and bereft of the flush that human skin would have. The minute Elsa's own eyes saw it against the backdrop of her dear sister's sobbing features, she remembered who and what she was; why she had held herself apart all these years. There had been ample and crucial reason.

"Very well. I'll leave you to it tonight." Tall and regal and in control again, she swept to the doorway, then paused. Without looking over her shoulder, she added, "Keep the bottle. If it's all I can do for you at the moment, there is at least that." Then she strode out without touching or closing Anna's door, giving the younger sibling the option to do whatever she wished next.

Those last words made anger rush through her like a storm. "I don't want it!" she shrieked, and before she realized what she was doing, she ripped open the door and threw the bottle into the darkness, not caring if her sister was there or not. "I want you." Then she sank to her knees and began to cry freely.

Elsa stood for a long moment in the corridor, listening to her sister's sorrow and staring down at the bottle in her hands. Anna's back had already been turned when her supernaturally-enhanced reflexes sent her arm flinging out to snatch it from the air as easily as a baby grasping its mother's finger. Probably for the best that she had not witnessed such strangeness, because the young woman already had enough to deal with for one night.

"You will thank me one day," the Countess whispered to no one. "My Lady Anna."

~ To Be Continued ~

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