Min Søster Bursdagskake


It's Anna's eighteenth birthday, and all she wants to do is spend it with Elsa. The door, however, remains just as opaque and forbidding as always. Maybe if they could share her cake...

Romance / Drama
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Bursdagskake: Anna

[AKA, "The Cake Fic".] A Frozen FanFic of Familial Food Fornication
by Jessica X

Characters and settings © Diznay and all their lot. Original story elements ©2014 to myself. Cover by Cosmokyrin.

WARNING LABEL: Rated M for semi-graphic self-love, which may or may not involve implements and, er, food. This is going to be by far the raciest and most depraved thing I've ever dared put on FFnet, due to mature content and that it's a controversial topic like ElsAnna. From what I've seen and heard around the site of late, this shouldn't pose a major problem, but I would ask someone warn me to take it down or edit it rather than simply report me or have it removed. I'm earnestly striving to abide by the site standards! For the curious who are completely stumped and can't utilize Google Translate, the title simply means "My Sister's Birthday Cake" in Norwegian.

Here we are again, lovelies! My Frozen fic came about both because a friend was asking me about my old fiction (and I noticed it has been nearly a year since my last ficlet was published on here - ye gods!), and the fact that the internet seems to be widely embracing this particular pairing. That's a beautiful thing, it really is (despite the "I-word" coming into play)! Mostly I take this standpoint because I noticed the undertones immediately when I watched the film a month or so ago (naturally, me being me). Near perfect fic-fodder - so delicious! To those of you who are nay-sayers, Anna actually uses The Three Little Words while gazing into Elsa's eyes! Who she snogged is immaterial when it's Elsa's hands she's holding on the ice rink! Kristoff can be her "beard" all day long, so long as the nights belong to the sisters (because Kristoff is obviously in love with his reindeer, anyway).

You needn't tell me how rotted my brain is. I'm well aware.

And yes, this is again me coming-out-of-and-going-straight-back-into retirement. Consider me as a permanent pensioner who, once in a while, volunteers one up as a service to the community! Love to do it now and then, just as a quick diversion from my original fiction work (and that pesky "real life" everyone keeps going on about, which I promise I'll check into eventually). We now return you to your regularly-scheduled Jess-free life.

But cripes, do I love you all. You'll never know how dearly.

[EDIT - GOD ALMIGHTY, BIG EDIT: Okay, so now that, er... I've been made aware that Tumblr has been... let's say "dissecting" this story (search for "cake fic" or "Forkanna" and it pops right up. I may have to emigrate from the internet soon.), let's address a couple of issues that I feel are very... VERY PERTINENT. Firstly, I truly hope none of you were thinking Anna would be stabbing the tines into herself. HANDLE ONLY! CHRIST! Secondly, they're both lying on either side of the door, heads pointing in the same direction. Parallel to each other. Sort of halfway between on side and on back. HAVE NONE OF YOU EVER- you know what? I dare not finish that sentence. Hopefully this alleviates some of the confusion! Also, a quick thank you to those of you defending me on there, honestly, it really means a lot to me. All I did was write a stupid little thing... it only took me a few hours... it wasn't supposed to draw a line in the sand! *sweatdrop*]



~Min Søster Bursdagskake: Anna~

My eighteenth birthday was… different. Different-bad or different-good, I'm still not sure. Either way, definitely not your run-of-the-mill anniversary of being born.

Okay, so here's the thing: something changed about my family when I was little. I have such happy, carefree memories with my older sister that suddenly drop off. Like, off a cliff. And I don't understand it. This isn't one of those things you realize you'll never understand, and then just give up and get on with your life. This is permanent. Forever will it haunt me.

But it was tolerable up until I was about fifteen; I mean, I still had my parents, and we would still venture outside the castle once in a while. They were so tight-lipped about Elsa - that's my sister, sorry - that it frustrated me, but most days I simply accepted that they were never going to spill the lutefisk about why she wrote me off. So I put all my effort into enjoying time spent with the family that still felt like I was worth talking to. Which Elsa, for her own mysterious reasons, did not.

And then, at fifteen… I lost Mother and Father. They were the King and Queen to everybody else. To me, they were my only friends, my entire world. With one tragic accident at sea, they were out of reach beyond the grave, and Elsa was out of reach beyond her oaken doors. I was literally alone.

Their death is almost certainly what triggered my emotional shift. It was so gradual, not even I noticed it, but that got the ball rolling.

I spent more and more time outside Elsa's room, lying on the floor and talking through the slit at the bottom. Long ago, she learned to hear my footsteps and hide. When she was, say, eight or nine, I might still catch a glimpse of her playing on the floor or pacing before she realized I was there. Not anymore. Regardless, I would talk to her, tell her about my day… beg her to come out and play with me like we used to. As I got older, "build a snowman" changed to "get lunch" or "go for a walk" or "talk about boys"... anything, everything. Even when she refused - or more often, ignored my existence - I'd keep talking, I'd read to her, sing to her. Some days, I could convince myself that she was on her deathbed and that this was the only thing keeping her alive. In a way, maybe it was the only thing keeping both of us alive.

We went through phases. Some months, she would refuse me more loudly, scream at me to leave, wail and call me names to get me to leave her alone. That was when I could usually hear her crying. Some months slipped by without her uttering a single syllable. Some months, I'd try to stay away for a while, frustrated with being held at arm's length. Some months, I'd sleep outside the door on a borrowed pillow, waiting and hoping for her to emerge, crying myself to sleep.

Oh, I would see her. Really did make it sound like I never saw her before, but yes, once in a blue moon I'd notice her out of the corner of my eye at the end of the hallway - but by the time I chased her down, she'd be locked tightly away in her room. Sometimes she would open the door when she thought I wasn't there, see The Enemy lying in wait, and slam it again. Once or twice…

Yeah. This is the thing that hurts my heart, and part of the reason I never gave up on her entirely. Once or twice, I'd wake up on the floor outside her room and find a blanket draped over me that wasn't mine, even though I was alone. It could have been one of the servants, but…

More and more, things would slip out of my mouth that sounded strange, even to myself. At first, it was only the phrasing: when I would mean to say that I was frustrated with her silence, I'd say, "Why won't you let me in? Can't you see how much I love you?" Meaning that one day I might be wed to someone in a distant land and leave her alone in her castle, I'd say, "What if I left you for another man?" Whoopsie! Not quite what I intended to imply. Funny, huh?

Except it felt true when I'd say it. I really was emotionally tied to her in so many knots that I wasn't sure they could be unravelled. I wanted them to be sometimes, but most times I liked the knots the way they were. My emotions were the only connection I had left to the girl who had once been my best friend in all the world.

Why couldn't she just return my affections? We were sisters, weren't we? Sisters are supposed to be close, supposed to share their lives in ways mere friends or suitors never could. There for each other forever. What had broken us this way? Was it something I had done and, for whatever reason, didn't remember doing? All of our childhood memories were so idyllic… there was no dark incident, no horrible mistake that destroyed our precious bond.

Didn't. Make. Sense.

And then came my eighteenth birthday. The morning hadn't been that different from any other, except for the minor festivities: a few scattered gifts from noble houses and neighboring friendly countries, some small banquet for dinner. Making idle conversation with the castle staff, all of whom treated me well enough but none of them were really friends. Trying not to talk to the paintings again. Pretty much a typical day of celebration in Castle Arendelle.

However, late that night, when I approached my sister's chambers...

~ a ~


No answer. No surprise.

"I… um, it's my birthday. I'm eighteen! Can you believe it? You probably knew that, though… or m-maybe you forgot? Of course, why would you want to remember anything about me?"

No, I swore at myself. You said you were going to stop being passive-aggressive. That never solves anything.

"Um, I saved you a piece of cake!" Setting the plate down by the door, I flapped my hands at it to waft the smell through the crack. "It's double-chocolate… isn't that your favourite? I-is it still? I'm sorry, maybe it's not. Maybe you don't want it. If you do, though, it's right here…"

Stony silence.

"Weselton sent exotic fruits," I went on as I settled down, cross-legged, on the pillow I had brought with me. Actually, I had considered several times asking someone to custom-build a cabinet to put outside Elsa's room that would hold pillows for whenever I visited, but that seemed frivolous. Also, my sister would probably have it removed to discourage me. "And a necklace. I'm not wearing it since, uh, it's kind of heavy. And ugly. But it's the thought that counts, right?"


My voice fought to stay cheerful. "Only a few more months, now! You're gonna be crowned Queen of Arendelle! Won't that be great? We get to have a party and everything, open the gates - and probably people will bring you ugly necklaces and fruit, and there'll be more chocolate than we know what to do with! Except I could probably think of a few things." An earnest smile spread across my face. "What if we just rolled around in it? Would that be stupid? Obviously, it would be so much fun, but then we probably couldn't eat it anymore, and… and I dunno, sorry. Never mind."

The door just looked at me like I was stupid for talking to inanimate objects.

"What are you going to wear? Do you have your gown all picked out? I do. It's simple, I… I tried not to dress all the way down to 'shabby', it's a nice one - just not nicer than yours, I hope! But if y-you let me in, we could compare them and make sure I don't upstage you. Even though I'm sure that's not possible! Gosh, you're so pretty, Elsa. Good thing you're going to be queen and I'm not, because I think the kingdom would revolt if a plain, boring-faced girl like me took the throne!"

I tried to laugh a little, but it sounded so hollow in that abandoned hallway that I didn't hold out for long.

That's when the tears began to bloom. Not quite falling yet, I tried to hold them at bay with the bright spot of my birthday, and with the promise of seeing Elsa one way or another soon, but the date of her coronation was too distant so that incentive wasn't strong enough.

"S-sorry," I said in my pained voice. "I just… you're so far away even though you're right here. I r-really wanted to sp- to spend my birthday with you."

Not even a rustling or a stirring.

"Elsa!" I gasped, crawling forward and pressing my face right up against the crack under the door. "Do you even hear me anymore? What if you're in there dying? How would I know? How would I be able to save you if I don't even know you're in trouble? Talk to me! Just say anything at all, please, I… you don't have to spend any time with me, you can hate me all you want, but I still love you and I need- I can't let- if anything ever happened to you, I m-might die!"

Silence fell heavy around me. My fingers wriggled under the door for a second in desperation, but it never did any good. This time was no exception.

"That sounds crazy," I began again, trying to steady my voice with limited success, "but it may really be true. You're so much more important to me than you can imagine, and you're all I have in my life, and if you're gone… I just don't see any point anymore."

Grabbing the cake, I sliced it horizontally into four thin pieces, squished them next to each other on the plate, and slid it halfway under the door. Then I kicked it with all my might, sending it rocketing past our eternal barrier, clattering against the flagstones as it travelled beyond my reach.

"Eat!" I shouted at her. "My birthday only comes once a year, you know! I'm trying to share this with you! Why are you being, so, so…" My fists pounded on the door. "Just let me in! We can stay up all night, doing each other's hair, and I… I won't even ask why we can't normally see each other, even though it's tearing me up inside, every day! Promise with all my heart, if I can just see you, feel you close by again, I won't ask for another thing between now and the coronation, I'll…" I screwed up my courage. "I won't even visit your door again. I won't even walk down this hallway. You can have all the space you need, if you say just one word to me, or come out here for a few minutes, or let me in, or anything at all! Just anything!"

My eye strained under the door. I could see the plate near her bed, and that was it. The fork had fallen off right before it came to a halt, but the cake was still in its place on board the vessel.


I waited for a while after that, heart in my raw throat, burning in my stomach. No reply at all.

"Damn it!" I sobbed, the tears coming more freely now. "Why? What have I done to you that was this horrible? Was it something I said? I take it back, all of it! Something I did, maybe? Did I hurt you? Oh, God - what if I crippled you and you're lying there on your deathbed, and it's all because of me?! No wonder you… you hate me! You hate me so badly to seal me away from your life!"

Then I was lost in sobs for quite a while. Not sure how long. What brought me back around was a scraping sound, and my eyes opened to see the plate was right in front of me.

Scrambling, I shoved it aside and pressed my face to the door - this was too good to be true! And it might not seem like a big deal to you, but the sight of her bare heels pacing across the floor to her bed was like sunlight peeking through a furious thunderstorm.

"Elsa," I said in the barest whisper. Her steps hesitated, and she turned around. Her feet were huge now. Well, not really; I mean, they were proportional to the rest of her, we probably actually had the same shoe size. But it had been so many years since I last saw them that it was the first thought that came to me. Swallowing, I began, "Elsa, you-"

And then they turned and vanished upward as she climbed into bed.

Feeling forlorn and blessed at the same time, I withdrew slightly to look at the plate. Half of the cake was gone, and a morsel speared on the fork had a neat half-moon missing from it. She had shared my birthday cake with me. Not knowing why, I picked up the fork and stared at it intently, studying this discovery, this treasure. Moonlight glinted off the bite of cake and the silver of the fork. Experimentally, I touched the tip of my tongue to the chocolate confection and met moisture.

Instantly, electricity shot through my body. It was a strange reaction, but I already knew the reason behind it; this was the most interaction I had with my sister in years. Saliva-to-saliva was an odd form of contact to rejoice in, I understand, but what were my options?

As my tongue slowly glided over the cake's surface, I thought, Elsa's mouth was here. Right here, right on this very bite! Her teeth met each other here, her lips even… she drew the other half of what I'm tasting into herself, it's a part of her now. And she can be a part of me again.

There's no better way to describe what I did next than to say, um… I kissed the cake. I kissed it pretty hard, too. Nothing was making sense anymore, but this was what I had been reduced to: making out with food in order to feel the most remote bond to my estranged sister.

Somehow, the knowledge of what I was doing combined with the rich and decadent flavour of the cake itself conspired against me, and I began to feel more… awake than usual. My fingertips and the backs of my knees tingled, and my stomach began to flutter, my heart beat faster. My eyes, previously burning with tears, grew heavy and closed as I moaned against the fork in my hand.

Her hand touched this! my mind cried out, and I brought the handle up to my nose. Was that the faintest scent of perfume? I breathed deep, feeling it send shockwaves through me, down into my bones. My moan came again as I licked along the handle, panting as my body tried to pull in more air to compensate for my excitement.

"Mmmmmmh," I finally said more loudly as I took her half-eaten bite into my mouth, held it there. Ridiculous as this may seem, I could almost feel her inside me from that simple gesture, could feel a certain hot chill spreading from my palate into the rest of me. "Elsa!"

A thrill of dread shot through me when I heard the way I said her name. Something was off-balance, but my fever-struck brain couldn't quite put a finger upon it. Meanwhile, my breath came heavier and faster, my chest heaving and shuddering as it attempted to fuel my body's needs, and a tremor shot from one end of me to the other. A heat was building, one that could only be ignored for a limited amount of time before it must be addressed.

"Elsa, thank you!" I told her heatedly, wetly, inwardly offended at the way I was speaking but unable to change things now. "My birthday… you r-really did want to celebrate it with me, didn't y-you?"

No answer, of course. My body flung itself back onto the pillow as I licked the back of the fork's tines, a moaning that was almost a gag coming from the back of my throat. If this was all I was going to get, I was going to make the absolute most out of it that was possible.

"Freya!" I panted, the sickly heat inside me finally making its location known - in a place I had not expected. "Wh… what is happening to me?! Th-this is impossible, but I'm… I don't feel right, Elsa, what do I do? Tell me what I should d-"

There was a fwump! and the light from the crack dimmed. My head rolled to one side, fork still against my tongue, to see something had been thrown against the crack - no doubt, a blanket to muffle my unholy noise, cover my abominable shame. The light wasn't completely blotted, a square at one end was still open, but mostly I probably couldn't be heard now. It was kind of her to offer me such consideration. How wise of her to try to blot out the noise; sisters shouldn't talk to each other this way. Shouldn't feel this way about each other to begin with. How offensive and disgusting I had become in the long years since she turned her back on me.

"It's not fair!" I moaned, trying to keep my voice down and failing miserably. "You're so far away from me! Why?! Why can't I have you?!"

Again, I meant, "Why can't I have you as a part of my life again?", but perhaps my stopping place conveyed my true, well-buried feelings in a way I never could have intentionally. The heart knows better than the mind, which can be changed more easily.

My thighs began to rub together as I held the tines in my mouth, relished the last vestiges of chocolate and my Elsa as slowly the metallic taste took center stage. Heat blossomed and intensified as I did so, and my breaths were coming in shuddering gasps every time now. Never had I felt anything quite like this before - not that I even knew what to call it!

"Every night," I began to half-sob, half-moan, "when I f-fall asleep, I picture your white-gold hair, Elsa! The smile on your lips that you once wore, or even the sad little frown that took its place! Your bottomless blue eyes, your pale, slender neck, I… you're all I ever think about, all I want! What on earth is keeping you from my arms?! How do I kill it?! It doesn't need you like I do! It isn't… it can never love you like I can, like I do!"

Abandoning all pretense, I pressed the silvery handle of the fork, the last thing she had touched, against my loins through my clothes, and felt flames lick along my entire bottom half. The sound that burst from my throat was obscene, but that didn't matter anymore. It was so incredible! But what was I even doing? Surely, true ladies did not go around using silverware on their unmentionable parts! Something must have been wrong with me - and that something might even be the reason Elsa wanted nothing to do with me lately. Maybe I was simply a broken princess. Beyond salvaging.

"Gods!" I said in a shuddering gasp, wanting to remove my dress to release some of the blistering air but fearful that one of the castle residents would round the corner and find me this way. What a disaster that would be! Instead, I merely kicked my shoes off and fanned my face with my free hand in a vain attempt to keep from overheating. "Oh, Elsa! My precious Elsa, I would do anything for you to be with me right now!"

Slowly, I cut off another bite of cake and placed it in my mouth, holding my breath as the flavour burrowed down and into my soul… and that's when I heard it.

A soft, shuddering sigh from the other side.

"Elsa?!" I asked sharply in dismay. "Wh… are you there?" Leaning down slightly, I could see a strand of pale hair sticking past the light-blocking device, moving slightly as she moved. "Wh-what are y…"

Her moans were shapeless as whispers, holding no sound but wind, but they were moans all the same. Holding my breath, I watched her hair and listened to her panting, making small squeals as she likely experienced the same insanity I had just been bombarded with moments before.

"Ah!" I breathed as tears slid down my cheeks, raising my skirts and pressing the fork-handle more directly against my underpants. I'm sure the warmth opening my dress freed would have been enough to drive off the cold of any small room. "This… th-this is the best birthday gift you could have given me, Elsa, I… oh, I do love you, and with all my heart! Whatever your reasons, I won't… you have me anyway, Elsa!"

Until that point, I had been regretting the bizarre noises coming from my own throat… but those that were emanating from Elsa on the other side of the door were much more peculiar. The raw need was stronger, and the half-hearted attempts to stop herself from making any sounds at all only distorted them, made them seem hungrier, stranger. As I watched in amazement, her head slowly came into view as she likely crept backward along the floor, and her little ear showed me she was staring straight up.

Afraid of what I might find, I gripped the fork by the tines and slid the handle down the front of my panties, eyes focused on Elsa so I wouldn't see my own shame. The semi-warmed metal still felt like a chip of ice against the burning there, crackling along my entire body and causing it to stiffen, my toes to curl and my back to arch. What was this, how was it happening to me? How was I supposed to endure this for even a second?! Yet I wanted it to keep going - wanted to feel hard metal against slick, syrupy heat, wanted to feel Elsa against it-

Wanted to feel Elsa against my sodden folds? What kind of nonsense was that?! It was true, of course, but thinking it made me feel like an insane person, feeble-minded and wanting things beyond the realm of possibility. Even so, the thought rang just as true inside myself as my wild heartbeat.

Unwilling to waste another second, I reached under the door, snagging my fingers against the obstruction. The cloth pulled aside easily, and my cheeks filled with rose as I saw bare flesh. My sister had, at some point, disrobed; easily enough done inside the bedchamber rather than out in the hallway! She must have heard my breath catch because her head whipped to the side, and I saw her wide eye take in what had come to pass. One hand shot downward.

"NO!" I almost screamed, even though the pleasure in my voice almost robbed it of its raw fear. "No, please don't! Just… just leave it, please?! I'll be good, I'll do whatever you want, but please!"

A single tear ran from the corner of her eye to the floor, but she did as I asked. Her arm lay against most of the door, naked shoulder flooding my senses with wonder despite how mundane it would be to see on anyone else, and her eye took up the slight remaining visible length. Again, her panting resumed.

"This… this is scary for me," I began to tell her as my hand increased its speed, as my other hand moved unbidden to my chest. "But I have never felt better than I do right this moment in about ten years, it's so- what would you even call this? Sorcery, maybe? I'm s-so confused, but it's so good, and you… and we're finally-"

"Shhh." It wasn't even a real word, but it was the most I'd heard from her in months.

"Okay," I whispered, filled to the brim with a bittersweet happiness. This was what I wanted most, even if I couldn't have it quite the way I wanted. "Okay, I c-can be quiet! I promise - j-just, well, it's harder than usual, so c-can you cut me a little slack tonight?"

A sad little chuckle, followed by more gasps. My heart soared on eagle's wings as I pushed our shared utensil against my wetness, and I heard my shoulder-strap break as I pulled my gown down to expose my chest to the halflight, as I squeezed the rapidly-stiffening peak of one mound. The sharpness of my next moan was echoed in Elsa, and I saw her arm move slightly as she changed her positioning, saw her milky ribcage exposed to me.

I wanted to reach out, to touch her. I wanted to destroy that door and launch myself atop her lean parchment-hued form, and… and I didn't know what I would do after that. Not even the faintest clue. But it was what I wanted, and what I wanted was something I couldn't have. So I forced myself to relish this new experience, this lessening of the barrier between us - even if only for tonight.

"Nnnah!" I loosed from my lips, shivering. "Oh, by Freya is this so… so big! Is that strange, how I describe it? I w- I want you to make it less big, b-because if I give you half of it, we can both hold some and it won't be so big, and- and I- and we can- and I want-"

"Anna!" Elsa choked out, the word sounding foreign on her tongue as she moved, something thumping against the door in her haste. The single eye was squeezed shut, though the tear-track remained. "Ah! I… nnnnngh!"

"Yes!" I half-laughed in a vague sort of triumph. The heat was building to explode somehow, and I knew instinctively that afterward, this would all go away. "Whatever happens next, you have me! You have me right now, I'm not going anywhere - I'll never go!"

In spite of her best efforts, strained whispers became shouts as her back arched more and more. Once, her head flung toward me, and I could see her mouth hanging open as she drew in breath, could see her pink, luxurious tongue a mere inch above the floor. How I wanted to draw that tongue against my own…

"Oh, Anna!" she half-screamed through the door at me, face pressing right against the gap, eye glazed over but stricken with the need to finish. "Anna, I'm sorry! I'm so sorry, you'll never know, I- it's more than I can stand, but you have to know, I'm- it's all I can do for you, it's all I can do!"

"Don't say any more!" I sobbed, my face in the same position. "Just… just love me tonight, even if we both hate me in the morning! I already hate me now!"

"Never hate!" she growled, and I heard a repeated thumping against the door. Imagining her arm moving, doing what I was doing… "Just… how it has to… hnnahh, why?! Why does it have to be like… like this?!"

"Elsaaahhh!" I cried, my hips rising to meet my hand now with every pass as I pinched the sensitive pink tips of my bosom. "Be with me! Be with me forever!"

"I can't, Anna, I can't, I c- I want to, I want you but I can't, I ca- ca- CAAAAAHHH!"

And as my heart shattered for the thousandth time, something else exploded from me like a shooting star. More wetness than before coated the fork, and I pushed it harder against myself than I had dared to thus far as my back stiffened and cramped, as my bones locked in place for an eternal second. Mere inches away, Elsa was building to the same moment, and then was there, back disappearing completely as her stomach rose, her hair spilling behind the head propping it all up.

For just a half-second, one that mystified me, I felt a blast of frigid winter air against my cheek as if her back arching let a breeze through to me. Had she opened the window before lying down to tease herself? Then, when the devil's spell had thoroughly run its course, we were both limp as smoked salmon, sucking to fill our aching lungs.

"Oh…" I managed to get out. "Oh, Elsa, I don't even know… but it was… it was-"

"It was," she whispered, a guilty glee in her voice. "Most definitely."

"You…" And more because I wasn't thinking than because I was feeling particularly bold, my fingers reached under the door and caressed her soft, pale cheek. "You're still in there somewhere…"

For a long instant, my beloved sister held very still, and I heard her voice make a strangled cry of dismay as she leaned into my hand. Such soft, delicate skin, but somehow chilled in spite of the warmth I saw there. No matter; every nerve ending along that arm danced in joy at knowing I had come into contact with my beloved Elsa.

Then she drew back. "Anna, y-you have to go, please."

"B-but I-" I choked off the rest, knowing it would serve little purpose. "Um… c-can w-we f-finish the cake first?" Gods, now I was stuttering like an infant.

"No. I-" She took a deep, calming breath that didn't really do the trick. "It's not wise."

"Here," I whispered, placing my drenched fork on the plate and sliding it under the door gently. "Just… try a little more? I d-don't want you to go yet."

Elsa sighed, and the plate clinked against the stone as she lifted it - and then I heard her gasp. "Anna, were you- oh! Oh, my…"


"Th-this fork is covered in…" I could actually hear her swallowing anxiously. "Anna, wh-what am I supposed to do with this?"

"Sorry!" I breathed, my already-hot cheeks flushing anew. "Elsa, I swear before the gods of our ancestors, I w-wasn't thinking about the fork when I passed it back! About that, too, um... that was the last thing you had touched, and it- know what? I can't go anywhere from there without sounding weird, so maybe I should just keep my mouth sh-"

"Mmmhhh," she breathed, voice muffled. My jaw dropped. No way… and I didn't dare speak, didn't want to interrupt whatever was transpiring behind the door. "Mnah!" - that was her mouth reopening. There was a hesitation, a loud, shuddering gasp, and a scraping, clanking sound. Then the plate was thrust back through.

Half the plate's contents were gone, but the remaining portion of cake glistened conspicuously. The fork, on the other hand, was almost completely dry.

My hand went to the plate, lifted it close to my face. Inhaling the mingling scents of cocoa, sugar and womanhood, I breathed, "I… you're giving this… to me?"

There was a shyness in her voice that I was only used to hearing in my own. "Happy birthday."

Really, I can't tell you if the tears were from gratitude or dismay as I consumed her gift to me. I can't tell you because I'm honestly not sure. Just that they were thick and hot, and ran to my chin to mix with the sweat. Every time the fork returned to the plate and clanked before drawing the sticky, hot, salty-sweet confection to my lips, I heard a fresh moan from the other side. She liked that I was enjoying her added "frosting". I liked it, too.

"Ohhh," I moaned around another mouthful, touching a fingertip of my free hand to the top of the cake. Held to my nose, it was nothing but pungently-fresh Elsa - but instead of tasting it, I reached down to jerk my panties aside and press it directly against my own rich fluids. This was what I hungered for the most; for us to be together as one, inseparable. To join with her as deeply as I could.

"Anna, do you like it?!" Elsa was crying out wetly, and I heard an odd slapping sound I couldn't identify. "Do you like your cake?! Do y-you- l-li- do you li- do you like it?!"

"I love it!" I bleated, swiping another droplet off its surface and pressing it into myself, fingers exploring where the fork had been before. "It's so delicious! Ca- can we share cake like this on y-your birthday, too?! Can we?!"

"AHHHNH!" she gasped out, the end coming much sooner than before, and I heard a very sharp thump against the door. "Oh, Freya, Anna! We shouldn't do this! This can't b-be happening!"

"It's not!" I promised her with sudden urgency in my voice. "D-don't worry, this is only f-for you and me! Our cake, nobody else's, it's- HNNNHH - not for anyone else!"

"I… I wish it could be like this all the time," she breathed between moans, so quietly that I almost couldn't catch it. And, because she had given me so much, seemingly at great personal cost, I restrained every loud and furious demand to know why it could not be this way. Why she couldn't let me love her.

Again, we reached the heights of passion, each other's names on our lips, crumbs of chocolate in our mouths. I'm not sure how long I lay there with my legs open, hoping to cool off my nether regions, because I only had eyes for my sister's head on the other side of the door.

At long last, I saw her sit up stiffly, saw the distorted flesh of one buttock and the bottom of one foot, and then she was hefting herself to a standing position, to take herself away from me.

"Elsa?" Nothing. "Elsa… I know things can't be like this all the time, and the reasons are something I can't know and I'm trying to respect it, but… but I want you to always remember that if we could… it would make me really happy. Really, really happy."

A long moment passed as she stood there. A very long one. I'd just about given up when her voice whispered, "Not long now until the coronation ceremony. I'll… see you then, okay?"

Nodding, I smoothed my dresses over my legs, rolling over to lie on my side. "We can't talk about this ever again, can we? It was a one-time deal."

"Anna-" Instead of finishing her hasty thought, she sighed. "Yes, I'm afraid so. Sorry. Gods, you'll never know how sorry I am..."

My heart fractured a bit, but not much; it was the answer I expected. "Okay. I promise not to bring it up. But if… if you wanted to, or wanted to do this again… my answer is always going to be 'yes', so, um… I'll be whatever you need from me. Always."

Elsa stood there for a long time, neither of us speaking, before she went back to her bed and climbed into it, the silence returning. I lay there for almost another hour before I returned to my bedroom and promptly lost consciousness.

~ a ~

As the weeks between my birthday and hers passed slowly, I never again attempted to engage her so… let's say "forwardly" again. Once or twice, I did feel the stirrings outside her door, but I stopped myself from speaking and merely went back to my own room and "purged the urge" in whatever way possible. It was never enjoyable as that first time, of course, but it felt like a very tenuous connection with Elsa and was therefore very precious to me.

However, one day a week before she was to be crowned, I did roll over one morning to find an oddly-damp-looking plate of lingonberries and chocolates upon my nightstand. How she got in and out without waking me, I couldn't say, but I ate them slowly, savoring every last bite.

I hope tomorrow's coronation ends whatever torment has kept us apart once and for all. It's my only true hope for happiness in this life. Once all the guests have gone home and the gates are closed again… I plan on asking her if we can share a bedroom again, like we did in the old days. It's bound to be even more wonderful the second time around.

After all, slumber parties and chocolate cake are perfectly normal, sisterly things to enjoy, aren't they?

- Fullfør -

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