Fly Me to Neverland

Chapter 9

"When ladies used to come to me in dreams, I said, 'Pretty mother, pretty mother.' But when at last she really came, I shot her."

Peter's POV

The dreams I used to have flitted through my mind. A tall, blonde woman with blue eyes and a doll-like face always appeared. I always called out to that mother and when she would go to embrace me, I would put a pistol to her head and pull the trigger. I loved her, I really did, but my insecurity pulled my finger back.

That reflected me at this moment. I wanted- craved, even- for Asher to like me. To pay attention to me. To want to be with me. Out of pure fear I pushed him away. How could I be so stupid?! I called his name again, this time my throat was turning hoarse and my voice cracked between tears.

"Asher! Please! I'm sorry!" I couldn't hide the sobs in my voice anymore. Landing onto the beach, I sobbed on all-fours into the sand, curling my fingers through the sifting sand. This is all my fault! If I wasn't such a kid I'd be able to understand him more. Maybe I wouldn't have to feel this way.

I lay on a rock in the middle of the bay and stare into the clouded sky. I take notice of shapes in them and gives them names, in the back of my mind I wonder if it is a custom where he is from as well. I couldn't be the first to think of it.

I plant my feet, knees bent, as I lay my head on my arms. My back is cold on the smooth, wet rock. Suddenly, I wonder about the Jolly Roger. Yes, it had sunk, but maybe- just maybe- the treasure was still there.

If I found the treasure by myself I could prove to Asher that I'd do anything to make him happy. I'll find him something in the treasure too. Like a necklace or a wristlet or maybe a ring or somesuch. It's worth a try.

I dive under the water, fascinated by the underwater world I never noticed before. Small fairies floated around, guiding fish into their homes and watching over their eggs. They looked up at me in surprise and slowly smiled. Most creatures of Neverland fear me for my power over the land. They fear me and try to stay on my good side, I smiled awkwardly as a thank you.

They appeared blue by the tint of the water, their skin a pale blue that resembled the sky with sparkling shimmer weaved into their skin. Hair the color of periwinkle and tattoos of swirling white that concealed their chests and lower body. They were beautiful.

One of them floated to me and, with her minuscule hand, touched my fingertip reassuringly and looked into my eyes. Her eyes told me that she didn't fear me and that I should not be ashamed of my power. I smiled at her and ran a fingertip on her hair, petting her. She grinned and waved, going back to her friends.

Once she got over there, though, I forgot about the treasure. I see an old wise man among them and touch his temple, "Where can I find the Jolly Roger's treasure?" I asked mentally. He straightened and nodded, gesturing for me to follow. I did.

He first touched my neck, making an air bubble around my head so I could breathe. "Thanks," I smiled and he nodded in affirmation with a similar smile, leading me down into the underwater caves. I remember Smee once referring them to as the Pirate's Catacombs. I never knew why, until now. He stopped once we reached the opening, giving me a look that said, "I can go no further, be careful." and he glided away, gracefully swimming without a twitch of his limbs.

I took an unnecessary breath, the place was creepier than the death cave. The underground cove was filled with bones. Bones with prune-like flesh stretched tightly across the bones, bones that were fleshless, bones with clothes still hanging from them. I see the Jolly Roger at the very deepest point of the cavern, a hole in the ceiling the only thing providing light.

I swim deeper and deeper towards the ship wreckage. The first thing I notice is the open gash in the top of the deck, exposing James' old quarters. I swim down and inwardly beg that the treasure is still down here. Once I get inside, I see the room where he used to reside and I begin to understand him better.

Nothing personal resides in the room. Only blank walls and furniture with essentials. The only personal object in the room is a beautiful, black grand piano now covered with tons of coral and sea crud. I frown, sitting down and pressing a key. Bubbles emit, but no sound. I sigh. I start playing an old lullaby by memory, the bubbles continue in a rhythm until one of the keys don't press down all the way. I frown, hitting it repeatedly until the key brakes off. I take it and pull it off. The key is shaped funny when I realize... The key is a KEY!

I rush around looking for it then I stop. Think like Hook... like James. He liked piano, he was grumpy, unemotional... if only he was here to help me. Then I realize: loneliness, the beauty of music, art... I look around and see a small music note on the wall. Maybe... I walk over and move the bed away, seeing a small chest under it. I open it with the key and see four rings, two of silver with a ruby setting and two rings of gold with an aquamarine setting. They're perfect.. I'll give two to James as well.

Suddenly, though, I begin losing my breath. I don't know why. I try to swim to the surface. I manage to get out of the ship and into the main cavern when I realize my air bubble is shrinking. I'll only have so much time. I manage to get through the cave and into the main waters. I get halfway to the surface when the bubble pops, I'm on my own.

I try to swim faster, exhausting myself in the process. "ASHER!" I yell desperately, screaming at the top of my lungs. Swallowing a mouthful of water, things start to go black. Asher... help...

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