Fly Me to Neverland

Chapter 1

"All children, except one, grow up."

I hover outside the girl's window as she sleeps soundly on her bed, by a boy who I assume is her older brother. They are both in small beds a few feet apart, the darkness only lit with the light of a small candelabra on the wall. A small calendar on her wall has a picture of a crow, seeming to cloud the sunlight, October written under the picture. The year was long after the days of Jane and Wendy, them already having died many years ago, I felt no sorrow for them. Although, I did miss the stories. A loud voice broke my thoughts, making me fly/lunge backwards into a nearby tree as I watched the scene unfold.

A woman with sunken, brown eyes and brown, straw-like hair walks into the room, waking the two teenagers with her screaming voice and door-slamming. "Bastard children! Wake up you fucking ingrates!" In her hand is a bottle of Scotch and she sways, as if the world is tilting itself. The older brother sits in front of his sister on her bed, blocking the woman from her view. I have a feeling he is the only person ever protective of his baby sister.

"You're drunk again, go to sleep, mother!" he says to her, backing up once for every step she gets closer to them. The boy has black hair and blue eyes, he looks taller than me- around six foot. The girl is about my height, from the looks of it, with whitish-blond hair that glistened in the moonlight, her eyes the same color as her brother's. The exact shade of sapphire, so clear that you can see them easily from my spot in the tree.

I watch as his mom punches him in the stomach and he holds strong, not letting her touch his sister. After a couple of minutes, she leaves and the younger of the two tends to her brother's wounds. He takes off his shirt and large bruises start to form red blotches all over his chest and stomach that cover old ones, and many scars of blade cuts. I fly out of the tree and stand in the window, watching, they do not notice me since they are preoccupied. She looks up suddenly and sees me. My eyes widen and I bolt away. They had not seen me prior to now. If only I'd stayed hidden!

She comes to the window and opens it, looking directly at me. "What are you doing out there, it's cold, come inside." I float in and neither her or her brother look shocked. "Who are you?" The brother asks, pulling on a shirt that fits snugly against his chest, his baggy pants with 'Metallica' plastered all over it. Apparently, it's a band because there's a poster of it on the wall. "I am Peter Pan." I say proudly, landing on the cement floor. "I'm Asher, and this is Alanna, my little sister." I bowed, and they watched, "You saw what happened, didn't you?" the boy ask bluntly and I nodded. "I did, and seeing such has brought me to a decision."

The girl spoke quietly, "A decision? What decision?" I smiled, "Whether or not you go with me, of course! Although, the decision depends on three things." I hold up my ring, middle, and index fingers. "First, you have to be able to leave this life behind and never, ever see it again. Second, you have to want to live forever. Third, and this one is important, you'll never grow up." They seemed to mull it over and share a glance. "Will our mother know where we are, wherever we're going?" Alanna asks. I shake my head, "She wouldn't be able to find it, it's quite impossible." She nods, "Then I want to go. Asher?" He nods, "Me too."

I take the small pouch at my side and sprinkle the glittering, gold pixie dust on them. "Think happy thoughts." I whisper with a smile. They lifted off the ground instantly, talk about fast learners. I fly out the window and they follow, the apartments and suburbs of Pennsylvania start to disappear, the higher we fly. We fly quickly into the star, memories flashing around the tubular path, most of their memories sadden me. We all end up staring ahead until Baltimore is eons away.

In case if you were wondering why I watch houses in the States now, it's because of Wendy's daughter- Jane- told me when her daughter was born that if I ever came near her or one of her descendants, I'd be reported and killed. She was bitter when she found out I used to like her mother. She said it was 'cruel'. Whatever, though, it was a fleeting feeling. That love for them.

I look at them flying beside me, the girl smiling uncontrollably and the boy's face emotionless, unreadable. Almost stoic. We get to Neverland, the land now full of life as the snow melts away, happy I have arrived. An minute there was a week here, where there was no real time, since it never stopped. I see the remains of the Jolly Roger haunting the depths of the ocean. We fly to my house and I let them down the slide entrance, following after them. They see the remains of the boys' beds but say nothing, they only pick one and each lay down. I get in my bed and I hear them as they sleep, the girl snoring softly while the boy breathes quietly through his mouth. The next morning would be better, I knew, because I wasn't going to be alone anymore.

The thought made me smile. No more crying. No more loneliness. No more wishing I had stayed with Wendy, like she'd offered. No more hating myself for hating men, and never wanting to become one.

I stared at the ceiling and wondered, pondering all the things I had never really thought over. What will happen if they want to return? What if they want to move away from me, because I am too 'childish'? These thoughts swim through my head and I feel like crying. But then I look over at them, sleeping soundly on their sides, Alanna facing the wall. I watch Asher for a few seconds as he smiles in his sleep. My thoughts turn bright. Well, even if they do leave... they're here now, aren't they? I should make the best of it.

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