Fly Me to Neverland

Chapter 2

"The difference between him and the other boys at such a time was that they knew it was make-believe, while to him, make-believe and true were exactly the same thing."

I wake up the next morning, well-rested, stretching as I got out of bed. The girl was still asleep, the boy nowhere in sight, his bed made. I took a minute to watch the girl, she breathed slowly, her long hair tied in a thick braid that reached her ankles. The hem of her long nightgown fell off the edge of the bed, and I couldn't help but relate it to a story I heard Jane tell once (who, unlike her mother, always stayed true to the original story, not adding gunfights and the like for pure excitement). The story of Snow White and her glass casket. I looked at Alanna and whispered, softly, before leaving. "I'll be back soon, Alanna."

I walked over to the exit and stood out in the dark, walking towards the cliff a little ways away. The ragged rocks making up the cliff seemed to want to challenge anyone who came near. I looked to my left and watched the waterfall shoot over the edge and into the sea. It was majestic but simple. It was a wonderful thing.

The horizon was lit up with the sun, as it began to rise slowly. I sat on the edge as my feet swung back and forth over the edge. The breeze blew lightly through my curly, blond hair and the wind tickled the shell of my ear, making a small whoosh sound. These were the moments that I felt on top of the world, when flying or being the king of Neverland was no longer important. I loved it. I heard someone walk towards me and sit down.

"Where did you go?" I ask, not looking at him as we both hang our legs over the cliff, watching the sunrise. "I climbed a tree and fell asleep in it." I smiled, the boy was quite a character. "I have to get you and your sister clothes for Neverland in-habitation." We stay quiet for a while, pink beginning to poke out above the sea, waves crashing against the shore.

"Why did the snow melt when we arrived?" Asher said absentmindedly, running his fingers through his hair, as if combing it. "This place.. it lives according to my emotions." I say dreamily, not really paying much attention to it before. It made sense. "That would bring up the question... Why is this world revolving around you, and only you?" Asher asked calmly. I looked over at him.

"That's a question I could never answer, I'm afraid. The only person who may know is Tinkerbell, but she and I aren't on good terms right now. " I say quietly, staring back out at sea. "Who is Tinkerbell?" he asks curiously. "My fairy. Well, used to be my fairy, anyway." I answer, as the sun turns the horizon red on top of the pink. "Well, I guess we will never know, then." he laughs, his eyes scanning the waters. I don't think I'll ever get used to the phrase, We.

The sun burns orange and the colors blend together to where I can no longer distinguish each shade. "Is it always this beautiful?" he says with a smile, his eyes flickering all over, absorbing the scenery. "Actually, yeah, but it didn't always." I say hoarsely, memories suddenly rising to the surface of my mind.

XxXx Flashback xXxX

I walk morosely around the woods of Neverland, thinking about everything after meeting the Darling lineage. And the two girls that forever broke my heart. I skirt along a small river, the scenes playing in my mind over and over. Every face flashing in the rippled water. I sit on the ledge with the cold water rising to my knees, creating a numbing effect on my legs. I stare into my reflection, my face fading away as my memories take hold.

"I'll get you for this, Pan, if it's the last thing that I do!" "Old! Alone! Done For!" "He cannot love! He is just a boy!" "Hello, Peter!" "Boy, why are you crying?" "And I especially don't believe in fairies!" "You are deficient." "Give up, Boy!" "Playtime is over!" "She's leaving you, Pan." The voices scratch my mental ear, hearing their voices as I see they're expressions. Malice, Excitement, Envy, Pride, Frustration, Irritation, Disappointment, Persistence, Amusement, Curiosity.

I clench my head, digging the heel of my palms into my temples, begging the pain to drown out the memories. It doesn't. I watch as Hook gets eaten by the crocodile, but manages to escape. Many moons later, he is alive and our amusing rivalry started again. Then I saw the Kraken, as it ate him too. He must have survived. I miss the days before the Darlings. Before I felt this hollowness in my chest. Why can't I just be a kid? Happy and without a care in the world? Why...?


I must have zoned out because we share a pleasant silence. Neither one of us speaks as the final yellow rises, the sun high in the sky. "Let's head back." he says softly, standing. "Good idea," I whisper, standing beside him as we walk back. "How old are you, exactly?" he asks curiously, smiling playfully. A smile I thought I'd never see on such a older boy, a childish grin.

"I'm not sure, somewhere around your sister's age." "So, fifteen." I nod slowly, "Sounds about right." We exchange a smile and continue walking, as we reach the house, no sign of Alanna's awaking are seen. We go in and he wakes her up, as he shakes her carefully.

"Want a tour?" I ask curiously and she nods. "I'll go on my own." Asher says confidentiality, his smile gone. I hand him a long dagger. "Just in case." he nods curtly and leaves, walking in the opposite direction Alanna and I fly in. I show her everything I showed Wendy and Jane, everything except the Dark Caverns. Even Wendy didn't know of them, no one dared to tell her. It was the former lair of none other than Hook, himself.

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