Fly Me to Neverland

Chapter 3

"Stars are beautiful, but they may not take part in anything, they must just look on forever."

Alanna's POV

Peter picked out clothes for my brother and I, that the fairies made for us, me with a white dress that reached to mid-thigh with zig-zag trimming on the bottom with shorts under it. My dress felt like it was made with thread from a spiderweb, it was light and very comfortable. My brother got something like the hoodie he had at home, except it was black and was sleeveless, with tight black pants, made with a different material than mine, a lot thicker and heavier. According to my brother, though, it was wonderful.

Afterwards Peter told me I could walk around, since he wanted to show my brother something about how to find the best adventure spots. Adventures weren't really my style, I told him. He frowned, then nodded in understanding. "You can go walk around the island, just be careful." Then I vaguely remember him mentioning something about "The Wastelands". Whatever that was. I look up and notice, at this point on, the earth is barren and lifeless. I look up and see some kind of cave system that connects directly to the water. The mouth of the cave resembles a skull. I feel drawn in, and before I know it, I'm getting closer and closer to it.

I walk closer to the cavern, a dark aura emanating from the grounds, the sun seeming to be shrouded with storm clouds as I approach. I enter and a small hole in the ceiling casts a circular ray of light to hit a flat-topped boulder in the center of the cave. The water engulfs the surrounding area except for the boulder and a long, narrow, natural rock-bridge leading to it. Upon closer inspection, I see man lying there, asleep. I approach quietly, I didn't know there was any other humans here. I stand a few feet away, the person in full view.

His long hair reached halfway down his back, waves of black sprawled around his head like a kind of halo. His skin is lightly tanned, like the color of khaki, and all of his features soft. He looked to be in his early twenties, but had no stubble of any kind. I moved closer, he was skinny but not muscular. I look at his fingers, long and thin. I called them Corpse Bride fingers because they were long and bony but the perfect size for playing the little black keys on piano with ease.

The man's eyes flash open, and I realize they are hazel, but unlike mine, they are much more piercing. "Who are you, girl, and why are you here?" he asked, leaning up as the blanket fell around his waist, exposing his bare chest. It was very scarred by many blade and gunshot wounds. I tried to ignore it, so I didn't cringe.

"My name is Alanna," I say, right before being interrupted. "Pan brought you." he says more as a statement than a question. "Yeah, how did you know?" He laughs coldly, "He is the only 'native' to have the ability to fly between the stars." His voice has a jealous edge to the poetic words.

"As to why I'm here," I said awkwardly, trying to change the subject. "Peter swept my twin and I away from our mother." I shift from foot to foot. Reminding myself to breathe. Sometimes, I forget.

He seems to find this amusing. He stands and puts on a white, baggy, kind of shirt (one I'd only seen in pirate movies) over his black pants that were like slacks, but casual. "Why did he take you away? Did you not get enough toys on Christmas as a child?" he laughs. I almost want to punch that pretty face of his.

"I was abused, so was my brother." He stops and regards me with a solemn smile, he moves closer and I notice he's about 6 foot 6, hovering over me as my face is in line with his chest. His eyes know centuries of aches, I can tell by the way his eyes soften. He hugs me in a friendly manner, one arm around my neck. That arm rests on my shoulder, clenching it reassuringly, like relatives did when my dad died. "My condolences." he says softly. I shake my head, "Everything is alright now, thanks to Peter." His eyes flicker red for a split second.

"Is he a touchy subject?" I ask, going against my better judgement. "Very much so." he says flatly, apathetically. My big mouth opens again, "May I know why?" He seems to think it over and smiled genuinely at me, his lips curling up at the ends. "Sure, Alanna, but how should I begin?" I laugh, "How about the abridged version?" He laughs, "Alright, then."

xXxX Flashback, 3rd person XxXx

The pirate, Hook, had just been fed to a crocodile but was not dead. After a few minutes of irritated and agitated screams, the crocodile released him and he swam away. Hook was very aware of the strangeness of the action just committed by the crocodile, but he chose to ignore it.

He swam away to the Jolly Roger, and was met on deck with a towel. "Glad to have you back, Captain!" Smee said jovially, cleaning his glasses on his shirt as a man with a stubbled beard handed Hook a white towel. "Glad to be in the presence of my crew of imbeciles, Mr. Smee." he said shortly, wiping his face into the towel and throwing it at Smee.

"I'm going into my cabin, do not disturb me, you swine!" He slammed the door behind him and sat at his piano, staring forlornly at his hook. He began playing a solemn tune, humming along to the old song.

"Oh the summertime is coming

And the trees are sweetly blooming

And the wild mountain thyme

Grows around the blooming heather

Will ye go, Lassie go?

And we'll all go together

To pluck wild mountain thyme

All around the blooming heather

Will ye go, Lassie go?

I will build my love a tower

Near yon' pure crystal fountain

And on it I will build

All the flowers of the mountain

Will ye go, Lassie go?

And we'll all go together

To pluck wild mountain thyme

All around the blooming heather

Will ye go, Lassie go?

If my true love she were gone

I would surely find another

Where wild mountain thyme

Grows around the blooming heather

Will ye go, Lassie go?"

He closed his eyes, leaning his head against the piano. Hoping, praying the tears would go away. They didn't.

His next fatal encounter was with a large octopus, a Kraken, who swallowed him whole. He set Hook aside, just like the crocodile, and put him on the beach. Hook watched with awe, "Why? First the crocodile, now you?" The octopus disappeared into the water and, seconds later, a celestial being rose out of the water. It was all white and partially transparent. "Hello, James." a small voice seemed to whisper in his mind. "Is that you?!" Hook asked confusedly, as the being nodded.

"Yes. It is me. Now, as for why I spared you both times, there was a reason." Hook cursed in his mind, why did this thing care? "Now, it's not polite to call me a 'thing'." Hook was aghast, "What are you, then?" The being smiled, a face that embodied both male and female spirit. "I am a Judge. In this case, I am the Judge of Justice." The being's wings twitched excitedly as it sat on the beach, beside Hook. "I am Rune, and I will bestow a great gift upon you, James Bartholomew Hook. The gift of eternal youth."

Hook frowned, he had eternal life by being in Neverland. So how could one establish eternal youth, upon entering Neverland as an older man? Rune seemed to hear the doubts and smiled, small dimples rising to their face. "I will turn back time, metaphorically speaking, so you will be young again." Hook was still unconvinced. "So, at any time in my youth I choose, you will allow me to become that age in Neverland, forever?" The Judge nodded, "On one condition." Hook silenced his breathing, was this Rune serious? "You must never try to harm Peter Pan again. He is the day and night of this land. You know this, you are jealous of this, stop going after Peter."

Hook took a deep breath, "And if I agree?" A thought flitted through his mind, "I would never really harm Peter, deep down he is like a brother or son to me. A friendly competition." The pixie-like being smiled, "Then, it is done. You will no longer be the aging man that you are. You will be eternally young." Hook nodded, "I agree. I will no longer pick quarrels with Peter." The being disappeared in a cloud of grey. Hook felt cheated.

"Then it is done." echoed in his mind as he looked in the water. He was himself again! Well, rather, himself when he was 19. He smiled, Oh, how he missed his youth. He understood Peter now. And how he hated himself for the way he had acted. He went to the cave where he and Peter used to battle and laid on a rock in the center.

Now, to create a new life for himself.

XxXx /End of Flashback\ xXxX

I smiled, "What a wonderful story, Hook." He shows me his hands, "I have no hook anymore, just call me James." He smiles again, a soft, dimpled smile. I laugh, "Okay... Um, James?" I ask. "Hm?" he looks at me, his arm no longer around my shoulder. We are sitting cross-legged, facing each other and he leans forward slightly, to hear me better.

"Come with me, to the house. I want you to have a talk to Peter." He frowns, but nods. "I would have to eventually. I should now." We stand and he walks with me as I lead him to the tree-house. "I'm home!" I announce, as I go down the ladder. "And I brought a friend!" I say with a smile as Hook- er, James, stands beside me, his head several inches from hitting the ceiling. Peter looks at James with wide eyes, "Who is he, and why did you bring him here?!" James smiles a half-smile, "Nice to see you too, Pan. At least you didn't call me a Codfish this time." His eyes seem to flicker in surprise, "Hook?!"

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