Fly Me to Neverland

Chapter 5

"All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again."

Peter's POV

Words echoed in my head as I awoke from my nightmarish dreams. I dreamed they stood side-by-side, Jane and Wendy. "They will leave you" Wendy whispered with malice, her lip pulled into a snarl. "just like we did." Jane finished, her lips pulled into a smirk, her eyes taunting. "All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again." a small, perky voice said, cackling in a way only a female could. I knew, this was the voice of Tinkerbell.

I woke up, dripping in sweat, my hair wet against my forehead. I rolled quietly out of bed, landing onto the floor on my knees. I looked across the room. No movement. I crawled quietly across the floor, feeling the excitement of no one waking up. Of being silent. Stealthy. I crawled up the slide, needing a challenge, and went to the top until I reached the opening. I pushed open the hatch and jumped down onto the ground.

I needed a shower. I walk leisurely to the waterfall, the moon high in the sky, casting shadows on the surrounding terrain. Light escapes through the trees, lighting the way as the cleared path seems to lengthen. Arriving at the banks, a large rock sits, blending in nicely with the area. I flip it up and remove the soap bar and towel from the small hole under it. Tiger-Lily gave me the towel, to use when I needed it. Tiger-Lily taught me as well, telling me how to make my own soap from things in the forest and how to mend the towel if it tore.

These things, I were thankful for. I set the towel on the rock and took off my clothes. The night wind blew softly, bringing goosebumps to my skin. I got into the water and swam towards the waterfall. The water was warm, almost hot, but not enough to bother you. Another wonderful thing about this land: it's many contrasts.

When the air is hot, the water is cool; when the air is chilled, the waters are warm and comforting; when you make enemies, they turn out to be a wonderful ally; and with the land's tides pushing- people end up meeting- couples fall in love quickly, but take much longer to fall out of love. This land is under my reign, a perfect world where worries do not exist.

The waterfall beats heavily down on me, the water running down my back. I stand on a rock under the falls, adding the soap onto my body and hair. After the soap is covering me, I dive into the water, rubbing it off my skin quickly before resurfacing. I swim over to the towel and pull myself onto the bank, wrapping it around me. It covers my shoulders to my knees as I swing my feet in the water. I hear a rustling behind me and I turn around, shocked at the sound.

A small raccoon jumps out of the bushes and seems to smile at me before scurrying away. I laugh at the bandit and take off the towel from around me. Lone drops of water drop onto my shoulders, causing a small chill. I put on my clothes and use the towel to dry my hair. A bit of it is still wet, after I dry it, but at least it won't drip.

Walking back towards the house, the sun begins to rise slowly over the hills. I walk up through the trees and Asher is sitting on the cliff, where we watched the sunrise together yesterday. I float over and sit silently beside him. "Is this going to be an every morning thing?" I ask, smiling and he flinches, catching his breath. "God, you scared me." I tilt my head in confusion. "God?" He looks at me with a look of something like a cross between confusion and pity.

"If this place exists, there is no way a god can. You're the closest thing to God I've ever seen." He smiles at me, and I can't help but smile in return. "Why, thank you, Ashley." I say playfully. He smiles/gapes at me. "Com'ere, you!" he says with a laugh, knocking me over. He tickles me and I can't help but laugh, laughing too hard to push him off.

Once he stops, we both start laughing. He moves from sitting on me to laying on the ground beside me. "Hey, Peter?" he asks, turning onto his side to face me. I do the same. "Yeah?" He seems to mull it over for a minute, "How long have you been in Neverland?" I toss the question around in my head, "I'm not exactly sure, if I had to guess, since around 1890. Around a hundred years." His eyes soften, as if he was watching a candlelight die slowly before his eyes, "Were you lonely?"

I breathe in, closing my eyes as they mist over. I swallow the tears and open my eyes, smiling at him, "Of course, I was, but your sister is here, and so are you, Asher. It won't happen again, as long as I have you two, and Hoo- James- with me." He smiles and hugs me briefly as we stand up. Looking over, the sun has risen and smoke is coming from the Tribe, signalling the awakening of Neverland. "Let's go get James." Asher says with a smile and I nod as we fly over to the cave.

James is inside, grabbing a bag and he sees us, "Oh, why, hello boys." We bow with a flair in synchronization, that makes Hook laugh. "My, my. Off we go, shall we?" Asher and I pick James up from under his arms and fly him to the tree, Alanna is waiting with a smile. "What took you all so long?" Asher laughs as we lower Hook to the ground, "Traffic?" Alanna smirks, "In the sky? I don't think so."

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