Fly Me to Neverland

Chapter 8

"Some day,' said Smee, 'the clock will run down, and then he'll get you.' Hook wetted his dry lips, 'Aye,' he said, 'that's the fear that haunts me."

Peter's POV

I woke up in my own bed, noticing Alanna clutching a man's shirt to her chest. Probably James', I realize as I stretch and go up to the surface, hearing the calming melody of an acoustic guitar and soft words sung to the tune... Asher...

Hush my love now don't you cry

Everything will be all right

Close your eyes and drift in dream

Rest in peaceful sleep

Oh my love... in my arms tight

Every day you give me life

As I drift off to your world

Rest in peaceful sleep

I smile at the song, sitting beside Asher as he plays. He has a wonderful voice, one that puts sirens and mermaids to shame. I get out my pan flute and play along. It creates a mellow and harmonious sound. We both smile at the sound.

One he finishes the song, I set my pan flute beside his guitar as we lay down and stare at the stars above. I turn over and look at him, he's perfect. Yet, he's here with me, why?

My eyes wander from his long lashes to the sharpness of his jawline, taking in the way his eyes sparkle. The way his skin has white patches from filtered light through the trees. The softness of his hair. The smoothness of his skin. The perfect shape of his mouth, suddenly it pulls into a smile. The two studs below his bottom lip shifting. He licks his lips, his tongue piercing flashing in the light. Man, is it so weird that I want to know what it feels like? To feel the softness of his lips, to feel the barbell in his tongue against mine-

He catches me staring and I blush as he scoots closer to me. Trying to break the silence, I point out a constellation. "The unicorn?" he asks quizzically after I tell him the name. "No, it's a Unicorn/Pegasus hybrid." He seems to let this sink in as he looks at me with a quirked brow, "So that constellation, you're telling me it's a Pegacorn?" The fact that he manages to keep a straight face while saying it makes me laugh so hard I roll around, laughing face down into the soft grass.

Putting one arm next to my right side, he hovers over me slightly. "Asher... what're you-?" I ask, turning onto my back. I could not respond before he pressed his lips to mine. I felt time seem to stop completely, and I think it did, under my control. I wrapped one hand around the back of his neck, pulling him closer. As soon as that kiss was over, I couldn't help but smile. "Asher?" "Yeah." "Do that again?"

He smiled mischievously, a look that suited him wonderfully, "Anytime, Peter." He muttered a quiet, "I love you." before kissing me again. I smiled, doing this all the time sounded great to me. I kissed him slower this time, craving to remember this. I had the feeling I wouldn't have him by my side much longer. The thought made my stomach turn.

Pushing the thought into the back of my mind as he laid beside me, curled up around my back. "Asher?" I ask. "Yeah?" he responded with a smile. "I think I might too." I mutter softly. His smile brightens as he kisses the back of my neck. "Wonderful, that means I can kiss you whenever I damn-well please."

I laugh, "Within reason." "Reason is for quitters." I laugh, "Silly boy." "YOUR silly boy." he corrects, kissing the spot again. I nod, "That you are." Then I feel like a wire was slowly chopping into my gut.

He stops, looking at me worriedly, "Something's wrong, tell me what's bothering you." "Nothing's bothering me. Really." I lied, looking over at him. "Your eyes say otherwise." I let out a shaky sigh, "It's just... this won't last. Us. How could it?" His eyes narrowed and he stood, grabbing his guitar and going in the tree.

What did I just do?

Asher's POV

I burst into the one-room house and slam the hatch behind me, setting my guitar on my bed. "I'm up!" James yells, trying to seem like he'd been awake, but he obviously hadn't. Alanna wakes up and rubs her eyes with her fists sleepily, "What's wrong?" I couldn't believe what came out of my mouth, but it didn't make sense why until after it was said, "We're going back."

"Brother..." she warned, walking towards me slowly. Cooing as if I'm a rabid animal trying to be sedated. I must look pissed. "I can't leave, not now." she mumbles. "Why not?!" I yell at her, my conscience immediately regretting it when she starts tearing up.

"Because, stupid, we finally have a family now!" I watch James stand, shirtless, and all his wounds send a chill down my spine. "Go cool off, boy, and don't return until you're stable-minded." I leave briskly, heading into the woods and lay under the overhang, the one I slept under with Peter.

"Asher! Asher! I'm sorry! Why won't you answer?!" I hear Peter yell and I pull my hood over my head and cup my ears. I stare at the sun as it slowly begins to rise. Maybe I can stay here awhile. Collect my thoughts. Think my emotions through. Then, maybe, I can make sense of things.

Tears start to run down my cheeks. Bastard... stupid pixie-boy... I feel my body convulse with my silent sobs. Maybe, the pain will go away. Maybe if I die here, alone, God will have mercy. Maybe he'd even let me see Dad again... but that's too much to hope for, I think.

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