Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Common Room, Pets

All of the First years were seated and the feast had begun. At the Gryffindor table the girls were sitting one side with Percy and the boys were sitting on the side with the twins. Chloe was ignoring the twins because of the whole thing about them betting with a Hufflepuff about what house she was going to be put into because of Cedric falling on top of her, so she ignored them the whole of the feast.

It hadn’t helped that professor McGonagall made madam Pomfrey came over to check on her head, which meant they had told the story while she, Eve and Rhiannon had rolled her eyes and then Ron had told them about her being carried on Neville’s back to the boats.

But then Harry had told them about me standing up to Draco twice that night once for herself and Neville and once for the whole Weasley family, to which most of the table wanted to go to him and hex Draco into the next century.

Chloe also noticed that Dumbledore would look over to her and Harry a lot of the time with a grin at them then go back to what he had been doing. So over all it was going well. Soon all the food had been eaten and they were all just sitting talking to each other.

The boys were trying to explain what Quidditch was to Harry while, Hermione was talking to Percy about the classes at Hogwarts and Chloe was talking to Rhiannon and Eve about their dorms. Ron had, had a nasty shock when Nearly headless Nick had come out of the chicken legs halfway thought the feast, but It had made the rest of them chuckle.

What surprised Chloe was that Hermione didn’t know about nearly headless Nick form the history given in ‘Hogwarts; a history’. Chloe then watched as Dumbledore raised form his chair and everyone in the room quietened down almost instantly.

“I hope you have all enjoyed your welcoming feast” he said, smiling at everyone. “but it is time to bed, to be ready for classes tomorrow, first year are first to leave as always and the prefects that are to show them where to go and what their house password is” she said with a cheerful voice over the moans of the older students at the mention of the words early and classes.

“For Gryffindor house, Prefect Percy Weasley, for Hufflepuff house, Prefect Gabriel Truman, for Ravenclaw house, Prefect Penelope Clearwater and for Slytherin house, Prefect Gemma Farley” as Dumbledore said their names, each of the four prefects stood up.

“Prefect if would please escort the first year so they know the way to their house dorms for the rest of the evening” With that said all of first years stood form their benches. All the first years followed there prefect out and kept an eye on their groups. The Gryffindor first-years followed Percy through the chattering crowds, out of the Great Hall, and onto the marble staircase.

“Follow me please and try and keep up” he yelled then stopped at the top of the staircase. “This a direct way to the house areas, but you have you need keep an eye on the stair cases, they like change regularly” he then started to walk again up about five flights of stairs with them hot on his heels not wanting get separated from the group.

Finally they all came to stop in front of a painting of a fat lady wearing a pink silk dress, with a vine crown around her head and a Greek background. Looked at the group and then to Percy.

"The password?" The woman asked him.

"Caput draconis" Percy said pompously. And the painting swung open to reveal a doorway tunnel. They had to walk one by one to get thought it. Once they were all in a large room, that had a high ceiling and large comfy chairs, a fire was crackling and there were many paintings in the room there were to staircases that Chloe assumed where the dorms were.

“Welcome to the Gryffindor common room, boys dorm up the stairs to left, girls up the stairs on your right, all you belongings are already up there, now it is time for you all to go to bed, boy’s I will be checking thirty minutes to make sure, girl a female prefect will check o you as well, anyone not in bed without a good reason will be on their first warning after that we will have to take points for.”

With that all that said all nine of the first years made their ways to their dorm. Eve, Chloe, Rhiannon and Hermione shared a dorm like the boys did. When the girls got to their dorm, Chloe fell in love. They each had a four poster bed with read curtains, a chest of drawers, a night stand, a candle and a small wardrobe. She saw Hoot by one of the windows trying break one of the cage bar.

“Ah Hoot, do you want to get out” she said as she walked closer to the cage he gave a screech. Chloe opened the cage and he flew right out with amazing speed. The other jumped away from the owl. “Hoot leave them alone” Chloe said off handily as she grabbed her shoulder bag and surprised them all when she reach her whole are into the small bag.

“How can you do that? You’re not allowed to use magic without supervision-”

“Professor McGonagall put the charm on my bag when we went to Diagon ally” Chloe interrupted Hermione. “Aha” she yelled as she brought out a sealed sack of something. “Found you” she said as she kissed the bag. Hoot landed on her shoulder and tried to bite the bag, but Chloe tapped his peck.

“Eh hum, where is your manners young owl?” she said to him. As if he knew what she was saying he flew to the top of one of the bed post and gave a loud ooh-hu. Chloe smiled at the owl and moved towards his cage.

The door was still open and so Chloe but a hand full of owl pelts on the bottom of the cage then took out something wrapped out of her pocket. The others stopped what they were doing when Chloe let out a quiet ‘uh-Hu’ and Hoot flew to her shoulder and she pick up a pit of chicken.

“What is that?” Eve asked as she stoked her own ginger cat that was on her bad. Chloe looked at them confused.

“Chicken” as she grabbed another piece for him then put the rest at the bottom of the cage.

“You give your owl cooked meal?” Rhiannon asked this time interested as her black cat was purring and rubbing against her leg for attention.

“He shouldn’t be able to eat that without getting sick” Hermione exclaimed. Chloe just rolled her eyes.

“You think I haven’t tried to give him raw, he hates the stuff whenever I put it near him, he makes a loud screech and ruffles his feathers up, in all honesty I think he’s more like a spoiled house cat then an owl, but that maybe because I spoil him, after all he was my best friend this summer” Chloe explains as she got her kooks out of her shoulder bag and put them on her bed. The other three looked to each other than shrugged their shoulder.

“By the way Hermione, where’s your companion?” Chloe asked with a smile as she brought out two rabbit bookends form the bag and then moved to the other side of the bed where the chest of drawers, were. When she didn’t get an answer she turned around to see she had her head down while she was ranging her robes up. Chloe face palmed.

“Shoot” she muttered under her breath. Then she got an idea and walked over to Hoot and put her wrist out for him. He hoped on to it and Chloe moved towards Hermione she was almost opposite her been as it when Eve, her, Rhiannon and then Hermione clockwise form the door and there was a log burner in the middle with railing around it. Once she got to Hermione she sat on the side of her bed to get her attention.

“Hey Hermione, give me your hand” Hermione liked at her confused but did anyway a little affair of the owl been as what it did to Draco. Chloe gave a chuckle when she saw expression. “don’t worry, the only reason he bit Prince of snobs was because I got him to do it, as I said he’s more of a house cat” Chloe explained as she brought the back of Hermione’s hand to Hoots left cheek.

Hoot turned his head to look at the new hand. Then after two or three minutes, he turned his head to back to where it was and nuzzled his cheek into the back of Hermione’s hand. Hermione giggled and Chloe let go of her hand to let her freely stroke him and Chloe smiled. She then looked to Hermione.

“I didn’t mean to upset you by the way, I was just curious” she explained and Hermione shock her head as she continued to stroke Hoot.

“It’s ok, I just felt a bit left out by not having one” Hermione replied. Chloe smirked.

“Then this year, you can treat Hoot like your own and we can take turned bring him meat from the table” Chloe suggested happily. Hermione rolls her eyes.

“Ok, but I still don’t see how he can eat it without getting sick, but ok deal” she said back to her old self, and with that she stopped the stroking and went back to unpacking and Chloe though up her wrist to get Hoot off because he was getting heavy because she was getting tired form a long day and the early start she made her way to her bed and started to put her clothes away in the drawers and the wardrobe.

Once they were all done with every put away and brushed teeth and ready for bed the four girls got into their bed. Then Chloe remembered something while she was lying on her bed.

“Hey Eve, I never asked you about your pet cat?” Chloe said out of the blue, they could really go to sleep till the main light went out in about ten minutes anyway. Hoot was sitting on top of his cage, and Eve and Rhiannon’s cats were on the beds with their owner.

“His name is Carbucketty” she said plainly. “His male and he’s ginger half British Short hair and half-Kneazle” she explained as she stroked him.

“Cool, what the hell is a Kneazle?” she asked.

“A Kneazle is a magical feline creature related to, and similar in appearance to, a cat” Hermione started to explain.

“They have spotted speckled or flecked fur, large ears and a lightly plumed tail just like a lion” Rhiannon interrupted. Chloe could tell that those two were going to get on each other’s nerves. Chloe then turned to Rhiannon.

“What about yours Rhiannon?”

“Her name is Midnight” she said happily as she stroked the cats head, everyone could almost hear midnight purr. “She’s female and she’s a black Bengal She-Cat” she explained.

“Cool now we know each other’s pets” Chloe said.

“Why don’t you have a magical breed of cat?” Hermione asked.

“Never really liked the idea of a Kneazle or any of the others, besides I didn’t get midnight form a store, She came to me when she was a kitten two summers back” she explained. “I found her on our path one morning so I gave her some milk and ever since she’s just followed me round, it’s quiet funny really” she said with a giggle. Suddenly the door was opened and I girl stuck her head thought.

“Everyone in bed, good, right then goodnight girls” she said and with a wave of her wand the light went out. And they all took that as their cue to go to sleep, so that they were ready for school the next morning.

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