Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Breakfast and the Twins

Then next morning all the girls got up and got ready for breakfast. That was when Chloe noticed that when she and the other had put their clothes in the drawers and the wardrobe they had none of the Gryffindor house colours on them. But when they got them out that morning they had changed colours.

The black ties that they had put in them had turn to a red and yellow diagonal striped and some of the other clothes as well.

Hermione put on her grey jumper that now had a red and yellow strips on the ‘V’ and cuffs and a grey normal school skirt, with a white dress shirt and tie along with a pair grey knee high socks, a pair of flat school shoes what had a strap over the middle of the foot and one of her black robes that now had the Gryffindor’s coat of arms on over her left breast.

Rhiannon had put on her cream ‘V’ neck vest that had a red and yellow strip like Hermione’s, with a red and yellow check skirt along with her white shirt and red and yellow tie, a pair of black thin tights and a pair of shoes like Hermione’s but they had a heel on them along with one of her black robes with the Gryffindor’s coat of arms also over her left breast.

Eve wear a ‘V’ neck vest like Rhiannon’s but it was grey, not cream and a pair of grey trousers, with her white shirt and red and yellow tie. She had out on a pair of red and yellow check knee high socks that matched Rhiannon’s skirt and a pair of High heels like Rhiannon’s but they had no strap along the middle. Over the top she had her black robes that had the coat of arms on it.

Chloe had looked into her wardrobe and smirked and now she was wearing a red and yellow check ‘V’ neck vest that went with Eve’s and Rhiannon’s checked socks and skirt, her white shirt and red and yellow tie. Along with a pair of grey and white check knee high socks and a pair of shoes like Hermione’s but had no strap in the middle like Eve’s. And she had her black robes with the coat of arms open over the top.

Chloe left some owl pelts on the bottom of Hoots cage while Eve and Rhiannon put a bowl of cat food on the floor for Midnight and Carbucketty, but what had made the Chloe laugh and Hermione giggle was that Rhiannon poured a bottle of still water into another bowl for Midnight and Eve had told her that she spoiled her can and then Eve gave Carbucketty a bowl of non-fat, skimmed milk on a large saucer.

While the two girls laughed at them Eve had stuck her tongue out at them and Rhiannon made a pouting face making Chloe laugh even hard. They then made their way to the common room where they found the Gryffindor first year boys and Percy waiting for them.

“Nice of you to join us ladies, your late up” Percy said crossly and then he turned round. “All of you follow me, now the girls are here we can go eat, and you can get you time tables” all five boys hurried after him while the girls took up the back of the group and snickered at them. Once they got to the hall McGonagall was waiting outside the hall with a frown on her face.

“Your late Mr Weasley, as are the first years, explain” she stated as she looked at him with her hat tipped back slightly so you could she her full expression, and you could tell she was not happy.

“The Girls were late coming down form their dorm, I was about to came get someone to bring them down when they came down the stairs-”

“With all due respect Professor McGonagall, we didn’t know we had to be down in the common room for a certain time, otherwise we would have made sure that we were down stair on time” Chloe said as she walked up to the two.

“Yes you was Miss Perth, I notified you last night, how else would have all the boys been there but you four weren’t?” Percy countered. Chloe gave him a hard look and then turned to Neville.

“Neville, when had Mr Percy told you the time to be down in the common room?” she asked. Neville stiffened as McGonagall looked right at him.

“La-Last night” he stuttered but when Percy smirked and was about to speck he continued. “When you came to the dorm to check we were in bed” Percy face fell as he turned to look at the professor. McGonagall gave him a hard look.

“It would seem Mr Weasley that it is not the fault of the girls as to why some of my house it late but because you forgot to give them that bit of information, see to it that is does not happen again, only Merlin knows how long Professor Snape will hold this over us” she said as she turned around and lead them through the doors into the hall. Chloe waited till the other girls were beside her before she started walking.

The walk was embarrassing as the whole school watch our little group walk down the row to the end. The twins had smirks on her face but Chloe closed her eyes as turned her head slightly away from their direction, because she was still mad at them for the whole betting thing. Once they were all seated, the rest of the school went back to what they were doing, however Chloe ended up sitting one across form the twins.

“Ah come on Chloe” he said as he gave her fake sad eyes.

“You’re not still mad at us, are you?” the other said leaning on his brother’s shoulder. Chloe ignored then and reached for a piece of toast and a knife to butter it with. She then realised she was opposite Neville so she smiled at him.

“Hey Neville” she said to get his attention. He turned his head to look her. “Thank you for telling Professor McGonagall the truth about what happened this morning” Neville cheeks went a bit pink and the twin were looking at her wide eyes the girl and boy across form them burst out laughing.

“No, problem Chloe” he said nervously. “It wasn’t fair that Percy was blaming it all on you four when you weren’t told” he told her and she smiled wider and then went back to buttering toast, completely ignoring the twins. They looked at the girl and boy across form them.

“Did she just” one started.

“Completely ignore us” the other finished. The two were totally bewildered. The boy laughed harder and almost fell off his seat. The girl nodded her head, then turns in her seat and tapped Chloe on the shoulder. Chloe turned to her as she put her butter knife down.

“Hi, I’m Angelina Johnson, this laughing idiot behind me is Lee Jordan and you obviously know Fred and George Weasley” she said with a smile as she held out her hand. Chloe smiled and put down her toast and wiped her hand on a napkin. Chloe took her hand.

“Nice to meet you Angalina, I‘m sure you know my name form last night after the idiot over they made a seen after I was sorted but anyway, my names Chloe Perth, this is Rhiannon Darling, Eve Overton, Hermione Ganger and Neville Longbottem” Chloe said pointing to the right person as she said their names and they each gave a wave.

Angalina squealed like Rhiannon had done when she had found out about her parents in Diagon ally, but Angalina grabbed her and engulfed her in a bear hug at which she stiffened. By everyone was again looking at the Gryffindor table. Chloe looked over the girls shoulder to see the twins and Lee snickering at them and she frowned at them.

“oh what lovely manner and so cute” she said as she let her go and squeezed Chloe’s cheeks together making her glasses raise a little. She let go and slung her arm over Chloe’s shoulders and pulled her towards her. “That’s it you are now officially my younger sister” Chloe face paled as she looked to her friends for help. They all shook their heads and made the crazy sign with their hands. The Twin burst out laughing. Lee was the only who helped, kind of.

“Angalina, I think you’re scaring the girl, look at her she practically one of the ghosts!” he exclaimed using both hands as a gesture and Chloe rolled her eyes. “It’s only her second day and she’s been humiliated three times now before she’s even took a bite of her breakfast” he explained when Angalina gave him a glare.

“Four if you count her being knocked back on to the platform by Cedric” a twin, Fred Chloe thought.

“Five, if you count Madam Pomfrey last night checking on her head in the middle of dinner” the other, George said. Chloe just glared at the twins.

“Hey Georgie, she finally looked at us” Fred exclaimed. George looked they gave a loud cheer and high-fived each other. Chloe rolled her eye and went back to her toast, now that Angalina had let her go.

Chloe looked up to the teachers table and saw that Professor McGonagall, a man in black with greasy hair, a wide lady in brown with grey hair and a short man with glasses had stood up and walked to the end of each table with a pile of paper. Then Professor Dumbledore had stood. Everyone went quietened like they had last night and he began to speck.

“Good morning students… I hope you had a good sleep last night and are ready for all your classes on this day” he said with a smile, most students groan. The twins being the loudest. “Now you’re head of house with give your time tables and then you are dismissed to get ready for your classes, thank you” as he said that the papers in the four piles lifted into the air and flowed toward the students and landed on their plates.

Chloe’s landed and she picked up and read what she had today;

Monday: Transfiguration, Double Potions, Lunch, Double Herbology, Flying.

Tuesday: Astronomy, charms, History of Magic, Lunch, History of Magic, Herbology, Defence against the dark arts.

Wednesday: Double Potions, Astronomy, Lunch, Double Transfiguration, History of Magic.

Thursday: Charms, Astronomy, Transfiguration, Lunch, Double Defence against the dark arts, History of Magic

Friday: Double Herbology, Defence against the dark arts, Lunch, Astronomy, Double Charms.

Once Chloe looked at her timetable she made a mental note of what books she was going to need to get form her room before Transfiguration. She looked around the table and saw a plate of bacon on the table and got two rashers before outing them in her napkin and wrapping them one handily still looking at her timetable so no one saw. That was apart from the twins they raise their eye brows at it.

“You are dismissed” Professor said as Chloe slipped the meat into her pocket. And everyone started heading to the dorms, Chloe walked with her dorm mates up the common room, the twin following closely behind. Once they got to the common room the girls went to go up to the dorm, Chloe going last, but the twins blocked her.

“Hello Chloe” Fred said with a smirked. Chloe crossed her arms.

“What do you want twins?” she asked annoyed.

“One, for you to call us by our names” George said with a smirk.

“Two, to know why you put bacon in your pocket?” Fred finished giving an identical smirk. Chloe rolled her eye.

“Hey Rhiannon!” she yelled. Rhiannon turned around on the stairs giving the twins a confused look. “Could you leave the door open and tell the other not to make a sound for a minute?” she asked.

“Um, sure, don’t be too long we’ve only got twenty minutes till class starts” she said as she carried on walked up the stairs. The Twins looked at Chloe confused. But Chloe just held up her hand and listen. They then heard the door open and Chloe smirked. She cupped her hands together and let out a quiet ‘uh-Hu’

Suddenly the twins heard a loud Screech and a flapping sound. The twins turned their heads and saw that Hoot was coming right at them and so ducked quickly and covered their heads, thinking Chloe had set him on them. When nothing happened they looked at each other then up to Chloe who was looking at them weirdly.

“What are you two doing?” she asked seriously confused.

“What would you do if an owl was coming right at you?” Fred demanded. Chloe just rolled her eyes. Hoot then nudged her in the head.

“You know you really need to remember to wait” she told the owl frowning and then ignored him and looked back at the twins. “And it’s not like he’s going to hurt you” she explained.

“It hurt Malfoy, why wouldn’t it hurt us” George said. Chloe glared at him.

“Hoot is not an ‘it,’ he is as HE” she told them, Hoot then nuzzled his cheek on the top of her head. She smiled and took out the bacon at which he gave a loud Ooh-hu. She tore a bit of it and held it out to him. Hoot quickly took hold of it in his beck and started eating it. The twins looked at the owl in wonder.

“So you brought the bacon up for your owl?” Fred asked, watching the bird. And Chloe nodded and tore another bit.

“Last night I took a bit of chicken for him when Ron wasn’t looking” she said as she gave Hoot another bit.

“That’s pretty neat, but why cooked?” George asked as he watched the bird in wonder.

“Because he hates raw meat, whenever I put it near him, he makes a loud screech and ruffles his feathers up, in all honesty I think he’s more like a spoiled house cat then an owl” she said as she tore another piece.

“You want to give it a try?” she asked as holding the last two pieces form the first rasher out to the twins. Fred took the piece first and nervously held it out the owl. Hoot gave a loud ‘Ooh-hu’ which made the twins jump and then took the piece. Chloe just giggled.

“I already said he wouldn’t hurt you” she said as they watch the bird it the meat. George took the other piece and held it to the owl when it finish Fred piece, he was still nervously. Again Hoot gave a loud ‘Ooh-hu’ and then took the piece but this time the twins didn’t jump at the noise instead they smiled. Fred then gave Chloe a confused look.

“How come he so nice now but he tried to attack George yesterday, bite Malfoy and tried to bite everyone that went into Eeylops Owl Emporium?” Fred asked as he watched Chloe stroke Hoot’s head and the owl nuzzle into her hand.

“That because he really doesn’t like cages, on the way home and next year, I’m just going to get Mum to send me him with a letter” she explained. “but he bit Malfoy on purpose, because I told him too” she looked at the clock and back at the twins “look I got to get my books, if you still have questions can you ask them at lunch I have transfiguration first” and with that she left the twins and went up to her dorm to get her stuff.

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