Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Transfiguration, Potions

Chloe, Rhiannon, Eve and Hermione were the first ones to the transfiguration class room even after Chloe being stopped by the Weasley twins. Chloe smiled as she walked into the room and found it empty. There were two chalk boards at the front of the room each had been written on with instructions on them. They were clear to read as if they were typed, unlike the letters Professor McGonagall had sent out to all the students.

Chloe walked to the front of the classroom and noticed a black striped, grey tabby cat sitting on the teacher’s desk. She remember reading about witches and wizards morphing into an animal in ‘A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration,’ they were called Animaguses and to be one you have to register it at the school you went to or where you learned to do the high complex incantations.

It would be a perfect demonstration to the subject. And then Chloe click, that was McGonagall sitting on her desk looking at them. Chloe smiled at the cat and walked closer to the boards the other three following behind her. On the left hand board were task instructions and the right hand board, there was a diagram of the classroom and its seat.

Chloe font her name and saw that she was next to Hermione on the front left desk, her on the left, Hermione on the right, and Eve and Rhiannon where on the desk behind them, Rhiannon on the left, behind her, Eve on the right behind Hermione. Chloe turned to her seat and sat down. On the desk there was a pot of ink, a new notebook and a ruler. She put her bag on her lap and was about to open it when…

“Chloe what are you doing, Professor McGonagall, isn’t here, we can’t be in here, there could be something dangerous” Hermione said as she put her hand on her hip. Chloe rolled her eyes.

“Trust me we’ll be fine, and beside why not get started, the instructions are on the board and the seating plan is on the other board, what more do you need?” she asked as she pulled out her quill and copy of ‘A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration.’ She opened it to Chapter one and began to do as the instructions said “Copy out the risks and hazards of the transfiguration of inanimate objects, until I arrive. No spell cheating or you will write it four times over in detention”

The other three looked at the board and saw when she meant by getting to it straight away, so they looked at the board for there seat and sat down and started the same as Chloe. What they hadn’t noticed was that every now and then Chloe would look at the cat and smile then go back to writing. The tabby gave the girl a smile of its own.

‘So she knows I’m here does she’ McGonagall thought to herself, as she watched the rest of the students come in. McGonagall did this with every first year class. It was so she could evaluate each student and know what ones to keep an eye on. Hermione Granger was right; she couldn’t leave them in a classroom by themselves, and if something was to happen she could sort it out quickly. McGonagall turned her gaze back to Chloe.

‘she is only just been introduced to the world of magic and yet I can tell she knows it’s me’ she though she saw a group of Slytherin students had decided they will chose where they are going to sit not the seating plan when they came to the board and changes the placements. Too bad they didn’t know that there was a charm on the plan so when she says ‘reverse the changes’ that it would go back to how it was before, when she wrote this.

She looked to Chloe and saw that she just shook her head when they changed the names round but said nothing. Chloe just gave McGonagall a calculating look and then went back to her task. McGonagall attention was then drawn to Draco as he came in with a few of his fellow housemates.

“‘No spell cheating or you will write it four times over in detention’ how in Atlantis is the old bat going to know if we used a spell” he snickered with them. McGonagall saw Chloe give him a hard look but say nothing, McGonagall was quite proud of her. Not only did the girl want to defend her, but she was taking in her warning. She then saw him use a copying spell along with this house mates Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle and Blaise Zabini.

‘Just two more and then I can sort this all out’ McGonagall kept telling herself as she waited got Mr Weasley and Mr Potter to arrive. And they did fifth-teen minutes late. She could hear them a few minutes away because they were running down the corridor. When they came in everyone but Chloe turned to see what was going on. Chloe was sitting back in her chair with hands behind her and her eyes closed.

“Hew, made it” Ron said as he and Harry were halfway down the row looking at the board. Harry was the next column at the front on the left side next to Hermione and Ron was next to him. They sat down in their seats and started the task. McGonagall jumped off the desk and went over to Chloe and bumped one the chair legs that were in the air. She jolted forward then looked down at the professor.

“Sorry Professor” she muttered so only she would hear and sat up straight waiting. And with that McGonagall made her way out the door at the back of the room, Chloe read the next bit while she waited. She then heard footsteps and she knew that what happened next was something not to be missed.

“Mr Malfoy, Mr Crabbe, Mr Goyle and Mr Zabini all four of you owe me a detention for cheating on your task and five point will be taken way for each of you expect Mr Malfoy who will have ten taken away for disrespecting a teacher when they are present no less and the cheating” McGonagall said as she re-entered in her human from. She then took out her wand and pointed to the board.

“Reverse the changes” she said clearly and the names that were changed back to what they were before. “For those of you in the wrong seat I suggest you move to the right one before I am finished handing out detention or you will have one as well. And with that the three Slytherin girls hurried to move. She then turned to Harry and Ron.

“Do you two have excuse for being late to my lesson?” she asked emotionlessly.

“We got lost Professor” Harry answered. McGonagall frowned at them.

“See to it that it doesn’t happen again, five points form Gryffindor house each” she said as she moved to her raised teaching area everyone was looking at the professor bewildered. “twenty points to Gryffindor for Rhiannon Darling, Eve Overton, Hermione granger and Chloe Perth for being five minutes early to the lesson and working for that amount of time, and another five to Gryffindor for Chloe Perth being the first to finish the task set” she said nodding to the girls.

“Now can anyone tell me how I knew what you were doing and who was doing it?” McGonagall asked the class.

“There’s no way that you can to know that and you can’t prove that I cheated on the task” Malfoy yelled. McGonagall frowned and made three stands appear on the raised platform as she stepped off it. She then held up her wand, and with a swift slit of it made Malfoy’s, Theodore Nott’s and Chloe’s books flout onto the stands at the first page.

“Very well Mr Malfoy, I will prove that you cheated and you will own me another detention on top of the six you owe me for accusing a member of staff of lying for no reason and for not raising your hand in my class” she then turned to back to the books and said “Removeus-charmus.” Suddenly all three of the glowed blue and then Draco’s writing was gone and Theodore’s along with Chloe’s stayed on the page. Chloe turned to around wanted to laugh at Draco’s face, it was like a deer court in headlights.

“Very well, now that matter is sorted can anyone answer the question, How did I know this?” she asked. Only one person put up their hand Chloe. Rhiannon, Eve and Hermione looked at her shocked but for now Chloe ignored them. “Miss Perth” McGonagall said.

“You’re an Animagus Professor” she said simply. “An Animagus; is a witch or wizard that morph or transform into an animal” she continues seeing everyone confused face. “You were the cat was sitting on the desk when we walked in and the same one that walked out just before you entered” she said with a smile.

“Very good” Professor McGonagall said with a slight smile. “Five points to Gryffindor”

“Professor this is totally unfair” Pansy Parkinson. McGonagall gave the girl a hard look.

“Tell me Miss Parkinson, how is it unfair?” she asked even though she knew what she was going to say. Pansy crossed her arms over her chest.

“In this lesson alone you have given four Slytherin detention and taken twenty five house points were as you awarded thirty house points to your own house Gryffindor and it’s no secret that you and Professor Snape compete to see who has the most point because you hate each other, and also you favour Chloe Perth, a girl over Draco by giving him seven detentions in two days, not even that” she practically yelled at her. McGonagall frowned.

“You forget Miss Parkinson that five of those detentions were of Mr Malfoy own doing when he was about to use language not expected in this school, also have taken ten point from Gryffindor for Mr Weasley and Mr Potter’s lateness and yes me and Professor Snape ‘compete’ in house points however one; I would never stoop so low as to cheat to win against him, two; professor Snape is one of my best former students so I would not disrespect him like that and three; I compete with all the houses for the cup not just Slytherin” McGonagall said coldly.

“And I do not favour Miss Perth over Mr Malfoy, even if she is a girl and of my house, in this classroom she is the same as all of you, a student, here to learn, in this classroom all students are the same, boy or girl Gryffindor or Slytherin, in this classroom I am here to teach you, not to judge you” she said icily looking right at Pansy who was giving her wide eyes.

“If I had favour Miss Perth I would have awarded her points for when she reframed of putting a spell on Mr Malfoy when he came into the room and insulted me because she had taken my warning form yesterday seriously and learned from her mistakes unlike Mr Malfoy who has not, so in this classroom Pansy Parkinson, never call my treatment unfair between Slytherin and Gryffindor or you will end up with detention and points taken, am I clear”

Pansy nodded and so McGonagall started her real lesson in the twenty minutes she had left of it.

After that the rest of their transfiguration lesson went pretty well and uneventful, McGonagall had shown them some other types of transformation and they spent what was left of the lesson trying to transform a match into a needle. Chloe had done it on the first try which shocked the rest of the class and Malfoy had said she had cheated, so McGonagall had her do in front of the class and smirk when she did it first try and then told Draco he should learn when to complement and when to accuse.

By the end of the class most of the class had done it while Chloe was told to transform the needle back into a match. However Harry, Ron, Seamus and Neville hadn’t been able to do it and so they were set the homework of completing the task before there next lesson. Seamus had managed to set five matches a light and Chloe felt sorry for Dean who was sitting next to him.

The class made their way toward potions but some had stopped to talk to older students or sat in the sun. They had ten minutes to get to each lesson. Chloe, Rhiannon, Eve and Hermione were the first to get the classroom and saw that like Professor McGonagall there was a board with a seating plan on it right by the door. The table were square and had four seats round it, two on each side.

Chloe was on the front right table on the left, right at the front of the class room. On her left was Neville’s placement and cross from her was Harry and no his right was Hermione so she was across form Neville. She looked at the seating plan and noticed that there was like an imaginary line drawn down the room with Gryffindor on the left and Slytherin.

Even the last desk at the back right in the middle Seamus was on the left and a Slytherin named Alberta was on the right. Chloe remembered Pansy saying that McGonagall and Snape had a house rivalry. Just because Professor McGonagall took it lightly, there was nothing stop Professor Snape form taking it really seriously.

Chloe walked to her seat and sat down and Hermione took her seat as well. There were two cauldrons set out along with a couple of labelled vials set out, two copy of each along with four ink pots and four notebooks ready to use. She looked the board at the front of the room and saw that he had wrote up the method for ‘Antidote to common poisons’ on the board but hadn’t put its title.

‘Maybe that’s his first test for us like McGonagall, you would only know the potion if you had read some of the book or had prior knowledge in, but it is not common knowledge’ she summed up and got out her quill and copy of ‘Magical Drafts and Potions’ and set them down on the desk and put her bag on the floor. She opened her notebook and began to copy the method. A few minutes later the rest of Gryffindor came in along with the Slytherin.

Neville and Harry walked towards the table and Chloe was on the fifth step, she had also written a definition of the potion and what it did.

“Hey Chloe, Hermione” Neville said nervously like he had when they had talked this morning at breakfast, Chloe turned to him and gave him a smile.

“Hey Neville” she said as she moved her bag to the other side of her so it was out of his way. He sat down and started to get his book and quill. “I guess we’re partners in class” she said trying to calm his obvious nerves.

“Sorry” he said and Chloe gave him a weird look, and gave a small chuckle.

“Why are you apologising?” she asked confusedly, she had a good idea of what it would be.

“Because I know I’m going to be rubbish” Chloe rolled her eyes and gave him a whack round the back of the head lightly. “Hey! What was that for?!” he exclaimed in shock. By now Harry and Hermione were looking at us.

“Because you don’t know that and I don’t think you will be rubbish because I’m here to help you, were partners so I won’t let you fail, we got to stick together and get this right so get to work on the task” she said in jokingly hard voice. “Partner” she said with a smirk and then turned back to writing the method.

Neville gave her a shocked look that then turned into a smile when she had called him ‘partner.’ He was worried when he saw he had to sit next to her after what she had shown in transfiguration. He knew he would be good at potions when he knew he was rubbish at cooking.

He had prepared him himself while he walking toward the table with Harry for her to be mean to him and demand for him not to mess up. He didn’t know why been as she was the one who had found Trevor last night and given him to him on the platform and the when she had stood up to Malfoy twice when he had picked on him and Ron last night. He guessed it was because she had an intimidating character.

He hadn’t expected her to hit him for telling her that he was going to be rubbish or for her to expect him as her partner so easily. It did make him happy because of it though. When he was back living with his Nan, he didn’t have any friends because everyone thought he was ‘the weird kid, with the weird old lady at the end of the street’ but here he was in a house with some kind people and some people he hoped he could call friends.

He sat down next to her and began to do the task. Two minutes later Chloe put down her quill. The door suddenly slammed open and a tallish man strode in with his black cloak and his greasy black hair shining slightly in the candle lit room, been as there was only three small windows at the front of the room.

“There will be no foolish wand-waving or silly incantations in this class” he said as walked up the row and to the front he looked at all them and then focused at the left side of the room. Most had stopped writing when he enter and looked at him, but the class were sitting there, silent. “As such” he said seriously “I don't expect many of you to appreciate the subtle science and exact art that is potion-making. However, for those select few who possess the predisposition” he looked around again.

‘Lovely prep talk this is going to be’ Chloe thought as she held back the urge to roll her eyes. Here she was trying to tell Neville he would be fine and now he had the look of horror and shame on his face. ‘Now I have to get him to calm down again’

“I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses” he said as he folded his cloak to himself as if he was trying to at dramatic effect in a play to show mystery. “I can tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper in death” again his gaze looked to Draco then it moved. Chloe looked and saw that Harry was writing when he had just said in his notebook. Professor Snape raised his eye brow.

“Then again, maybe some of you have come to Hogwarts in possession of abilities so formidable that you feel confident enough to not pay attention!” he said giving Harry a hard look. Chloe was about to kick him under the table but Hermione beat her to it and elbowed him in the ribs. Harry quickly looked up and Chloe slightly jerked her towards the professor and Harry turned to look at him.

“Mr. Potter” he said as if her had just had soap plunged into his mouth. “Our new celebrity” Chloe could tell that something was going to happen when he gave a smirk. She could tell he wasn’t a man to take lightly. “Tell me, what would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?” Harry looked at the man and shock his head.

Chloe wrote down the answer instead of being like Hermione who looked like she was about to burst herself, Neville saw what she was doing and did the same been as he had also looked at his potions book in the summer. Chloe gave him a smile and then looked back at the professor as a smirk went to his lips with a pleased look when Harry couldn’t answer.

“You don't know? Well, let's try again” he said as if he was disappointed even though he knew the boy wouldn’t these answers. “Where, Mr. Potter, would you look if I asked you to find me a bezoar?” again Chloe wrote down the answer along with Neville and Hermione raised her hand almost jumping form her seat.

“I don’t know sir” Harry said as he looked at Chloe then back to him.

“And what is the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane?” once again the professor looked smug and snotty. As much as Chloe would like to yell at him for being unfair to an eleven year old boy who had only just learn about wizardry, she knew it would only make it worse been as she herself had only been introduced to the Wizarding world that summer but had known the answers.

So instead she just wrote down the answer as did Neville, but Hermione was persistent in proving she knew the answer. Chloe could tell that Harry was feeling the pressure of being famous but he didn’t want it to be like this.

“I don’t know sir” Harry said as he looked at her then back to him head down slightly.

“Pity” Professor said with fake disappointment that was starting rub Chloe up the wrong way. How could this man be one of Professor McGonagall’s best students if he was this cold toward a student even if he is of a different house?“ Clearly, fame isn't everything, is it, Mr. Potter?”

"Well For your information, Potter, asphodel and wormwood make-” Snape started but now Chloe had, had enough of his bulling

“The asphodel and wormwood are powerful ingredient mainly used in sleeping potion so powerful” she cut him off when Snape gave her a sharp look, she only saw it out of the corner of her and everyone in the class looked to her. When Snape looked like he was about to yell at her but Neville interrupted.

“And a bezoar is a stone taken from the stomach of a goat sir” he said as he looked at Harry then continued; “it will save you from most poisons” Chloe gave him a smile then looked at Hermione and she smiled back.

“As for monkshood and wolfsbane, they are the same plant, which also goes by the name of aconite” she explained as if only talking to Harry but by now Snape was out raged by them and especially Chloe because she was the one who had taken away his pleasure of rubbing it in Harry’s face.

“Did anyone ask you Perth, Longbottem, Granger I’m sure the questions I asked were aimed at Mr Potter, not his table” he hissed like an angered snake.

“No, sir, but when Harry didn’t know the answer I told it to him been as he would probably find it easier to hear it in a simpler version” Chloe explained with the most innocent expression she could give.

“Well young Miss Perth I think you have just lost five points for your cheek in this class and you have a detention with me this lunch” he said smuggle, ready to give her another for talking back when she yelled at him, but she didn’t.

“Yes Professor” was all she said as she looked right at him and waited for him to continue with his class. To say Snape was shock was an understatement but he didn’t let it show. Instead he turned to the class.

“What are you all looking at, write down the answer to the three questions” he snapped at them all. “Make sure you have the method written down and then start to brew the potion, which reminds me, what is this potion is?” Only Chloe, Neville, Rhiannon and Hermione raised their hands but Snape didn’t look at their side, only the side with the Slytherin, when no one looked like they knew on that side he frowned, “this is the method for the antidote to common poisons”

And that was how the rest of the class went Chloe let Neville do not of the practical only helping by preparing the ingredient and correcting him before he was able to make a mistake. They successfully made the potion Neville was really happy that he hadn’t made a mess of it. None of them really messed it up expect Seamus who blew his up, in no time it was the end of the double and people were getting ready to leave. But Chloe sat in her seat.

“Chloe why are you sitting there it’s time to go” Neville said as he put his quill and books in his bag. Chloe sat there books closed and quill in her ink. Her hands folded in her lap and her back straight as she looked forward.

“Because I have a detention with Professor Snape this lunch” she stated looking right at the Professor.

“But it was given unfairly-” Neville started but Chloe just looked at him, by now the rest of the class was looking at her, the Slytherin were smirking at her and the Gryffindor were looking at her weirdly. Chloe just ignored and smiled at Neville.

“I was in the wrong and owe the detention, I would hate it if Professor Snape went to Professor McGonagall and told her that I was trying to get out of my detention, I’ll see you later” she said. And they left for lunch.

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