Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Detention, Lunch, Notes

The Gryffindor first years all walked into the dinning complaining about Professor Snape. McGonagall spotted that Chloe wasn’t with them and decide to see if she had gone to her dorm or something to her owl. But when she heard them talking about the professor, she was curious as to what the man could have done to make them dislike him on the first day.

“I can’t believe he did that, it’s so unfair” Dean said as they sat down. The twin saw them and was going to talk to Chloe about her owl but was more interested in their conversation.

“Who did what” one of the.

“Give you homework on the first lesson” the other finished. Professor McGonagall wanted to roll her eyes. They always did that and it got very annoying in her classes.

“First off he asked Harry all these unfair questions that only me, Hermione and Chloe knew because we had read the book and then he gave Chloe a detention because of her ‘cheek in class’ because she told Harry what the answers to the questions were, when he was about to and took house points without even giving her a warning or anything he didn’t even give me and Hermione one for doing the same, just her” Neville explained.

“It wasn’t like she had done anything else wrong and that was at the beginning of the lesson, her potion was brewed perfectly, with Neville” Harry said.

“Unlike Seamus’ him and Alberta managed to blow theirs up” Ron said with a grin. Seamus just frowned then turned to the twins.

“He also ignored our house when he asked questions” Seamus stated as they started to get some food, at this McGonagall frown. Snape had gave a student of hers a detention without reason and treating the unfairly. Something must be done.

“I mean when me, Hermione, Neville and Chloe put our hands up to answer he ignored us” Rhiannon said as she crossed her arms with a huff.

“But did you see the look on his face when he gave her the detention and all she said was ‘yes sir’ priceless, he was not expecting it” Ron said and they all giggled. Even the twins laughed and then they frowned.

“So professor Snape gave Chloe a detention” one started.

“Because she told Harry what the answer was to his question?” the other finished.

“That’s so unfair” Angalina said as she looked at them.

“Are you sure she did nothing else” Lee asked.

“Positive I was her partner we did everything right, she even wrote a definition on what the potion did without even the title being given, we were only given the method to copy” Neville said as he frowned.

“And we were early to lesson like we were for our first class and she was first one to finish the copying task” Hermione stated. McGonagall frowned and walked quickly past them and out the great hall. The whole hall watched her go and then Dumbledore stood as well as Professor Sprout and Professor Quirrell.

McGonagall walked quickly toward the potions classroom and opened the door without knock. She saw Chloe at a desk cleaning a cauldron and Professor Snape with his head down and writing something not even looking up.

“Yes what can I do for you” He asked as he stilled look up McGonagall became frustrated and frowned at him. By now Dumbledore and other two Professors were behind her.

“To know why Miss Perth has been given a detention that her classmates find to be unfair and why you are not treating student of a different house to Slytherin fairly” she demanded and Snape looked up at her with a blank expression. Chloe just kept cleaning knowing it was best to not interrupt the conversation.

“Excuse me Professor McGonagall, but are you questioning my teaching?” he asked coolly as he stood and pointed to Chloe. “That girl did not know her place and spoke out of turn in my classroom, she also had no respect for her fellow classmates and I have seen her threaten Draco Malfoy with her owl” Snape said and Chloe gave him a confuse look.

“Professor Snape, I didn’t threaten Draco with my owl, I simply told people the truth as to how he really got his hand injury and corrected the lie he had spread” she stated then turned Professor McGonagall and gave a small smile. “But I do deserve the detention professor McGonagall, I disrespected professor Snape in his classroom because I lost my patience” Chloe explained then went back to scrubbing she was on the second to last pot so she was almost done.

Snape had frowned at the girl when she had interrupted his conversation by correcting him. Had the girl no mind to keep form furthering her punishment. But was shocked when she just accepted her detention and agreed she deserved it. He wasn’t the only one shocked. McGonagall was shocked but at the same time proud of her little first year, most would have complained or got themselves in more trouble but she was just doing as she was told and getting on with it.

Behind her Dumbledore was giving the girl a smirk, she was much different to her father, Sirius would have tried to get out of his punishment, or plan a prank for the person who had given him the detention, but his little girl was just sitting there scrubbing at the cauldrons and doing her best to get them clean as if it was own choice and not a punishment.

“I believe the girl is accepting her punishment well and as a reward for her acceptance she should bellowed to leave now” Dumbledore said in his powerful, but gentle voice. He then looked to Snape with a gleam in his eyes. “Besides you have a spell clean the last cauldron, do you not Professor Snape” he said cheerily. Chloe eyes went wide with shock.

‘I was sitting here clean the cauldron, when he could have done it with a spell, that evil man’ she thought as she looked to the potions professor. ‘Oh you think I was bad today, just you wait till Wednesday, then see who is evil’ she thought to herself. She had accepted her punishment because she was in the wrong, but he could have got her to do something like organize the shelves or something that magic couldn’t have done for him.

“Very well Headmaster” Snape said in uninterested voice then turned back to his writing on his desk. “You may go Miss Perth” he said off handily, really he was mad at the Headmaster for ruining his fun. Chloe got up and grabbed her bag form the floor and made towards the door. However she turned back around to face the professor at his desk.

“Are you not coming to lunch Professor Snape” she asked. In all honesty she though he looked an unhealthy shade of white, maybe it was because of his diet. Professor Snape looked up waiting to see a teasing gleam on her face, was again shocked by the look of concern on the girls face.

Why, why was this girl concerned for him when she was just punished by him? Why did she ways do something unexpected? It didn’t make any sense, she didn’t make any sense. Snape was confused by this girl kindness.

“No, Miss Perth, now be on your way” He said harshly. Chloe shrugged and made her way to the door with a smile at the Professor. McGonagall put her arm around her and walked with her towards Professor Sprout who was smiling at the girl and all three of them made their way towards the hall, Professor Dumbledore walking in front of them and Professor Quirrell trailing behind like a lost puppy, muttering under his breath.

Once the group got to the hall, everyone quietened down to hushed whispers. Chloe took no notice and just walked toward her group of friends with a smile. She sat down between Angalina and Rhiannon, with Ron across from her with Harry to his right and the twins to his Left. All were looking at her as she put her bag on the floor, and then grabbed a tune and sweet corn sandwich form the tray.

“So?” Neville asked who was sitting next to Harry with Seamus next to him and Dean next to Seamus’ right. Chloe Struggled and bit into her sandwich but was suddenly engulfed into a hug by Angalina.

“Oh my little sister is so upset about her detention that she’s speechless” she cried and she hugged her tighter. Chloe stiffened and then relaxed when she though that this might be a regular thing so just rolled her eyes. She could see that the twins were trying hide their laughter and the rest of her friends really didn’t know what to say.

Angalina suddenly hugged tighter and Chloe was starting struggle to breath. This girl had a really tight grip and she was worried that her back was going to break. Lee saw her face and began to worry for the girl was going pass out form loss of breath.

“Um, Angalina, Chloe’s turning blue” he said simply and suddenly she was let go off and she took a big gulp of mush needed air. Rhiannon and Angalina were fussing over her as Chloe was trying to relegate her breathing back to normal. The rest of the first year were either snicker or looking very worried. Actually there were only two that were snickering and they were Dean and Seamus.

The twins couldn’t hold in their laughter anymore and burst out laughing, which cause Seamus and Dean to laugh as well. But they quieted when Percy walked up the row on the other side of the table from a Chloe and stopped between the twins and Ron. He frowned and looked right at her.

“Is it right, Chloe Perth that you not only lost our house points but had a detention this lunch and that was why you were late to lunch and why Professor McGonagall walked out the hall earlier with a frown on her face” Percy asked in a demanding voice. Chloe gave him a blank expression.

“Yes, I lost five points and had detention cleaning Cauldrons with professor Snape for my cheek in his class” Chloe explained in a sad voice but didn’t let in show on her face, Percy frown then looked to Harry and Ron.

“And is it true that you and Harry were late to your first lesson and lost points” He asked Ron in the same voice.

“Yeah, we got lost” Harry replied when Ron didn’t answer but just looked annoyed. Percy frowned harder.

“So you three managed to loss Fifth-teen house point between you on your first morning in three lessons” he said crossly. “Don’t make a habit of it, we need those points, they are not for you to waste by messing around” he continued. But Hermione stopped him there.

“But me, Rhiannon and Eve got fifth-teen point just this morning, while Chloe managed to get fifth-teen the first lesson by herself” Hermione explained. Percy, the twins, Lee and Angalina looked at her shocked.

“Yeah we got there early and Chloe was first to complete Professor McGonagall’s task” Rhiannon said as she slung an arm again her.

“She was also the one to figure out that Professor McGonagall was an Animagus and was watching us in her cat form on her desk” Neville said again the five people looked at him in shock.

“Not only that she also was the first to turn her match into a needle and then back into a match on the first go” Eve added. By now the five were looking at the little girl.

“So not only figured out that Professor was an Animagus and that it was a cat” Fred started.

“But also earned Fifth-teen house points in one lesson” George finished. Chloe shrugged and looked down.

“Is that big a deal, we lost the points any way” she said as she as she took another sandwich.

“Blamey, Percy, someone is actually smarter then you were on your first day” George exclaimed. Percy frowned and Chloe looked confused.

“No one has been able to tell McGonagall the answer to riddle in years, out brother Charlie did, but he would never tell us how” Fred explained. Chloe frowned.

“I thought other people would have figured it out, the cat was obviously her, and she was sitting on the desk and then would walk out and turned moments later” Chloe said confused. “Her eyes weren’t gold like normal cats of that breed we have one that lives down the street from me, but hers were blue”

Before anyone could say anything there was a screech of an owl. Percy walked way back to his seat without a word, the first years looked confused and when Rhiannon was about to complain about Percy being rude, she was stopped by owls coming in from the high windows.

“Ah, mails here” Ron said looking up. Harry looked confused but then packages started to drop of the owls. Most people got something. Neville got a square box with a Remembrall in it along with some letters, the rest got mostly letters and Ron got a newspaper as well as some letters. Chloe continued to eat, not expecting anything form her parents because she hadn’t sent Hoot with a letter yet.

Suddenly there was a screech she would have recognized anywhere and she looked up. There he was with a piece of parchment in his mouth coming right at her and she smiled and held up her wrist. The others looked confused till Rhiannon ducked in fright.

“How many times do I have to tell people” Chloe said as Hoot landed on her wrist. She brought him down level with her shoulder and he flapped on to it. “He’s not going to hurt you” she said as she took the note form him. Hoot gave a loud ‘ooh-hu’ and nudged her head. She rolled her and grabbed a ham sandwich and held it out to him and he took it from her, and then flew to one of the beams above them.

Lee, Angalina. Ron, Harry, Neville, Seamus and Dean looked between her and the owl shocked. Chloe ignored them and unrolled the parchment and read it.

Hey Chloe,

I was wondering if you would like to come to my hut Saturday with your friends for a cup of tea and some homemade cake, will be awaiting your reply,


P.S. could you ask Harry was well please?

Chloe smiled and looked to the games keeper and the teachers table. She then took out a quill and a piece of paper then frowned and looked around the table.

“Has anyone got some ink I can use?” she asked. The twins looked in their bags but Lee beat them to it and gave his pot of ink. She smiled at him, then wrote a quick not back. Once she was done she gave the ink back to him and put her quill back in her bag. She then gave a quiet ‘uh-hu.’ The other were confused expect for the girls who had her do it before and the twins because she had done it this morning.

Hoot flew down and she gave him the note then she whispered something in his ear and he took off, but not towards the teachers table. He was flying right at Malfoy, his face was priceless as he saw Hoot coming towards him and ducked covering his head with his arms. Everyone on Gryffindor table laughed as the owl over the top of his head, parallel to the window, then did a twist so he was heading to Hagrid, he dropped the note and flew out one of the windows. Hagrid picked up the Note and read it.

Hey Hagrid,

Would love to come for a cup of tea, I will ask Harry later then send you another note. Thank you for being kind and can’t wait to try the cake.

From, Chloe.

Hagrid smiled and went back to his lunch.

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