Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Brooms out of Control

Herbology went well for Chloe and Neville as they managed to score another 10 points between then in the double lesson. In was theory and questions. Once the lesson was over they moved towards the broom shed to start there flying lesson. The whole year took the flying class together and were to get there brooms and move to the field where they were to meet Madam Hooch.

Again the class looked like it was in sections as they were in two rows. Each house stood in the row. Gryffindor stood opposite Slytherin with Hufflepuff beside them and Ravenclaw stood next opposite them and next to Slytherin. They were all holding their brooms and Chloe and the rest of Gryffindor could hear Draco brag about he being a brilliant flyer and that he expects to make the Slytherin Quidditch team next year.

“Rhiannon” Chloe said to get the girl’s on her rights attention as well as Dean’s who was to her left. “What Quidditch?” she asked and suddenly Dean gasped in shock.

“You don’t know what Quidditch is?!” he yelled in shock as if she was missing out on something that was a big thing. But then again in the Wizarding world it may be a big thing. Chloe looked to him to explain. “It’s only the best game ever!” he continued. By now Chloe was confident that it was going to be a game that was over rated like football was to Muggles.

“It’s a big sporting game that most wizards play and every four years there’s a world cup where countries will have a team play for them and they compete for a cup, the last one was the summer in 1990 where Malaysia beat England by three hundred and seventy points” Rhiannon explained.

“So it’s the main Wizarding sport like the Muggle sport football then?” Chloe asked. She loved watching the football world cup with her dad, it annoyed her mum to no end but she would just sit there at dad’s side and read, sow or knit. The house supported England. ‘Wonder if I could get it on the TV to watch with them when it comes back around in 1994, Chloe thought to herself. Before she could ask anything else Madam Hooch walked up between the two rows.

“Good afternoon Class” she said as she adjusted her brown gloves. Her sliver hair was short and she had gold eyes like an eagle. She wore the same style a clothes she wore to dinner and other meal, a black cloak with a square of golden buttons in her chest area.

“Good afternoon Madam Hooch” they all replied as if they were in a primary school class at the age of five that had just come from afternoon break. She got to the end of the rows turned to face us with a cheer of a smile on her face.

“Welcome to your first flying lesson” she then frown. “Well what are you waiting for put your brooms on the ground to your right side” she order and they all did though Chloe was confused as to why. “Quickly now, hurry up” Chloe could tell that she was going have a slight hate for this woman she keeps hurrying them up. “Now, hold your right hand over you broom and say up” she said as she demonstrated the hand movement. They all did.

“Up” they all said, some yelled it other said it normally and then there were some who were nervous like most of the Ravenclaw students and Neville. Harry’s, Chloe’s, Draco’s and Eve’s all came up on the first go but the others struggled a little five minute later some were still trying to get the brooms up. Ron’s had hit him in th face and most of the class laughed at it, not trying to be mean, but you have to say, you would have found it funny too.

“Now, I want you to mount your brooms” Madam Hooch said as she walked down the rows. “And grip it tight, you don’t want to go sliding of the end” everyone mounted them. “Now, when I blow my whistle I want you kick off the ground, hard, keep it steady and hover for a moment, lean forward and touch back down” she instructed taking hold of her whistle. “Ready, three, two, one” and she blew it.

We all started to hover but then Neville went a pit too high and began to panic a little most touched back down but Chloe kept at a steady hover. However Neville was getting louder and more anxious with worry. Chloe looked over and saw that he was at the same level as most of their heads and the fact that Madam Hooch wasn’t helping but just trying to say his name.

“Mr Longbottem, Mr Longbottem” she kept repeating. Rhiannon looked away from him knowing the Madam Hooch would sort him out, after all she was the teacher and looked back to Chloe and saw that she was still in the air.

“Wow Chloe your good at this” she complemented with a smile, but Chloe was worried about Neville because Malfoy looked at him smugly. She knew he had something to do with the fact that Neville was struggling with his broom. She looked and saw that whenever Neville said down his broom went up. And then he yelled it and it went sawing into the air and Draco, Crabbe and Goyle were laughing their heads off but then Draco frowned at her.

Chloe looked back at Neville and saw him going straight into a wall and smash against it twice before coming back towards them she moved her broom to the side on instinct and watch as the broom span around going right for Madam Hooch. Hooch dived out the way and so did some of the students. Neville was taken into the castle and then appear moment later by the roof, but his robe got court on the two swords.

Chloe Moved quickly and went up to Neville his robe was tarring, Chloe could hear it from moments away of him. When she was beside him she moved her broom to hover by him.

“Get on Neville” she yelled at him as she held out her hand to him she could hear the robe near the end of the tare. She had to get him quickly or he would fall, she could hear Madam Hooch demented to know what she was doing and to get back down, but she wasn’t going without Neville.

Neville moved to grab her hand but the tare finished and he was falling again. Time moved as if it was in slow motion as Chloe dived to get him she levelled her broom so she was parallel to him from behind and moved so his butt landed on her back and his back was leaning against the broom. Chloe grabbed his hand from behind and wrapped it around her.

“Hold on Neville” she yelled to him as she moved her hand back to the broom. His other arm wrapped around her and he held her tight as she moved to bring the broom back so it was parallel to the ground her slowed the fall down and could hear a cheer from her fellow classmate she looked to Madam Hooch and knew she was in trouble.

When she was a foot from the ground she looked to Draco and knew something was up when she saw him whisper some word but only became worried when she court sight of his wand. She felt the broom jerk slightly and knew what was going to happen.

“Neville either hold tight or get off now” she said to him as she tried to keep hold of her broom. Just when Neville was going to ask why. The broom suddenly started to saw high in the air. “DRACO YOU ASSHOLE!” Yelled at the top of her voice. Madam Hooch looked to the boy in question and saw the smug look.

“Mr Malfoy!” she yelled and Draco’s face became pale at the fact he’d been caught. Rhiannon, Eve and Hermione where worrying over the two in the air with some of the other student but the rest were looking at him, Slytherin proudly and the others crossly. Seamus went to go punch him but Dean, Ron and Harry stopped him. “You release that spell you put on Perth’s broom right now or you will be on the train back home within the hour” Madam Hooch yelled at the boy.

Back with Chloe and Neville

Neville was crying and was trying not to be sick on Chloe and Chloe was holding tightly to her broom as she tried to gain control of her broom it bashed against the walls and would dive. But it wasn’t smashing on the wall like it did with Neville’s. It was scraping long the wall. Chloe moved her arm and legs so that they were protected Neville but it had torn her robe and shirt sleeves and was now drawing lines of blood all up her arms.

“Chloe!” Neville yelled with worry when he saw the blood coming from her arm.

“I’m fine Neville just hold on ok and when I tell you too let go, you do it, got it” she ordered when she saw what the broom was going to do as it dived toward the grass. It had done it with Neville’s it would glide along the ground.

“What?!” he yelled confused by what she meant, she was bleeding; they had to do something about the blood. The broom dived.

“NOW!” and with that she moved them so they were running along the grass and removed Neville from her back and plan to do the same. But it was like the broom knew what she was going to do and moves to go straight up. Chloe hung to the broom cursing Draco, with as many words as she knew.

Neville looked form the ground where Chloe had left him. Hermione and the rest of Gryffindor had run to his side worrying over him. But he was watching as Chloe was being thrown around on her Broom it was being rougher now and it was going very faster too. By the student in the classrooms were watching form the window and some of the teacher had come as well.

“What is going on?!” Professor McGonagall demanded as she came out almost running toward Madam Hooch. She saw that she was yelling at Draco and she then had a good idea on what was happening. She looked at the student in the air with worry. Then she noticed that the person Blond hair and was wearing red and yellow vest. “For your sake Mr Malfoy that better not be Miss Perth on that broom”

“It is” Madam Hooch said simply as she watch the girl on the broom, she saw that the girl was trying to get control over the broom and lower it so she could get off like she had done Longbottem.

“It was a harmless joke, it wasn’t meant to go like this, but when Madam Hooch yelled at me I lost concretion and now I can’t control it like I had Longbottem” by now Dumbledore and the rest of the head of house were outside as well listen to the boy’s explanation. There were now classes outside watching some were laughing others were worried but most just watched. This meant the twins were there and had run with Angalina and Lee to the other Gryffindor.

“Who’s on the broom” Fred asked with a chuckle, as they looked to see a pale Neville look like he was about to throw up.

“Chloe” Rhiannon yelled as she, Hermione and Eve watched in worry. The twins became serious and grabbed Harry’s and Ron’s broom and mounted along with Angalina who had Rhiannon’s. Angalina looked at the twins.

“Ready” she asked and they nodded, “Ok, Fred take of you outer robe and you and George you it as a net, Lee grab a broom and help I’ll get her to let go” she said the looked to Fred. They did as she said and Lee grabbed Dean’s Broom and with that they went into the air. Angalina went straight to Chloe and her broom went right up in a straight line. “Chloe Let go!” she yelled going to her.

Chloe looked down as saw that the boys had put up a makeshift net a feet away from the ground and let go. She fell back wards as did her now still broom, she fell right on to the robe but they weren’t ready for it and so they had lost their grip and she was only stopped slightly and fell the rest of the way in the robe and landed on the grass on her right wrist, great. She also hit her head as she had moved it to the side.

“Shit” “bullocks” “Bloody Hell” were heard for the three guys what were now on the ground around her. The others first years were gathered round her. She had lost her glasses somewhere and she was feeling really sick and crowded.

“You trolls” Angalina yelled as she landed add came running “you were supposed to catch her!” she yelled as she ran sot she her. Harry had been the one to catch her glasses half way down.

“Chloe, Neville!” came a yell form across the way. They all turned to find it was Professor McGonagall walking very quickly towards them with Madam Pomfrey not far behind. Neville was being held up by Dean and Seamus and they hadn’t moved Chloe thought when she tried to move herself Madam Pomfrey began to yell.

“Don’t let her move it could injure her worse, keep her still!” McGonagall went to Neville first and hugged him to her.

“Oh thank goodness your off that broom, are you injured?” McGonagall asked as she pulled him back to look at him. This was when Professor McGonagall went into Mother Mode, especially with her new cubs. She looked him over as he stock is head.

“Not really Miss” he said as he leaned on Dean again. “My legs are just still getting used to the ground, but Chloe is, while we were being scarped along the walls she moved so I didn’t get hurt but she started to bleed because of it” Neville explain as the rest looked at the girl.

“Oh my Merlin” she said as she took in the girls form, her arms were all blooded as well as her legs and most of her clothes were torn, her eyes were closed and she was hissing from pain. Madam Pomfrey rushed down beside her and then looked at the professor.

“We need to get her as well as Mr Longbottem to the hospital wing” as she snapped her fingers and a stretcher appeared in a puff.

“But Chloe’s more-” Neville tried to protest. But McGonagall stopped him.

“You will be going Neville, Mr Thomas, Mr Finnigan help him get there please, Master Weasleys” she said as she looked to the twins. “Help Madam Pomfrey Get Chloe to the Hospital wing please” she then turned to the rest of them. “The first year class is now at an end so be off with you till dinner, Mr Potter come with me” and with that she started to walk away Harry gave Chloe’s glasses to Eve and followed her.

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