Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Wounds and Quidditch Teams

Fred and George followed Madam Pomfrey with Chloe on the stretcher and tried to cheer her up, but it wasn’t going very well. All she was doing was worrying about Neville and saying what she was going to do when her wrist was fixed to Draco for putting him though two horrific broom rides.

“When I get my hand on that boy, he is going to wish that I set Hoot on him” she hissed. However her voice muffed by the fact her head was facing the pillow and was just facing the side. Madam Pomfrey had told her she had to stay the way she landed so that any of her unnoticed injures weren’t damaged further.

The only good thing was that she was still lying on Fred’s robe and she had George’s on top of her because Madam had told them to keep her warm to keep her form going in to aftershock. Chloe wanted to argue but Professor McGonagall had asked her to do as the medic said and Dumbledore had asked her too so to calm both women.

She knew what the headmaster had meant and knew that Professor McGonagall was going to sending her parents a letter apologising for what had happened to her and that the person responsible had been dealt with. Chloe knew that she would be getting a letter from them telling her they were worried if she was ok and decided that the best way to calm their nerves would be to send Hoot with a letter tonight telling them about her day and telling them that she was fine and that she was being taken care of.

“Don’t worry about it” Fred said. He was carrying the back end of the stretcher and George was carrying the front.

“Professor McGonagall will sort him out” George continued as he turned his head to talk to her.

“She won’t be able to have him expelled”

“Sadly because of his ‘Daddy’ being one of the school governors”

“But he is going to wish he had never pulled that prank” they said together.

“Joy, he gets to stay after scaring a student who was already nervous about fly out of their wits and will probably never want to go near a broom again, all because of his Daddy’s power, how is that even fair?” she ranted. The twins knew that she who she was talking about but tried to brighten her spirits.

“You were scared about flying” George said with fake shock.

“Why it’s the best class ever” Fred exclaimed, playing along.

“To bad it ends in your second year”

“Yeah, after that you have to have two lessons to replace it”

“Oh they were the days”

“Playing pranks”

“Annoying Snape”

“Trying to sneak in to the forbidden forest”

“Getting chased out of the forbidden forest by Hagrid”

“Getting normal angry letters form mum”

“Getting proud letters form dad”

“Freighting little Ronnie about the school”

“So basically you broke all the rules and lost house points?” Chloe stated as she took all of this in, she felt sorry for Snape, Hagrid and McGonagall having to put up with them.

“Yeah, to put it basically” Fred said with a smirk.

“But our older brother was here then”

“Charlie was a cool brother”

“And never really told us off for our pranks”

“Just frowned at us if McGonagall was there”

“Because he was Gryffindor first year’s prefect”

“At least Bill wasn’t here then”

“Yeah he would have told on us big time to mum and dad” Chloe eyes widen slightly

“There more of you” she said, not meaning to be rude but there was five of them that she knew and now they were telling them there was at least two more.

“Yeah two older brothers”

“Bills the oldest, he left when we came here for our first year”

“And Charlie, he was a prefect, captain of the Quidditch team and left last year”

By now they were outside the hospital wing and Madam Pomfrey was hurrying around finding things. Neville was on one of the six beds. He was on the one on the right closest to the door. Fred and George moved closer to the one opposite Neville on the left. They moved the stretcher so that it was right next to the bed. Professor Sprout came thought the door and up to Madam Pomfrey who had moved to the other side of the bed form Chloe.

“Right hold it steady while we roll her over” Madam Pomfrey the looked at Chloe. “This is going to be painful” she said as they pulled her over.

“Ahmm” Chloe muffled her scream by gritting her teeth. She hadn’t realised just how much the walls had scrapped her up but she felt in when the rolled her on to her side and she had to put weight on to them. Most in the room cringed when she did and Neville went really pale. Once she was on the bed, Madam Pomfrey gave the two boys a hard look.

“You need to leave now to your lessons Mr Weasleys” she said as she snapped her fingers. She didn’t like them very much because of all of their silly pranks. “Also if you see any of the first year girls while you go back to your lesson can you tell them I need their help?

“What for Miss P” Fred asked curiously.

“We could help” George asked.

“No, I need a girl to get Miss Perth a set of her night clothes, she will not be leaving here it I deem her fit to” she said sternly. The twins wanted to give a cheeky remark but never got the chance when Rhiannon and Eve walked into the hospital wing.

“Not a word you two, you’re not going anywhere near my things” Chloe said warningly. The Twin looked scared. Even when she was injured the little girl could be scary.

“Okay, Okay, we’re going” George said and he held up his hands in surrender.

“Wouldn’t want Hoot biting us anyway” Fred said like he didn’t care. And with that the twins walked away. What they hadn’t realised was that Chloe was still wrapped in their robes. Rhiannon and Eve walked over to the bed and Chloe saw that Rhiannon had her bag on her left shoulder and Eve was holding her glasses.

“Hey, thank you for bring my bag and glasses” she said as she tried to get up but was pushed down by Madam Pomfrey. Chloe gave a huff and pouted.

“Not to worry, wouldn’t want you get behind on your homework on the first day” Rhiannon said with a smirk. The Eve smirked as well.

“Yeah would want you to get in trouble with your favourite Professor now would we” she said with a lot of sarcasm. Chloe looked at her confused.

“Professor McGonagall didn’t me set homework today” she said as tried to figure out who she was talking about. She looked to Professor Sprout. “You didn’t set Herbology homework did you Professor?” the Professor just laughed and shock her head, too caught up laughing to answer the girl.

“Professor Snape’s essay due for Wednesday” Rhiannon said as she tried not to giggle. Chloe groaned.

“Oh come now it can’t be that bad” Madam Pomfrey said as she set out a lot of potions by the side of Chloe bed on the dresser.

“Three pages double sided about the next potion in the book and the history of it” Eve said with a sigh as she made the number three sign with her hand. Rhiannon gave a sign as well.

“Who made it, who’s edited it and when was it first used in hospitals” Rhiannon continued. She set Chloe’s bag down on the floor by the side of her bed and stepped back to stand level next to Eve, while Eve madam Pomfrey Chloe’s glasses and she put them on the dresser.

“Well anyway, could one of you girls go get Miss Perth here a set of night clothes please, she will not be leaving here tonight” Madam Pomfrey asked. Rhiannon and Eve nodded and walked back out. Madam Pomfrey then turned her head Neville and picked up one of the bottle on the table and walked over to him. “Here you go Mr Longbottem, take a cup of this and it should help you get over the shock” she said with a kind smile and handed him a cup.

“Thank you” Neville said as he took a mouth full of it. “Hmm, tasted like pumpkin juice” he said as he took another mouth full. Madam Pomfrey nodded and waited for him finish. One he had she looked to Dean and Seamus.

“Could you please help Mr Longbottem stand and you three may go, he will be fine” she said sternly and then turned back to Chloe and walked over. The three boys left and so did Professor Sprout.

“You gave Neville a cup of pumpkin juice didn’t you Madam” Chloe stated as the lady came back to her.

“Yes” she said simply as she put the bottle and cup back on the dresser. “Sometimes, young Miss Perth, the best remedies are the ones that do nothing for you at all” she said with a knowing smile. “But I also put a smidge of wound cleaner in the cup” she said with a smile. Chloe gave her a confused face and Madam Pomfrey explained further. “It is a potion of my own making, normally I put in right on wounds but been as there were lots of cuts it was best for him to drink it, the pumpkin juice was for the taste.”

“Now dear, I’m going to have to undress you and dress your wounds, then going to have to reset your wrist, I’m also worried that you have hit you head again so I’m keeping you here and see how you do in the morning” Madam Pomfrey explained as she took Chloe’s, Fred’s and George’s Robes and put them on the bed behind them.

She sat her up slowly and Chloe felt no pain only when Madam did it only closed her eyes because of the head movement. She didn’t understand why it was always her head that head that gets injured, but it was worrying, she was going to lose way too many brain cells if she kept this up. Twice in two days that she had hit her head and Madam Pomfrey had, had to take a look at it to see if there was any damage.

McGonagall, Hooch and Harry stood in front of Dumbledore’s where the headmaster sat and gave the two teachers a quiz full look, trying to take in the teachers were putting across to him and trying to get his head around there logic behind it. It didn’t help that McGonagall didn’t like what Hooch was trying to do.

“You want me to give permission to allow Mr Potter here to be Gryffindor’s seeker” he said as he looked to McGonagall who had a hand on Harry shoulder. Harry looked confused by the whole situation. He only court Chloe’s glasses because he knew what trouble it would be going without them, he had just quickly mounted his broom and went for them, what so good about it, yes they were small but it was nothing special. Dumbledore then looked to Madam Hooch.

“And you want me to give Chloe Perth permission to try out for the open chaser position” he asked as he looked to the flying instructor. Madam Hooch nodded her head and turns so she was looking and both the professors.

“She demonstrated flying still have not seen in a long time, she hovered in the same place the whole time I was trying to sort out Mr Longbottem and she flew fast up to him to get him before he fell and would have ended up with worst injures” she explained with a hint of pride that Harry could see in her wise eyes.

“I’ve taught the students to fly here for fifty years and it has been a long time since I have personally asked for a first year to be on a team, she shows the skills to be a great asset to any team she was put in” she stated and looked right a professor McGonagall.

“You’ll need her if you want a chance at winning this year, the boy may help you for the snitch and Wood will help you defend and the Weasleys to save you team form taking a Bludger, but all that means noting if you don’t have good chasers to score you goals and that will work together” she then turned to the headmaster. “I’m not asking for you to put her on the team, just give her permission to be able to try out for it at least”

Dumbledore looked at the two women and went deep in thought. He too had seen the girl while she was struggling with her broom and how she tried to get it back under control, he had also seen her rescues the boy from the fall as he had been walking thought a higher corridor when it happened. He could see that she would be perfect the Gryffindor team. He then looked at Madam Hooch.

“I will give the girl permission” he then turned to Professor McGonagall. “But it is so that she will take the Chaser position, Madam Hooch is right, last year you team did dreadfully without their Seeker Mr Charlie Weasley to guide them, you are going to need all the best you can get McGonagall, and this girl will help you greatly” He spoke with no room for argument. “Once the girl is well, I want her and Mr Potter to have training with Wood personally been as they know nothing of the game”

McGonagall was not happy, she already needed to send a letter to Chloe’s parents say sorry for what had happen today and now they were putting the girl in even more danger by putting her in a game. However she may improve and be in less danger with some training before Halloween and will be ready for the game against Slytherin.

“As you wish Headmaster, I will inform Wood after his lesson with Professor Quirrell” she said as she guided Harry to the door. Madam Hooch held out her hand for his broom and he gave it to her and when the three were about to go thought the door Dumbledore stopped them.

“I would prefer it Professor if you do it now and have that rumour go around at dinner, then have why Miss Perth is not there been as I do not think that Madam Pomfrey will be letting the girl leave this evening” he said and them turned back to the papers on his desk.

“As you wish Headmaster” and with that the three left and closed the door behind them.

After an hour Madam Pomfrey had fisted dressing Chloe’s wound and had given Chloe the same thing as Neville but had given her three cups with more than a smidge in them, but she still didn’t taste any of the potion. She had also set her wrist in place with the spell ‘Episkey’ and used the spell ‘Ferula’ to bind the wrist in a splint. Rhiannon and Eve had dropped off her clothes and were waiting outside the curtain till Madam Pomfrey finished clothing her,
“There all done now, you will not be going to dinner so I will have a house elf bring you something” Madam said as she put the girl’s glasses on her face and moved to move the curtain. Rhiannon and Eve were there and so was most of her house been as lessons were over. Madam Pomfrey gave them all a hard look. “You may visit now but no visits after dinner are we understood, Miss Perth will need her rest” and with that she walked away from the group and off to her desk in the corner before anyone could ask a questions.
Chloe looked round and saw that all her year Gryffindor’s were here along with the twins, Lee, Angalina, Percy, and a tall boy with short brown hair she didn’t know who looked about the twins age and a girl with long brown hair pulled in a high pony tail and looked only just older than them who she didn’t know.
“This is our new chaser” the boy said unimpressed looking at the twins. “We’re so doomed, she was the one that lost control of her broom and how’s she going to be able to fly in a game” he continued not noticing Chloe’s confused expression which turned to one of anger.
“Hey, I wasn’t the one with no control buddy” she said stated as she crossed her arms, it hurt but she wasn’t going to stop her form showing this guy she was insulted. The first years gasped, Percy shock his head and the rest tried not to laugh at the guy’s expression.
“Did you, did you just call me…‘buddy’?” he asked with a look of shock.
“Yeah I did, I don’t even know you or what you’re talking about but I will not have you stand there bad mouthing my control over a broom when it was Hexed after I proved I had control when I saved Neville, Twice” she said as she glared at him, she then turned to Eve who was stand to her left and Rhiannon who was next to Eve. “Who is he anyway?” at this the twins burst out laughing and so did Lee, Angalina and the unknown girl. She laughed and then turned to Chloe with a smile and held out her hand.
“Name’s Katie bell” she said then pointed to the unknown guy with her other hand. “That’s Oliver Wood, Keeper and Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team” she explained. Chloe looked over the guy and saw that he had a proud smirk and crossed him arms as if he was expecting something.
“Err” was all Chloe said as she looked at him confusedly by now the smirk was gone and there was a raised eye brow, Rhiannon rolled her eyes.
“The game we were talking about before we started flying Chloe” she said and saw Oliver’s blank expression and Chloe’s thinking one and decided to rub salt into the wound for fun. “The one Draco was going on about and you didn’t know about”
“The same game Dean said was the best game ever?” Chloe asked.
“The same one” Rhiannon said with a smirk.
“And the one I said was probably over rated like the Muggle game football” she asked. Again the twins, Lee, Angalina and Katie laughed at Oliver’s expression. It looked like someone had told a three year old Santa isn’t real. “I guess that’s cool, I think” she said as she looked to the guy and glared at him. “It still doesn’t give him the right to insult my flying” she said pouting.
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