Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Dinner, Ghost, Elf, Home

After wood apologised for insulting Chloe, things went well for their visit. Harry explained to her that she had been recommended for the Gryffindor team by Madam Hooch and Katie had told her what a Chaser meant, the twins had tried to scare her about the game with the death and disappearing but it hadn’t had the same effect it had on Harry earlier.

Chloe had shrugged her shoulders and said “What is life and a game without a little risk” at which Wood had said she was okay with him if she would keep that attuned. Neville had then said thank you to her for saving him and Chloe just said “Well I wasn’t going to let you off of hook in potions because he was injured and he was too good a partner” at which he smiled.

Angalina had went to hug her exclaiming that her sister was a hero but was stopped by Lee, who had told her not to injure the girl anymore for the day. Chloe had sent him a grateful look and then had looked to the twins and told them their robes where over on the other bed.

Apparently they had forgotten about them and Percy had asked why she had both of their robes. At which Angalina had explained there original plan and Lee had told him how it had gone wrong. Then George had to explain they used the other robe to keep her from going into after shock. Percy nodded then told them it was time to go to dinner and had left along with the others. Chloe had asked Hermione before she left if she could feed Hoot tonight for her and she had nodded.

So here Chloe was, sitting in the now empty Hospital wing waiting for her meal. Madam said that her wounds would sting for a while and overnight so she would come after dinner by a ‘house elf.’ She was curious as to what the creature would look like. The goblins in the bank looked something of what she had imagined when she was reading, she wondered if this elf would also be like it.

Chloe had to wait only another few minutes until there was a snap noise and creature apprated in to the room beside her bed. Its head was bowed low and it was on one of its knees like a knight kneeling to be knighted or a lord pledging loyalty to a king. Chloe looked at the creature with a confused face. The creature wore a rag like clothe wrapped around it in what looked like a scrappy dress.

“Good evening young Miss” it said, its head still bowed not looking up at Chloe. “I am here to collect your order for you dinner, Miss, what would you prefer to have this evening we can make it for you quickly and without you having to wait, Miss” it continued. Chloe was too confused by the appearance of this creature then what it was saying to her.

“What are you?” she asked before she knew what she was saying. It looked up to her with its own confusion. It looked around nervously and then back at Chloe, with a now nervous face.

“One of Hogwarts Kitchen House Elves, young Miss” it said as he looked at her with a still confused face. “Do you not have your own elf at home Miss? It is very common for Wizarding families” it asked and bowed its head back down. Chloe was aw struck by this, did all of them have to wear scrappy clothes, she could tell they were clean but why did the creature wear it.

“I’m not from a Wizarding family” Chloe said as she looked at the creature. “I’m a Muggle born, so you’re a house elf? What’s your name?” she asked the little creature. The elf hesitated as it looked to the young witch. Why would the young miss want to know the name of a common house elf? Why didn’t she know about the house elves? It was all odd to it.

“Whisk, young Miss, Whisk is my name” it said as it bowed its head again looking to the floor, it wondered if it would get in trouble for taking so long getting the young Miss’s dinner order, it really didn’t want to have to do the washing up for the whole school. Chloe gave the elf a smile.

“For dinner, could I have Mash potatoes, a chicken breast with a little gravy please?” she asked with a sweet smile.

“Yes young miss, I will be back in a moment” the elf said as it bowed its head and clicked its fingers. In a puff of smoke she was gone just like she had come in. Chloe moved into a comfortable position so she could eat. She looked out the window, suddenly nearly headless Nick came though it with a smile.

“Ah there you are young maiden” he said with a bright smile as he floated to the side of her bed. “I hear you are the new school heroine” he said brightly with a knowing look. “Not to mention, your own houses new chaser” he said with a smirk. Chloe looked at him and smiled back.

“Well then, I guess there is no hiding anything from the house ghost” Chloe then gave him a knowing look. “Then again I’m not surprised been as you are a wizard yourself and a noble from Henry the eight’s court” Nick looked at her shocked. “Come now sir Nicholas you didn’t think that I would come to Hogwarts without reading about its history” she said with a teasing smirk. Whisk suddenly appeared in her puff of smoke.

“You dinner Miss” she said as she held out a sliver tray. On it had a plate with a large helping of mash potatoes and a large chicken breast on a sliver plate. Beside it there was a small goblet with water in it and the necessary eating utensils the other side of the plate.

“Thank you Whisk” Chloe said as the elf levitated the tray on to her lap. “That was really fast, thank you” she complimented. Whisks cheeks became flushed with colour. Chloe took it as a sign that she didn’t get complimented a lot. Whisk bowed her head and snapped back out the room. Chloe looked to Nick. “Tell me Sir Nicholas, house elves, are they, welcomed in the Wizarding world?” she asked as she started to cut her chicken. Nick gave Chloe a sad smile.

“A house-elf is a self-abusive magical creature which is devoted and loyal to the one designated as their master” Nick began to explain to the young witch. “They are usually found under the employment of old Wizarding families taking residence in elaborate establishments, like mansions, there are a few here in the kitchen and some that do the housecleaning at night and they must do everything that their masters command unless they are freed” He explained. “However a house-elf can only be freed when their master presents them with clothes.”

“Is that why Whisk was wearing a rag for a dress?” Chloe asked once she had taken her first bite of chicken breast.

“Yes, thought the house elves here are allowed to wash their rags and themselves” Nick stated then a frown came across his face. “However, there are some house elves that don’t get this luxury because their masters see them no more than low, free slaves.” Chloe frowned. But then thinking about she sighed.

“I guess no world is perfect” and went to eating. Nick looked at her and decided to try and cheer this girl up, she didn’t look right sad and depressed.

“You know I haven't eaten for nearly five hundred years, I don't need to, of course, I’m a ghost, but one does miss it” nick said and Chloe gave him a heart-warming smile.

“Are there no ghosts form when you were in school here? Or any that knew you when you were alive?” she asked and took a swing of her water.

“No, but I have made many knew friends over the years” he said with a heart-warming smile. For the rest of Chloe’s meals Nick had let her eat in mostly a comfortable silence and only talking when he felt the need to but not that much. Once Chloe finished she moved the trap table to the end of the bed. Chloe then asked if Rhiannon could send Hoot down to her from Gryffindor tower please. Nick went straight away just as Whisk came back.

“Are you finished, Miss” the elf asked politely. Chloe looked at the elf.

“Yes, thank you whisk, it was very delicious” she said with a smile. She then realized that she didn’t know the elf’s gender or how old the elf was. “Whisk, sorry if this sounds rude but, how old are you?”

“Whisk is hundred and thirty four, Miss” the elf said as it levitated the tray down to it. “Whisk has served at Hogwarts since her old master died with no other family, it’s what happens to elves that have no real master, they begin to work here, until they are retried or find a new family to serve that does not have an elf” Whisk stated moving the tray to one of her hands. “I must go now young Miss or Whisk will have to do all the washing up tonight” she said with a bow. She snapped her finger.

Chloe sighed and then got out a piece of parchment and a pen form her bag. She had brought a set of pens so that she could write to her family and not have to wait for the ink to dry and so she began writing to her parents.

Hi Mum, Dad.

Having a great time here, the school is cool, dad would love it, it has the entire original design, and it’s so nice. I got sorted in to Gryffindor house. In my book it says that the house is for people with characteristics of courage, chivalry and determination, so I was surprised because I thought I might have been in Hufflepuff which is for valuing hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play or Ravenclaw which are sorted by their wit, learning, and wisdom. But hey I don’t mind in fact I love it. I’m here with Rhiannon, you remember the one girl in the robe shop in Diagon ally (the one that squealed when she met you) Hermione, you remember the friendly Bushy haired girl form the book shop and Eve, a girl I met on the train. Were the only girls in our house in our year, it’s really cool.

I also met a nice Wizarding family at the train station, the Weasleys, there mum is really nice and helped me get thought the barrier with her little girl. She doesn’t go to Hogwarts yet, she not old enough but she’ll be going next year. She also told all her son to look out for me which was nice. One of them, Ron is in my year, really nice boy but can be a little slow sometimes. He and Harry were late for our first class. The teachers are really nice as well, they are all great and really know what they’re doing and Professor McGonagall can turn into a cat and it’s so cool. Professor Snape is cool too; he teaches potions and is really good at discipline.

I had flying last, which I’m sure Professor has sent you an owl about or going to. I’m really good at it. But this boy from Slytherin, Draco (the one I got Hoot to bite) decided to play a trick on my friend and fellow house mate, Neville and hexed broom making it go crazy and out of control. He ended up being hung on the roof by his cloak. Don’t worry he’s ok; I flew up and got him before he hit the floor. However Draco hexed my broom. I got a couple of scraps and a bump on the head but I’m fine, the pains gone. Neville ok too.

But yeah so that was my first day. Oh I also made the house Quidditch team as the third chaser and been dubbed the first year heroine, not sure why though, it wasn’t that be a deal. I miss you two and Tom, hope he’s ok and I wish him luck on his first day of school. Anyway will write soon, love you all, until the next letter.

Love Chloe

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