Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Quidditch Explained

A week had pasted since the broom incident. Everything settled down. Draco still gave Chloe evil looks whenever he saw her. Apparently his punishment for hexing the broom was that he had to dust and clean the whole Quidditch seating area, without the use of magic along with sorting out the broom in the shed and repairing some of them for the whole term. Professor McGonagall also hadn’t let him off for the six detentions that he owned her.

It was Monday and Madam Hooch had told them that before dinner Wood, their captain was going to give Chloe and Harry a lesson or training session on Quidditch. Chloe was unsure on the whole idea. She didn’t want to play the game. However because she had tried out but Dumbledore had told her she was going to be on the team there was no way to get round it. Once the flying lesson had ended her and Harry kept there brooms and stood there waiting.

Wood came out from the corridor holding a large chest that kept rattling. He walked up to them and put down the chest. Then he gave a big smiled at the two at which Chloe returned.

“Right you two, welcome to your first training session” he said as he held out his arms. “For the first few of these training sessions which will be all this week after school will be just us” he gestured to the three of them. “Then next week you will start to train with the team on our normal training tameable which I will give you on Friday” he gave them a serious look as he said “and I don’t take lateness without a good reason so be on time”

The two first years nodded there head to tell he they understood and his expression turned into a smile again and then he bent down and opened the chest. There was a large brown ball in the middle with two smaller balls either side of it. The two were held down chains and were moving around slightly in there places. Chloe could figure out why they were moving. She passed it off as they were hexed to do it.

“There are seven players to a team, not including any reserves a team may have” he started to explain. “There are three chasers, one of which is you Chloe, a keeper, that’s me, two beaters and a seeker, that’s you Harry” he said as he pointed to each of them when he said there names. “There are three types of balls in the game” he said as he picked up the large one in the middle.

“The quaffle, the chasers handle the quaffle and try and get it through the hoops, the keeper that’s me, defends the hoops” he said as he passed the ball to Chloe and she caught it with ease. “There are different plays that you need to learn, but Angalina and Katie will help you learn them” Wood said as he looked right at Chloe. She nodded at passed the quaffle back to him.

“What are those?” Harry asked as he pointed to one of the balls that were moving. Wood looked worried then he quickly to the bat from the chest then gave it to Harry.

“You better take this” Harry took the bat and wood knelt down. He pushed down a button and the ball flew into the air.

“Wow” Harry said as he watched in amazement. Chloe watched and confirmed that the ball was definitely hexed to move.

“Watch out now” Wood said as followed the ball with his eyes, “It’s coming back.” Harry moved into a sturdy stance and brought the bat back. As the ball came closer Harry readied the bat, and then swung at the right time making the ball go shooting to thought the sword of the statue that Neville had been caught on a week earlier.

“Not bad potter” wood complemented. “You’d make a fair beater” he said as he moved to cover his eyes from the late afternoon sun. Chloe saw the ball come rushing back to them. She took a step back out the way. And the ball flow straight into Woods arms. Once the ball was in his arms he fell to the floor and scurried along the grass. Once the ball was in place Harry was the first to speck.

“What was that” he asked as he looked at the ball in wonder and surprise.

“Bludger” he said as he straighten the chains, “nasty little beggars, don’t worry the beaters are there to defend the teams players and hit the bludgers through the hoops” he explained. “but the only thing you need to worry about Harry is this” he said as he opened a shield that had the Hogwart’s crest on it” he brought out a tiny golden ball. “The golden snitch”

“I like this ball” Harry said happily as he held it between his thumb and for finger.

“Ha you like it now” he said then explained, “but it’s fast and damn near impossible to see” he said as he looked at it.

“What do I do with it?” Harry asked and Chloe rolled her eye. It looked pretty simple what he needed to do as he was the seeker. The chasers play and score with the quaffle, the beater play with the Bludgers and score with them, and the keeper if the defence of the game so what else could the seekers job be.

“You catch it” Wood said simply. “Before the other teams seeker does” he continued. “You catch this, the game ends, you catch this Potter and we win”

Chloe thought over what Wood had told them and derided that they Wizarding world can be very complex when it wants to be. Even their games are complicated.

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