Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Charms Class, Broken Window

Weeks had pasted and now much had happened apart from Chloe getting a few letters from her parents saying how proud they were of her.

Time had passed and now it was the Friday of Halloween and was just before the last lesson, charms with Professor Flitwick. The older students had been going on about the feast tonight because they were hoping that the house elves would be making what they did last year were they was no real meal, only sweets and cakes. The whole class was exited but all Chloe could think about was them all being sick tomorrow when they had the first Quidditch game of the season.

It was Gryffindor against Slytherin and Chloe was dreading it. She had looked over to the Slytherin table the captain, Marcus Flint would look over to Harry as if he was a snake and Harry was a mouse all for the taking. When her, Rhiannon, Eve and Hermione got to the classroom they sat down and got out their books out.

Professor Flitwick was already there standing on his tall pedestal for the whole class to see. For the last few weeks the class had been reading about all types of spells and what the importance was about the right hand movement.

Today professor hand told them they could try out the first spell in ‘The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1,’ Wingardium Leviosa, a Levitation Charm that even a young wizard should be able to do with ease. However if you don’t perform it right then it can mean something else.

Chloe took out her wand and put it in front of her. There was also a white feather In front of each seat along with the normal ink pot. The others started to move into their seats. Gryffindor and Slytherin had Charms together like the rest of the subjects, and like all of the other subjects, Slytherin were all sitting on the opposite side of the room to Gryffindor.

Chloe was on the end by the window with Harry on her left with Seamus on his other side, which had Ron sitting next to him and Hermione on the end of the row. Eve was seated behind Chloe, Neville was seated behind Harry, Dean behind Seamus and Rhiannon was on the end of the second row behind Ron. Once everyone was in the room and seated Professor Flitwick began to speak.

“Right class, we will be learning one of the many main skills that any witch or wizard should know, the art of levitation and giving object the ability to fly, the Levitation charm, Wingardium Leviosa” he started with a smile. “Now do you each have a feather in front of you?” he asked all of them. Most nodded, but Hermione being the eager beaver she is held hers up for a moment. Chloe found it funny how eager she was to learn about the Wizarding world.

“Very good” the Professor continued. “Now remember what you have learned about the importance of good pronunciation, this charm is pronounce; wing-GAR-dee-um levi-O-sa” he explained. “Also don’t forget the importance of wrist movement” he then demonstrated the charm.

“Wing-GAR-dee-um levi-O-sa” and with the movement of his wand the feather began to rise into the air. After a few moments, Professor Flitwick let go of his concentration and smiled to the class. “Right, now your turn” he said joyfully.

With that said, the class pick up there wands and readied themselves to do the spell. Chloe look back over to the hand movement shown in the book and mutter the words to get a feel of them. She could hear the rest of the class fail to pronounce the charm, but there was an odd silence from behind her. She looked round and rolled her eyes at what she saw. Eve had fallen asleep again.

She looked to Neville, giving him the silent question ‘why haven’t you woken her up?’ and in return Neville gave her a look that said ‘are you crazy!’ Chloe couldn’t understand why he was always so afraid of Eve. Yes Eve had yelled at him last time woke her up when she fell asleep in Charms, but Eve had said sorry once she was fully awake.

Chloe rolled her eyes and grabbed Eve’s copy of ‘The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1’ and slammed it down really hard on her desk. Eve jumped back in her chair wide eyed. She looked around franticly, trying to find what had happen.

When she saw there was no danger she looked forward towards Chloe with a confused expression. That was until she saw Chloe waving her book around smugly. Eve glared at her, with eyes like daggers sharp enough to kill. Chloe shrugged her shoulders and turned back to her feather until she heard Hermione form the end of the table.

“-stop, you’re going to take someone’s eye out” Hermione demanded as she stopped Ron form moving his wand anymore. Chloe looked over and saw that Hermione was worried about the boy. “Besides you’re saying it wrong” and this is when she knew, the Weasley boy was not going to like what she had to say.

She knew Hermione was meaning well and trying to help him but Ron was just to pig-headed to take help from Hermione, especially because she was a girl. “It’s levi-O-sa, not levio-Sa”

“If your so clever you do it” Ron countered and Chloe knew this wasn’t going to end well but there was nothing she could do because; one, she was the other end of the room and two, she knew it would only make it worse for not only her but Hermione. “Go on, go on” Ron chanted. Hermione gave him a prideful look and positioned her wand.

“Wing-GAR-dee-um levi-O-sa” she said as preformed the charm. Her feather lifted into the air. All the others watch the feather go up in amazement. Chloe then looked to Rhiannon who was writing something down. She was puzzled why Rhiannon wasn’t doing the spell, however her attention was turned back to Professor Flitwick as he began to speck.

“Look here everyone” he exclaimed joyfully, “Miss Grangers done it” Chloe saw Ron begin to sulk on his pile of books in front of him. Seamus looked at her then back to her feather with a determined look on his face. He started to wave his wand but he didn’t pronounce at all really and his hand movement wouldn’t get him anywhere with the charm. Chloe turned back to her feather and began her hand movement.

“Wing-GAR-dee-um Levi-” BOOM! “EP!” SMASH. Everyone in the class looked over to her. She looked to where she had heard the loud noise. She looked and saw that Seamus had blown up his feather. She shook her head and looked back at her own feather.

She was about to trying the charm, when she realized that no one was talking. She looked up and saw that they were all looking at her. She turned to Harry to ask what happened but saw that he had a look surprised. However unlike the rest of the class he was looking to the window.

Chloe turned to look at it and her eyes became wide. When she was caught by surprise by Seamus’ exploitation, she had sent her charm towards the direction of the window. Now the window was missing fourteen little panels in of glass. Chloe looked to Professor Flitwick and saw that he was also looking at the window in amazement.

“I’m sorry Professor” Chloe said sheepishly as she looked down in shame. Professor Flitwick looked at the girl with a serious expression.

“See me after class Miss Perth” he said and then turned to Seamus feather. “Explico” and with that the feather turned back to the pastern white I was before it was burnt. He then looked to the rest of the class. “Carry on class, the lesson hasn’t ended” and with that the class carried on with the charm.

After that almost everyone got the charm. Seamus blew up the feather a least seven more times before he got the spell. Unfortunately, Neville couldn’t get the hang of the spell, but Chloe and Eve kept encourage to try again, but he still hadn’t got it by the end of the lesson.

“Very well class, you may go” Professor Flitwick he kindly. “Mr Longbottem I would like you to try at the spell till our next lesson please” he said as he looked to him with a smile. Neville nodded and the rest of them grabbed their books to leave.

Chloe kept seated in her seat patiently. She knew that Flitwick wouldn’t say anything to her until the rest of them were all gone. Once everyone was out the room Chloe lowered her head again.

“I am sorry about the window Professor” she said. She waited for the yelling to come. She knew that professor Flitwick was a kind teacher but she also knew that she would in trouble for what she did. When she had got no reply she continued her apologue. “I’ll write to Mum and Dad to night and ask them to pay for the damages” she knew her Dad wouldn’t be happy about it but the damage needed to be paid for.

“I have no intention of asking you to pay for the damage Miss Perth” Flitwick said. At this Chloe raised her head and gave him a confused look. He took out his wand and pointed it to her book. And with a flick of his wand her book opened to a different Charm, One that was near the end of the book. The page opened up on the charm ‘Reparo.’ Chloe looked to the Professor.

“I would like you to try this charm out on the window, I have to go out for a minute, I would it done by the time I come back and you sitting your seat when I return, please” he asked as he pointed to the window with his wand. “If you finish by the time I get back feel free to do anything homework you should be doing” and with that he vanished in a swirl of magic.

Chloe looked at the spot where the professor had been just a moment ago and then turned her attention to the charm. She looked at the hand movement shown in the book. She practiced it without the Incantation.

The movement seemed easy. She looked at the lowest broken panel they looked at the pronunciation again to make sure she had it and muttered in under her breath, she then turned her glaze to the window.

“Re-PAR-oh” she said as she pointed at the panel. She put all her concentration into the spell. She had only expected for the one panel to repair it’s self but the cracks in the panels next to it had gone as well as if brand new. And the glass in the two panels had returned to their place but were still creaked. Chloe took a step back in surprise.

“Wow” she muttered as she looked at the panels. She then looked at the other panels. ‘Maybe’ she thought to herself as she looked at how many there was. She looked to the middle empty panel, and moved her foot forward again back to where it was previously. Her expression turned to one of determination. She readied her wand and concentrated. “Re-PAR-oh”

She watched as the rest of the glass moved into place as if it was a video being rewound. Chloe was amazed but kept concentrating on the charm. It took only moments to put the glass in place but it took a lot of her strength and her will to mend the glass.

One by one the cracks disappeared, even the panels that were dusty or only slightly cracked mended themselves. Once they were all mended, Chloe lowered her wand and took a deep breath. The spell had taken a lot but she just kept taking deep breaths.

After a few moments of just breathing Chloe, got her straighten back and admired her handy work. The whole window was clean and clear. Chloe smiled and went back to her seat. She knew she would get much work do tomorrow because of Gryffindors match with Slytherin so she began her potions essay that was due for Monday.

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