Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

About 11 Years & 10 Months Later

In this time that has to come to pass since that faithful night that the infant Chloe had been placed into the care of Mr and Mrs Perth they had done as the person that they only knew as ‘SB’ had asked of them and look after little Chloe and brought her up with her thinking that she was theirs.

It had also been about a year later after the little girl had come into their life that the couple gave birth their own little boy; Thomas which they brought up making the two believe that the two were those brothers and sisters that were born each end of a school year.

But Mr Perth has a theory as to why the birth of their handsome son came at the time he did. Mr Perth’s theory is that he believes that there was something mixed in powder that Mrs Perth had taken to breast feed Chloe which allowed them to have their dream come true of having a child of their own.

He believes this because only a week after his wife had drank the powder mixed with milk they found out that she was pregnant with Thomas. Both he and his wife were grateful to the person known as SB and promised themselves that they would take good care in looking after the little girl as thanks to the kind SB.

The stranger SB had given Mr and Mrs Perth two gifts that night almost eleven years ago, a sweet little girl and an adorable little boy of their own. But they were always worried of what the little girl will think when her real father came to get her back.

Would she leave them thinking that they didn’t really love her? Would she hate them because they weren’t her real parents and had lied to her all those years? All these unanswered questions that crossed the married couples minds in the hours of the evening before they would go to sleep.

In the end they decided that they would tell her when she was sixteen if SB had not come for her by then. But as time went on the worry was slowly getting smaller and smaller and they watched as their two children grew together. The couple wouldn’t have expected what would happen next.

31 July 1991



That was the noise of the hand coming out from under the covers to smack down on the alarms off button on the top to switch the alarm off and stop the noisy beeping. The hand that had slammed down on the alarm’s stop button went back under the pale green sheets.

The sheets where scrunched up everywhere on the bed as the person under them had curled up when the noise had started. This meant that the only thing visible form under the bed sheets was a mess of long blond wavy hair that was spread out over the pillows at the top of the bed.

“Chloe it time to get up” Mrs Perth said as she was the other side of the girl’s door with a knock on the door for extra noise. After raising the girl for over 11 years she knew that the girl really wasn’t a morning bird. When there was no reply, she sighed and opened the door.

“Chloe you need to get up its ten o’clock” Mrs Perth spoke.

“But it’s the holidays” came a whiney voice form under the covers. “Why do I have to get up, I wanna sleep” Mrs Perth gave a soft smile as looked over to the lump of covers. She walked over to the bed and sat on the side.

“But everyone is now out of bed, you have to get up” and then Chloe her ‘mother’s’ arm and pulled her down onto the bed and through the side of the covers over the top of her mother so that they were facing each other as they lay on her single bed.

“No, there’s only half of the house it out of bed” she grumbled and nuzzled her face into her soft white pillow, her eyes closed as if she could go right back to sleep even though her mother was laying there in bed with her. This only made Mrs Perth laugh at her ‘daughter’s’ antics.

“No, I think not” she said smugly with a bit of a chuckle. “I’m not in my bed I’m tapped in yours” she explained when Chloe gave her a look as if to challenge her expiation.

“You never said it had to be their own bed and I never said you was in your bed” Chloe countered as she rolled over so that her side facing the wall. Mrs Perth only rolled her eyes and sat up, taking the covers with her as she did as they were still over her head.

“Come on, up young lady or you’re not allowed to read tonight past seven o’clock” she said as she stood up and removed the covers form her head. She then folded the cover in half and laid it on the end of the bed. Chloe sat up and glared at her mother.

But the glare didn’t look very scary, not like Chloe could normally pull off. Her hair was going in all directions and really fizzy as well as she was wearing her bale blue pyjamas with cute pink bunny heads on it. The view before Mrs Perth wasn’t scary, it was just amusing.

“Don’t give me that look, please get dressed and make your bed I’m going down stairs to make breakfast so be quick please” Mrs Perth said as she stood from the bed and made her way to the door and closed it behind her so the girl could get dressed.

Chloe sighed in defect and knew that she wasn’t going to get any sleep now so she put on her glasses and stood up to unfolded her cover. She lifted it up in to the air and laid it on the bed and patted in down and moved the pillows into two pile on each side of the bad.

Her sheets and pillow were pale green, but the bed structure and the mattress were white and had two draws that slide out from under it. It’s where she kept her shoe and winter wear; woolly hats, mittens, scarves and all that.

She walked over to her crest of doors in left corner under her bookshelf and opened the bottom drawers where all her towels were. She grabbed the biggest one and moved to take a shower before she got dressed and went down stairs.

About half an hour later she came aback in with the towel around her and mover over to her wardrobe between her bed and her desk on the back wall.

“What do I wear today” she muttered as she looked thought her clothes. She stopped and looked at her red long sleeve top and grinned. She took it out then moved back to her draws and grabbed a pair of jeans form the second draw and got dressed.

Once she was dressed she made her way out her room with the book she was reading for the last two days; ‘the Hobbit’ by J. K. K. Tolkien. She walked along the corridor and stopped at her ‘brother’s’ door, then let a grin cross her face as she opened it.

“Go away Chloe, I’ve been up for three hours” Thomas replied as he just sat there looking at his computer screen. He had got their Parents to get the Amiga 2000 for school, were as she had asked just asked for a bigger bookcase and some more text books to study with.

They both were in the same year but Thomas was born 17th June 1980 and she was born 6th September 1979 so she was the oldest in the year where as he was one of the youngest of the year. Chloe found it strange that their births were so close but in the end she didn’t see any reason for them not to be.

“Aw, you’re no fun” she pouted as she came into the room and made her way to the him, weaving in and out of piled what she could only assume were dirty clothes on the boys bedroom floor. If it was one think=g her mother pressed on to the two of her children it was that clean clothes MUST go straight away.

“You know, mum gave you a washing basket for a reason, right?” Chloe asked as she made it to his desk and leaned over and rested her head on his shoulder looking at what he was writing.

“It’s full, now leave, I’m busy” he demanded but didn’t even look at her.

“What, you’re too busy to even talk to your big sis? How mean” she replied dramatically, still he didn’t look at her, only continued to type away. “What are you doing anyway, it’s the summer holidays” she said as she tried to read what he was writing, but he turned off the monitor and turned in his chair to face her.

“One, it’s none off your business what I do, Two, I’ve told you not to come in my room like I don’t go into yours, and Three aren’t you supposed to be down stairs eating or whatever it is you do all day” he said as he glared, to which Chloe just rolled her eyes. Then she gave him a grin.

“Fine, I’ll leave but you have bring ALL the clothes off your floor downstairs for mum to wash” Chloe stated as a compromise, knowing that the boy would do anything to get her out of his room.

“Fine” and with that he got up and started to pick up all the clothes and though them into the left corner where the clothes basket was. Once all the clothes were removed he went over to it and tied to pick it up but failed, badly.

Thomas was more of a nerd than athletic and Chloe knew this all too well. So she tried to get him to build his strength, which happened to at a very pathetic level, whenever she could get him away from the screen he was looking at.

She watched him struggle for five minutes and he still hadn’t managed to pick it up a foot of the floor. She rolled her eyes and moved to help him by grabbing the other end and they made their way down the stairs, along the hallway and into the kitchen.

“Oh my god, what is that?” their mother yelled when she saw the huge pile of clothes in the basket.

“Thomas washing off his floor” Chloe said as she tied to look as innocence as an eleven year old could. She knew her mother would act this way, but she knew that it was time to intervene in Tom’s room or it would get worse. Mrs Perth turned her gaze to her son with a scolding look on her face.

“Well been as it’s yours, Thomas Duncan Perth today you can have a laundry lesson, I am fed up with having to clean ALL you clothes in one go” she said with a smirk. Chloe didn’t even have to look at her brother to know that he’d turned pale.

“Bu-but-but she told me too” he cried out as he let go of the basket to throw his arms in the arm and point at her. This cause the basket to tilled and because Chloe wasn’t expecting it she fell back from the shove the basket made which ended up making her fall to the floor with a squeak and the clothes fall on top of her.

“Oh My God Chloe!” Mrs Perth yelled as she run to the girl and kneel by her moving some of the pile so that she could breath, Thomas just stood there looking at the girl.

“Sorry Chlo, I didn’t mean too” she said as he moved to kneel the other side of her. Chloe sat up slowly, rubbing her head.

“I’m good, I’m good” she said and then looked between her mother and Tom and decided it was time to lighten the mood. “But I think I need another shower, I now smell of Tom’s bedroom floor” she said and her and Tom burst out laughing, where as Mrs Perth just sigh with relief.

“No I think you’ll survive, come on, up you get” she said and she stood up pulling her two children to their feet.

“Come on, go sit at the table and I’ll bring your breakfast, Thomas clear up your clothes form the floor and take them to the washroom.

“Yes Mum” they said together and Chloe helped Thomas clean up the clothes back into the basket and then she moved to sit at the table. When she was seated she opened her book and started to read, while Thomas pushed the basket toward the door that led to the patio.

He then pushed it toward the right to the extension where there was a room where the clothes were cleaned and had just got out of her line of sight when the post flap in the door clunked, meaning that the morning post was here. Mrs Perth placed a plate of Bacon, eggs and been in front of her.

“Put the book down and eat please Chloe” she said as she put it down and moved toward the arch that separated the dining room and the living room.

“Ok Mum” and she put ‘the hobbit’ down and began to eat her bacon. Mrs Perth went to the door and picked up several envelopes but on the top was a cream coloured one that read:

Miss Chloe Perth

178 Hamstion Road,



‘What on earth’ Mrs Perth thought as she read the name over and over again. ‘Who on earth is writing to Chloe, Why are they writing to Chloe’ she glanced over her shoulder towards the girl happily eating her breakfast.

‘Maybe I just won’t give it to her, she doesn’t normally get any mail, it’s not like it’s going to really affect her by not getting it’ she shook her head mentally ‘no I can’t keep any more secrets form her, man up Anne and just give her the letter.’

“Chloe she yelled to the young girl. Chloe looked up from her plate to her mother.

“Yes mum”

“You got a letter” Anne said as she held it up as she made her way over to the table with it and sat down at the end so Chloe was to her right and handed her the letter. Chloe wiped her hands on her napkin and looked at the envelope.

She turned it over to find a red wax seal on it. It looked nice so she didn’t want to ruin it, so she peeled it careful so as not to tear it. Inside the paper was also a creamy colour with green ink. Chloe took them out and began to read it:


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore
(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc, Chf, Warlock,
Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Ms Perth.

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1.

We await your owl by no later than July 31.
Yours sincerely,
Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress

P.S. I will be visiting this night to help you get ready for the year and help explain how things are done, please be expecting me.

Chloe couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Anne gave her quiz full look.

“What so funny dear” Mrs Perth asked worrying what it said but there her daughter is laughing.

“Someone seems to think it’s funny to send me a letter telling me I’m a witch” she continued to giggle but Anne was shocked and suddenly her mind was working a mile a minute. It made sense. The powder SB gave her had allowed her to produce breast milk for Chloe.

There was no known way to do that, expect being pregnant and having gone through thoughts stages at least once. There were also the things that had been happing lately. The other day when she woke Chloe up telling her to shower the girl had got up, grabbed a towel and moved towards the bathroom.

But when she had went to go make the girl’s bed for her but it was already made. This meant that one thing was for sure, something was up.

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