Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Moving up? Lost Hermione

Half an hour later Professor Flitwick came back into the room with professor McGonagall behind him. Chloe was still sitting at her desk on the last paragraph of the essay when they came in. She looked up to see a proud smile on both the professor’s faces. However it confused her. Hadn’t the professors come to tell her off for the window? McGonagall turned to look at her.

“You can go now Miss Perth” she said as she moved closer to the window to inspect the performance of the charm. Chloe nodded and collected her bag, quill and essay and headed to the door, when she was passing Professor Flitwick in the doorway she turned to him and gave him a sad, shameful smile.

“I am sorry about the window Professor” she said honestly. Professor Flitwick just gave her a smile and a nod of his head to show that he knew that and then she went into the corridor. Once she was out the room Flitwick turned to McGonagall.

“You see what I mean Professor” he said as he moved closer to look at the window, like the transfiguration professor. “She is very amazing with her charms, this charm is not taught till the end of the second year and she has managed to perform it perfectly before the end of her first term here” he explained. “I also remember you saying something about her being the first to turn a needle back into a match” he said, hinting at the professor with a kind smile.

“It would seem so, Professor Flitwick, I think we may have to move her form those classes to the more advanced ones” she said thoughtfully as she went over what she had taught Chloe’s class the day before she had given them the task of transforming their quills into a butterfly.

The task was similar to that of the match to a needle, however it is slightly more complex and was only meant to be a taster task as it is something the students perfect in their second year, it only took Chloe half of the single lesson to the spell close to perfect.

McGonagall wanted to move the girl into her third year Gryffindors lesson which is on when Chloe was in Charms. It would be more of a challenge for the girl then what she was studying at the moment of course thought she would have to give Chloe extra lessons on the spells and theory that she would be teaching the other first years, but she had no doubt that the girl couldn’t handle it. It was also good that the third year Gryffindors had Charms when the first year Gryffindors had Transfiguration.

She would have to ask Dumbledore first for permission, but she couldn’t really see him saying no been as he owned her for putting Chloe on the Quidditch team when she had told him that Chloe needed to keep a low profile because of who her real father may have been. She was still annoyed at him for it so she had no worry about getting the permission.

However she also knew that Dumbledore would want a personal demonstration of the reason why, so that would mean that she would have to tell Chloe about what she wanted to do for her, but knew that Chloe only though of her skill only a little over average in the subject even though she could well surpass any of the second year students in the subjects.

“Well, then Professor, I guess we need to talk to the headmaster before the feast tonight about it, if we’re lucky, we may be able to move her for Monday, with any luck” Professor Flitwick said, gaining the female Professor’s attention. McGonagall gave the Professor one of her once rare smiles. She had never smiled this much in her teaching years. Only this year she seemed to be doing it a lot more.

“Indeed we should Professor” she said as she headed towards the door, the half-goblin Professor just behind her. “I believe the headmaster should have no appointments this evening so we should go now and see if we can talk to him now about it” and with that the two professors headed towards the headmaster’s office.

Meanwhile (From when Chloe was coming out)

Chloe stepped out of the room, not even looking back at the two professors she had just left. When she stepped out she was happy at what she saw. Rhiannon and Eve where sitting on the bench outside the room with their quills out and were writing.

“Did you two wait all this time?” she asked curiously as she walked so that’s she was standing in front of them. The two looked up to her, Rhiannon gave a smile whereas Eve just gave a shrug. “Yeah, we did, thought you would like to see us after getting in trouble” Eve said as she and Rhiannon started to pack up there stuff.

“Hermione would have stayed but she went to see if any of the guys wanted to go to the library with us to do the potions essay” Rhiannon explained as she put her quill in the bag. “We said we’d meet her in the common room and any of the guys that are with her”

“Cool, so let’s go” Chloe said with a smile and the three girls started to walk in the direction of the Gryffindor common room.

“So what did the professor tell you?” Eve asked Chloe.

“He asked me to perform the Reparo Charm on the broken window, no Big deal really, he didn’t yell or anything” Chloe said as she sorted her bag out. Rhiannon stopped in her tracks and looked at Chloe shocked. Chloe noticed that she’d stopped s she stopped and turned to her. “What’s wrong Rhiannon?” she asked with her head tilled slightly to the side.

“Did you manage to?” was all she asked.

“Manage what? The charm, Yeah it was simple, took a lot of will but I managed it, looked really well when it was done, brand new I though” Chloe explained confused. She then noticed that Eve was giving a calculated look.

“Chloe that charm is really complex, we’re not even supposed to learn about it till our second year, even some fourth years can’t do the charm” Eve said as she looked to be in thought. “Also you managed to do that task in Transfiguration yesterday as well”

“Yeah, that’s cause it was really easy once you get your head round the spell, besides you did as well” Chloe countered.

“Yeah but I took the entire lesson, you did it after only three tries at it” Eve countered.

“Oh come on, it’s not that good” Chloe said as she started walking again, Eve and Rhiannon following quickly after. From there the walk to the common room was normal, with chatter about the essay. Once they got the fat lady portrait they had gone through all that they needed to add to their own essays.

However Chloe became puzzled when they got to the common room and didn’t see Hermione by the fire place where they always did their homework. Instead they just saw the boys messing around and joking. She looked over the rest of the common room but there was no sign of Hermione anywhere.

“Maybe she’s in the dorm” Rhiannon said as she had also noticed that their friend wasn’t there. Eve and Chloe gave a nod and the tree made their way to their dorm, Chloe only just missing a tackling hug from Angalina as they passed.

Once they were at the top of the stairs Eve quickly opened the door, but again there was no sign of their missing friend anywhere in the room. Her Bags weren’t there and none of her books had been touched. Eve turned to the other two.

“This is really weird” she stated and walked to put her bag by her bed. Chloe and Rhiannon did the same.

“Guys this isn’t normal Hermione Behaviour” Rhiannon said looking a little worried, for their missing friend.

“Let’s go back down and see if she told the guys where she was going” Chloe suggested. Eve and Rhiannon nodded their heads and the three made their way back down to the common room, this time though Chloe wasn’t quick enough to dough the tackle.

“Hello! My cute little sister” Angalina squealed as she engulfed Chloe in a bone crushing, bear hug. Chloe was taken by surprise and so it ended with them both on the floor of the Gryffindor common room, Chloe being the one who took all the impact.

“Honestly Chloe” Fred said as he leaned over the girls piled on the floor.

“If you can’t dodge that then how are you going to dodge Crick-” George continued.

“-And Adrian-”

“-and Marcus”

“Not to mention get the ball past the Slytherin Keeper-”

“-young Miss Miles Bletchley”

Rhiannon gave Chloe a worried look from where she was standing. She and Eve knew better then to try and get Chloe from Angalina when she was being hugged. It would normally end with either Chloe getting more crushed by the older Chaser or Angalina going into a pout because they were trying to separate her and her ‘little sister’ it was just safer to let the girl have her hug, for all of them.

“Angalina, could you please let me go, we need to find Hermione” Chloe pleaded as she tried to wiggle out of the older girl’s arms. But her voice was slightly muffled because of her face being pressed against Angalina’s robes. Once again Lee came to her rescue.

“Angalina, she’s turning blue again” he said simply, knowing that the older girl would let the girl go, she always did when she thought her younger sister was getting suffocated. Chloe took a big gulp of air when she was let go and send a grateful look toward the third year, who it turn shrugged his shoulders and went back to what he was doing.

“Hey have any of you seen Hermione?” Eve asked them while Rhiannon was helping keep Chloe up straight. Lee shook his head, the twins looked at each other for a minuet then turned back to her and shook their heads in sink, where as Angalina put her index finger to her chin.

“I remember seeing someone I thought was Hermione walking towards the Bathroom by the great hall, but they went to fast for me to say for positive it was her” she said as she looked in deep thought. “But whoever it was looked really upset” she explained.

“It may have been Hermione then” Fred said with a shrug.

“Little Ronnie over there has been complaining about her ever since we got here” George finished.

“I think I remember Harry saying he thought Ron should apologise”

“But I don’t remember ever say a name”

“I bet it was her though if she was the girl Angalina saw”

“Wonder what he did too finally get to her” but by now Chloe was back to breathing normally but was giving the boys by the fire a death glare that had made Angalina, Eve and Rhiannon all step back from her.


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