Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Lions? Or Snakes in Lion Skins

“RONALD WEASLEY!” Chloe yelled at the top of her voice and the common room became deadly silent as all who were in there were looking at the petit first Year. Chloe Perth was furious, angry didn’t even cover it. She was absolutely furious and only a few inches away from storming over there and punching the boy right in his nose.

The boy in question had become pale and didn’t have to look round to know who had yelled him. He had been dreading it since Hermione had rushed past them. He knew he should have taken Harry’s advice and apologised to her but then again the Weasleys were all very stubborn. However there was no way that none of them wouldn’t have bow down to this girl in a second.

Well expect maybe their Mum, but that was because she was only a Weasley by marriage, that and maybe also the fact she was way too nice to ever get in this girl’s bad books. However right now Ron was terrified and hoping that if he didn’t look around she wouldn’t see him over the top of the back of the coach, but even he knew there was no chance of that happening.

The Twins were looking at the girl with a smirk however. They knew their little brother was in trouble with her and when you get in this girls bad side, it was hard to switch back to the other side, nicer, friendly side. They both knew from personal experience, but Percy could see that there was going to be a trouble and unlike the twins he was going to make sure that his youngest brother did actually last the year.

“Is there a problem Chloe?” he asked as he walked away from the person in his year that he had been talking to able their assignment and walked over to Chloe but he was not expecting a glare to be thrown his way as he finished making his way over to girl and if he was honest, this girl’s glare was by far the scariest glare he had ever seen, even more frightening then his mother’s and that was saying something.

“Oh no, you don’t!” she said icily and she pointed to him. “You are not going to stop me from kicking that boy’s butt for what he did” she almost yelled at him as she pointed in Ron’s direction. “No one, I repeat, No one ever upsets my friends for no good reason and should get away with it, not before I get the chance to demand what they did to them!”

This however took Percy back and made him take a small step back from the girl with his expression one of complete shock. The girl had just admitted that she didn’t even know what Ron had done, but she was about ready to tear the boy apart. Percy shot a look at the boy as if to ask what the hell he had done but noticed that he wasn’t looking at them, but trying to disappear into the couch.

Chloe then made her way towards the boys of her year, who each had a look of either shock or fear on expect Neville, who looked like he was about faint he was that pale. She walked round the coach and stood right in front of Ron her arms crossed and leaning slightly to the right. When Ron didn’t look up she started to tap her foot in annoyance. Ron then decided that it would be best to play dumb and it may save him from her wrath.

“Oh hey Chloe…what’s up? Need Harry for Quidditch practice?” ‘That should do’ he thought to himself, ‘just keep playing dumb and you might live another day’ he kept thinking to himself. Too bad he didn’t know that it was only making the girl angrier. The twins and Lee shook their heads in disappointment and Percy but his hand to his forehead. Rhiannon noticed Percy’s stress and decided to comfort him a little.

“Don’t worry Mr Percy” she said as she gave him a small smile. Percy looked down at her as if to ask if she was ok in the head. Rhiannon shrugged and brought out Chloe’s wand from her sleeve. “Before she went over there she slipped me her wand because she knew she would have used it otherwise” Rhiannon reassured him.

“That is slightly reassuring, however that does not mean that she will not use violence Rhiannon” Percy countered. Rhiannon shrugged her shoulders and looked back to the scene. No, it was in fact Eve who answered him this time.

“Chloe wouldn’t do that” She said confidentially. Percy gave her the same look he had gave Rhiannon, but Eve just rolled her eyes at the prefect. “Chloe respects Professor McGonagall too much to disappoint her by referring to violence, that and she still heeds the Professor’s warning from our first night here” Eve explained. It was all true; this was the first time Chloe had lost control over her angry since that night with Draco.

“What warning?” it was Angalina asked. She could have never pictured the sweet polite girl ever getting trouble let alone in a fight like now or getting a warning when she first got here.

“Draco Malfoy took the mike out of Ron because of him being a Weasley and made out that his family was a better family to Harry” Eve started and all three of the Weasley frowned, none of them had heard this from their brother or any of the first years.

“Chloe full out laughed at his statement, I mean we were giggling along but she was laughing really loud, she then told him ‘Oh, I’m sorry please do continue to spread your venom’ it was quite a sight” Rhiannon continued.

“Of course Draco decided that he hated her and was about to call her…”Eve looked to Rhiannon as if to ask if she thought it would be ok to say it.

“Draco was about to call her a-” Rhiannon didn’t the chance to say it.

“Oh hey Chloe…what’s up? Need Harry for Quidditch practice?” ‘That should do, he thought to himself, ‘just keep playing dumb and you might live another day’ he kept thinking to himself. Too bad he didn’t know that it was only making the girl angrier.

“Really? Is that the best distraction you could think of?” she asked about ready to hit the guy. ‘No keep calm and just fine out what happened, no need to get in a fight, concentrate, you need to find Hermione’ she told herself. “What did you do to Hermione Ron?” she asked.

“Well…you see Chloe, I didn’t know Hermione was behind me and I was really annoyed at her because she was doing her normal in class I felt that she was acting like a-know-it-all with the charm we were learning, so I was doing my normal and was complaining to the guys and taking a bit of the mike about it to let off some steam, however I didn’t realised she was behind us and so she overheard the whole thing” Ron explained. But Chloe only frowned harder.

“Are you sure that was all you said about her, Hermione knows you don’t like her and she wouldn’t have cried over it, so tell me Ronald, what, did, you, say?” she said and put emphases on the last question. Ron looked to the right slightly trying to avoid her eye contact.

“I may have mentioned something about…” and then he mumbled the rest so she didn’t hear it, Chloe frowned more.

“What?” Chloe asked and she moved closer to him with her ear so she could hear.

“I may have said that she had no friends and that you, Rhiannon and Eve let her hang out with you out of pity” Ron answered. Chloe was furious but she got want she was after and so before she did something she regretted she stood straight and walked around the coach back to where her friends were. But just when she was behind the coach she stopped but didn’t look round to him.

“And here I thought we were all better the Slytherin house, but I guess I was wrong if not only for the fact that you spoke badly of another housemate, but the fact that none of the others I would have called housemates didn’t even stand up to you for doing it, at least the Slytherin stick together, even if it’s not for a good reason” she said. And at those words all five of the boys hung their heads down in shame.

Chloe continued on her way over and felt bad that she had said those thinks but she found truth in them. Gryffindor house was meant for those who had the characteristics of courageous, chivalrous and determined people. And yet all of those boys and stood there and let Ron say those words. Their house may have corresponds roughly to the element of fire, but she had always thought of it as the fires of friendship, not the fire that hurt people.

As she made her way over she heard what Rhiannon and Eve were saying to the others older Gryffindors about the first night they were there and her warning. There was a reason why she hadn’t told the other years about what had happened between her and Draco she had asked McGonagall while she was in the hospital wing what Draco had meant to say to her.

McGonagall tried to convince her that it was nothing for her to worry about but Chloe had stayed on her tail and in the end the Professor just gave up trying to protect her from the Wizarding world’s prejudices but knew that the child was just too stubborn. Chloe was appalled by the word and knew that if she had known what it had meant earlier she would have been expelled for her actions.

But she wasn’t and so Chloe made sure that she was careful of her actions and made sure that she was careful about her behaviours around Draco. She wanted to prove all those that thought bad things about her for what she was wrong, by becoming the best witch she could be, and getting in to trouble with the snobby boy was not going to do that.

“Draco was about to call her a-” but Chloe didn’t give Rhiannon a chance to finish.

“Don’t say it Rhiannon” Chloe snapped and she stopped in the place of the group where she had left. “they don’t need to know such details, it over and done with now, he paid for it with the detentions” She said giving the twins and other third years a look that said drop it then turned back to her friends. “The feast will start soon, we should go find Hermione” and with that she turned and started to walk toward the portrait.

Rhiannon and Eve gave each other a look and then turned to the others and gave them an apologetic look. If Chloe didn’t want to let people know then they weren’t going to tell people, that’s what friends should do for one another. Eve started to walk after her friend, and Rhiannon quickly turned to Percy.

“Sorry for Chloe causing a commotion for you Percy” Rhiannon apologised. “She’s just upset with what Ron had done to Hermione” and with that she turned and ran to catch up with her two best friends. The four third years and Percy watched and as the portrait door closed then looked over to Ron who, like the rest of the boys had his head down in shame.

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