Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Who invited the Troll?

“Come on Hermione, come out please” Chloe said from the other side of the toilet cubicle door in the girl’s restroom. It had taken her, Eve and Rhiannon three different restrooms before they had found the one where Hermione was hiding and even now the feast was about to start but the girl was still in the cubicle and refused to come out of it.

Chloe would have punched the wall or kicked the door down however she knew that this was just something that Hermione had to overcome herself. Ron had put the idea that they weren’t really her friends but felt pity for her. There was no way for the three of them to convince her otherwise. Hermione would just have to figure that they weren’t on her own.

However that didn’t mean that they couldn’t be in the toilets with her. It didn’t mean that Rhiannon couldn’t try and talk to her though the door. It didn’t mean that Eve was couldn’t keep an eye the door and scare people away with a glare. It most certainly didn’t mean that Chloe wasn’t going to tell Hermione they weren’t leaving without her.

“The feast will start soon Hermione, if you don’t come out and eat I think Chloe is going to destroy the whole of Hogwarts from frustration” Rhiannon tried joking. Chloe however was not amused and gave her a mock out raged look.

“Hey I can control my anger, thank you very much” she countered. Rhiannon just gave her a look that said ‘oh really now?’ to which Chloe gave a though and turned her head away from her with slightly tinted red cheeks. “When I want too anyway” there was a small watery chuckle from behind the cubicle door and from Eve.

“Hermione, please just come out” Rhiannon kept pleading. But Chloe came up with a change of tacit. She stood and moved a little away from the door of the cubicle and brought her wand out, pointing it at the door.

“Hermione Jane Granger, if you’re not out that cubicle by the time I get to 12 I’m going to break that door off with my wand and drag you out by your head of curls down to the grand hall and force feed you like a baby” Chloe demanded as she held her wand up, pointed at the door. Chloe could see the look Rhiannon face of pure shock and a little horror at the wand, whereas Eve’s facial expression hadn’t changed, but Chloe knew she would have had the same expression as Rhiannon if she would have showed it. The crying had stopped from the other side of the door but the door was still closed.

“You wouldn't do that, you would get in more trouble with McGonagall then you are in now” Hermione countered, they could hear the shakiness in her voice. Chloe gave a little smirk.

“One…” she started a little bit of humour in her voice, but very much. “Two…” she continued.

“You wouldn’t dare?!” Hermione asked in a quick but worried tone.


“But you could hit Rhiannon, I know she’s by the door” Hermione defended.

“Four…” she said as she gave Rhiannon the head monition to move to where Eve was standing. “Five…” Rhiannon caught on that Chloe wasn’t going to hurt Hermione really and so moved towards Eve making her footsteps as loud as she could so Hermione would hear them. “Six…” there was a little squeak behind the door but still no movement. “Seven…”

“Wait! Stop!” Hermione asked loudly but Chloe ignored her. She knew that Hermione was close to opening the door, and when she did there was no way that door was closing again.

“Eight…Nine…Ten-” and with that the cubicle door swung open and before Hermione even had a second to say something, Chloe had launched herself at her and engulfed her in a hug. “I swear if you do anything like this again I will be getting expelled from Hogwarts for setting Hoot on Ron and Hexing him till he can’t talk, eat, walk or write for a month” Chloe said quickly before Hermione had the chance. She pulled slightly away but was still holding Hermione at arms width.

“We are your friends Hermione and don’t even think for a second otherwise” Chloe could still see tears in Hermione’s eyes but she knew they were tears of joy and thankfulness. “Now come on, I’m hungry and there better be something good to eat or I’m going to go mad” she said with a smirk and let Hermione go fully and turned slightly so she could see all three of them. Her statement caused Eve and Rhiannon to roll their eyes, but still give little smiles and Hermione to give a small watery chuckle.

“Oh the horror” Hermione replied sarcastically, trying really hard to act normal. She understood that they were trying to be nice to her, but she still felt like she was a bit out of the group. She kept thinking to herself that she should try and make other friends, if anything to prove Ronald wrong. Just thinking his name made her think of the things that he had said, and with it the feeling renewed themselves.

“We should started heading to the hall if we want any chance of getting food” Eve said as she moved from her spot closer to the group now standing in the middle of the bathroom. She gave Hermione’s shoulder a little squeeze of reassurance.

“Ok let’s go” Chloe said as she led the way out. Hermione looked back at the cubicle thinking for a moment before following the rest of them out, knowing that she had left her shoulder bag and books in on the floor by the toilet.

As they walked they said nothing. Rhiannon and Eve thought there was nothing that needed to be said right now after what had happened, Chloe wanted to say something to relieve the tension that there was around them, but for the life of her, she couldn’t think of anything to say that would be right at the time so she kept quiet and Hermione was thinking about how she was going to do the next thing without all three of her friends hating her.

They were near the stair that went to the Great Hall when Hermione stopped. With the loss of a step of footsteps being made the other three girls turned round to look at her in question.

“I left my bag back in the restroom” Hermione said quietly looking down. She didn’t know how long she could hold off the tears for. As they got closer to the hall the more embarrassed she got at the thought of see all the people Ron had been talking too, not to mention the rest of the people he had probably told. But what she didn’t know was that Ron was getting the worst end of the stick because of what he had said and because he had, had Chloe on his ass for what he had done to her. Chloe looked to the others and they gave a slight nod of their heads.

“I’ll go back with you and get it” Chloe said off handily as she looked at Hermione and made a move to move forward but Hermione just waved her hand and turned round.

“No it’s ok, I’ll go get it myself…after all you said you were hungry” it helped that she wasn’t looking at them, it made lying to them a lot easier. “I’ll go grab it and I’ll be back in the great hall before you can say Jiminy cricket”

“Well do you want us to wait for you before going in?” Rhiannon asked, not really liking leaving her, after they spend so much time trying to get her out of the cubicle and walk with them.

“No it will only take me a second don’t worry” Hermione said as she turned back in the direction they had just came.

“Do you think that she'll come? On her own I mean” Rhiannon said as she and her two best friends watched their fourth best friend walk away in the direction they had just walk.

“I'm not confident she will, but we have to give her the chance to prove us wrong and to prove her bravery about caring about what people say about her by herself” Eve said as they walked towards the great hall. Chloe pauses and Rhiannon and stand to a halt as well.

“If she is not here in 15 minutes then I will go and get her and make her come here and eat something, agreed?” She said as the other two nodded their heads in agreement. And with that said they entered the hall. They walked towards the end of the table where most of the other first years were sat, even Ron. They said nothing as they sat down at the table. The feast in front of them was mostly loads of, wizardry sweets. Some were Muggle but mostly it was wizard ones.

Chloe spotted that there were some pasties on a plate up the table by Ron. She gave a sigh and passes her plate to Rhiannon. Rhiannon looked up at Chloe’s plate to Chloe and so she pointed her hand in the direction of the pasties that were on Rhiannon’s right. Rhiannon looked nodded her head and put two of them on Chloe’s plate and handed it back to her, then took two for herself. Eve nudged Chloe holding her plate which Chloe passed along and Rhiannon reaped the process a third time. After Eve got her plate back the three of them sat there and began to eat. However when Chloe was about to take a bit out of her first one she paused to listen to Harry as be began to speck.

“Where’s Hermione?” he asked as he looked around the table with a concerned face. Chloe began to feel a little guilty at what she had said to him and the rest of the guys in the common room but she would never take it back. She’ll admit it was harsh but she also knew that they had needed to hear it. They had been in the house for two months now and there was still this imaginary burred line between the boys and the girls. Maybe not so much in class but outside of it in their own time there was.

“She’s been in the bathroom or afternoon, crying” Neville answer before Chloe could. She had told me she was glad that he did before she answered really harshly. Harry may not have been the one who said the mean things but he also didn't defend Hermione when Ron had said them about her. Harry looked to Ron and all he did was shrug go back to eating. Chloe's grip on her pasty tightened in frustration however before she could say anything to him the doors the great hall slammed open.

“Troll!” it was professor Quirrell voice she could hear before she saw him. Chloe and most of the looked to his direction but could not see him. Troll in the dungeon he continues to shrill. Chloe could hear the loud thuds of his footsteps as he ran. Troll in the dungeon he repeated louder coming to a stop halfway down the gap between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff tables. Everyone was silent for a moment even the ghost had stopped what they were doing “I thought you ought to know” with that said he fainted on the floor. And with that the hall was thrown into action, most big and green and jumped from their seats. Chloe looked to the teacher's table towards professor McGonagall. That was until Dumbledore rose from his seat in the middle of the teacher's table.

“Silence” he bellowed load and once again the hall was silent no one moved an inch. “I asked that everyone please not panic” he said sternly “now prefect take your houses back to your” and we're the clash of lightning everyone follow the headmaster's commands. Chloe made to follow Percy with the rest of the first years but she quickly rushed towards her head of house.

“Professor” she said loudly most of them look to her. “Professor McGonagall” she said looking directly at her.

“Miss Perth you should be following the rest of your house-”

“I know professor but I wanted to let you know that Hermione isn't here, she won't be with us; she’s in the ladies down the corridor” she explained.

“Very well I will see to miss Granger now follows the rest of your house” she said as she turned to the follow the rest of the teachers out the hall while Chloe went in follow the rest of her house.

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