Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Breakfast before the Game

The next morning both Chloe and Harry were nervous. It was their first ever Quidditch game as well as the first Quidditch match of the school year. All eyes would be on them. At breakfast Hermione had entered with Chloe, Eve, and Rhiannon as she normally did but then excused herself so she could sit with Harry and Ron. It made Chloe uneasy how fast Hermione had forgiven Ron but she expected it had something to do with the fact that the three of them had come in to the common room together last night.


Chloe was pacing around the room, everyone was leaving her alone while she did it. Even Angelina was keeping her distance. Wood had tried to get her to talk to her about the game tomorrow but Chloe had sent him away with a glare that could freeze hell over. The twins had tried to cheer her up and say that at least Harry had gone to get Hermione but then Chloe had reminded them that she wouldn’t in still in the toilets if it wasn’t for their brother’s big mouth.

“You do know that Ron will always be like that right” Fred had told her.

“Well maybe he should learn that some people are better than him at things and he should expect that” she had replied coldly.

“I agree that he made a trolls head of a move but you have to remember that Ron comes from our large family” George said. Everyone but Chloe was shocked at how serious the twins had become.

“He’s our youngest brother” Fred continued.

“Our youngest sibling except Ginny”

“He gets ALL our hand me downs”

“Our two oldest brothers’ were prefects-”

“And head boy”

“Percy, the stiff hat he is, is also a prefect”

“Then you have us-“

“And we’re just amazing”

“This is your first year but it is his as well”

“He had to deal with ‘purebloods’ like Malfoy disrespecting his family name-“

“And he isn’t the best at any of the subjects unlike Bill, Charlie and Percy”

“Yeah but you both deal with most of that” Chloe countered. She Anger softening a little as they continued to list the things that he was dealing with, most of which she couldn’t relate to but she could understand.

“We dealt with it with pranks and being the exact opposite. “Fred explained.

“Ron’s only just had these problems to deal with them” George added. Chloe sighed and looked away from them with her arms still crossed.

“Still doesn’t give him the right to take in out on Hermione” she muttered quietly while not looking at them. But it just made the twins grin because they had managed to simmer her anger towards their brother.

“Yeah well he’s young”

“Still doesn’t know how to appreciate the opposite sex” George said and they both winked. To which Chloe just rolled her eyes and went to sit down beside Rhiannon as they continued to wait for the three first years to return to the common room. It only took them another three minutes before they came wondering in though the portrait door. Some people gasped as how beat up the three of them looked, they were all covered in white dust, Hermione had damp patches on some of her outer robes. Rhiannon was the first up and grabbing her and pulling her in for a hug, her mouth running a mile a minute. Harry and Ron stood to the side awkwardly.

Chloe was next up but she left Rhiannon to Fuss over Hermione and she turned her attention to the two boys, keeping mind what the twins had said to her. Ron saw her approaching and just rolled his eyes not really wanting to deal with her lecture, all he wanted to do was go to bed.

“I didn’t do anything to her, just saved her from the troll you left her to” she said as he looked away from her. That was when all Chloe’s thoughts of forgiveness went out the window. Most of the people in the common room winched at the comment and waited for her to blow her top. However Eve was the one that spoke next before Chloe could say anything.

“She was the one that told Professor McGonagall where she was and SHE was the one that knew that she wouldn’t have the skills to go up against a troll” she replied coldly. Eve didn’t like how he had chosen to deal with her and knew it was the wrong way about it. “SHE was the one that didn’t rush off and try to put Hermione in more danger by her actions.” However before Ron had a chance to retaliate, Percy choose to walk into the common room, having missed all that had gone one he made a bee line to the group that hadn’t moved from the entry way.

“Ah, there you three are, where have you been, no doubt you you’ve got yourselves into trouble and taken away OUR house points” he said strictly. “Well go on then you might as well tells us how mush you’ve cost us and how much we will have to make up if we ever want to make up and catch up with the rest of the houses” the three of them looked at each other and it was Hermione who talked first.

“I lost five points-”she explained but Percy interrupted.

“Ha, and no drought you two have lost more than her, the professors would take it easy on her, she’s a top student-” but Ron had, had enough of his brother talking.

“Professor McGonagall give me and Harry ten point each for what she called ‘shear dumb lick’ sorry it wasn’t more been as we aren’t top students” he said and then turned to Harry, “I’m heading to bed mate, you coming” he asked but didn’t wait for his reply as he moved between his brother and Chloe. Chloe moved out of the way for him. Harry gave her an apologetic look before following his friend up to the boy’s dormitory.


Chloe felt bad and was going to apology to him but she was too nervous to trust her voice to say anything to anyone. She didn’t eat much of her bacon toasted bread sandwich her stomach was doing loopy lops in her stomach. Rhiannon and Eve hadn’t said much to her while the three of them sat at the table but they didn’t ignore her either, they just sat next to her to her and gave her encouraging looks but didn’t say anything that would seem like they were forcing food down her.

“Go on eat some toast mate” Chloe heard Ron.

‘Harry’s not eating either then’ she thought to herself only giving the other trio a glance. Harry was playing with a bit of bacon that was on his plate. Harry gave a sigh and put down his folk switching looks between Ron who was across from him and Hermione who was beside him, then shrugged.

“I’m just not hungry” he tried to explain but Chloe could tell that the other two weren’t convinced.

“Ron’s right Harry, you’re going to need your strength today” Hermione tried gently like Chloe had done to Thomas just before his first rugby game last year. However Snape was the one to snap her out of her thoughts.

“Good luck today Potter” he said enthusing the name. “After facing a troll yesterday and little game of Quidditch should be easy” his voice plain and dry with sarcasm. “Even if it is against, Slytherin” and with that he made to move but then he caught Chloe’s eyes and smirked. “You too Miss Perth, let’s hope you are as good as madam Hooch say’s, after all anything could happen to a chaser in the game” and with that he moved on and limped to the teachers table. Chloe’s glare following him, she was surprised that when she turned her head back to Rhiannon and Eve were giving him evil eyes as well.

“Come on lets go” Chloe said as she moved to get up and leave. However suddenly there was a screech from above them, she knew instantly who it was, she had sent him with a letter to her parents a couple of days ago so he must have gotten back with the reply just now. She looked up in the direction of the noise and she was right it was Hoot in the air. However he was carrying an oddly shaped box by its string. Chloe knew she was wearing a puzzled expression on her face but she didn’t care. She had no idea what would be in the box her owl was carrying. As he came closer and lower some of the students ducked for shelter afraid he may drop the box on her heads.

It was only when he was above her head did he let go of it, she looked up as it come towards her and it was only until she realised that it was coming closure to her when she finally, at the last second put her arms in place to catch which she did gracefully. The package now in the arms she looked at it properly. It had a square surface of 30cm and it was about 10cm deep, there was a note tied under the string with her name written in the curved hand of her mother’s hand.

She moved the light box on to her right hand pulled the end of the string with her left. The string came loss quick and easy. She put the box down on the table and moved so that her legs were back under the table as she un-folded the note curiously. She knew that most of the Gryffindor table was looking her way, wanting to know what was in the package, but she wanted to read the note first. She read the note and it put a happy smile on her face as it read;

We hope this helps you greatly in your first match, we are sad that we are not able to be there with you but with this we hope that it makes up for it. We’re cheering you on even if we are miles away. As you know me, your father and brother had no idea how or where to buy this or what would be the best one to play to your strengths but thanks to a helpful friend of all ours we got you this that she says will aid you loads in your match. We miss you very much and cannot wait to see you again, giving you all our love.

X xxxMum, Dad and Tom x xxx

Chloe became confused after reading the note as to what could be in the box so she put the note down and moved to open the box. By now some of the Gryffindor students had got up to gather round her wanting to know what was in the box and they wanted to get a good look as it when the box was opened. Chloe opened the box and looked in.

“Oh Merlin” she said as she moved her hand into the box, when she reached in most her arm went in. the box had an extendable charm put on it. She grasped what was in the box and pulled it out with excitement. What came out was a brand new broom. She had an excited goofy smile on her face. Her first ever broom. Her parents had got her own broom for her first match. She was so happy. But it was what was on the end of the broom that warmed her heart. There on the end where the logo or make was put was an engravement.

“Chloe Perth’s first great broom for a great girl whose family loves her and who will make them proud, winner or loser”

“Wow, that’s a nimbus 1700” Dean said from his place behind her.

“Yeah but it’s not as great as Harry’s Nimbus 2000” Seamus said smugly.

“Harry’s seeker, he needs a faster broom, Chloe’s a chaser she needs a stable but fast broom idiot” Wood said as he looked and inspected the broom over Chloe’s shoulder. “With this broom, and Harry as seeker as well as the broom he just got, we should be able to put those Slytherin in their place” Wood proclaimed with excitement. And so the game was on.

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