Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Hospital Wing, Again

Chloe was laying down when she had woken up. She wasn’t fully awake. Her eyes were closed but she was beginning to come out of the darkness of sleep. She couldn’t remember when she had gone to sleep; only that it had do with something she had been doing.

She remembered standing with the rest of the team waiting to be let out onto the pitch, her broom in hand, the twins either side of her Angelina in front of, Katie between her and the twins and Harry was just behind Wood who was leading the team on to the pitch. Nobody really said anything; they just stood there listening to the creams of the crowd.

The door finally open and they all mounted their brooms and the game started. Chloe remembered the game going smoothly at the start. Her, Angelina and Katie were doing well scoring. Angelina was the first to score, then her, and then it started to go downhill.

Wood got injured by winded by the bludger the captain of the Slytherin team, Marcus Flint. Next out the game was Angelina where she was boxed in, quaffle taken from her and then flew in one of the towers that held the seats to teachers and visitors.

The game went downhill from there was the Gryffindor as Slytherin took the lead as the goals were unprotected and one of the chasers was out of play. None of the plays Chloe had been shown was just for two chasers, they were with three, as a team.

Chloe remembers looking back to Harry, their last hope. If only he could get the golden snitch, it would end the game and Gryffindor would show that even when Slytherin cheat you can win. The next few moments were very fussy but Chloe thought that it may explain why she was there, in the hospital.

And then it hit her, one of the Slytherin beaters had hit a Bludger towards her, she pulled her broom back and avoided it and watched it go just over Harry’s head, and then his broom went weird, like it had with hers when Draco was controlling it. Chloe forgot about the game and made her way over to Harry but what she wasn’t expecting was for Marcus Flint to fly passed her and shoves her, hard.

She hadn’t been expecting it and ended up letting go of her broom she started to head down, thankfully her legs were wrapped around her broom so she got her balance back quickly but not quick enough for the Bludger come and whack her in the centre of her back.

From what she could remember her body had gone numb from the pain and had come completely off the broom and crashing to the ground. She landed on her front first and then it was all black. Now she knew what had happened all that was left were questions like; how long had she been in the hospital wing? How was Wood doing from his fall? How was her ‘sister’ doing from her injuries? Where were Eve and Rhiannon? What classes had she missed?

“Ah Miss Perth, you’re awake I see” Madam Pomfrey said as she came to her bed side. “You’re in the Hospital wing and it is Wednesday, you were knocked off your broom by one of those horrid, violent hexed balls that are always giving me problems” she said as moved to check the back of Chloe’s head, “You got hit pretty hard but you also have fractured your wrist when you landed, now I’ve fix your wrist with a spell but I would like for you to wear a wrist support for a few days”

“Ok” Chloe said, only now seeing that her left wrist was bandaged. “At least it wasn’t my wand hand” Chloe said trying to see the bright side. Madam Pomfrey gave her a small smile but had a sad look in her eyes as she started to unbind the bandage on her wrist. Once the bandage was off she moved it around to see the mobility. Chloe feel some pain but tried not to show it. Madam Pomfrey then wrapped Chloe’s wrist in the supporting wrap.

“You should be able to take it off by Friday but I would ask that you come and see me before you do that to make sure it has healed” the woman instructed and Chloe gave a slight nod before pulling her covers off of her pyjama clad body with her better wrist. “Wait what are you doing?”

“Getting up for a stretch, my muscles ache” Chloe said simply, confused why she would worry about that. “Plus I need the toilet” she said a little embarrassed.

“Oh very well, but don’t rush, the last thing I need is for you to fall over and re-fracture your wrist” she said as she moved away to see to another student. Chloe looked around and saw her slippers by the bed poking out from under where her school robes were folded neatly.

‘Guess Eve and Rhiannon had been by’ she thought as she carefully put the robe through one arm and just placed over the shoulder of her other. Chloe then slipped her feet into the slippers. As she stood she realised her balance wasn’t as bad as she through it would have been because of the fact she had a bludger to the back. ‘Maybe Madam healed that with a spell as well’ she thought to herself.

Chloe had only taken a few steps away from her bed when she had been suddenly been engulfed in a bear hug. She wasn’t even sure who it was that was hugging her, she hadn’t even heard footsteps coming towards her.

“Oh thank god you’re alright” was the familiar voice of the one and only Hermione Granger. Unlike Angalina’s bone crushing hugs this one was a caring gentle hug, well gentler hug. Once Hermione released her she was hugged in a three way hug.

“You had us worried there Chloe” came the voice from her right side.

“Yeah you come here anymore” the voice on her left started.

“And Madam Pomfrey will” (Fred)

“Have reserve a bed just for you” (George).

“That’s never going to happen young Master Weasleys now release before you injure her” the nurse yelled from the other side of the wing. The twins released her and looked her up and down.

“What you done to yourself now?” Fred asked as he looked to see if he could find any sign of injury.

“Yeah, I don’t even see a scratch anywhere?” George stated. Chloe rolled her eyes and held up her wrapped wrist for them to see.

“Oh” they said in sync slowly.

“Just be happy that no one was too injured because of the game” Eve said plainly, finding it amusing that the twins hadn’t realised the girl’s wrist sooner. Chloe suddenly remember something by what eve said.

“Oh yeah, how are Wood and Angalina?” Chloe asked as she turned her head to Eve and Rhiannon who hadn’t really said anything since arriving.

“They’re fine” Rhiannon said with a smile. “Wood was released Tuesday morning, Madam Pomfrey said that playing Quidditch had hardened his head better than his fall from his first game”

“Angalina woke up last night and was released this morning” Eve finished the list.

“You’re the last to wake of the casualties” Hermione informed her with a sad smile.

“Which reminds us” Fred turned to George

“Oh yeah, Kenneth Towler owes us 3 gallons” was his twins reply.

“Each” Fred said with a smirk on his and George’s face.

“Really?” Chloe said bemused at the fact that the Gryffindor infamous twin bet one her, again.

“You bet on her waking up?” Eve asked, even though she knew the answer already.

“Nah we knew she would wake up” George said Causley.

“We bet with Kenneth when she would wake up” Fred said as they turned to look at her.

“Great well as interesting as this story is I do have a reason as to why I am out of bed” Chloe said as she started to slowly making her way in the direction of the toilet that was just down the hallway from the hospital wing.

“Wait don’t go so fast” Hermione called to the girl.

“Hermione I have a weak wrist not a broken leg” Chloe replied back not understanding the worrying girl’s notions as she kept walking/ Hermione sped to her side and became a fusing mess around the girl.

“Do you think we should tell Chloe about Harry’s broom?” Fred asked the smaller Gryffindors.

“No, unless it happens again there really isn’t any need” Eve said as she looked to her two friends.

“If we tell her then the next time there is a game she will be too distracted watching out for Harry then focusing on the game” Rhiannon explained.

“We won’t tell her we will just keep it quiet and if she asks, then we’ll tell her” Eve concluded before moving to follow Chloe and Hermione, Rhiannon right on her heels.

It was later that day the Professor McGonagall came to the hospital wing. She was there on a mission. This was the only time that she had been able to talk to chloe now after her conversation with Dumbledore about her moving to the third years charm and transfiguration classes. She walked in and it was quiet.

It was nearly dinner and Poppy said that she would be releasing Chloe by then so she could eat with the rest of the school and her class mates been as they hadn’t eaten with her since Saturday morning and things had been ease because of the troll incident on Friday night. She walked through the door and Chloe was the only one in there and she was placing her long black Gryffindor robes on.

“Miss Perth” She said boldly as she strode towards the young witch that seemed to be getting used to be being one handed. “How are you feeling this afternoon?”

“I’m fine Professor” She said confidently. “Are you here because of the work I’ve missed?” She asked as she was confused why her head of house would visit when dinner was only a few minutes away.

“Why don’t I walk you towards the great hall for dinner” She suggested as she made the gesture for the young student to walk alongside her. Chloe took the hint and moved to walk with her professor. They walked in silence as they walked out the hospital wing but once in the corridor Minerva thought of a way to word her proposal of a class up to the girl.

“Professor Flitwick tells me that you have a very natural talent for Charms” She stated to see the girl’s reaction. Chloe looked at her professor with a puzzled look on her face.

“I wouldn’t say that really been as we have only had one practical lesson and I managed to break the stain glass window” chloe said with a nervous laugh.

“And you repaired the window with a spell that even fourth years have yet to perform” Minerva said with a proud smile. “You also have a talent for transfiguration, better than most of my students of the past classes I’ve taught while I have taught here at Hogwarts” she complemented. “I spoke this to the headmaster on Friday before dinner and he seems to think it might befit you to be moved up to one of the older classes”

“Headmaster Dumbledore thought of this?” Chloe asked giving the professor a knowing smile.

“Ok, smart young witch, I suggest it to the headmaster with encouragement from professor Flitwick himself” Minerva bantered back with a grin. Chloe next move surprised her more than anything.

“Professor I appreciate the offer but I think it would be best if I stay where I am for now, this is my first year and my first experience in the wizarding world” She told her professor with full seriousness in her voice. “I may seem talented in those subjects now but I have no idea if it will stay that way” She paused a moment as she thought of an idea.

“But maybe, if you and Professor Flitwick think the same thing before the summer holidays and after the end of year exams then maybe I can be bold and ask that you maybe put me in a higher year in my second year” she asked nervously, not sure if she was asking too much.

“That way I can read up the spells I would have learnt over the years I would have missed in my second year with put having a large work load this year” She explained as she looked at her head of year with nervous eyes.

“That might be better idea, but you will be set extension tasks in our classes, there is no point in you sitting in a class doing a task that is meant to take the whole lesson but you complete in under 5 minutes” Minerva said with a knowing grin. Chloe said smiled and the two continued their walk toward dinner.

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