Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Letters and Holidays

The year quietened down after the Hogwarts Quidditch game of Slytherin vs Gryffindor, and before anyone knew it, it was the week before the Christmas holidays. Chloe was going to go home for the holidays along with Eve, Rhiannon and Hermione.

She felt sad that Harry was staying just because he had never really had a Christmas with his aunt and Uncle. But she knew that she couldn’t do anything about how his family treated him. She wrote a letter to her parents a couple of days ago asking if she could invite him to stay with them for Christmas and this morning, in the owl mail they had replied.

Dearest Chloe

We wold be happy for you to bring your friend home with you for Christmas. Harry will be very welcome. However we would like for him to ask his Aunt and Uncle before doing so as this the only polite thing to do, from what you’ve written about them I’m sure they wouldn’t mind us taking him in for the holiday.

But we would feel better if he would at least ask them before making a decision. After all we would want to know if you had gone away to a friends for the holiday then being left to think you were at school.

We look forward to seeing you son our darling Daughter, as you can guess Thomas is hoping to see you as soon as he is missing his sister. This will be the longest they you and him have ever been apart, well expect for the 9 months between your births.

We hope to see you at King Cross Station as well as to meet your friends, Eve, Rhiannon, Hermione, the Weasley boys and hopefully Harry as well.

Lots of love, missing you dearly,

X xx Mum and Dad x xx

Well that wasn’t all bad news, Chloe thought to herself as she re-read the letter. All she had to do was get Harry to write a letter to his family and ask for him to come spend the holiday with them. After all if he doesn’t then he would be here by himself almost as most of the other Gryffindor first years were going home. At least this way he’d get a happy Christmas.

But chloe wouldn’t pressure him in to coming with her, it was his choice at the end of the day and if he decided to stay here then she would just send him a present by hoot so that he had something at Christmas. So that what she did. Harry was sitting just across from her speaking to Ron.

“Harry you still going spend Christmas here?” she asked, not a rubbing in his face way but a curious, inquisitive way.

“Yeah, but Ron and his bothers’ are staying with me now as well” Harry said with a bright smile.

“Yeah, my parents had a change of plans” Ron said proudly. “They’re going to see our brother Charlie in Romania, he’s studying dragons there” Ron explained with a goofy smile. “At least now he won’t be by himself, though it does mean that we’ll have to put up with Fred, George and Percy too” Chloe nodded at the boy’s words.

She still wasn’t that friendly towards him, but Hermione had been spending time with him and Harry so she really didn’t have anything to hold against him for now. However that wasn’t too say that she forgave him, just that she wasn’t calling him names in the common room.

“Hey, what’s this about having to put up with us?” Fred decided to butt in just then.

“Yeah, more like we have to put up with you two” George clarified.

“Oh come on guys leave your brother alone” Lee said half asleep, it was breakfast after all, no dough the twins had been up all night dragging Lee into whatever they were doing.

“At least you’ll get to spend the holidays with him, I have to leave chloe so she can go home” Angelina added in. Since the first Quidditch match chloe noticed that she still hadn’t given up calling her that, in fact she stated it more and more. She found it a comfort to know but at the same time still found it a little strange, but at least Angelina had stopped the surprise hug attacks, it had made Chloe was very grateful for being able to breath.

“Yeah just because your older doesn’t mean you should be mean to your brother” Rhiannon added in.

“Well-spoken Rhiannon, considering what mum told us before we stared this year, right twins” Percy added in.

“Yeah, yeah”

“We know”

“Look after him”

“Don’t tease him”

“Wait George how will we do the other thing”

“Oh yeah, we won’t be able to”

“What other thing?” Lee asked slowing trying not to put his face in his eggs on his plate.

“What mum told us to do?”

“To look after little Chloe”

“She told us on the platform”

“Wait your mum told you that once and you carry that though but your mum told you to look after your brother more times but you don’t do that?” Eve tried to clarify for the rest of the group.

“Not like they’ve done a good job anyway” Rhiannon stated.

“How so?”

“We’ve done our best to look after the girl”

“Not our fault she prone to head injuries”

“HEY! I’m not prone to head injuries I just had a rough time setting up at the beginning of the year” Chloe tried to defend herself, how had this gone from her asking Harry about the holidays to the twins picking on her.

“Right that’s why you hit your head so many times” Eve stated as she took a sip of her fruit tea.

“In her defence she hasn’t had to go to madam Pomfrey since the Quidditch match against Slytherin” Rhiannon stated back, before taking a sip of her twinges tea her mother had sent her, she didn’t like any other and her mother had been trying to get her in the habit of drinking it since Halloween, something to do with tea being good for metabolism.

“Yes she has”

“She had to go for the wrist check-ups”

“Not to mention when she had to go for when she fell on her weak hand on the stairs” Lee pointed out.

“Yeah well that was because of those stupid serpents” Angelina said with almost a growl.

“For the last time it wasn’t their fault for once, I tripped over one of their bag straps, yes they shouldn’t have been stalking at the top of the stairs with their bags scattered over the floor, but it really wasn’t their fault this time” Chloe reasoned.

“Whatever their still serpents” Angelina mumbled. Chloe just smacked her own forehead, and she was meant to be the younger one.

“Not to mention the time she went with Susan because of Seamus in charms” Neville now decided to add in, wasn’t he meant to the quite one?

“That technically wasn’t for me, that was because I didn’t want her to go one her own and had really burn on her shoulder thanks to his mishap with the wording, besides I can afford to lose time in that lesson, Hannah doesn’t been as she’d missed the lesson before that because of that thing Slytherin allegedly put in her drink” Chloe reminded them.

“That’s not the point”

“And you know it”

“Though it does prove one thing”

"To keep out promise to mum"

"You need to start wearing a helmet”

“I am not wearing any helmet so you can get that out your head right now” Chloe said quite definitely making the Gryffindor table laugh.

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