Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Hogwarts Term ends, Christmas Holidays Begin

It was the morning of everyone going home. They were all dressed in their casual clothes. For some that was make trousers shirt and robes, but for others it was their muggle cloths. Chloe was dressed in her favourite jeans she had brought with her, a black t-shirt with a misty outline of a ‘O’ which her mother had given to her on her birthday and her black lace ups.

Rhiannon was wearing a pink skirt with red rose out lines lining the bottom hem, along with her matching pink vest top under her demine jacket, her scarlet red scarf and her knee high brown flat boots. Hermione wearing her black school skirt with a white shirt and her black winter coat and white woolly hat.

Eve had told them that her mother and father were picking her up so she had to dress in her long black skirt, black shirt, white socks and smart black shoes with her red velvet wizard robes over the top and a witch’s hat to match.

Neville had joined them as he had been told that Seamus had brought one of his potion on the train and really didn’t want to smell of smoke when his grandmother cam and picked him up. He was wearing smart black trousers, smart black shoes, white shirt and brown handmade sweater vest that had been a present from his grandmother before he had left for Hogwarts in September.

Once Chloe, Rhiannon, Eve, Hermione and Neville had found a compartment on the train for the ride home Chloe decided to give them their small gifts. They weren’t much, just chocolates and a card, but she had wanted to get them something because she had become her friend and she had left her presents for Harry and the Weasleys with professor McGonagall so she could give them to the boys on Christmas as well as the gift Chloe had given her as well.

So she decided to give out her presents to her friends in the compartment and was surprised but pleased that they all had, had the same thought. Because of this all five decided to have their own mini Christmas. Exchanging gifts, opening the said gifts and then thanking the right people for the said gifts.

They weren’t big presents. Chloe had given everyone chocolate, Rhiannon had got her mum to knit them each a scarf full red unlike the Gryffindor ones which were red and gold, Hermione had given then a half a dozen of her mum’s sugar cookies.

Eves was the most expensive, they each got a charm bracelet with a gold lion charm (Neville said he’d keep it safe but he wouldn’t wear it, which Eve understood) she then lifted her sleeve of her right wrist to show that she had one as well.

Neville had given each of them a small keep sake box with their initials craved into the lid, poorly but they girls didn’t mind, they thought it was sweet he showed them his that his grandmother had given him on his last birthday and admitted that it was where he got the idea from as her wasn’t sure what they would have wanted.

All five young Gryffindors sat in their compartment feasting on chocolate and cookies, wearing their scarlet scarfs and all there bracelets placed safely in their treasure box. It was the best train ride of the year. Better than the first where they were all getting to know each other. It was better because the whole group were friends and not strangers

They arrived at King cross station around 7 in the evening after leaving at 11. There were many families standing on the platform. Chloe had explained to her parents how to get on the platform and told the them too bring Hoot, who she had sent with her last letter the day before so he didn’t have to spend the 8 hour train ride in his cage. The cage was still at Hogwarts in her room for when they arrived back.

They were to bring Hoot so that he could find her and lead her to her parents. They had told her that Thomas was coming with them as he had missed his sister. Chloe had regretted not pushing her brother to come with them to the station but she reminded herself that she had left her parents in the parking lot so there would have been no difference. They arrived at the station and started to leave the train.

“Eve my darling” they heard a voice say from before them. There were two people dressed in velvet robes, the woman’s was deep blue and the man’s was forest green. Their wizard and witch hats matched.

“By any chance are they your parents?” Neville asked quietly. Eve just nodded.

“Was your mum in Ravenclaw?” Chloe asked. Again Eve nodded.

“Going to out on a limb and say your dad was Slytherin” Rhiannon stated as the two started to walk towards the small group. Eve nodded again.

“Mum, Father” Eve greeted with a nod of her head. “These are my housemate and friends she said moving to the side.

“Ah the ones from your letters?” her mother said with a kind smile. Eve nodded her head.

“This is Rhiannon Darling, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottem and Chloe Perth” Eve explained pointing down the row of people.

“Lovely to meet you, I’m grateful for you looking after our daughter” the woman said with a smile.

“If she was in Slytherin Draco would have looked after her” the man said bluntly.

“Well I wasn’t so he couldn’t” Eve stated just a bluntly.

“Indeed, we are grateful the Malfoys will still talk to us after your sorting” he continued.

“Oh come now it’s not her fault she’s not with him, maybe this will be good for the pair” the woman said, obliviously not sharing the same view as her husband.

“Maybe” the man’s eyes when over each of the group with cold eyes but he paused looking over Hermione and Chloe. “Or not” he then turned to Eve with disappointing eyes. “We need to be going with have dinner arrangements at Malfoy Manner and you need to change, the elves will get your trunk and pet” Eve just nodded not wanting to argue with her father on the platform.

“I’ll see you guys after Christmas, thank you for my gifts” and with that Eve turned and walked towards her parents before they disappeared in a swirl and a clap. Chloe and Hermione’s eye grew curious. Neville saw the look.

“They apprated, kind of like how muggles think of teleportation” he explained and both girls nodded in understanding.

“Do we think that her father is happy with her sorting or was that just what I was thinking?” Chloe asked them.

“I think you might be right on that point” Hermione said with a nod.

“Didn’t seem to like us did he” Neville said as well.

“He is friends with the Malfoys so that explains that much” Rhiannon said.

“Rhiannon!” all four heads turned towards the yell to see a young girl, looking only 8 years old running towards them arms open. Rhiannon’s face gave a smile of her own and opened her arms to the girl where the girl ran into them.

“Aw Rhiannon she looks just like you” Hermione cooed.

“Rhiannon” another person said just to the right. An older man came into view with white hair and a slight beard.

“Dad” Rhiannon said with a bright smile. “Guys this is my Dad and my younger sister Sophie” she said her introduction before looking at her dad. “Dad these are my friends Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottem and Chloe Perth” she said pointing to them with one arm as she hugged her sister with the other.

“It’s nice to meet you all” he said as he shook each of their hands in the row. “I hope Rhiannon hasn’t been too much trouble for you all” at that Rhiannon, Hermione and Neville sent a look to Chloe who’s cheeks gained a bit of colour from embarrassment because of the fact that Rhiannon was the one that usually was looking out for her because she was the trouble.

“She’s been absolutely perfect Mr Darling” Chloe said with a smile.

“Good, that’s what I like to hear” he said with a bright smile. “Well I hate to drag you off but your mother is cooking dinner, we’ve got the Diggorys coming over with Cedric now you’re both back for the holiday” he said with a knowing smile.

“They’ve been round for dinner at least twice a week since you’ve both been gone as well as us having dinner over theirs twice a week as well” Sophie said pulling a face.

“Joy” Rhiannon said rolling her eyes. “Can’t imagine how mum took me not being in the same house as him” she said sarcastically.

“Quite well, both her and Mrs Diggory believe that you two being in different houses will help you by having your own space” Her dad said with a grin, knowing what her daughter thought of it.

“Great, so I didn’t even disappoint her by doing that, perfect” Rhiannon said rolling her eyes.

“Rhiannon be nice, their mother they can’t help it” Hermione said encouragingly.

“Yeah, if you want to start something just tell them how Cedric crashed into Chloe on the Platform” Neville said with a grin.

“Twice” Chloe said bluntly, subconsciously rubbing the back of her head at the memory.

“He what?” Rhiannon’s father asked.

“Never mind sir, it was nice to meet you” Chloe said with a smile. “You too Sophie”

“Yes right well we really need to go Rhiannon or I’ll never hear the end of it”

“Right, ok dad, well I’ll see you all after the holidays, sit together on the train?”

“You bet” Neville said with a smile.

“Okay, Bye, and thank you for my gifts” Rhiannon said as she turned to follow her father holding Sophie’s hand.

“And thanks for ours” Chloe said with a wave as the small group of three made their way to the luggage cart, leaving the last three of the group of five.

“Neville dear” was the next name to be cold from a women who was dressed very…exotically Chloe thought to herself with a big red hat with what looked like a fox tail hanging from the back, and a tight navy jacket and skirt set, something what looked to be a dead white animal around her neck and thigh high shiny leather high heeled boots.

Her voice what got her though, it was deadly sweet making her regret eating all six of Hermione’s mother’s sugar Cookies as the sweetness in her voice went straight though her gut like a strong hard punch to the abdomen.

Hermione and Chloe looked at to each other before turning towards the woman. Who came forward and kissed each of Neville’s cheeks leaving big print of red lip stick marks. Chloe had to admit she felt quite bad for him because of the embarrassment about the marks.

“Oh look at that I’ve left red all over your cheeks, come her let Nanny wipe that off for you” as she licked her thump and wiped it over his cheeks but it only seemed to worsen the marks. “That’ll do till we get home” her eyes move to the two girl that it looked like she had only just noticed.

“Oh look at these two cuties” she said in the sickly voice while looking the two girls up and down. “Are these some of your friends from school?” she said with a sweet smile. “Oh their so cute and young” she said patting both Chloe’s and Hermione’s heads, like little dogs. If they weren’t so shocked by the woman in front of them then Chloe would swot her hand away.

“These are my Housemates Hermione Granger and Chloe Perth” Neville introduced.

“Oh such beautiful names, both originate from Greece, Hermione-the earth, Chloe-verdant and blooming, yes beautiful names for two beautiful young girls” she said with a spark in her eye every time she said the word ‘young’. “Though Granger and Perth don’t seem familiar, Muggle-borns?” Chloe and Hermione just nodded. “Oh that makes you just that more cuter, little flowers blooming a new dark forest”

“Nan, we should really be going, or the train will take my trunk back to Hogwarts” Neville tried to make an excuse to save him from further embarrassment.

“Oh right, was lovely meeting you both, little dears” she said before turning and going in the direction of the luggage cart.

“Sorry about her, I’ll see you after the holidays?” he asked with shining eyes.

“Of course Neville” Hermione said with her bright smile.

“Have a good Christmas Neville” Chloe said giving the boy a hug

“You too, and thanks for my gifts” he said as he turned to catch up with his grandmother.

“And thanks for ours” Chloe said with a wave to the boy like she had done with Eve and Rhiannon. And so another one of the group collected leaving the last two of the group of five.

“Uh-Hu” was the only warning that Chloe got before something landed on her shoulder, making her jump a little. She turned her head to find that Hoot was sitting on her shoulder. He brought his head down and started to bite Chloe’s glasses, something he had started to do when he missed her if he hadn’t seen her in a day or two.

“Hoot are you trying to give me a heart attack at the age of 12?” she asked him while trying to sort out her breathing to calm her heart rate.

“Uh-Hu” was his replied as he let go of the glasses.

“That had better been a no young owl” Chloe said scolding. Hermione laughed at the bird’s antics before stroking its feathers soothingly.

“Chloe” they heard someone yell to the right of them.

“Hermione” was the next name to be called the same side of them. As the crowd parted both girls could see their family something this way. “Hermione dear” it had been Hermione’s mother that had called out to her.

“Mum, dad” Hermione said with a big grin on her face as she ran to them,

“Mum, dad, tom!” Chloe yelled at the same time also rushing towards her parents and her brother. Both set of parents laughed at the girls’ reaction but welcomed the hugs with open arms. And so Hogwarts first term was over, and the Christmas holidays were to begin.

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