Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Christmas Holidays ends, Hogwarts Term Begins

And so the holidays went by with joy and happiness for most. Eve had been forced to spend her holidays visiting all the families that her father had worked with as well as go to a ‘pureblood winter ball’ where lots of Slytherin families got together and spent the evening chatting mostly with some of the children dancing together. Eve being told by her father that she was to always say yes to Draco when he asked her to dance.

Rhiannon’s mum had organised with Cedric’s mum so that the Darlings and the Diggory had spent every other day with each other so that it worked out that they spent Christmas Eve at their home and Boxing Day at the Diggory’s. Sophie and Rhiannon had been annoyed at this plan, Cedric seemed to love the idea in Rhiannon’s opinion.

Neville had a quite Christmas with his grandmother. He had convinced her to let him take a walk to his parent’s grave at the local church. He had taken a wreath of the white roses that his grandmother had ordered for him using his pocket money that she took out every mouth for him out of his inheritance. He had went midday after him and his grandmother roast dinner and most of the other days of the holidays.

Hermione had spent her Christmas in the north of France on a skiing holiday like they did every year as it was something her father’s family used to do then he brought her mother along one year and they continued the tradition. Her grandmother had moved there when she was 5 and brought a cottage near a ski resort and skied most days of her retirement.

Chloe spent her holidays spending time with her Mum and Dad, caught up with her brother, Tom at what his school was like and the two swapped funny stories when they thought their parents were listening, but of course they were thought they didn’t spoil their children’s fun.

All five had sent letters to her friends. And they had all agreed to meet at Kings Cross Station 20 minutes before the train was to leave at 11 O’clock. That way they had time to meet, get their luggage on the train and introduce their parents to each other.

And that’s what they did. This time Tom came with his parents and sister and expressed his amazement of the king cross pillar portal. He had been very helpful. Helped Chloe load her trunk on the trolley and even pushed it for her.

When Chloe arrived and given her luggage to the wizard manning the train cart, she saw Rhiannon and Eve were already there with their parents and saw that there was a bit of tension between the two family groups.

If Chloe was too guess then she would have guessed that the two couples new each other and by the looks of the fact that Eve’s mother was the one that was closest to the Darlings and her father was estranged from the group, he looked like he was searching the crowd for someone.

“Chloe” Rhiannon said as she walked up to the girl with open arms.

“Rhiannon, good holiday?” Chloe asked politely as she hugged the girl.

“Like you don’t know, you sent Hoot with mail like every three days” was Eve’s reply as she walked from her parents before her father could hold her back to hug her friend.

“Yes, well never hurt to ask” Chloe said with a smirk.

“Rhiannon, Eve, Chloe!” all three girls turned their heads to see Hermione walking towards them with her mother and father not that far behind her. She was already dressed in a school black skirt, white shirt, white knee socks and smart flat black shoes with the same black winter coat over the top.

“Hermione” all three girls called out to her as she came up to the group, Rhiannon the first to give the girl a hug, then Eve and lastly Chloe.

“Hey guys” now there was a voice they all knew.

“Neville, right on time” Chloe called to the by as he came closure with his toad under his arm and his grandmother not that far behind him. She was wearing a dusty green skirt suit this time with a fox scarf and a hat that had what looked to be a stuffed bird on it.

“Guys, I’d like to introduce you to my Mum and Dad as well as my younger brother Thomas Perth” Chloe said with a smile moving out the way for them to see her parents clearly.

“Younger, but taller” Tom said as he ruffed his sister’s hair.

“Yeah by like three inches” Chloe said as she playfully batted his hand away from her head. “And you’re a guy so your meant to be the taller one out of us two” she said sticking her tongue out at her bother causing her friends to giggle/Chuckle at their sibling antics.

“Mum, dad, Tom, these are the friends I told you about; Eve Overton, Neville Longbottem, and Mum you know Rhiannon Darling and Hermione Granger from our trip to diagon ally” Chloe introduced them all while they nodded their heads as their name was said.

“Nice to meet you all” her mother said warmly. “Nice you meet you again also Mrs Darling, Mr Granger” he nodded to the respected people.

“Yes well, we must be off Eve, we have an important lunch date later” Mr Overton said before giving his wife a look that prompted her to give her daughter a hug and a kiss on her forehead. “And don’t forget we have disused this holiday” he said sternly. Chloe saw something pass over Eve’s eyes and it wasn’t a look of joy.

“We’ll see you at the end of the year, don’t forget to drop us an owl every now and then” her mother said with a warm smile before turning her head. “It was nice to see you all again, I hope to see you again” was her polite goodbye before stepping beside her husband and before another word could be said he apprated them away.

“That is my queue to leave as well my dear, I have afternoon tea with the ladies today” was Neville’s grandmothers statement before she kissed both his cheeks, leaving red smudges on his cheeks again before apprating herself.

Chloe saw the smudges but she had come prepared since the last time she had met the woman and brought an old handkerchief with her. She gave it to Neville with one hand while point to her cheek with the other.

“Rhiannon, you remember that you agreed to see Cedric on the platform before he and you went off with your friend’s right” Sam Darling said as she keep a look out for the young man.

“Yes, what time did Amos say that he and his family would be here dear?” Rhiannon said saving her from having to answer. Rhiannon just turned away from her mother and gave her friends a quick eye roll.

“Rhiannon!” a voice called from the right.

“Summon a pixie and they appear” she said quietly before outing on a kind smile. Giving Chloe whiplash with her change of emotion and Eve sympathising with the girl but none of the parents really listening. The grangers had been quietly talking with Chloe’s parents and Tom was talking with Sophie who was bragging that she would be going to Hogwarts in three years.

“Cedric, Glade you made it with time to spear” Rhiannon greeted with her warm smile.

“Yeah well this is normal time for those that want a lay in on the morning before the long train ride” he said with a charming smile. Behind this his mother came and stood next to Sam.

“Good morning Sam, James, Sophie, Rhiannon” she said with a motherly smile, paying a lot of attention to Cedric and Rhiannon Chloe noticed before the woman she assumed to be the boy who had knocked her over’s mother. “You all must be Rhiannon’s friends and Gryffindor housemates” she asked politely.

“Yes, this Eve Overton, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottem” Rhiannon paused before Chloe and when chloe looked at her because of the pause she could tell the girl was thinking something mischievous. “And this is Chloe Perth, my friend, me and mum met in diagon ally” she explained.

“She also the girl that Cedric ran into on the platform our first night when she stepped off the train and onto the platform” and there it was, the mischievous that Chloe had seen in her eyes. At the mention Cedric’s cheeks flushed and his mother’s eyes grew wide before looking towards her son with a mad look. Rhiannon’s mother however was giving her daughter a hard look for bringing it up. Chloe thought quickly.

“Oh don’t worry too much about it Mrs…Diggory?” Chloe said only just realising she wasn’t quite sure on the surname. She looked to Cedric and he nodded his head, cheeks still flushed with embarrassment.

“My head has gone though much worse, and your son was very apologetic after the incident” she told the woman which seemed to ease her anger at her son’s actions. Rhiannon looked like she was about to object but Eve gave her a quick elbow to the side as did Hermione that was on her other side, both catching on to the small Gryffindors plan.

“Did he now” Cedric seemed to let a sigh of relief pass his lips as this mothers words. “Well I apologise all the same, I can only imagine that he was that way because of his excitement of being back at school with his housemates and that Rhiannon was there this year as well” she said politely. “I’m sure he has learnt his lesson and will take extra care in future”

“I’m sure he will” Chloe said back with a warm smile to the woman.

“Well Cedric I need to get back home, see you this evening Sam?” Mrs Diggory said.

“Yes you will, Rhiannon dear, me your father and Sophie need to be heading out as well now” she said before pecking a kiss on her cheek before she turned to Mrs Diggory “Shall we go together my dear?” she asked politely.

“Wonderful idea, Amos has gone to work, why don’t you come round and we can talk about the flowers in my garden? I’m thinking of putting in a rose bush by the violets” she explained.

“Oh that would be wonderful, let’s go have a look and see if you have the space, if not you could always plant it under the willow tree, by the forget-me-knots” and with that the two women apprated away.

“Guess that means we get a bit of peace this afternoon” Mr Darling said to Sophie before turning to Rhiannon. “I’ll see you end at the end of the year little bird” and with that he took his daughter into a hug and kissed the top of her head.

“See you at the end of the year dad” She said back to him before walking out of his arms and looking at her sister. “You too little sis” and with that Sophie stepped next to Mr Darling and the two were the next to apprated away.

“I believe that is our queue to leave dear” Anne said to Phillip.

“I believe so too, we know when we are not wanted, keeping Chloe from her friends any longer would be a horrible tragedy” was the playful repose of Phillip.

“Don’t make me sound unhappy for spending time with my family” Chloe said with a pout.

“I don’t think anyone that knows you Chloe could say that about you” was shockingly to most of the parents and Cedric was Eve’s statement.

“Right well” Mr Granger spoke up. “We’ll walk out with you been as we both don’t see to do the whole…” he paused trying to remember the term.

“Apprated, Sir” Cedric said politely at which Mr Granger nodded his thanks in the young lad’s direction.

“Right” Mr Granger spoke in conformation that it was the word that he was looking for.

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