Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Asking for Study Sessions

The term had started without too much drama then what had been happening before the Christmas holidays with the brooms cursed in the flying, troll on hallowing and Harry’s broom being cursed in quidditch.

The Weasley twins had been surprisingly good over the holidays and had managed not to blow up any of Hogwarts halls, rooms or corridors, Gryffindor common room was still indicted and so was the boy’s dormitory with the colours scarlet and gold. They were both still the warm colours of the lion’s den, proud and fierce.

Although it was thought and stated by the Slytherins that over the holidays the dungeons had changed and so now there was a smell down there that no matter what the students or the professors do the smell wouldn’t leave.

However there was no evidence that it had been the twins and they weren’t admitting to anything, well expect the matching smirk they had on their face when anyone asked them about the smell or what they were up to over their Christmas holiday’s at Hogwarts so there was no doubt in Chloe’s mind that they were the ones behind the smell in the dungeons.

Classes had gone well for the five friends returning to Hogwarts. Like professor McGonagall Chloe was being set extra tasks in both Charm and Transfiguration and being given extra research task as McGonagall wanted her to sit both first and second year end of year exams for both subjects so that she could move into the third year lessons after the summer break.

Rhiannon on the other hand was showing her great potential in potions even though it seemed like Professor Snape was ignoring her and favouring his ever so precious Slytherin students. But Chloe had seen some looks in his eyes when they were brewing in class that he seemed to be impressed by the young witch’s skills for the subject no matter her house.

Of course it couldn’t be said the same for Harry who in the professors eyes could no nothing right, as if that every time he did something it was so wrong that it was as bad as Seamus, the boy that had managed to set every one of his potions on fire at least once no matter how hard Alberta tried to save their potions.

Now Hermione was a another Matter been as she had such a great work ethics and had grasped all the subjects really well and was taking the challenge of doing as well as she can if all the new subjects by ‘the horns of the bull’ as some would phase.

She was flourishing in her classes and most of the professors were saying she was breaking most of the records in terms of grade in both theory and the practical over all the subjects she was taking. Miss Pince had awarded her 50 points for the fact that she had broken the record for most books read and understood by any first year in at least half a century.

Then there was Eve. Unlike Hermione’s great work ethics and enthusiasm for her lessons, Eve was the go with the flow type of student. There was nothing wrong with her grade because of this lack of trying.

Chloe knew Eve understood the lessons and was great in almost all of them, especially Defence against the Dark Arts despite the timid teacher. However Eve was laid back in class and offend fell asleep in charms and Wizarding history which Chloe would have to wake her up as Neville refused to, still frightened of the witch waking and hexing him.

Aw Neville the last of the five. Bless the lad who was like the rest of the first year boys of Gryffindor house were getting on well in class. Not perfectly grasping every spell first time round or being perfect in the practical aspects in potions but the girls tried to help him and the other boys in the subjects as best they could.

Neville was more in the boy group then the group of five but that wasn’t any different to Hermione who had become better friends with Ron and Harry and so she didn’t spend all her time with Chloe, Rhiannon and Eve.

This was their first year, the year to make friends that would stay with them for a long time and all five young Gryffindors would stay friends but that didn’t mean that they would have to be joined at the hip.

Yes there was the fact that Chloe, Rhiannon and Eve spent most of their time with each other but that didn’t mean that they had to stay together all the time. On a Sunday it was just mostly Chloe and Rhiannon been as that was the day that Eve had agreed with and promised her parents she would spend with Draco.

Almost every Sunday of the term had gone mostly the same since the beginning of term. All three girls having a lay in till about ten in the morning and having the junky breakfast of homemade biscuits that Chloe or Rhiannon’s mum would send them. Training hoot to carry the charmed bottomless bag had gained its advantages.

After ‘breakfast’ they would just laze about in the common room doing work which offend either interrupted by the twins and co (Lee and Angelina) or Wood who would be trying to organise an extra quidditch practice, which was always turned down for doing school work.

About 12 the three would make their move and so did most of the other students to the great hall for lunch. After they had eaten Eve would make her way towards where every Draco and his crew to see what the plan for that day was. Chloe and Rhiannon would take this as a chance to visit Hagrid in his hut for tea and his handmade cake and just catch up.

Around two the two young Gryffindors would excuse themselves so that they could head to the library to either finish the work they had been doing in the common room that morning or revising for the end of year exams.

On odd occasions when they were in the library see Hermione with Harry and Ron doing their homework as well. Chloe no longer acted hostility to the young Weasley as Hermione had asked her to just drop it and turn over a new leaf with the boy.

But that didn’t mean that she didn’t want to punch him right in the nose whenever he did his little unknowing insults to her friend well for his sake they had better be unknowing insults.

But there was one person that was always there when they were in the library and he always had his head buried in either in a book or a piece of parchment. This person was someone that Rhiannon Darling noticed whenever they were in the same room which was very often been as they were in the same house.

That person of course was the Percy Weasley, the oldest Weasley at Hogwarts at this time, third son of the Weasley family, and 5th year prefect of Gryffindor house. But of course Chloe noticed that he himself had not noticed her young friends ‘secret’ glances in his direction. But she did.

So even though it was Rhiannon that noticed the older boy whenever they were in the same room, it was Chloe who noticed something else that she wasn’t even sure her friend noticed; a small school crush developing.

The young Gryffindor could see the look that they girl would get in her eyes when girl looked at the boy. So Chloe decided it was up to her to help out her friend with her little crush shyness problem, even though it was the first time had ever seen the girl shy away from something.

Eve was the shy friend, Chloe was the way to head strong friend and Rhiannon was the load voiced opinion type. And so it was on one of these Sunday afternoons in the library when Chloe set her matchmaking plan in motion.

“Hey Percy” Chloe said happily while her arm was linked is with Rhiannon’s so that she can’t run from or avoid the guy before them that was sitting with three open books and a roll of parchment in front of him.

“Good afternoon Perth, Rhiannon” was his reply not even having to look up from what he was reading. He wasn’t that wrapped up then he didn’t notice that both girls would come here every Sunday afternoon without their third part of their group.

“We were wondering if we may sit here with you” Chloe stated bluntly. Not giving anything away but not beating around the bush either. The boy can always choose to say no if he wasn’t in the social mood. The question did get Percy to look up at them and around the library to figure out why they didn’t sit just the two at their own table, why with him?

“Yes, sure if it pleases you, but try not being too loud or you’ll have to leave the library” he said with a voice that reeked with authority, which made Chloe want to roll her eyes but held herself back, she had to play nice to get her plan in action. The two girls just sat across the table and got their books out. They had only been at it for about half an hour before Rhiannon what Chloe expected her to do.

“Chloe have you done the part about the Aguamenti spell yet?” she asked quietly, keeping in mind what Percy had said to them about their noise level.

“Not yet, I’m not totally sure which one that is” Chloe lied in reply. She had finished that part of their charms easy and was now onto the Incendio and its uses. “Percy, do you know about the spell to help Rhiannon out?” Chloe asked the boy who actually raised his head from his parchment giving the girl a quizful look to show he had no idea what spell the two were talking about, “with the Aguamenti spell”.

“Right, you need the Aquatic spells book in the charms section, has everything you would need on the spell been written by professor Flitwicks predecessor” Percy explained before getting up. “I’ll show you were it is, I think it’s on one of the high shelves” he explained before Rhiannon got to her feet and followed him to a different section to the library.

‘Prefect’ Chloe thought to herself before turning her head back down to work.

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