Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Hermione what did you do?

And so that was the next improvement to Chloe’s Sunday. They three girls still did the having a lay in till about ten in the morning and having the junky breakfast of homemade biscuits that Chloe or Rhiannon’s mum would send them, then the lazing about in the common room doing work, after they move on to lunch in the great hall at 12.

Eve would then leave for her one afternoon with Malfoy junior while Chloe and Rhiannon would visit Hagrid in his hut for tea and his handmade cake before the two young Gryffindors would move on to the library to have their study session with Percy.

Like a treat Chloe’s matchmaking had worked out for her friend. Rhiannon and Percy were getting to know each other better and Chloe was starting to leave about an hour before dinner to give the two a be alone.

She would make different excuses everything but she was sure that the two people she was talking to would even notice that she had left them by themselves as well as she doubted that they were listening to her talking.

Chloe had noticed that Hermione, Harry and Ron had grown even closer in the months that had passed since the holidays and now they were acting like they were joined at the hip, except when Harry had quidditch practice.

Though when he had practice Hermione and Ron would sit on the benches where Hermione would be trying to help Ron with his work, but he was more interested with the plays that the team were practicing on the field then the words in the books.

But since the quidditch game where Wood, Angelina and Chloe were injured and Harry’s broom had been jinxed the three had something going on that was putting Chloe on edge. Especially the way that the three were being in the library, as she thought it was suspicious to say the least with the way they had been huddled round a tome that Hermione was reading to the two boys only a few days ago.

But it was the Friday that had got Chloe suspicious. The way they had sat a little away from the rest of the Gryffindor first years, and very quiet which was usual been as Ron was normally talking away with Dean and Seamus as well as explaining anything Harry he didn’t understand about different wizarding aspects that he hadn’t grown up with like the other three boys.

This was while the girls of the year would normally be talking, Hermione included and this conversation sometimes was joined by the Weasley twins, Lee and Angelina, although Angelina would always try and hug Chloe but her quidditch training was making her better at avoiding those. Then there was Neville who would just keep switching between the two.

But this dinner was different because when the three young Gryffindors were talking it seemed like they were organising something and that put Chloe on edge because with the way the three seemed to be heading the scheming was going to get them in trouble. And what do you know, it did.

“You did what!” Chloe yelled to the girl as she walked into her dorm with Professor McGonagall to her left just behind her. “Hermione I got so worried when you weren’t in your bed and now the Professor has had to escort you to our dorm because you and dumb and dumber drag you out for a midnight stroll!” Chloe spoke in a harsh tone.

Chloe was trying very hard to not shake the girl to get some sense in her with their head of house in front of her. Seriously how did the girl that was almost bullied into living in the bathroom end up becoming such great friends with boys that would knowingly get her into trouble in their first year breaking a rule everyone knows about.

“Seriously Hermione she almost sent out hoot to go get you” Rhiannon said as she tried to sound mad but all that came out was a tried sleep tone.

“I think you owe your dorm mates an apology for your behaviour this evening miss granger, as your head of house I expect this situation will not happen again in the future” McGonagall said with a stern face but hen Chloe gave her a tougher look she saw that the older professor had a look of disappointment in her eyes.

“Come Hermione we can talk in the morning, we need to get back to sleep and so does Professor McGonagall” Eve said in a voice that Chloe could tell was trying to keep out the tiredness.

“Very well, night girls, make sure to do some studying tomorrow, it may be Sunday but your end of year exams are less than a month away and I want you all to ready” the professor spoke before turning and leaving through the door way, closing the door as she walked past. Hermione stood still and didn’t move not really knowing what to say to her friends.

She was ready for Professor and her punishment for breaking one of the school rule, even if they would have been fine if Malfoy hadn’t been so stupid to tell on them, though the fact he had got in trouble along with them for the same reason that they were getting them into trouble.

But something she wasn’t ready for was an explanation to her friends that would keep them out of the Her, Harry’s and Ron’s business with them and the ‎Philosopher's Stone made by Nicholas Flamel. It would be dangerous to get these three involved in something that she, Harry and Ron shouldn’t really be meddling with, as Hagrid had warned them after the Quidditch game.

“Look let’s just get some sleep, I’m too tried from worrying to stay up any longer” Chloe stated as she gave a Hoot stroke before getting into her bed under her covers. From the sounds around her Rhiannon and Eve had done the same. There was the sound of movement for a while and Chloe assumed that this was Hermione getting changed before she too got into bed.

As Chloe lay there is remembered the panic that she had felt earlier when she had woken and Hermione had not been in her bed, but the covers were on the floor as if they had been thrown off her body. Chloe had laid there was a while in case it had been just the case of her going to the toilet in the night but when she hadn’t returned with 15 minutes Chloe knew something had been up.

She had put of her dressing gown and moved out of the room as quietly as she could before making her way to the bathroom. It was pitch-black when she had opened the door but the candles light up with a flame when she took a step in the room like they were charmed to do to save having to replace the candles constantly. This showed her that no one was in the room but she checked anyway.

Hermione hadn’t been in their so she moved on to the common room in case the girl had had a bad dream and had gone there to read a book to forget the dream and not disturb her dorm mates but much like the bath room the common fire place lit into action when she walked down the stairs giving the room a glow of friendly warmth making the room seem warm and cosy.

This was when panic started to creep through her skin and knew that she had to tell someone or her friend may get in trouble or worst, badly hurt because she had planned to do something with the guys.

She knew that Harry and Ron had to have something to do with this. It may be a Saturday night but whatever they had got Hermione into would get her in to trouble, and like most of the time she had been right.

Right as she turned to leave back up to the room. No doubt Hoot would be making a ruckus because she wasn’t in her bed which would have woken Eve and Rhiannon, Professor McGonagall had marched into the common room with the group of three trailing behind her and if they had tails their tails would be tucked between their legs.

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