Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

End of Year exams with Love in the Air

And so Hermione, Harry and Ron served their detention the Sunday after they got it with Malfoy as well though he complained to Eve the whole afternoon saying that the witch was being cruel as he had done nothing wrong.

Eve never did share how she had managed to get the boy too shut up about it. Chloe didn’t really mind how she did it as long as he did or she was going to end up hexing him as bad as he had hexed her and Neville’s broom in their first flying lesson.

Rhiannon and Percy had been having their sessions every Sunday and even a few other days of the week so that Eve could join them and get the help with some preparations for their exams but Eve and Chloe would always leave early.

Chloe for Practice sometimes and Eve would just say she wanted to go up to their room and write some letters. But really she was just playing with the cats or reading her book. Chloe’s even gone in and she was taking a nap on her bed with a book on her hest where she must have been dosing off when reading the book.

But weeks went by and now the exams were over. On their last day of exams the first years came out all feeling like a relief had come off their shoulders. Chloe had practically jumped from her exam chair and ran out the room.

She didn’t mind test or exams but she and the rest of her classmate had been doing exams for the last two weeks nonstop. The school plans for all their exams to be taken in the great hall and a year’s exams are all done a half an hour apart and for each subject there were at least two theory exams and three practical exams.

The grading for the first years there wasn’t too hard as it was a 50% chance passing or not and it wasn’t as if you fail you have to leave exam but one to test what the students had done thought the year and what they actually remember of what they have been taught.

The exams were done in year order. First years the first two weeks with the Second Years in which when one year is doing a theory exam the other year is doing its practical, the next, Third years and Fourth years doing the same.

The OWLS will be examination for two weeks after this followed by Sixth years for two weeks and Finally the NEWTS will have their examination in the last two and then there is one week of school then another Hogwarts year is over. As Chloe, Eve and Rhiannon wale dot the building into the sun. Chloe just ran and jumped on Neville’s back with glee while he was with Dean and Seamus.

“It’s OVER! YES!” she exclaimed. The force of her jump had cause Neville to drop his books to be able to grab under her knees to keep her from falling off him. Her action had caused the boys to burst out laughing all having the same happiness of exams over. Sure they would start their second year curriculum but it was break at this moment for them.

Eve had her arms raised stretched towards the sky no doubt because she had finished the exams early and Chloe saw that she had decided to take a nap. Chloe and Rhiannon may have finished early but Eve had been done in what seemed to have only been in there 20 minutes before she finished.

Rhiannon on the other hand did not seem to as happy. She had a smile on her face and was acting cheerful because she was happy that they were over. But there was a slight sadness in her eyes, the exams were over and that meant that her sessions with Percy would be over as well, which meant that she wouldn’t have an excuse to hang out and just be with him anymore.

“Cheer up, Chloe will no doubt sort it” Rhiannon turned her head to her side where eve was walking beside her as they moved to where Chloe had been getting of Neville to where Dean and Seamus sandwiching her in an over bearing hug making her exclaim in playful shock.

“What you talking about?” Rhiannon asked with a raised eye brow.

“I think if you even try to mope around because you cannot thing of a way for you and Percy to spend time together then Chloe will do anything for you to be happy and that include making something happened that will just have to get you two to talk” Eve explained.

“I give Percy two hours to approach you or she will make him” she said with a wink before walking over to Neville and giving a playful well done punch on the arm and one of her rare bright smiles. Eve’s statement had given Rhiannon a bit of a shock she didn’t show it.

“Rhiannon come on Hoot should be back with mum’s cake by now!” Chloe yelled, still holding on around Neville’s back.

“You got your mum to make a cake? Cool” Dean yelled pumping his fist in the air while he and Seamus started to run in the direction of the Gryffindor common room. Chloe shook her head with a huge grin on her face, Neville laughed at their antics while Eve picked up his books for him.

“Rhiannon” the new comer’s voice came from the side of the courtyard. The voice made Chloe, Neville and Eve look in that direction. The voice had come from Percy. The young man was walking toward the young girl who was only a few steps away for the other three.

“Percy” Rhiannon asked in a surprised tone. “Um, you finished for the day as well?” she asked trying to start a conversation without it being an awkward tension.

“Yeah, you had your last exam I take it with Perth on Longbottom’s back grinning like a foolish Cornish pixie” he said as he raised his orange eyebrow at the first years. Chloe just shrugged her shoulders but she made no move to get off the boy’s back. So the young Weasley boy she shook his head and turned his head towards the girl that he had stopped for a reason.

“I was wondering if you would be coming to Hogwarts library now that you have finished your exams” he stated plainly and Rhiannon heart sank as she listens to his words. They sounded as if he was making certain that she wasn’t going to be there.

“Um, I guess not” She said a little dishearten.

“So I was wondering if you would like to take a stroll with me been as we won’t be having out sessions there then” he said. His tone had a hint of nervousness. Rhiannon went of disheartened to heart soaring in to the sky in under five seconds flat

“Yes that would be great” she said as she walked towards him completely forgetting about Chloe, Neville and Eve who were standing off to the side. Chloe had a huge grin on her face at the scene before her, Neville having a dreamy look at the romance of it.

What? Chloe had to share her plans with someone and Neville and Eve were the ones that got all the details and Longbottem was secretly a hopeless romantic. Eve on the hand shook her head at the girl’s forgetfulness but could not help the smile forming on her face.

This was the start of a cute romance.

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