Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Sneaking Out, Never do that to us again

And so Rhiannon and Percy went on their stroll while the other first year Gryffindors went to the common room where Chloe went to the girl’s dorm and brought down the cake her mother had sent her to share with her friends in Hoots bag.

What had surprised her was that someone had set several scarlet red napkins on her bed beside her charmed bag that held the cake in it. There were also several small white china dessert plates that had a golden rim and the Hogwarts coat of arms printed in the middle and some metal forks and a blunt knife.

These had surprised her but Chloe just smiled and thought that the house elf that always makes the dorms bed (when the girls were in a rush and didn’t make it themselves) and did the general cleaning of the dorms.

Chloe moved and grabbed everything on her bedside and made her way back down the stairs of the tower where the cake was shared between the first years but Chloe cut the cake into ten pieces for the eight first years that were present in the common room as well as Rhiannon for when she got back.

It was great fun and had ended up with Dean and Seamus smearing the butter icing over each other’s cheek and the other laughing at their faces. By the end of the cake painting Percy and Rhiannon had come back to all eight of the first years having butter icing smeared somewhere on their person.

To say that the prefect was un impressed by their improvised art class would have been an understatement to say the least as all were sent up to their dorms to clean up and change before they needed to head down for dinner in the great hall.

Even though they had been told off the group was still in high spirits from their fun in the common and knew that it would be the main talk of the group for the rest of the night. Before they had headed upstairs to change chloe had picked up the tenth piece of cake and wrapped in one of the red napkins.

She decided to leave on her bedside table with a note for the elf that had been thoughtful to them. But even through the happy cake fight Chloe had found it odd that Hermione, Harry and Ron had disappeared to go see Hagrid after the exam but they had been downstairs when she had come down with the cake.

It was only after dinner when the girls returned to their room that all this strange behaviour had made sense to the girl.

Hermione looked to the other three girls that were in her dorm, by now they were all dressed in there nightwear ready for bed while she had dressed in her grey skirt and knitted jumper her grandmother had given her at Christmas.

Chloe was dressed in her pale green pyjamas trousers and its button up matching top, Eve wore her black sleep vest and white comfort shorts and Rhiannon was in a knee high strap pale pink night gown. She had tried to act normal since earlier when her, Ron and Harry had decided to go down the trap door.

But she also knew she couldn’t leave the room without the girls knowing she was gone if she didn’t knock them out some way and so she had made a powerful sleeping potion and planned on giving it to them when they took there nightly water that the four always did together in the evening before wishing each other a good night.

And today was Hermione’s day to get it form the kitchens on the way back from dinner. Went she had been walking back she had got Harry and Ron to help her put the potion in the three glasses so that they would already spiked before she even walked into the common room.

In her pocket she also had three vials with the right dosage for each of the three animals in their dorm. Once the three girls were asleep she planned to put the potion in the animal’s water dishes so that they would also go to sleep and not cause there to be any alarm in the dorms while she, Harry and Ron were getting to the trap door.

What Hermione didn’t know was that Chloe knew something was off. She knew Hermione was acting weird and she knew something was off with the water the first time that the liquid reached her lips. But as she looked around the room it seemed that she was the only one of the three to notice as Eve and Rhiannon almost downed it in three swallows. Chloe only took a shy sip of the drink.

And Hermione had seen this and knew that she had been caught but the sleeping potion was a quick acting one and so she move quickly took the glasses out of the girls hand as first Rhiannon slumped back in her be, Eve closely following. Chloe’s vision by this point had gone blurry and watch as the girl did this. As soon as she opened her mouth to question it she too fell asleep but not before she felt Hermione take the glass one her side.

Once Chloe was asleep Hermione oved around the room and put the potion into the animals drinks and turned off the light of the room as she closed the door behind her. She knew that it would be hard to regain the girls trust after what had just happened but she also knew that this had to happen for her, Harry and Ron’s plan to work.

And so she moved to meet the boys at the bottom of the girl’s staircase so they could head down and get the Philosopher stone before You-Know-Who.

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