Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

The Recovery of the First years

Only an hour after the girls had got the potion that Chloe was passed most of the effects so much so that she could open her eyes. Her vision was blurry and out of focus but she could open them and see around the room. She blinked to try and clear her vision and with every blink came another piece of the picture. She first looked to Eve and see that she was still slumped back.

Next was Rhiannon who was the same as Eve on her bed. The cats were in there beds. But what she found Hoot on the end of her bed laying on his back. It only took a few moments for Chloe to get her muscles to move. Why did Hermione have to keep doing this to them.

First it was sneaking out and now she actually being bold enough to give the girls something in their drinks and though Chloe wasn’t mad at the girl as she couldn’t really fault Hermione for doing it as it showed her loyally.

Loyalty to not only Harry and Ron who she was assisting doing whatever it was that the three had been planning. No, by the act of giving them whatever it was in their drinks the only way to keep them from trying to stop her and the pair of boys or worse them the three of them joining them to keep them safe unlike the group of three Hermione had shown loyalty to her three dorm mates.

It took a few moments as she thought over all this as she finally got into a standing position, but she was still very weak from the potion so she had to keep leaning against her bed post to keep her upright.

She had to continue to blink to get her vision back to normal so she could see as well to get her mind would clear enough for her to plan and make her next move In this problem that she had come across and un fortunately all that she thought to do were as bad as the next that she thought of with her blurry and confuddled mind.

Because she leave the common room and go get Professor McGonagall or is she wake a prefect to so that they could go get her but that would mean waking the rest of the girls in that room or did she stay there and look over these here and try to wake Hoot to send the professor a quick owl to let her know what had happened but then there was a chance that Hoot would not wake in time.

Chloe knew that she had to do something to aid her friends both the ones in her dorm at this moment but also the ones that were god knows where in the castle. Chloe knew that she had to decide what to do quick as she could before time ran out.

Or that was what she thought at the time. But then it turned out that she didn’t need to do anything of the sort because at the moment she was thing this, the older female prefect that had been looking after them all year had come in with a worried look on her face as she looked over her first, then Eve and Rhiannon that were still sleeping.

It turned out that Hermione had dragged Ron out of where ever they had got because he had become injured doing something. Hermione then levitated him to Professor McGonagall’s chambers telling her that Harry had told her that she needed to get back to the school because of something to do with a stone or something.

Professor McGonagall had been so shocked by the statement and the information that she had gotten from her first year Gryffindors cub was telling her as well as another first year cub injured just in her door way of her chambers and then there was the fact that she had been told that one more of her first year cub was still in danger. All she could think was what these three cubs had done.

She had asked how they had got out of the common room after the school curfew. That had been something that Hermione had been embarrassed about telling. The fact that she had ‘drugged’ her three dorm mates with a sleeping potion and not to mention she had hexed Neville in the common room with the Petrificus Totalus spell.

At this news Professor McGonagall had set out doing tasks. She first wrote message to Dumbledore a sent that with her Great Horned Owl. Then she wrote a quick note to the two prefects of her Gryffindor Lion tower to check on the four students that seemed to be in the mix of mischief by accident. So here the female prefect was, to check on the girls like her head of house had asked of her.

The prefect looked from Chloe to the others on the bed before deciding that it would be best to take all three to the hospital wing. The problem is that she couldn’t take all three girls by herself. She was going to need at least two more people.

So that was what she did, she got the two other female prefects so that it was the 5th year, 6th year and the 7th year female prefects carrying not only the three first year girls, much to Chloe’s protests of her being able to walk, as well as their three potion drugged animal counterparts of the dorm by levitation.

It had been when they crossed with Percy in the common room that Chloe saw that Neville had also been on the wrong end of Hermione wand. But then there was also the fact that Percy took over the levitation of Rhiannon by taking her into his arms with midnight curled on her lap as he held her bridal style. This meant that the 5th year had to levitate Neville in his Petrificus Totalus state.

If Chloe hadn’t still got a murky mind then she would have found it both cute and romantic that Percy was taking care of Rhiannon while at the same time a bit unsettling that he was in a way abandoning another member of their house in need for that girl.

And so the three first year Gryffindors were taken to the medical wing to be observed by madam Pomfrey for anything that might be a side effects from the potion as well as another first year being observed for the wearing off of the spell Petrificus Totalus.

Then there was the unconscious first year Gryffindor from a head wound as well as a few scraps. Finally there was the last of the group that were being treated for minor cuts. Percy had instated to stay until all the first years were better but Madam Pomfrey said that he could only stay until Professor McGonagall came back with headmaster Dumbledore

This was because there was a chance that the two Gryffindor girls would not wake until morning because of the time the potion was given and that neither knew that they drank a potion to make them fall into the sleep in the first place.

Madam Pomfrey was not too worried because after Looking over Chloe who was still a bit fussy headed she decided that the girls should not experience too much as the only reason Chloe was groggy and not recovering well was because her body wanted to do its natural routine of its sleep cycle. The medical witch just gave the young first year a glass of warm milk and told her to sleep.

Chloe had not been very trusting of the drink because she not only knew that the med witch was known to put small doses of potions to ease a patient as well as one of her nightly drinks already being spiked that night had put her one edge.

This didn’t stop her from downing the drink in 10 seconds after the first hesitant drop had met her lips and the milk making her relaxed enough to actually fall asleep but that was only after the med witch cast a SpecialisRevelio incantation on the glass to make sure that there nothing hidden in the drink. After putting the girl to sleep the first female prefects were sent back to bed for rest in the tower dorms.

Next to wake form their spell was Neville who again Madam Pomfrey gave a glass of warm milk to set to sleep so that his body could do the necessary healing of its self so that he would wake in the morning much better.

It was only when Neville went into a deep sleep that professor McGonagall and Headmaster Dumbledore walked into the medical wing with an uncurious Harry Potter in their arms. Madam Pomfrey finished her healing of Hermione and discharged the first year young witch and sent her back to the dorms with a reluctant Percy Weasley.

It only the med witch a few protection charms as a quick heal of a cur on the boy’s hand to heal the young Harry Potter as most the reason for the boys unconsciousness is a dark spell that had passed through him. This meant that she did not know how long the boy would be unconscious for or what spell to cast to reverse the effect of the dark magic.

The only thing that Madam Pomfrey could do for the first year Gryffindor was to leave him in a hospital bed and keep an eye on him so that the magic in Harry’s body fight off the dark magic itself.

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