Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Aftermath and House Cup

The next morning Eve and Rhiannon woke from the potion about the same time that Chloe woke up. It took a bit of explained as to why they were there before Neville too woke up. Madam Pomfrey looked the four Gryffindors over before she dismissed them form the medical wing back to Gryffindor tower so they could change and head to Saturday breakfast,

Likely there was no quidditch matches due to it being exam time of the year, much to Wood’s disappointment. That morning was spent mostly with Hermione apologising to all four of her house mates as many times as she could.

Of course they all forgave her in a heartbeat, but to Chloe’s surprise it was Percy that would not forgive the first year witch and would give the bushy haired girl a glare every time the two of them passed each other.

But Chloe had a feeling that those feelings may have had something to do with the fact that he now hardly ever let Rhiannon be away from his side, well unless it was him studying in the library but other than that if Chloe and Eve wanted to spend time with the girl they would end up spending the time with Percy as well.

But then Draco was acting the same with Eve, now he would hover around her since he found out what had happened to her. And then there was the fact that the Slytherin had also become crueller to Hermione as if it was some way to get back at the girl. Chloe just could not wrap her head around the two boy’s behaviour. If Rhiannon and Eve could forgive the girl then why couldn’t they.

The Twins weren’t acting any better. They weren’t cruel to the first year Gryffindor girl or anything but they just didn’t let it drop. They kept alternating between pestering Hermione about what she used to get the drop on the smartest people in her year and pestering Chloe about how she had let it happen to her. As if she could control the mind of her dorm mate

When Ron was released the day after Chloe, Neville, Rhiannon and Eve on the Sunday morning before breakfast the twins got worse with their behaviour because from then they kept alternating between pestering Hermione about what she used to get the drop on the girls, pestering Chloe about how she had let it happen to her and teasing Ron about how long it took him to recover.

Now it was the morning of the last afternoon of term. Harry had woke and been discharged from the hospital wing for two day and tomorrow morning all the students would have breakfast and set out to be on the Hogwarts express by 11 when the train would depart and take them all back to London’s king cross station.

This would mark another year over and done with at Hogwarts School and for the 7th years it would mark the end of their time at the magical school. But to do this that the house cup needed to be announced and given to the house that had won the cup this year so that it could be taken and placed in their common room for the upcoming year.

So it was this evening, the last evening feast of the year that Headmaster Dumbledore would announcing it.

Headmaster Dumbledore nodded his head to Professor McGonagall to his right for her to get the attention of the hall was covered with all the students wearing their black armature wizarding hats. It was the only time that the school really wore them through the whole year.

Everyone was also wearing their black full robes with their house crest sown on the left side breast. It was now that the eating was over and done with so now everyone had been chatting, all wanting for the announcement.

There were long draping banners hanging from the ceiling all the colours of the houses with the school logo present on each of them and everyone new that they would change to the winning house colours. At the sound of the glass chiming they all went quiet and Headmaster Dumbledore raised from his seat.

“Another year gone” He Started his annual speech. “And now as I understand it the house cup need to be awarded, and the points at this moment stand as thus with in 4th place Gryffindor with 312 points” the school clapped while each Gryffindor looked at each other. Chloe could see Percy looking towards Ron, Harry and Hermione with a cold conceding look.

“3rd place, Hufflepuff with 352” again clapped in respect of acknowledgment. Chloe looked over at the Hufflepuff table. She could see Cedric looking towards her house table, more pointedly in Rhiannon’s direction while one of his friends whispered something most likely at least were not last this year.

“2nd place, Ravenclaw 426” the claps started with a few of the acknowledged house making sounds of happiness of their placement that year. “And in first place, with 472, Slytherin house” at that Chloe turned her head to look at Malfoy and his group as they started to cheer loudly for their ‘success’.

Draco showed a smug look that Chloe found he was directing at Harry. Eve hung her head low. Chloe knew that Eve and Draco had made a bet that if Slytherin won she would have to sit with him on the train ride home. But if they lost then she could sit with whomever she wanted. But this score meant that she would just have to sit with the boy.

“Yes, yes, well done Slytherin, well done Slytherin” Dumbledore said while nodding his head. “However, resent event must be taken into account” Chloe gave a puzzled look along with Professor Snape as she had caught in the corner of her eye. “And I have some last minuet points to award” Dumbledore said raising his right hand.

“To Miss Hermione Granger for the cool use of intellect when others were in grave peril, 50 points” he said as he looked in her direction. Everyone began clapping and Chloe could see the twins cheer.

“Good job” Harry said to the first year Gryffindor witch as he patted her gently on her back.

‘312+50=362’ Chloe counted in her head. She smirked and looked in the direction of Cedric’s friend and thought. ‘So much for not being last, troll head’ as she saw the older boys jaw just a bit as he too must have worked it out.

“To Mr Ronald Weasley for the best game of wizard chess even under a great amount of pressure that Hogwarts has seen these many year, 50 points” Dumbledore said while Ron had mouthed to Harry ‘me’ and the boy sitting across from him mouthed back ‘you’ which made the boys show smiles of genuine happiness. Again people clapped.

‘362+50=412’ Chloe counted again in her head as she clapped with the rest of the hall.

“To Mr Harry Potter for pure nerve and outstanding courage, I award Gryffindor house, 50 points” Dumbledore stated and the house cheered again as they clapped for the young boy.

‘412+50=462’ Chloe counted again in her head as she clapped with the rest of the hall.

“We’re in second place” Hermione voiced her thoughts as across the table and by the looks that Chloe could see that were coming from the Ravenclaw house mates, they had also worked it out.

“And finally, it takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends, to Mr Neville Longbottem, I ward Gryffindor house, 20 points”

They had done it, they had won the house cup. They beat Slytherin.

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