Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Last Train Ride of the Year, Goodbye to Dean, Seamus & Neville

And so everyone loaded onto the Hogwarts express at 11 in the morning and Been as it was the end of the year and everyone was going home unlike at Christmas when it was only a small group of them Hermione sat in a different compartment with Harry and Ron, while Neville sat in another with Dean and Seamus.

So with those two of the group of five in other compartments, Chloe, Eve and Rhiannon sat in a third compartment all them just opened different books and just enjoyed being in each other’s company while they read their books.

Chloe was reading a muggle book titled ‘Castle as the Air’ by a muggle author called Diana Wynne Jones that she asked her mother to send in her last bag message delivery with Hoot specifically for the train journey home and then she had sent Hoot home after the house cup winners were announced the day before.

She kept the bag for the train ride filled with treats that the house elf Whisk had brought to the girls room for the train. Chloe found out that Whisk had been the house elf that takes care of the Gryffindors female dormitory and was also the one that gave her the plates for the cake after the exams.

Castle as the Air was about a young and not very prosperous carpet dealer named Abdullah who loved to spend his time daydreaming then one day, a stranger sold him a magic carpet and from there the carpet fly’s him to an enchanted garden where he falls in love with the beauteous princess Flower-in-the-Night, only to have her snatched away, right under his very nose, by a wicked djinn. With only his magic carpet and his wits to help him, Abdullah sets off to rescue his princess.

Eve was reading a wizarding book titled ‘Seven Sheets to the Wind’ by a wizard author called Elden Ricsickle that her mother had given her when she was five for her birthday. Her father made sure that she was well into reading from a young age.

It didn’t matter wither it was fiction or not she was to hold a high standard from a young age. It was the fact that she had taken a liking muggle fiction that he was having trouble coming to terms with. But her mother seemed to calm him down by telling him it was a ‘phase’ and to let her breath and grow.

Seven Sheets to the Wind was about a young woman who dinguses herself as a navy solider for her twin but her boat is taken over by pirates, she duals with the ship’s captain but her secret comes out and she is taken captive on the pirate ship and soon learns there are always to sides to a coin as she becomes friend with the pirate crew and gets close to their captain.

Rhiannon was reading a wizarding book titled ‘How I Met My Wizard’ by a wizard author called Lilac Lovella that as Rhiannon described to be a ‘romantic genius’. Chloe and Eve couldn’t bring themselves to tell her that it was because Lilac was in fact a 10th Veela.

She had a lot of family love stories that she based her books on but as the same time changing parts as Veelas were private creatures and did not want everything about them in the public as it could put not only themselves in danger but also their mates as it was always been a well-known fact that to Veelas’ their mates came even before themselves.

How I Met My Wizard was about a Veela who meets a handsome wizard lord when they were both on vacation from London England in Paris France, it tells the fairy-tale story of their love in France to then come home and face the world where she is from a south end of London and him from the north, this was a love story of two young people and what they have to overcome for their true love.

So these three were spending their last train ride of their first year at Hogwarts reading different books that had different genres, thicknesses, and at their own different reading paces. Chloe had been a little surprised that Percy hadn’t wanted to sit with them so he was with Rhiannon or the fact that he hadn’t even asked her if she would sit with him, not that she thought Rhiannon cared too much.

On the train ride Harry, Ron and Hermione had been looking through the red leather photo album that Hagrid had given him on the platform. Inside the first picture was of his mother and father in some park. The next was of his mother sitting on a couch heavily pregnant but with a smile on her face. The next was of harry and his parents at a young age.

The next was a picture of Gryffindor table on the night of the sorting ceremony at the beginning of the year. Next was a picture harry remembered Hagrid had taken of him and Chloe all dressed in their kit with their broom an hour before their first game. The last one was the trio in the compartment which Hagrid must have gotten of them without them knowing all with innocent cheeky grins on their faces.

The trio all smiled at the memories that Hagrid had captured for them and placed in an album that Harry could keep close while he was at his muggle aunt and uncles over the summer before he returned in September as Harry knew that he would have no fun at all that summer.

Lastly Neville, Dean and Seamus were in the last compartment playing lots of different card games and going on about what was planned for their summers. Dean would be spending a few weeks in New Zealand with his family.

Seams would spend his time between his Irish Wizarding family and his Irish muggle family at various family celebration. Neville on the other hand was staying with his grandmother for the summer at her house.

She would go abroad when he was at school but when he was home they would just keep to themselves. He knew that he would spend some time taking care of his parent’s graves and sorting out his grandmother’s garden as she had never really had green fingers and it was his hobby ever since he was little.

And that was their last train ride of the year.

The Hogwarts express pulled into king cross station at 7pm. All students either rushing to get off to see their families, or slowing leaving the train as it is the last time that they would take the Hogwarts express anywhere.

The platform was busy and the Gryffindor first years decided to get off all together. Dean saw his parents and waved to the group as he left and Seamus did the same heading to the other end of the platform. This left only Chloe, Rhiannon, Eve, Neville, Hermione, Ron and Harry standing together. But not for long.

“Neville dear” was the call form his ever sweet voiced, exotically dressed grandmother who seemed to have chosen to wear the same outfit that she had picked him up at Christmas in. The big red hat with the fox tail hanging from the back, and a tight navy jacket and skirt set with the dead white animal around her neck and thigh high shiny leather high heeled boots.

Once again she came walking over to the group and kissed each of Neville’s cheeks leaving big print of red lip stick marks. Chloe and Hermione were having a very large case of déjà vu because it was playing out just like it had at Christmas.

“Oh it’s so nice to see your friends again, but who are these handsome young cuties?” she directed her question to Harry and Ron who just stood there in shock at the woman and her appearance.

“Oh, right, Well Ron, Harry this is my grandmother” he introduced. “Grandmother this is Ron Weasley and Harry Potter” at the mention of Harry’s name the woman seem to become light headed and her eyes fluttering like she was about to pass out.

“Oh my, Harry Potter, what a brilliant surprise to meet you, and friends with Neville, what excellence” she said as she waved her hand to fan herself. The rest of the first year group just gave a confused look to Neville, how could these two be related.

“Nice to meet you ma’am” Harry said politely. Chloe rolled her eyes as the older woman then looked like she really was about to fall down.

“Oh what manners, such a princely mannered young man” she muttered aloud. Neville’s cheeks started to match the colour of the lipstick that was still on the boy’s cheeks. Chloe took out a tissue from her bag and stepped over to Neville and handed it to him and pointed her index finger to her cheek. He understood what she meant straight away and wiped his cheeks before clearing his throat.

“Grandmother I think we should head home, I’d really like to visit the graves, and I haven’t been in over 6 months” he said seriously. This comment seemed to get the woman’s attention away from harry and back to reality.

“Yes of course Neville dear, say goodbye to your friends, we’ll get your things and head home dear” she said with a said sweet family. Chloe was shocked to see such a change in the woman’s character at the mention of her son and his wife’s grave.

“Ok, bye guys, don’t forget to write, you hear?” he said with a slightly saddened smile. Chloe stepped forward and gave the boy a hug that Rhiannon and Hermione join in with.

“Try and stop us” Chloe said with a grin. “Hey it’s only 7, 6 weeks, something like that”

“Yeah mate, we’ll be back at Hogwarts before you know it” Ron said with a grin.

“Ok guys, see you later” and with that Neville and his grandmother started to walk in the direction of the luggage cart.

“Well she was…” Harry started to say.

“A bloody weirdo” Ron said as an end.

“Ronald!” a voice scolded. The group of six turned their heads to see it had been Percy Weasley scolding the boy with Fred and George not far behind him. “Don’t be so rube, you’re lucky mum cannot hear you” he said with a frown.

“Eve Rose Overton!” the brotherly telling off came to a halt when Eve turned into her statue form at the sound of her full name. Chloe recognised the voice before she even saw the person speaking in a harsh tone.

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