Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Goodbye Eve, Draco, Hermione & Harry

“Eve Rose Overton!” The group of now 9 turned to see Mr Overton heading towards them Mrs Overton just behind her husband. And that wasn’t them all. Chloe saw that the Malfoy was walking just behind the married pair. Chloe noticed Eve’s statue stated and decided to greet her parents.

“Mr Overton, Mrs Overton, nice to see you again” she said with a smile, bringing her hand to rest in front of her neatly. “And nice to see you as well Mr Malfoy and Mrs Malfoy, I hope you are well, Draco, have a nice train ride?” she said resisting the urge to raise her eyebrow with a smirk.

“I thought I instructed you to travel with Draco on the train so we could find you on the platform quicker as we have dinner plans at Malfoy manner” Mr Overton stated without even acknowledging her.

“I decided that I would find him on the platform as me and my house friends were saying our goodbyes for the summer” Eve stated back with as equally cold voice, her face was black but Chloe could see the defiance in the young Gryffindor’s eyes.

“Hmm, whatever we are leaving, now” his eyes casting a dark look in the direction of Ron and his brothers, his eyes only showing a small sign of shock when he sees Harry with Ron. Chloe sees but says nothing about it out loud. Eve turned to the group.

“I’ll see you over the summer, feel free to write to me” she said quickly casting a meaningful look at Chloe and Rhiannon telling them to write to her just to save her having to spend time with the blond twit not too far away.

Chloe sent a smile her way to say that she understood. With that Eve walked passed her father to her mother and the two families’ apprated away to where chloe assumes to be the great ‘Malfoy Manner’ for their ‘dinner engagement’.

“I don’t like that man” Rhiannon stated after a moment.

“We don’t have to like him, just get along with him when we see him” Chloe stated.

“No Kidding” Fred or George said from their position of now stand just behind Chloe on either of her sides.

“But even that is too long to know him” the other finished. Chloe just rolled her eyes.

“You two aren’t helping my statement” she said with a huff.


“We’re helping Rhiannon”

“Because we agree with her more” they said one after the other.

“I agree” Percy said as he came to Rhiannon’s side, putting an arm over her shoulder, all his thoughts of lecturing Ron left his mind.

“Yeah but that’s only because your dating the girl I’m against Mr peaceful and diplomatic” Chloe said with the snort.

“Don’t do that dear”

“Not very attractive”

“Won’t get anybody with that noise”

“Who said I wanted anyone” Chloe said back with a grin.

“She’s got you there” Harry said with a grin.

“Hermione” a gentle voice called out making the group of now eight turned to see Hermione’s mum and dad walking towards them. “Chloe good to see you again dear” the woman said with a kind smile to the girl.

“Hermione dear are these all your other friends?” her father asked his daughter, his arm around his wife as he gave his little girl a one armed hug. Hermione nodded her head with a bright smile.

“Mum, dad this is Percy Weasley, the girl in with he has his arm around is my dorm mate Rhiannon Darling, then there are the Weasley twins Fred and George, though I’m not sure who is who at this point, and these are my friends I told you of over Christmas Ron Weasley and Harry Potter” Hermione said brightly as she pointed to them when saying their names.

“Nice to meet you all” Mr Granger and his wife said. It was then Chloe saw that they had a trolley with them and it already had Hermione’s luggage on it. “Hermione I’m sorry but we need to head home, we’ve got a bit of a long drive and we have your grandparents over from Australia tomorrow” he said in a saddened voice. Chloe could see that he didn’t want to upset his daughter.

“Oh that sounds like a nice thing after being away from them for so long right Hermione” she said with a smile but her eyes said that she was sad that she was leaving and they wouldn’t see each other for a long while. “You got to promise that you’ll find time to write to us though” she added with a smirk.

“Of course I will” Hermione said with an huff as she gave her and Rhiannon a goodbye hug before hugging Ron and Harry with one arm each. “Don’t get into too much trouble over the summer, just cause I’m not their doesn’t mean you can mess around and do something stupid like fly over muggles or something” she told the boys before going back to her dads side.

“See you after the summer” she called as the family maneuverer through the crowd that seemed to be getting less slowly.

“How the bloody Merlin do you do that?” Fred or George stated to Chloe as they both rested an arm on her shoulders.

“Do what?” she asked confused at their question.

“Get on so well with other peoples’ parents?” the other twin asked.

“Oh that, well-”

“Potter!” a voice called over to the group, interrupting Chloe’s answer and making Harry freeze up straight, just like Eve had done with her father’s voice. It was a male voice to and belonged to an older man wearing grey jacket with black trousers and a grey tweed cap.

He wasn’t very tall and was a little on the cubby side much like the boy just behind him that was also short and had a very, very young face. He was clinging almost to the stick thin woman in a red skirt and jacket set with a flat hat to match and a sting of what looked like pearls. She looked like a wife out of a war time magazine.

“What are you doing, I have to leave for work in an hour, hurry up and get your trunk” he said, his voice full of command and hatred.

“Yes Uncle Vernon” Harry said back quickly. “I’ll see you back at school” he said to the six of the group that were now lift on the platform before heading over to his ‘Uncle’ and who Chloe assumed to be his aunt. The man gripped Harry’s upper arm and Chloe was pretty sure that the rip was harder then it need to be and that no one would say anything to him about it in public. But Chloe had an idea.

“Oh Harry” she called catching the attention of him and the three muggles. “Don’t forget not to let anyone touch you for a few days, that potion rash could be really harmful to anyone that hasn’t been vaccinated” she said with an innocent smile but she hoped Harry could see the mischievous gleam in her eye. It was then the twins must have caught on but Ron had given her a clueless look.

“What you-ouff” Ron didn’t get to finish as Chloe stepped beside him and gave him a hard elbowing in the ribs.

“Yeah little man” On of the twins covered quickly.

“Keep wearing long sleeves”

“And long legged trousers”

“Maybe even a scarf”

“And Socks”

“Yep, wouldn’t want to spread that rash you got”

“Right Gred”

“Right Feorge”

“Well take care Harry” Chloe said with a smile to him. He must have caught on because he just grinned back and the desired effect was put in place because his uncle let go of his arm with a panicked look on his face.

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