Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Goodbye Rhiannon, Cedric, Chloe & the Weasleys

And so that was the first prank Chloe Pulled on Harry’s ‘family’. If she had to make an opinion they were not nice people and she never wanted to see them for as long as she could help it. But didn’t mean that she wasn’t going be sending Hoot Over with letters to make sure he is alright.

“Well that was fun” A twin said

“Yeah never knew you had it in you Chloe”

“We must be rubbing off on her”

“It wouldn’t surprise me, just as long she behaves at school it shouldn’t be too much of a problem” Percy stated.

“Yeah as well as I don’t rub it off on Rhiannon right” Chloe joked with a smirk. Percy’s eyes narrowed but Rhiannon just stuck out her tongue at her making everyone burst out laughing.

“Rhiannon” Chloe knew that voice it had been that of none other than Cedric Diggory. He must have said goodbye to his friends and now here to see Rhiannon before their parents find them. Cedric like everyone else at Hogwarts knew about Rhiannon and Percy dating the morning after the sleeping potion incident with the way that Percy started to act around Rhiannon.

But from what Chloe could tell Cedric wasn’t angry which she and probably many others thought he may have been by the news, he seemed calm, understanding. It was as if he had a plan forming in his head. A plan with how to move forward from it. And Chloe felt that, that was a good way to go about it.

“Hey, you guys ok?” he asked as he came up next to them. He was smiling as normal with his silly grin that was in Chloe’s opinion made him kind of cute, the kind of cute of a an excited puppy.

“Hey Cedric” Rhiannon said, not really looking at the guy. In fact she was looking anyone but him.

“How was your train ride?” Chloe asked out of politeness been as she could see that Rhiannon wasn’t going to do it.

“It was good thanks, I just finished with my friends and came over because my mum sent me a note last night that I was getting a lift with Rhiannon’s Dad because her mum and mine are preparing a welcome home dinner with Sophie”

“Of course they are” Rhiannon stated with an eye roll. Chloe wanted to scold at her friend. She knew her feelings towards him and by now Chloe was sure that even Cedric knew her feelings towards him, her friend really did need to learn to be more discreet about it so it doesn’t offend anyone.

“Rhiannon, Cedric! Chloe!!” a voice called over to them.

‘Speak of the wizard and he appears’ Chloe thought with a kind smile as she watched Mr Darling walked towards their little group.

“Mr Darling, Cedric was just talking about you” she greeted the older man with a smile.

“Oh really” he man said rubbing his hands together before putting them I his pockets.

“Yes, that he was told you were picking the pair up from the station today”

“I’m afraid so, it seems the wives are adamant that we are all going to get together and eat before you two even get a chance to eat I’m afraid” he said with a sad knowing smile directed at the two. It was then he seemed to notice the arms of the boy that were around his daughter. “Rhiannon, dear, who is this and all these knew faced before me” he asked politely.

“Oh dad, this is Percy Weasley” Rhiannon said with a smile. “And this are his younger twin brothers Fred and George, on the end is their youngest brother Ron Weasley” she introduced, not making any move to step out of Percy’s arms which her father didn’t seem to miss.

“Ah Arthur’s children” He said with a grin to them all. “You’d think I would have realised by you looks” he spoke as he looked them over. Chloe tell that the boys suddenly went stiff and she remember the first comment that Draco had made to Ron at the beginning of the year on the staircase waiting to go in and start the adventure in their new houses. But Chloe didn’t think that it was meant that way.

“You’ve all got just a lovely mixture of feathers from Molly and Arthur” he said with a kind smile that seemed to but the boys at rest. All expect Percy who had kept a serious expression on the whole time.

“Strange that we only live not far away from each other but have never really met, of course I knew your mother in Hogwarts and have seen your father in the ministry like I see Amos but of course because of us all working in different departments be only each other briefly at work unless there is an overlap” he explained. The whole time he had not taken his eyes off of Percy’s hand on his daughter.

“Yes, well I think I have bored you lot long enough and we really should be getting on, Cedric, Rhiannon, shall we get your trucks, Drop yours at home Rhiannon before heading over to the Diggory’s” he dictated.

“Ok sir” Cedric said before the two turned to leave towards the luggage carriage knowing that Rhiannon would not be too far behind them after saying her goodbyes. Rhiannon smiled at before turning her head and going on tip toes to press a kiss on Percy’s right cheek.

“I’ll see you soon” she said before giving Chloe a small wave and following after her leaving group.

“Anyone else think we just got ignored?” Ron asked aloud.

“You mean anyone notice that the man’s contraction was on the arm that Percy had around her daughter while Cedric stood to the side of them?” Chloe stated plainly. At her comment Percy sent her a hard look.

“There was nothing inappropriate about where my hand was and even if there had been we are a couple and have been for over a month since the end of your end of year exams” He defended his actions.

“Yeah that maybe brother” Fred started.

“But she didn’t introduce you as her boyfriend” George pointed out.

“And you didn’t point it out either” Chloe finished off, to which Ron nodded. This just made Percy’s hard look turn from just a hard look to a hard glare, just too bad about his timing.

“Percy Ignatius Weasley!” a voice scolded making most of the group jump. “I hope I did not just spy you giving little Chloe such a harsh and I’m sure unjust hard glare” the group turned to see Mrs Weasley and Ginny as well as a tall man who also had the red hair that seemed to run in the Weasley Family.

“Come now Molly I’m sure it’s nothing that we need to interfere with” the man said with a grin before holding his hand out for Chloe to take and shake. “Arthur Weasley, you must be the young Chloe Perth the boys have said so much about this year” he said cheerfully as he and Chloe shook hands.

“Oh nice to meet you Mr Weasley” Chloe said while she gave him a polite smile back. “I see that the twins must get there charm from their father, it’s a shame though that Ron hasn’t quite caught up yet in that department” she joked making the twins behind her laugh while Mr Weasley gave her a puzzled look while Molly turned towards her youngest.

“Oh really and why is that?” he asked.

“Me and Ron had a slight disagreement at the beginning of the year about his attitude towards another Gryffindor first year” she explained. “But fortunately he and she worked it out between them before I needed to do any real teaching” she said with an innocent smile.

“Well seems Ron did have some luck then this year” Arthur said.

“Oh enough of this, Chloe my dear how are you? Was your year a pleasant one” Molly cut in.

“Yes thank you Mrs Weasley, your twins have taken very good care to make sure I have been fine all year, in class, in the common room, in the great hall or on the quidditch pitch, and Percy even helped me and some friends study for our end of year exams” Chloe explained with a smile.

“Are you coming over for dinner” Ginny asked with a shy tone. Chloe just gave the young girl a sad smile and shook her head.

“I’m sorry Ginny but not this time” she said apologetically. “But how about I talk to my parents and we can have you round sometime this summer for the day or something” she said trying to cheer the girl up. “But only if your parents are happy for you to come over” she said looking up to the older pair.

“Oh what a great idea, Ginny doesn’t really get much chance to get away from her brothers” Arthur said. “Do your parent live in wizarding Devon too?” He asked. To the question Chloe put on a nervous smile.

“No Mr Weasley, I’m afraid I have forgot to mention that my parents and brother are all muggles” she stated, hitting herself on the inside for not mentioning it to the pair before even asking such a thing.

“Oh brilliant you’re a muggle-born” Arthur Weasley exclaimed with an excited voice which shocked Chloe.

“Brilliant?” she voiced confused.

“Yes, its brilliant, I study Muggles at work, oh Molly we must have this girl and her family over at some point, it will be, what’s the saying, two stones in one” Arthur said happily before trying to work out the phrase.

“’Kill two birds with one stone’ I believe is the phrase you are looking for Mr Weasley” Chloe helped out, before she blushed with embarrassment in how horrible that sounded with her correcting him.

“That’s it, that’s the muggle phrase” he said with a gleeful expression. To Chloe it looked like a child at a candy store.

“Where did such an idiotic phrase ever come from” Percy Stated with an annoyed look on his face.

“I believe that my dad told me that the phrase ‘kill two birds with one stone’ came from the time where boys hunted with sling shots and it took a well-aimed stone to be able to kill two birds with one sling shot, which was a stone” Chloe explained.

“Oh Molly this girl is brilliant” Arthur exclaimed loudly making his family, bar Percy chuckle at his childish antics while Chloe just smiled.

‘I do believe that I could be in for an interesting summer’ Chloe thought to herself as she looked at the group of red head around her.

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