Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

The Hidden Black and the Truth

“Who are the Blacks?” Phillip asked a worried look came across his face when McGonagall’s voice changed its tone with the name. By her tone he and Anne something was up.

“The Black family is what we call purebloods, they have many relatives in most of the Wizarding families, the last I know of the Black was there two sons, the note said ‘SB’ correct?” she asked. She was shocked. This Child was no Muggle born that was for sure, she may even be pureblood if the rumours were true about Sirius getting with Lucy was true.

“There was two sons of the Nobility of the Black family, Sirius Black, first son, who was disowned when he began Hogwarts because he was sorted in the house of Gryffindor when the Black was traditionally put in Slytherin house” the professor explained.

“And then there was Regulus Arcturus Black, the second son and was heir to the Black estate however he died some time ago with no children and he named his brother as his heir” McGonagall explained, and then she smiled and shocked her head.

“I was the head of Gryffindor when he was there with his friends, they called themselves ‘the Marauder’ they did all sorts of pranks and got in so much trouble, but everyone enjoy there ‘grand Halloween Pranks’ oh those were the days” a dreamy look came into her eyes.

“Where students were normal and teacher were in good relations with their students, I don’t know why but these days student seem to think we punish for our own amusement because we are old” she said with a heavy sigh.

“So you think this Sirius Black is Chloe’s real father?” Phillip asked with a sadden expression. The man McGonagall was describing sounded like a good man and it kind of made him feel sad to know that her father was such a great person and in the end Chloe grew up with a ‘muggle’ for a father.

“All the clues seem to point in that direction, and there was a rumour that he got with a women in war but I never heard about a child I have to admit” she replied, she could see the sadness in the man’s eyes and knew that the man’s brain was working overtime.

“If he did it would explain why her mother had died, he told everyone that she had been dying for a while and then just gave up the fight, broke all our hearts in the order” she said sadly as she remembered the woman.

“I’m sorry you said war, is that why Chloe was left here, and why he hasn’t come back for her, did he die fighting” Anne asked. It had been a question that she always asked herself but she couldn’t give herself that answer.

“About twenty years ago the Wizarding world began a war between Lord Voldemort and the order of the phoenix, it was a long war, and ended in 1981 when family called the Potters were killed by Lord Voldemort” she said in a voice full of grief.

“Their son, Harry was the only to survive, however as to answer your question, Sirius Black did not die in the war” McGonagall could remember that night very clearly, when they had got news of the dark lard disappearing but the baby being left by himself with no parents. The poor baby boy.

“Sirius Black was the one that told the Dark Lord where the Potters were and he is in the Wizarding prison; Azkaban, where he will stay for being an evil wizard and the murder of Peter Pettigrew and the murder of twelve Muggles” the professor stated plainly.

“Oh my god” Anne said as she covered her mouth with both hands and turned her head towards her little girl in the garden. Phillip also looked at Chloe then back to McGonagall.

“So what do you suggest we do Professor?” he asked as he took in what she had said. But one thing didn’t make sense. Why had a man who had given up his only daughter for her safety, a man who gave a couple the happiness that they always wanted? Kill two of his best friends and twelve innocent people? It didn’t make sense to either of the Perths.

“It would be best to let the child believe you are her real parents for the time being” she said as she gave the blanket back to Anne.

“Ok we will” Phillip said and he watched Anne shakily put the blanket and the note back in its hiding place. “Anne, why don’t you go get Chloe I think it’s time to set this straight and Professor McGonagall can explain Hogwarts to her and what she got to do to get ready for the school year” he suggest to his wife. Anne went to get Chloe and Phillip turned back to McGonagall.

“When Chloe finds out about this what will happen” Phillip asked the professor, knowing that Anne would not be able to handle the question right now, not after whet they had just learnt about the stranger they had thought so kindly of all these years.

“I do not know that we relay purely on her and how she takes it, there is no way of know beforehand” McGonagall said as she looked into his eyes with a serious look. “You have done well raising her, even though I have not met her I can tell you and your wife were meant to parents” she said with a kind smile.

“A great one at that, you both have good heart and will protect her, you should be proud on what you have done, I know many Muggles that disown they children when they find out they are magical” McGonagall stated. They heard the back doors close and turned to see Chloe Standing by Anne hugging her book to her chest.

Chloe looked up at her mum then back to McGonagall with a shameful expression. She bowed her head and moved around the couch so that she was on her left of who she had found out from her mother would be one of her professors next year and that the letter was real.

“I’m sorry if I disrespected you by laughing at the letter when I read it, it just seemed too unreal” she said in a low voice, McGonagall could see that she hugged her book closer to her chest. McGonagall gave a little chuckle, causing both parents to give a confused expression.

“That alright dear, in fact it was quick amusing” she said softly. Chloe looked up at her.

“It was?” she asked.

“Yes, most just look at it and ignore it when they read it, you must actually be the first to ever laugh at the letter” she said with a smile.

“Really” Chloe saw that the lady was trying to lighten the mood. “Well at least I’m not normal, normal it boring” at this McGonagall gave a grin at the smile.

“I agree Normal can be boring at times” she held out her hand to the girl. “Professor McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry” Chloe shook her hand and smiled.

“It’s nice to meet you Professor McGonagall” she said with a kind innocent smile. “You’re the one that sign the letter?” Chloe asked as she looked at the lady. She was dressed like one of the characters in one of her many books.

“Yes, well remembered, but the way do you still have the letter, it has your list of equipment and uniform on it” she asked not sure if she will have to bring one with her tomorrow when they went shopping.

“Yes” Chloe said as she opened the back of her book and pulled out of the envelope, “I liked to writing style and the seal so I was going to put it on my wall in my room” she smiled. “Did you write it by hand, it doesn’t look like it was typed?”

“No I wrote one of the letters and had my quill write the rest, however I did write the name and address on all of them and signed them” she explained.

“that really cool, but in a way you did write them all if you think about it, it’s your hand writing so it’s really like you wrote them all just in less time” Chloe suggest and McGonagall began to think of what she said.

“I suppose when you think of it like that” she then looked at the time. “How look at the time, and I haven’t even explained anything” she looked to both Phillip and Anne with an apologetic smile “I’m sorry I feel like I’m keeping you all for so long and wasting your time” she apologised. Phillip gave a chuckle and Anne gave a kind smile.

“Not at all, it’s lovely to hear about all this, would you like another cup of tea Professor” Anne asked as she picked up the tea pot.

“Yes please Mrs Perth” McGonagall answered.

“Honey… can I have a coffee please…”Phillip asked, dragging out the two words to an almost whining noise.

“Of course dear” Anne replied as she poured McGonagall’s tea, “you know where the coffee maker is, help yourself” she said as she looked at him with an amused gleam in her eyes as she saw his face fall. Phillip got up and made his way to the kitchen.

“Now where to begin, Hogwarts, right, Hogwarts is a School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” McGonagall Began to explain. “It is a British Wizarding boarding school that teaches young witches and wizards all there is to the magical arts” she continued.

“Hogwarts it’s self is a castle that is located in Scotland and there are mountains around all the school and the loch and forest beside it, however his is only so that the students are protected and in order to prevent our ways of teaching are never revealed to the Muggle world” professor McGonagall finished.

“What is a Muggle, is that Mum, Dad and Thomas?” Chloe asked and she seemed to in aw just hearing the words castle made her exited, the thought of going to school in a castle.

“Yes, they are Muggles, you, Chloe are a Muggle Born, which is nothing to be ashamed of before you let anyone tell you different, it just means you have non-magical Parents in fact there three this year out of the thirty three students to attend” she said kindly, she hated that people outcastes the Muggle borns for no reason.

“As you can gather there are not many people to a year at Hogwarts, however in your first year on your first night you are sorted in to one of the four house and that house is where you will stay for the next seven years while you are being trained” McGonagall explained

You have to do the basic lessons the first year and then in your third year you get to choose some of the lessons you would wish to study, to get to Hogwarts you are to take the train form London main station called ‘the Hogwarts Express” she finished.

“Cool, but do mum and dad have to pay for the schooling?” Chloe asked as Phillip came back into the room. This was the part that he was dreading, the school was going to be a fortune and they’d have to tell her that she couldn’t do it.

“The Schooling and boarding are free along with your meals and the train ride” before she continued she looked right at Anne and Phillip. “However you must pay for your uniform, learning equipment, books and if you have a pet the food for it and it’s up keep, we do however surplice the ink for the quills until your third year when you are able to leave the castle to get your own form the village nearby”

“So how much should we need for that” Phillip asked, they had about four hundred to spend on both the kids for school and half of that was for Thomas, the most at the moment they could spear was three hundred for this maybe four if needed but it would be unfair on Thomas.

“As much as you can spear we will be going to Diagon Ally tomorrow eleven o’clock shape” and with that she brought out her wand and levitated her hat back to her and stood up. Thank you for having me this evening, goodnight I will see you tomorrow, Mr and Mrs Perth, Chloe” and with a bow of her head she disapprate away.

Minerva McGonagall had apprated in to the middle of Albus Dumbledore’s Headmaster’s office at Hogwarts, in front of his desk just below the stairs. Albus was feeding Fawkes, his Phoenix as she appeared.

“Ah, Professor McGonagall, you’re the first to report back, how’d it go with the student?” he asked in his normal joyous, jolly voice. McGonagall gave him a hard and calculating look.

“Albus, did you know that Chloe Perth was not a Muggle born, but a Black” she questioned. She would never go against Dumbledore, however she was allowed to be mad at him for not telling her things that she should know, like the fact that Sirius black had, had a daughter and the fact that she would be looking after her till she got to this school in September. Dumbledore’s eyes lit up as if it was Christmas.

“So she is his then? Does she look like him? Does she have a powerful will like her father? Does she feel like she feel became as powerful as him?” suddenly Albus was asking so many questions it beginning to give her a headache.

“Albus Stop!” she cried, Dumbledore became quiet and McGonagall took a deep breath. “Now why did you not tell me that you thought that the child would be Black, you must have known I would have found out” she asked turning the tables on him.

“I had heard the rumours as you and the others in the order had, however three nights before James and Lily Potter was killed Sirius came to me in conference, he told me he had, had a child and asked me that if any thing was to happen to him to make sure she was kept a secret so she was not used in the war against him or any of us” he said.

“But he never told me who the mother was so I assume it was Lucy Rockwood who gave birth to the child, after all no one but Sirius saw her in the year before she died” he stated.

“Why didn’t you tell me Albus before I went to see her and the family tonight” McGonagall demanded to know.

“Because I had no proof of this, until you told me yourself that she was” he said as if it was the most common thing in the world.

“But I have no proof either, all I have to go on is a pale green baby blanket with the black crest on it and a not that was signed SB, for all we now the real father could have framed the child as being Blacks because they could face up to the responsibilities of being a parent”

“Well then we have a mystery to solve while the children are here this year, don’t we, McGonagall, we have little Harry and little Chloe to look out for” Dumbledore said with a grin. “Goodnight, Professor” and with that McGonagall knew that she was being dismissed.

“Goodnight Headmaster” she said in an emotionless voice, her anger towards him would not just go with one conversation and they both knew that

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