Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Pubs & Banks

The next day like McGonagall had promised, she came and took Chloe and Anne out to get Chloe’s school things. They got the bus to town and then walked for a bit. That’s when they came to pub called ‘The Leaky Cauldron’.

The hanging sign coming off the front of the pub had the outline of a witch stirring something in a black cauldron with a notch in the bottom. Anne looked at the pub with puzzled and worried expression. Chloe saw it and decided to joke with her mum.

“Professor, are we going for a drink before shopping” She asked slyly. McGonagall looked at the girl with a raised eyebrow, she had her hat on so added to the look as if to you ‘why on earth would we do that’ which cause Chloe to chuckle.

“No Chloe, why would you think such a thing?” She replied sternly.

“Because you’ve brought us to a pub in London when we are meant to be shopping Professor” Chloe explained trying to remain calm, the look her mother was giving was so funny. Anne was trying to figure out what the hell they were doing there. McGonagall looked to Anne about to ask why the child might think such a thing, but when she saw her look her eyes widen slightly with realised and turned back to Chloe.

“I can see you are going to quite the mischievous student young Miss Perth” and the turned back to Anne to explain. “The entrance to Diagon Ally is in the back of this Pub so Muggles don’t come across it by accident, also because many wizards come this pub really, not many Muggles tend to enter it, believe there is no need to worry Mrs Perth”

“Oh” Anne said embarrassed for thinking that the professor was planning something else. “I guess that makes a lot of sense” now thinking it over it did. The three entered with McGonagall entered first followed by an exited Chloe and a nervous Anne. As they enter they could tell that it must be the lunch time rush as there were many people around.

“Prof-professor McGonagall” a man came up strutting. He wore purple robes and a purple turban wrapped around his head. McGonagall turned around to see the man and put on a fake smile as if to seem please to see the man.

“Hello Professor Quirrell, how are you today?” she asked out of Politeness.

“I-I’m fine thank y-you, you’ll never guess w-who just came th-though” he said. There was a pause as if he was expecting McGonagall to say something, however when she didn’t he took it as a sign to continue. “H-Harry Potter” McGonagall rolled her eyes at the man.

“Yes Professor, I would have thought that the boy would come through here to get to the ally, after all the students that have the staff to help them get their school things are out today with the student and their families” She replied a little coldly. She didn’t like the man much. She thought he was too isolated from the rest of the staff. To her he just seemed a pit to much of a pushover, almost like it was an act but didn’t really care as long as he was fair to students and got them thought there exanimations.

“oh y-yes, now I remember the H-Headmaster m-mentioning something like that t-this morning” by now the man’s strutting was getting on her nerves, I mean can no one else realise that they wear fake, she remembered her friend Ben from nursery having a strutting problem and even he could control it a little even if he was only four, this was a fully grown man for crying out load. Quirrell turned his gaze to the child and asked “is this the s-student you were a-assigned?”

“Yes, Professor Quirrell this is Mrs Perth and her daughter Miss Chloe Perth who will be starting at Hogwarts in September” she said pointing to the right person as she said their names. Then lifted her other arm and said. “Mrs Perth, Chloe, this is Professor Quirrell, Hogwarts Defence against the dark arts Professor”

“H-How do you do?” he asked as he shock Chloe’s hand and then Anne’s. His hands were clammy and they both had to resist the urge to wipe their hands.

“I’m fine thank you, I really can’t wait to get shopping for my School stuff” she said then turned her head towards McGonagall. “May we go now Professor McGonagall?” she asked sweetly. Her mother frowned looked as if she was going to tell her off for being rude but McGonagall interrupted before she could.

“Of course dear, I wouldn’t want to be leaving it too late, when it gets really busy, excuse us Professor Quirrell, I’ll see you at Hogwarts” McGonagall said as she started to walk away from the other professor towards the back of the pub.

“Of c-course, see you in September C-Chloe” he said and then went back to the bar where he was when they had come in. Chloe gave a shiver when her back was to him and walking at McGonagall’s side.

“That man is really weird, he gives me the creeps” she said as they walked towards the back door.

“Yes, most students think that the first time meeting him, however he is really quite harmless” McGonagall said then gave the girl a smirk. “And thank you for your quick thinking” she complemented

“Any time, if it means getting away from him, I know I won’t look forward to his lesson already” she said pouting. “Do I have to take his lesson professor?” she whined. McGonagall laughed at the childish antics; it was wonderfully weird to see a child that acted so mature have a childish action.

“Yes well Chloe you know that was also quite rude you did so I expect to be not so rude in future to him, the man can’t help how he talks” Anne scolded her, but was also glade for her daughters quick thinking, but she had to be the good parent and tell her off for it.

The three walked to the door and stopped, Chloe became so exited she felt like she did when ever her dad took her to her favourite book store a week for her birthday to see what books she wanted. She knew he was always looking over at her to see now she reacted with the books so he knew what books to buy for her.

It took till she was eight for him to figure out which expression meant what, but she was never ungrateful for the ones she got just a little sad when they were not the books she really wanted. As McGonagall pushed the door, Chloe’s eyes went wide with excitement then, confused at what they saw, all there was a brick wall and a metal stair case. Chloe looked at the professor.

“Um, did we go into the wrong pub Professor?” she asked and McGonagall almost choked on her chuckle and shock her head and walked up to the wall and took out her wand. She tapped the end of it on the bricks around a place missing some bricks. When she finished the brick began to move. The bricks moved until the stopped moving either side, revealing a colour street. Anne gasped at the site.

“I guess that was another was to prevent Muggles getting in then Professor?” Anne asked as they started walking down the street, Chloe turned her head and saw that once they were though the bricks moved back to where they were before, in to a wall. She faced forward and took in the sight of the street. It was very busy with lots of people moving form shop to shop, people standing talking and children talking to others.

She felt very out of place as most had a cape or a clock over the nice clothes where as she had decided to put on a pair of jeans with a black vest and an open green check shirt. She had left her hair down but her side fringe clipped out of her face and out of the way of her glasses. They made their way past lots of different shops and stands selling lots of different things.

“Money exchange first I think and then we can get started on the list, so sound good to you two?” McGonagall said as they were getting to where the street spilt into two different streets in a ‘Y’ shape. There was a big white building three stories high and had a sign that read ‘Gringotts Bank’

“Money exchange? Do you not use pound in the Wizarding world” Anne asked fascinated. Everything around confused her but at the same time made her want to learn more about the Wizarding world.

“No, our currency is Galleons, Sickles and Knuts” she said. “Whereas you use Pounds and pennies I believe”

“Oh, that makes kind of sense” and with that the three walked into the bank. As they walked in Anne and Chloe noticed that there was a different kind of creatures working at the desk. Chloe looked at them and tried to think what they could be.

“Professor, are they goblins by any chance?” McGonagall looked down at her for a second then back to where she was walking. Anne looked around taking in everything around them.

“Well observed Chloe, how did you know they were goblins?” she asked as she spotted a free desk and started to move to it.

“They look somewhat like how I pictured the ones in my books would look like” she stated as they walked in front of the desk. They stood in front for a couple of minutes until McGonagall’s expression became one of annoyance and she cleared her throat. The Goblin put his quill and looked up but when he saw that it was McGonagall his small body jolted back with surprise.

“Madam McGonagall” she said, his beady eyes wide with surprise. Chloe looked at her trying to figure out what he was scared about.

“Yes, here is my wand as identification” she stated in a hard voice as she took out the wand and past it to the creature. He took the want and inspected it then past it back to her out stretched hand. “This young witch, Miss Chloe Perth, withes to make an exchange of money from Muggle to wizardry” the goblin turned to Chloe and out stretched his hand. I pulled out the three hundred pounds in twenty pound notes that her mum had given her earlier and put it in his hand.

The goblin put each of the fifth-teen notes up to the light coming from the window and then wrote something in his book. He then turned back to Chloe, satisfied that all the notes were real and legal.

“How would you like the money Miss Perth” she said. She could tell he was trying to give off a kind voice but she knew that it was only because he was afraid of Professor McGonagall, something she desperately wanted to know why.

“Whatever you would recommend, I don’t really know so what would you suggest?” the goblin looked taken back at Chloe’s replied then had a look of though across his face.

“It is to get your school supplies is it not?” he asked in which Chloe only nodded. “then I would suggest that we exchange it by the maximum number of Galleons you can get which mean you would end up with ninety-nine Galleons, eleven Sickles and three Knuts” he said as he wrote something down in his book.

“Ok we’ll do it like that then please…”

“Wikz, Miss Perth” and with that he walked off with the notes in his hands. While he walked away Chloe turned to McGonagall.

“Professor, why was he afraid of you?” she asked curiously.

“I had a problem with one of the goblins about thirty years ago and complained to the management about it, in the end, the goblin got sacked because I told them that if they didn’t get rid of him I would curse them all” she shrugged her shoulders “ever since may tend to avoid serving me in worry of losing their jobs or getting hexed.” The three fell in to silence as they waited for Wikz to come back. He came back about two minute later with a small brown sack.

“Here you go Miss Perth, have a nice day” he said unsurely as if he wasn’t used to the phase and tried to give a smile. It was a scary smile, but Chloe didn’t care and gave him a smile of her own.

“Thank you Mr Wikz” she said as she took the sack and but it into her shoulder bag. “You have a nice day too, see you round” and with that the three turned and started to walk to the exit. When they were right by the door someone call out for McGonagall.

“Professor McGonagall!” all three turned round to see a large hairy man give her a big wave. McGonagall smiled at the man and then looked at the boy that was walking beside him. He looked about Chloe’s age.

“Ah, Hello Hagrid, how are you doing today?” McGonagall asked as they waited for the two to catch up.

“I’m fine Professor just getting Harry some money to get ‘im started on ‘is school shopping is all” he said as we now stood just off the door of the bank. “Harry this is Professor McGonagall, she’ll be your Transfiguration professor when you get to Hogwarts” the large man told the boy.

“Hello” he said happily. Now that he was closer Chloe saw that he stuck out like she did in his faded jeans that looked too big for him, grey t-shirt and faded grey and blue check shirt. “My names Harry Potter, nice to meet you” he said as she held out his hand to McGonagall. She shook it then pointed to Anne as she released it.

“Nice to meet you Harry, this is Mrs Perth and her daughter Chloe Perth, she is also going to be starting at Hogwarts in September” she said politely. “Mrs Perth, Chloe this is Rubeus Hagrid, Games keeper and Keys Keeper at Hogwarts” she said proudly at which Hagrid just gave a chuckle and out stretched a head to Anne.

“Nice to meet you ladies” he said as he shock her hand and then turned to Chloe. Chloe gave him a calculating look.

“Are you related to giants by any chance Mr Hagrid” Harry gave her a weird look as if to say ‘what are you nuts no’ but Hagrid just gave a big laugh.

“I am indeed, little Miss Perth, in fact my mother was a giant” he said with a large smile, which made Chloe smile as well. All she could think about the book The BFG or ‘The Big Friendly Giant’ children's book by Roald Dahl. “How could you tell” he asked which caused Chloe’s smile to widen.

“Because there is no way you could be that tall without a little giant in you” she said.

“You know what Chloe when you get a free day when you get to Hogwarts why don’t you come down to my hut with your friends and we’ll have a nice cup of tea” he suggested. “It seem every year the student always forget I’m a former student” she said sadly.

“Defiantly, but right now I think we need to get started on the shopping or we won’t be home to make dinner, you want to come?” she asked Harry. But he shook his head.

“No thanks, but I’ll see you on the train ok?” he said with a smile. Chloe smiled back.

“Ok, it was nice to meet you Harry, Hagrid, I’ll see you around” she said and then all five walked out the bank and walked their different ways.

“Are ok Chloe? I thought you might have wanted to stay and talk longer to them?” Anne asked. Normally Chloe liked small talk with new people.

“Yeah, I just want to get these books so I know I have them and I can have a look thought them before I start school” she replied.

“You know I think you will do well at Hogwarts just fine young Miss Perth” McGonagall said with a small smile towards the girl.

“Thank you professor” Chloe Beamed ad they walk toward a shop that had ‘Flourish and Blotts’ posted on top of the door, to start the shopping

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