Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Books & Robes

The three walked in the ‘Flourish and Blotts’ book shop, and Chloe fell in love, rows and rows of books, piles of books and even another level with more books, all the books were making Chloe just want to just stay forever and read them all. There weren’t many people in the shop, only a couple of children and a few adults. McGonagall saw the look on Chloe’s face and wanted to laugh at how a couple of books could make her so happy.

“Why don’t you go find your books Chloe while I introduce Mrs Perth to the shore keeper” she suggested and looked to meet Mrs Perths face and saw she was chuckling.

“Ok, I won’t be too long” the young girl said as she started to walk towards the bookshelves and start her search. She put her hand in her bag and brought out her Hogwarts list. “Come along Mrs Perth let’s get you aquatinted with the Book Keep I can tell you may be spending a lot of time here over the years” McGonagall said with a wink.

An hour later Chloe was still looking for the last book she needed, The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Trimble. She walked along the selves on the top level searching for it been as authors form S-Z was on this level, and the others were on the bottom level of the shop.

“Ah found it” and she went to grab one of the copies. There were thirteen of them and she had grabbed to one on the left end.

“Gee whiz, I found you” Chloe turned her head and saw a young girl reaching for the same book but the copy on the right end. She had Bushy brown hair loose and wasn’t wearing a cape or cloaks either. ‘She must also have a Professor with her, I wonder if she and Harry are the two Muggle borns in my year’ Chloe thought to herself. She then decided to introduce herself to the girl.

“Hello, I’m Chloe Perth” Chloe introduced and she put all her books under her right arm and held out her Left hand to the girl with a smile.

“Hermione Granger” the girl said as she did the same as her and shook her hand. “Are you going to Hogwarts this year for the first time too?” she asked as she looked at the books under Chloe’s arm.

“Yes, I’m here with my Mum and a Professor to help me yet used to Wizarding world, my dad would have come as well but he had to work, He’s a lawyer for a local firm” Chloe stated Proudly, Not arrogantly but trying to make a conversation. Hermione smiled brightly at this.

“Great, I’m here with my Dad and a Professor, he and Mum are both dentists at the same place but in the holiday they take different shift so someone’s always with me, but Mum was working so Dad came, this is out last stop before we have to go” said with a smile. They had both started to head to the till to pay for their books when they saw that their Shopping groups were talking to each other. As they got closer Anne turned to Chloe with a big grin.

“Chloe this is Mr Granger and Professor Vector, she’s the Arithmancy Professor at Hogwarts” Anne introduced.

“Hermione this is Mrs Perth and Professor McGonagall, she’ll be your Transfiguration Professor when you get to Hogwarts” Mr Granger said to Hermione. Chloe and Hermione held out their left hands to the people they were introduced to and they all shook hands with each other.

“Chloe, Hermione this is Mrs Yaxley, she is the owner of this wonderful shop” McGonagall said as she nodded to the elderly lady the oak desk. She had round glasses and her hair was grey or what looked like sliver and what really fizzy and wavy.

“Hello young Ladies are you exited to go to Hogwarts in September?” she asked in a kind, soft voice, we both nodded our heads. “Which one first then” she asked us looking form one to the other.

“I guess you should go first, been as it’s your last stop” Chloe said as she took a little step back. Hermione gave the books to the woman.

“Thank you Chloe” she said politely. The woman gave a little squeal.

“Oh what wonderful manner” she said happily as she wrote down something in her book. “Why can’t all the students be like that, most try to be first to leave my shop, it get very boring” she stated with a heavy sigh.

“Why would they do that” Chloe asked with a confused face. “I think this place is great, in fact I might come here last next year so I don’t have to rush around finding things” she said happily making the woman grin even more.

“Me too” Hermione agreed with a big smile. The woman gave a chuckle and looked to McGonagall.

“They sound just like you, McGonagall when you started” she said with a big smile.

“That was when you was in your second year and was helping your mother with the shop to urn spending money for Hogsmeade” McGonagall also chuckled remembering. “Oh those were the days, learning the magic, not teaching the stubborn how to cast them”

“Oh yes” Mrs Yaxley then turned to Chloe and Hermione. “Would you too like to buy an extra book, it’s on sale just for you too, for being such nice young witches”

“Really? What is it” Hermione asked excitedly.

“It is Hogwarts, A history” she said as she levitated two books form the selves in front of the group. “Not many students buy the book because it’s not on the list of books, however it is a really good book to read when you go to Hogwarts, especially if you are new to the world of magic” she said with a smile.

“Its normal price is seven Galleons, but for you two lovely young ladies we’ll make it three Galleons, which would make the total, fifth-teen Galleons and one Sickle” the lady said with a warm smile.

“Ok thank you Mrs Yaxley” and with that Hermione, Mr Granger and Professor Vector made their way to the door. “See you at Hogwarts Chloe” Hermione said as they left the shop. Chloe turned to the counter and gave the books to Mrs Yaxley. She took the book and wrote the title on the page while Chloe go the right amount out of her sack of money.

“Here you go dear” she said as she passed the books to Chloe as Chloe gave her the money. While she counted in Chloe put her books in her bag. McGonagall took out her want and pointed it to the bag and muttered something, then put the wand away. “McGonagall that was a wonderful idea” Mrs Yaxley exclaimed. Chloe looked confused so looked into the bag and saw that the books had been shrunk along with her sack of coins.

“You shrunk my books?” Chloe stated while looking at McGonagall confused. Both women gave a quite chuckle.

“No, I put an extension charm on it, this way the bag will be able to hold more and save us having to carry so many bags” she explained. “Don’t worry when we get you two back to your home I can take it off” she continued.

“Oh no don’t” Chloe yelled. McGonagall gave her a shocked look. So Chloe gave a big grin. “It sounds so cool, please may I keep the charm on it” she asked.

“As you wish dear, now we must be going, see you later Mrs Yaxley” and with that the three walked out the shop. “Right then uniform next I think” she said and the three women made their way to a shop that had mannequins in the window and a pair of scissors moving over the door. The sign that was over the top of the window said ‘Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions.’ The three enter the shop and saw that there were mostly mothers and some children getting the black robes.

“Welcome to Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions, I’m Madam Malkin and I’m here to help all my customers, do you know your measurement or do you need to measured and help finding the robes you need” a bubbly woman said as soon as they enter the shop. There was too floors again to the shop and three door at the back of the shop by the stair case.

“We need this young witch to be measured please Madam Malkin” McGonagall asked as she pointed to Chloe, Chloe gave a smile at the witch to be polite.

“Of course right this way to the dressing room and will get started” Madam Malkin said as that four made their way to the first door out of the three at the back of the shop. Once in the room, Madam Malkin snapped her fingers and in a puff of smoke a tape measure, a pin cushion, a quill and a piece of parchment floated in the air. “Could you write down the measurements” she asked Anne with a sweet smile.

“Um sure” she replied and the quill and parchment floated towards her. As so as she touched them they became a normal quill and parchment. Then a chair and small table appeared the same way, a puff of smoke. Anne sat and waited for the measurements. Madam Malkin took the tape measure and walked to Chloe.

“Could up stand on the stall please” and she spanned her fingers and the stall moved from the corner into the middle of the little room. Chloe stepped on to it and stood straight. Madam Malkin moved and wrapped the tape around her head.

“Head size thirty four, stretch out your arms out to the side dear” Chloe did so and Madam Malkin stretched the tape between the shoulders.

“Between shoulders twenty five” she then moved the tape over to the arm.

“Shoulder to wrist fifty five” the tape was then moved to the back.

“Neck to bum forty seven” then she moved to wrap it around Chloe’s chest.

“Bust thirty,” the tape was then moved down a bit to the waist.

“Waist is twenty nine” she then crouched so she could measure Chloe’s leg.

“Bum to leg fifty six,” She then stepped way and snapped her fingers and the tape and pins went away.

“Right come with me and I’ll find your robes” she said as she opened the door. Once they got out she turned to McGonagall and Chloe. “Why don’t you wait here Chloe with Professor McGonagall while, me and your mother get your uniform” Madam Malkin suggested.

“Ok” they said and stay out the way.

“Professor McGonagall!” a lady cried as she walked towards them with a young girl with dark brown straight hair wearing a dark almost red pink clock, while the woman had a deep blue one.

“You are really popular professor, aren’t you” Chloe said sarcastically with a smirk. However McGonagall just kept a straight face and sighed.

“That’s what happens when you’ve be head of Gryffindor house for forty years” then looked at her. “Former student tend to come up to me and show me there children and then ask for me to keep an eye for them” she looked to the woman and smiled. “They’re just being a worried parents, I would be surprised if you parent didn’t ask me to keep a look out after you after all I can tell you are going to a very mischievous student” she said with a smirk. The woman and girl walked in front of them.

“Hello Professor, how are you doing? I wasn’t expecting to see you here today” she said politely and then looked to Chloe and then back to McGonagall. “Is this your niece?” she asked kindly.

“No Mrs, I’m Chloe Perth, Professor is just helping me and my Mum with getting used to this world and ready for Hogwarts in September” Chloe said trying to be polite. She really did like this woman, but if people kept stopping them shopping then they’d never be done, and she didn’t like going shopping normally, only for books. ‘It’s a good thing that mum is getting the uniform or we would have wasted time in this shop talking’ Chloe thought to herself as she look at the girl behind the woman.

“Oh really, Rhiannon is starting at Hogwarts in September as well” the woman said pointing to the girl. “My names Sam Darling” she said as she half out her hand to Chloe. Chloe took it and then turned to the girl.

“Nice to meet you Rhiannon” Chloe said as she held out her hand to the girl. “How’s your shopping going?” she asked with a smile.

“Nice to Meet you Chloe Perth” Rhiannon replied and shock Chloe’s hand. “It’s going well, we’ve got about half of it done” she then looked to her mum and then back with a sigh. “We would be done by now, but... mum decided that she was going to talk to everyone she knows that’s here, so it’s going well, but it’s also going slowly” she said with a chuckle. Chloe laughed too.

“yeah I know the feeling, if it’s not mum asking questions on what is what, then it’s people talking to Professor McGonagall” the two girls chuckled. “So you’re here with your mum and dad?”

“No just Mum, what about you, is your dad also here?” she asked.

“No just Mum, but it doesn’t make it easier, when she doesn’t know what or where things are, it’s a really good thing the Professor is here or else I would have thought one of my classmates were playing a trick on me” Chloe Explained.

“Does that mean your parents are Muggles?” Chloe heart became heavy at the question. Here she is trying to make a friend and now the girl wasn’t going to like her because she’s a Muggle born.

“Yes” she replied quietly as if ashamed. But was then started when Rhiannon squealed and started jumping up and down. Not the reaction she was expecting.

“Oh my Merlin, this is so Cool!” she squealed. “I’ve never met a Muggle, ever, what are they like?” she asked still jumping form excitement. Chloe grabbed the girl’s shoulders and looked around the shop finding people were looking at them weirdly. Sam Darling was looking at her daughter shocked and McGonagall was looking at her with a raised eyebrow. She turned her gaze back to Rhiannon.

“Rhiannon, Don’t do that ever again please, ok” Rhiannon looked at her confused then looked around and her wise widen with realised.

“I was really loud, wasn’t I she said and her cheeks burned with embarrassed. Chloe just gave a laugh.

“Yeah, just a little bit” and then the two of them just laughed. “So you’ve never met a Muggle?” Chloe asked after they calmed down form there laugher.

“Yeah, we live in the all Wizarding families’ area, Ottery St. Catchpole, in Devon, there was Muggles there but I’m not allowed to go into the village till next summer after I’ve had a full year at Hogwarts, when I should have control over most of my magic, but I’ve had play dates with other wizards around the area like the Weasleys, the Diggorys, and the Lovegoods” Rhiannon explained.

“That fair enough, well, if you can wait till my Mum comes back she can be the first Muggle you get to meet” Chloe said happily to cheer the girl up. It was obvious by her expression she really wanted to meet one after not being able to go to his ‘village’ so it should cheer her up.

The two pairs keep talking for a few more minutes till Mrs Perth came back with a four bags in her hands. She had a smile on her face when she saw Chloe talking to another girl about her age. When she was at her old school she didn’t have very many friends and the two she did have was a girl who was a tomboy and a shy boy hardly talked. They were an odd group but if it made her daughter happy, then she was happy.

But by this girl’s appearance she was a lot more in touch with her feminine side as she was wearing a pale pink sundress with a hot pink lining and two rows of stars going around the bottom. Maybe she can get Chloe to open up to her feminine side if they became friends. Chloe turned her head and saw her mum and waved her over.

“Hey Mum” she said when she was beside her. “This is Rhiannon Daring she’s starting in September too” she said with a smile she then turned to the girl “Rhiannon this is my Mum, a Muggle” Anne scolded at her daughter and was about to tell her off for being so rude when she was right next to her, when she was interrupted by a squeal.

“Oh my Merlin, finally, I get to meet a Muggle, a real live Muggle” Rhiannon squealed and started to jump up and down clapping her hands together as she jumped. Chloe gabbed onto Rhiannon’s shoulder to hold the girl still.

“Rhiannon” Chloe groaned. Rhiannon looked at her confused and Chloe let out a heavy sigh, “You’re doing it again” she stated simply. Rhiannon’s eyes grew wide with realised and though her had back and gave a very un-lady like groan.

“Damn it not again” suddenly Sam brought up her hand and smacked her on the head, making Rhiannon’s head go straight. You could tell it wasn’t hard. “Oh, sorry Mum” Rhiannon said embarrassed. Sam only rolled her eyes at her daughter.

“Really, it’s not me you should be apologising too, anyone would think I never tort you manners at all” she then turned to Anne. “I apologise for my daughter rude behaviour” she said with a sad smile. “I hope you can forgive her” but all Anne did was smile and wave her hands.

“No, it’s ok, she did nothing wrong, I was just surprised, I was actually about to tell Chloe off for her rude behaviour when she squealed” Anne said kindly.

“I guess that they both still need a little work then” Sam said with a chuckle at the end. She then looked down at her watch. “oh Merlin is that the tie, I’m sorry to be rube but we better be going if we want to get everything done for when the Diggorys come round, they are so nice and their son is such a handsome young gentleman” she said, more hinting to Rhiannon with the end comment, to which she just rolled her eyes.

“Oh yes young Mr Cedric Diggory, I believe he will be a third year Hufflepuff, is he not, such a nice young man, he excels in my transfiguration classes” McGonagall said proudly.

“Yes he such a nice young man, he even said that he would look out for Rhiannon and her friends while she and he are at Hogwarts together” Sam stated happily. Chloe leaned closer to Rhiannon.

“Why is your Mum talking like he propose to you or something?” she whispered

“Because she wishes that we were getting married, but trust me he maybe all that they’re saying but he’s really not my type” and they both giggled.

“Well we must be off, Goodbye, Rhiannon say you’re Goodbyes” she said as she turned round and started to walk to the door.

“Nice meeting you, I hope I see you on the train Chloe” She said as she held out her hand to her.

“Yeah you too, I hope you get your shopping done without any interruptions” Chloe said with a chuckle as she took Rhiannon’s hand.

“I dote that but thanks anyway, see you” and with that she walked quickly to catch up with her mother. Anne turned to her daughter and gave her the bags and the sack of coins to put in her bag.

“I like her, she seemed nice” Anne said with a smile.

“So did I, I think we could be great friends if we were in the same house, and even then still friends” Chloe said with a smile and the three walked out the shop to continue their shopping.

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