Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Hoots, Bites and Wands

After two hours of searching for her Cauldron at Potage's Cauldron’s shop, the glass set, telescope, brass scales form Wiseacre's Equipment shop and 3 quills form Amanuensis Quills, which all cost six Galleons in total. The group of three made their way to the Ollivander’s Wand shop when they walked past a shop that said ‘Eeylops Owl Emporium’ on top of the window and cages with owls outside. Chloe turned to Professor McGonagall.

“Professor, you said that a Hogwarts we’d have to send our post by owl right?” Chloe asked looking at the owls. McGonagall saw where she was looking. It was a normal owl cage but inside was a very uncommon wizard owl. Normally you would have Screech, Barn, Tawny, Brown, and Snowy owls but this one was a Eurasian Eagle Owl. She could see that Chloe had a calculating look in her eyes.

“Yes that is how we send the post, it helps make sure the Muggles don’t have our addresses or know who our pupils are” McGonagall explained to them both. “It is also a lot quicker than the normal postal service, even if it is Scotland to Devon, parents tend to keep the bird overnight though if that’s the case.” She then caught on to what Chloe was trying to do and decide that it would be good for the young witch had an animal companion with her when she started Hogwarts, and an owl was perfect been as the family seemed to be a close one, even if she wasn’t one of them. She decided that it would be a good thing to help the young witch get what she was after.

“I recommend at least one of the children in families should have an owl, otherwise you have to pay to use the owls at Hogwarts and they do sometimes end up losing the post, it a very big hassle” McGonagall continued.

“Okay, okay it’s unfair to gang up on people you know” Anne said, she had seen Chloe also looking at the Eurasian Eagle Owl and knew that she really wanted it, but McGonagall did have a point when she was talking about letters to each other though out the school year. “We can get the owl and the things it will need, but” she said looking to Chloe.

“You young lady must promise that you will look after it properly and will help round the house for the rest of the summer to pay for your owls food, Deal?” she hand as she held out her hand to Chloe. Chloe smirked at her mother.

“Deal” Chloe said as she took her mother’s hand and with that they walked into the shop. An hour later they come out with the owl on Chloe’s shoulder with a special owl collar and leash. It was long so Hoot, the newly named Eurasian Eagle Owl, could fly high in the street but also know where Chloe was.

The owl really liked her according to the owner of the shop. Hoot had bitten everyone else that had tried to take him but when Chloe had taken him out the cage by her wrist, he had flapped onto her shoulder and gave a loud ooh-hu with emphasis on the first syllable, and when she called him Hoot he gave another.

While in the shop they had gotten two Cages, one for at school and travel, and another for in the kitchen at home. They had also gotten him six months’ worth of owl pelts. That came out to thirty Galleons, five Sickles and a Knut in total.

Which was very cheap been as Hoot Himself was fifth-teen Galleons instead of twenty Five. For some strange reason the shop keep was glad he was gone, but Chloe couldn’t understand why. Hoot flow high overhead as the three walked down the street.

Chloe had put his cages and the rest of his food in her bag and all she needed now was her wand and then they could go home for dinner. As they made their way Chloe spotted a group blonds that were walking towards them.

“Ah, Professor McGonagall, How nice to see you here” the oldest man said, he had long straight hair and walked with a cane. Beside him was a woman with blond and black hair curled into a in an up do fashion. Between them a boy with slicked back hair.

“Showing new student around again” he said in sarcastic voice, Chloe could tell that there was something off with the way the man had said that and looked at her and her mother.

“Yes Mr Malfoy, this is Mrs Perth and her daughter Chloe Perth, she’ll be starting in September with Draco” she then turned to Chloe and Anne. “Mrs Perth, Chloe, this is Lucius Malfoy, he owns a wine making company called Apothecary and is one of Hogwarts School Governors, his wife Narcissa Black Malfoy” she said looking right at Anne with meaning about the blacks the continued as if she never stopped. “And their son Draco Malfoy, as I said he will be joining you this year”

“Yes, I hope to be placed in the Slytherin House like the rest of my family have” Draco said proudly then looked at Chloe and asked. “Which house do you want to be sorted into?” it was almost a mocking tone, and Chloe could tell that he was trying to bait her to do something, maybe cry like other girls may have done for not knowing but she did the opposite. She shrugged her shoulders and acted like she did care and by his face he wasn’t expecting her reaction at all, which made her smirk on the inside.

“I don’t know what houses there are, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you, sorry” she said with a smile. Hoot came down and landed on her shoulder. He nudged her head as if to tell her to get moving, then he gave a mighty loud screech.

“Hoot that was rude” she portended to scold but stroked his head at which he closed his eye and nuzzled into her hand. “Sorry about that, we just got him so I guess he was fed up of flying in the same area for too long”

“Draco has an owl as well” Narcissa boasted as she put a hand on Draco’s shoulder. “It’s a pure bred beautiful Bubo, Bubo named Dormiens” she looked at them as if baiting Chloe to react to insult about her owl, but all she did was give a fake smile and turned to Draco.

“So you have an eagle owl too” to this Narcissa expression became that of a scowl. ‘Ha wasn’t expecting that was you’ she thought to herself then had a brilliant idea and put her wrist in front of Hoot. Hoot flapped onto her wrist and Chloe lowered it and held it out to Draco.

“Would you like to stroke him” Draco looked nervously at the bird. “You have one so you must know what to be like around them” Chloe said sweetly. His mother’s expression became blank and knew that the girl was baiting them on, but knew that if Draco didn’t touch the bird she would truant him about it.

She gave Draco’s shoulder a squeeze and Draco reached out to touch Hoot. But Hoot wasn’t having any of it and bit his finger. Chloe pulled Hoot back and stroked his head again.

“Hoot!” she yelled at the owl. “I’m sorry I guess he does really like knew people, I thought that he might be nicer to stranger now that he was out of the shop” she said with fake sympathy as Draco cradle his bitten finger and Narcissa pulled it up to look at it. “I guess I should have taken the shop keepers warning more seriously, I‘m sorry” she said as she looked into Lucius straight in the eye.

“Maybe you should young witch, excuse us we must be getting home to make sure Draco does have an infection from your Owl, who knows what it could be carrying” and with that the disapprated away. Once they were gone all three took a sigh as the tension was relived. Hoot nipped at Chloe’s glasses and she giggled.

“Good boy” she whispered hoping her mother wouldn’t hear her. Anne did however she ignored it and turned to Professor McGonagall.

“Why did I get the feeling that the Malfoys had something against us?” Anne asked as they started moving to Ollivander’s Wand shop again.

“The Malfoys are what we wizards call purebloods, and they are very prejudice against Muggle borns, however I have to say they are not the only ones to have this opinion but most tend to keep it to themselves” McGonagall turned to Chloe.

“They are the people I told you yesterday to ignore comments about and to not get upset over” her expression became that of a smirk. “But I see you can handle them all on your own, well done by the way and very clever trick, how did you get him to do that?”

“I remembered what the shop keeper said about Hoot not liking many people so I just so took a chance in hoping that he wouldn’t like him” she stated as they came to the shop door “it was nothing really” she said and they entered the shop, Hoot still on her shoulder. The place was filled with cubby holes filled with dusty old small long boxes.

“Mr Ollivander?” McGonagall yelled as they stood at the front desk. Suddenly a man came around the corner with a smile on his face. He had wild white hair going in all directions as looked like he should be in the movie Oliver twist.

“Ah Professor McGonagall, Fir and dragon heartstring, nine and a half inches” he said with wise, blue eyes, they were looked like they were aged with knowledge and as if he could see in to your soul. He turned his gaze to Chloe with the same expression on his face.

“Hello Mr Ollivander” she said with a smile. “This is Chloe Perth and her mother Mrs Perth” she introduced then turned to Chloe and Anne. “Mrs Perth, Chloe, this is Garrick Ollivander, the best wand maker and matchmaker in all of England and maybe the Wizarding world, young witches and wizards have always came to the Ollivander family for their wands.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you ladies” and with that he went to the back to the top shelve. And pluck out one of the many boxes. “Tell my young witch, what do you know about wands?” Chloe looked at the man with a sad smile.

“I know they’re an instrument of magical power” she said then continued, “But I only know that because of the books I read” she explained. Garrick gave her a pleased smile.

“That’s good, that’s very good” and he took the wand from the box and presented the handle for Chloe to take. The wand was about fourteen inches and had two Celtic knots designs on the length, the handle was made form a kind of velvet metrical.

“In this world there are many types of wands and in away a witch or wizard want is extension of one’s sole” he told her as she grabbed hold of it. “In this world the wand chooses it’s witch or wizard, not the witch or wizard chooses the wand” Chloe looked to the man in awe and then looked at the wand.

“Em, I know this sounds silly, but how do I err, test it?” Garrick gave a chuckle.

“You know you are the second person that did not know, just give it a wave and see what happens” he said with a kind smile. With that Chloe gave it a wave and the wave sent a large, powerful wind around the shop.

But it wasn’t a destructive wind. The wind blow all the dust off all the different selves and boxes and opened the door where the dusk though out, but it didn’t touch the paper and books that were on his desk or anything that didn’t have dust on it.

“I would say that, that wand was the one for you, my dear” Garrick said with a big smile. “That is the Celtic wand, not many made these days, as its core is phoenix feather, but the wood is vine” he told her. Chloe smiled at the man then brought out her sack of coins and looked at him ready to count the coins out.

“That would be fourteen Galleons and two sickles please” he said as he wrote it down in his book. Chloe handed him the coins then they all made for the door. Hoot jumped form the on top of the selves back on to Chloe’s shoulder as she put her wand back in its box and into her bag. As they opened the door Garrick called out to professor McGonagall.

“Professor, can I have a word before you leave” he asked not looking up from his book. Chloe and Anne turned to look at her but McGonagall nodded to them and walk back to the desk while Chloe and Anne went outside and closed the door.

“You know... I never thought I’d see the day that the children of four of your former house would walk in to get their wands, but I would have never thought that it would have been on the same day right after one another, let alone both have pet owls” he said with a twinkle in his old eyes.

“Mr Ollivander, you are talking in riddles, please stat clearly what you are talking about” McGonagall said in a serious voice.

“That little witch is not a Perth and she is defiantly not a Muggle born” he said looking at her with a hard expression. “Sirius Black had a Celtic wand, but it was not as decorated and his core was dragon heartstring” he said and turned back to writing in his log book.

“Then there was young Mr Potter earlier, eleven inches, Holly, phoenix feather” McGonagall expression became blank.

“The young witch does not know of her heritage and I am determined to keep it that way until time is needed” she then gave a sad smile. “She does not need to be judged by what her father did” and with that she walked out the door.

“Or what he may not have done as the case maybe” Garrick said quietly to his self.

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