Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Dad Meets Hagrid, Hello to the Weasley

It was the day of the train. Chloe had been packed all week. It had been five weeks since she had found out that she was a witch and gone to Diagon Ally with her Mum and Professor McGonagall. In those five weeks she had managed to read half of ‘Hogwarts; A History’ and had read though ‘A History of Magic’, ‘Magical theory’, ‘a Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration’ and ‘Magical Drafts and Potions’.

Hoot had behaved himself when they brought him home and now he has a post in the garden for him to rest on while Chloe was in the garden reading. Chloe thought he was more of a house cat then an owl. He always wanted her attention and most of the time it wasn’t for food.

The amount of time she had put food out for him when he was getting annoying when she was reading was not you would expect of an owl. Only god knows what he is going to do when Chloe was in class. Now it was the morning of Chloe going away and both her parents had got the day off today and yesterday.

Yesterday they had off too so that they could celebrate her birthday, been as she wasn’t going to be at home for it. They had gone to McDonalds for lunch then went to see ‘Kevin Costner; Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ in the cinemas, then had Pizza Hut for dinner.

Now it was all four of them in the car on the way to the train station. Thomas had told them he wasn’t going to go with them, but none of them could blame him. Thomas and Chloe had always been in the same class form the beginning and he wasn’t taking being away from her very well.

Since about three weeks ago he had started to distances himself away from her until Chloe had told him she wanted to spend her holidays with him before she had to go. She wouldn’t be spending Christmas with them either; Chloe told them that she wanted to spend it there and get to know the school better.

She had also read in ‘Hogwarts: A history’ that most of the staff stay if they don’t have family to visit to do marking. She had told them she wanted to spend it with the teachers to get to know them better been as she would be there for the next seven years.

So here she was, going to London train station with her Mum driving, Dad ‘directing’ and Hoot in the back with her in his cage. He didn’t like it very much and keep trying to bite though it so Chloe stoked him though the bars.

The little group arrived at the station at ten o’clock, so they had an hour to get her on the train. They got out the car and her Dad went to get a trolley for her. She had told them she wanted to get on the train by herself and get to the platform. Really it was so she didn’t let them see her cry when they waved her off.

Anne grabbed Hoot form the back seat of their Ford Explorer while Chloe got her trunk form the boot. Just as Chloe got the trunk out Phillip came up to them with the trolley. Chloe put the trunk on first then Anne secured Hoot on top of with a bit of rope tied to the handles.

Chloe turned to Anne and Phillip with a small sad smile. Anne almost in tears and Phillip looked like he was going to cry as well. They would see her for at least 20 weeks, they were heart broken. Chloe resisted rolling her eyes then Phillip pulled her to him for a hug and he kissed the top of her head. Over the top of his shoulder she saw a man she recognized with a boy with a trolley coming their way.

“Hagrid! Harry!” she yelled at them. The two looked her way and walked toward her and her parents.

“Hello Mrs Perth, Chloe, I didn’t see you there, already to go?” Hagrid asked as they got closer.

“Yeah, just saying goodbye and then me and Hoot are off to find platform nine and three quarters” she said sadly and her mum put her shoulder, Chloe then noticed Harry’s owl. “Cool snowy, did you get her at Eeylops Owl Emporium?” she asked as she stroked Hoot though the cage.

“Yeah, her names Hedwig” he said happily and then Hedwig ruffed her feathers. “You got that eagle owl from there too?”

“Yeah, I named him Hoot” she said happily with a grin.

“Well we best be going, don’t want to miss the train do we, are you coming Mrs Perth and …?” then Chloe remembered her Dad didn’t know them.

“Oh god sorry, Dad this is Harry a new class mate” as she pointed to him Harry held out his hand and Dad shock it happily. “And Mr Hagrid, he’s the games Keeper and keeper of keys at Hogwarts” Hagrid and Dad nodded to each other.

“Nice to meet you, now Chloe” Phillip said to get her attention. “Remember to write, and tell us all about the school and how you’re doing, and if you have any problems please tell us and we’ll do what we can” he said for the tenth time this morning. Chloe did roll her eyes this time. “Don’t give me that look young lady”

“I will dad, don’t worry, now I’m not going to see for so long so can I have a group hug and I can go with Hagrid so I don’t get lost” she asked holding out her arms. Both Anne and Phillip hugged her and then she pulled away and started to push her trolley so she was alongside Harry.

She and Harry walked with Hagrid though the station. And along the bridge in the station we walked in a comfortable silence. Hagrid took out his pocket watch and his eyes became wide.

“Blamey, is that the time, Sorry Harry, Chloe, gonna have to leave you, Dumbledore will be wanting his err, well he’ll be wanting to see me” he said patting his right breast, Chloe assumes there is something in his pocket, but he became very nervous “Now your train leaves in ten minutes, Chloe did Professor McGonagall give you your ticket”

“Yes” she said as she pulled out her purse. “It’s in here” she explains as she unbuttoned & unfolded it and pulled out her ticket.

“Good, good now Harry here is your ticket, now stick to it Harry, that’s very important Harry, Chloe Stick to your ticket” Harry looked down at the ticked and mutters something while Hagrid gave Chloe a knowing look and pointed down to one of the pillars of platform nine. It was about three quarters of the way down. Chloe turned back around to find him gone.

“Hagrid there must be a mistake, this says Platform Nine and three quarters, there’s no such thing, is there” when Harry looked up and saw him gone and then turned to Chloe. “Where’d he go?” Chloe shagged her shoulders and put her ticket back in her purse and put it back in her shoulder bag that McGonagall charmed.

“Let’s get going we have ten minutes to get there” she said pointing to the same pillar Hagrid had. And with that she started to walk to the slop down t platforms nine and ten. Harry followed her confused when they were about three pillars away they saw a redheaded woman with a knitted hat on with a young redheaded girl beside her and four redhead boy trailing behind her.

"It's the same every year, packed with Muggles..." Chloe looked to Harry and Harry looked at Chloe then back to the group. “Platform Nine and three quarters this way” Chloe and Harry followed the group down the platform till they came to the one in front of the one Hagrid had pointed to.

"Alright then, Percy, you first." the woman said, gesturing to the tallest boy. The boy ran with his trolley up to the wall and Chloe closed her eyes waiting for the crashes but all she heard was "You next, Fred." Chloe opened her eyes and saw that the boy was gone and now there were a pair boys who were clearly twins were at the front while the woman and girl stood to the side.

"I'm not Fred, he is!" The boy on the left cried at the woman pointing to the boy on the right.

"Honestly woman, you call yourself our mother" the boy on the right shook his head sadly.

"I'm sorry George" The woman gestured for him to go on. Chloe now knew what the boy’s names were but she had a feeling they were messing with the woman when they both grinned. The boy started walk forward with his trolley and then turned back to face the woman.

"Only joking, I am Fred." The boy ran forward toward the wall like other, Percy and simply disappeared into it Chloe blinked. And then saw his twin just a step behind him when she opened her eyes. Chloe moved forward tapped the woman's elbow, while Harry stayed where he was shock. Chloe gave the woman a small smile.

"Yes dear?" The woman half turned towards her returning the smile. The remaining boy with his trolley and young girl with her looked at Harry and her with curiously.

"Hi, I’m Chloe and this Harry, Do you suppose you could tell us how to…?" Harry trailed off.

"How to get onto the platform" The woman asked kindly. "Oh don’t worry dears it’s Ron's first time going to Hogwarts too” she said with a cheery smile. “Head straight at the wall to get though– I know it's a bit frightening” she said stoking Chloe’s shoulder in a comforting motion. “Best to take it at a bit of a run if you're nervous."

“Thank you, do you mind if Harry goes first and then your son, it’s just that I promised Hagrid to get Harry there on time and I’m worried he won’t” Chloe lied, but for some strange reason she didn’t want Harry to stay on the platform for too long.

“Oh what lovely manner, oh of course he can go along love” she said motioning to Harry. The little girl be the woman’s side moved out of the way a little.

“Good luck” she whispered to Harry her cheeks coloured a little and Chloe wanted to giggle. It was like one of those movies where it love at first sight. Chloe watched as Harry Ran though the pillar.

“Right you now Ron” the woman said to her son, who gulped and then started toward the barrier. The woman then turned to Chloe. “Right let’s get you on the platform with your brother then” she said polity.

“Oh, he’s not my brother Mrs, he’s just someone I met then saw again today, my names Chloe Perth” Chloe said with a smile and held out her hand to the woman.

“Oh I’m sorry dear, I just thought been as you walked together that you were, my names Molly Weasley and this is my little witch Ginny” she said as she took Chloe’s hand. “Would you mind if we went thought with you?” she asked.

“No, not at all, I think it might calm my nerves if you did” Chloe said with a smile.

“Right Ginny grab hold” and with that Molly and Ginny were either side of Chloe and then all three ran at the wall, Chloe Closed her eye and felt a 'whoosh' sensation.

Once they were the other side Chloe opened her eyes. Molly gave a Chuckle at her side. “Feel better now, Chloe” she asked in a kind tone. Chloe nodded and turned the trolley and stood wide eyes at scarlet train waiting there.

“Thank you for helping me Mrs Weasley” Chloe thanked as they started to walk to the loading bay where her sons were waiting along with Harry.

“Anytime, by the way why were you and Harry by yourselves?” she asked with worry.

“Oh Harry was with Hagrid, Hogwarts games keeper, and I told my parents I was going to find it myself, I didn’t know thought that we had to go through a wall” Chloe explain. Molly leaned in.

“Close family?” was all she asked.

“Yes, but my brother didn’t come, I think he taking the news I’m a witch pretty hard, we were always in the same class it will be hard I guess to get used to” Molly wrapped an arm around the girl in a motherly comfort.

“Don’t worry, my boys will help you get used to it” she said with a smile.

“Come on mum you’ll make her late if she doesn’t get her stuff on the train” as the twin’s grabbed Chloe’s trunk and moved to grab Hoot off the trolley. However Chloe could see that Hoot was about to go for the boy’s hand.

“No don’t” Chloe yelled. The boy looked at her and then saw what the owl was going to do so put him down. Molly looked from her son, to Chloe to the bird. “Sorry, he doesn’t really like being in the cage so he a bit grumpy, I wouldn’t like it if he bit you, let me take him” Chloe said as she took the cage. Molly smiled at her but the boy looked Horrified.

“Wasn’t that the trident owl that was in Eeylops Owl Emporium?” the twin asked. Chloe Frowned.

“Hoot is not a ‘trident owl’ he just doesn’t like being in the cage” she said as she stoked him thought the cage. Hoot rubbed his head against the bars trying to feel her hand more. “Hoot’s more of a house cat then an owl really, he prefers to be on my shoulder” Chloe explained. Chloe then handed him to the train worker, again Hoot tried to bit but ended up biting the bar. “Next year I might just have mum send him to me by giving him a letter” she said with a sigh.

“Oh right I forget introductions, Chloe this are my four youngest boys, Percy, he’s a prefect and in his fifth at Hogwarts, these are my mischievous twins Frederick and George both are in their third year and my youngest Ronald who is starting this year” she said with a smirk as Fred and Ron groaned.

“Did you have to tell her our Full names?” Fred asked. Molly gave them a smug like.

“When introduce my sons to a young pretty Witch I will always use Full names Frederick Weasley and I expect you and your bothers to help little Chloe Perth here this year, like good sons” she said as giving them a warning, however Chloe was too embarrassed to see, the fact that the woman called her pretty was worrying. “Like I expect them to look after their bother and not tease him”

“Yes mother, we know you told us this morning” Fred said.

“When we got out of bed” the other, George continued

“When we were eating breakfast” Fred continued


“Then in the car”

“Four time”

“And twice down the platform” they said together.

“And will you?” Molly asked

“Hell No” they said together.

“Well then I haven’t said it enough then have I” she stated.

“All aboard!” the conductor yelled. Suddenly everyone was getting on the train. Molly gave Chloe a squeeze and kissed Ron’s head.

“See you all at Christmas and Fred, George, not too many letters please form the teachers, poor Errol is growing too old too quickly from all your detentions” Molly said with a sigh and with that the six of them enter the train and went there different ways when the train pulled out the station.

Chloe walked along the corridor until she came to a compartment which only had one girl in it, she looked young with her slightly wavy light brown hair that had a side fringe that when just above her right eye and she had a bored expression on her face as she looked down as saw that it was pretty fully so she went with what she could get and opened the door.

“Excuse me” she said to get the girls attention. The girl looked at her but didn’t say anything so Chloe continued. “Do you mind if I sit with you, everywhere else is pretty full up?” Chloe asked politely. She made move to step in as if she pressured the girl to say yes, after all, the other girl got here first.

“Sure, if you want” the girl said. Chloe smiled and walked in and sat on the other side of the compartment. Chloe was trying to figure out this girl in her head. She looked like she didn’t care about what going on around her but after a while Chloe noticed that in the window if someone walked past, her eyes would follow.

In the end Chloe chalked it up as the way the girl was and brought her shoulder bag to the front of her. And Brought out ‘the Hobbit’ she hadn’t finished it when she was reading it before because her nag books had taken up her time, so she brought it with her as well as ‘the lord of the rings’ trilogy to read in her spear time.

“You read that Muggle book too?” the girl suddenly asked as she looked at the cover. Chloe smiled at the girl and nodded. The girl looked away and asked. “Have you read the follow up series?” Chloe smiled because she had figured it out. The girl was shy. That’s why she was by herself, that’s why she was quite all this time.

“Yes I brought them with me to read in any spear time I get.” Chloe said kindly. The girl smiled out the window. Chloe decide to befriend the girl. She closed her book and held out her hand over the compartment to the girl. “I’m Chloe Perth” Chloe said with a smile. The girl looked at Chloe and gave her own small smile.

“Eve Overton” she said and took Chloe. From then on they started talking about all different things from family to Eve explaining about the houses at Hogwarts and Chloe telling her about her day in Diagon ally. Eve found it really funny about Hoot biting the Malfoy boy’s hand and said that she would love to meet the bird that bit Draco and lived.

Eve then explained that she was also a pureblood and Draco had told her one that they would marry when they were older because they were both purebloods and Chloe laughed. Chloe also found out that if Draco got hurt by an animal then his father tended to get the animal executed. Chloe called the family a load of bastards.

Halfway to Hogwarts Hermione knock on the door and Eve became silent. Chloe then conformed that Eve was in fact shy around new people. Hermione was in her school robes as she looked around the compartment then saw Chloe.

“Hello Chloe” she said politely. “You haven’t seen a toad around have you?” she asked. “A boy called Neville lost one” she explained. Chloe shock her head.

“No sorry Hermione” she answered. “Hermione this is Eve, Eve this Hermione” Chloe introduced and saw then shack hands.

“Nice to meet you Eve” Hermione said with a smile and Eve gave another small one, the same as she did to Chloe.

“Nice to meet you Hermione” Eve said quietly but steadily. “We’ll keep an eye out for the toad” and with that Hermione left.

“I guess we should get our robes on” Chloe said with a sigh. As they got dress they heard a small ‘crock’ they looked at each other and heard it again. Chloe looked under her seat and Smiled. “Hello little guy” she said as she pulled out the toad form under the seat.

“Am I right in thinking you are the toad that Neville lost?” she asked the toad and it crocked and the girls laughed. “I guess we’ll have to give you to him on the platform” and with that Chloe sat with the toad on her lap and continued to talk to Eve.

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