Chloe Perth At Hogwarts: The 1st Year

Falls, Boats and Detention

About Half an hour later the Hogwarts express pulled up at Hogsmeade train station. Chloe and Eve got off onto the platform when Chloe literally got ran into making her fall back on her back and someone land on top of her. Chloe let out a groan and looked at how was on top of her. It was a tall guy with what she could only call, ‘fluffed up’ brown hair.

There were three things going on in her mind while she laid there with this guy on top of her. One it was a good thing Eve was holding the toad, two this handsome guy was heavy and three, why wasn’t he getting up.

“Dude get off me please” she groaned out.

“Oh my Merlin, I’m so, so, so sorry” he kept saying as he tried to move but in his rush to get up his hand slipped and he landed on her again. Making Chloe groan because of the boy’s weight being dropped on her again.

“Oh my Merlin, Chloe” there was a squeal form the chord which she automatically recognized. The guy got off Chloe and she just laid there in pain.

“Are you ok Chloe?” Eve asked as she crouched down to help her up. Rhiannon was at her side as well as she also help her up. Chloe felt really dizzy because she hit her head as well.

“Yeah, Yeah I’m good, where’s the git that ran in to and fell on top of me, Twice” she groaned out as she looked around the crowd that had formed but she was seeing double and everyone could tell she was in pain.

“Well done Cedric” one of the Weasley twins.

“Now she’ll set Hoot on you” the other said as they laughed. Chloe glared at the pair but there were four of them.

“I’m really sorry” the guy that fell on Chloe, Cedric, said as his friends all chuckled and giggled around him. “Are you ok?” he asked. Chloe wanted to roll her eyes but her head really hurt but Eve and Rhiannon beat her to it.

“What do you think” Eve said under her breath with loads of sarcastic in her voice.

“Not only did you run into her, made her fall on to the platform, which is solid concert by the way, but you also fell on top of her, twice” Rhiannon continued holding up two finger to emphasise her point.

“Looks let’s just go I think I hear Hagrid calling us” Chloe said as she took the toad form Eve and started to walk you Hagrid. Grated it was a little bit of a zigzag but after a fall like that everyone was shocked and wide in the mouth. Eve and Rhiannon gave Cedric a heard look before catching up with her.

“That was” Fred started

“Unexpected” George finished.

“Yeah, I thought she might have cried” someone in the crowd said and the most of the third years watched the three little first years walk to the half giant.

“I bet you 2 Galleons she’s sorted in Gryffindor” Fred said.

“No, it will be Hufflepuff, we’ve always got back up when people knock us down” one of the Cedric’s friends said to the twin. Fred held out his hand the boy shook it.

Chloe walked towards Hagrid with the toad in her arms. Her robe now had concert dusk on it form the fall and some of her hair had fallen out of her pony tail. Her glasses also had a small chip in the corner. Eve and Rhiannon were at each side. Rhiannon was fussing over her and Eve was silent. Then it dawned on her.

“Oh, I completely forgot, Eve this is Rhiannon, Rhiannon this is Eve” she introduced. That’s when Rhiannon burst out laughing and Eve gave a giggle.

“Really Chloe” Rhiannon said in a joking tone. “You just fell on by a third year guy and probably got a concussion and you’re worried about the fact we didn’t know each other” they both giggle and Chloe just pouted then saw Hermione.

“Hermione! Owe” she yelled and rejected it because it made her head hurt even more. Hermione turned round and Chloe held up the toad. A tallish boy next to her face lit up.

“Trevor!” he yelled and ran to her, Hermione walking toward them behind him. Eve and Rhiannon cringed at the yell, but Chloe actually grabbed on to her head. The boy took the toad. “Thank you, thank you so much for finding him, oh thank you” he kept saying but he was saying to it too loudly for her so held up her hand to stop him. Hermione walked up to her face was shocked at what she saw.

“What happened to you? You didn’t have to work that hard to find the toad we would have found him eventually” she stated, at which Eve rolled her eyes.

“The toad was under her seat” she said plainly.

“She got knocked down by a third year named Cedric Diggory” Rhiannon finished.

“Wait, hold on a second, that’s the guy your mum you to get with!” again Chloe’s head now hurt because of her own stupidity. Hermione looked at Chloe’s glasses. She then took out her wand.

“Oculus Reparo” and with that a spark came from the end of her wand and Chloe’s glasses were as good as new.

“Come on let’s get to Hagrid already” Chloe said impatiently and all most fell forward.

“That’s it Neville give her a left” Rhiannon said as she took his toad form his hands.

“No guys, I’m fine really” but when she almost fell again. “Ok maybe not” and so she let Neville give her a piggy back. As they started feting closer to the group of first years Chloe told him. “Sorry Neville, I’m really heavy”

“She is joking right” she said loudly. Chloe smacked his shoulder lightly. “You weight nothing” and so the small group got to Hagrid.

“Is that you Chloe? What are you doing on his back?” he asked confused. But Rhiannon replied for her.

“She got knocked down and landed on by an older student onto the platform, I think she has a concussion” she stated simply.

“Okay let’s get you all to the boats then” and with that the first years made their way to the boats.

“I think she’s acting it so that she can be lazy” Draco said to the two boys beside him. But Chloe smirked and turned to face him.

“Hey Draco, how’s your hand” she said as saw him stiffen slightly, he sent a glare at her then walked forward.

“How’d she know about to spell casting injury” the bigger of the two asked him, but before he could reply Chloe was in a fit of laughter.

“Is that what your telling people?” she asked still laughing Eve was giggling as well knowing the true story. “Draco didn’t get it by a spell casting, but got it by my owl biting him” the rest of her group which were now joined by Harry and run were trying to cover their laughter.

“I guess he’s too proud to admit that an animal hates him” then all the students started to laugh until they got to the boats and they got in them. Eve, Rhiannon and Chloe were in one and Hermione and Neville were in another.

While on the boat ride over Rhiannon tried to sort out Chloe’s hair while Eve tried to get the dust off her robe but it only ended up with Chloe having her hair down and there being a bigger area of dust of her robe. As the three enter the doors to meet McGonagall on the stairs, it wasn’t looking good.

“Chloe Perth what on earth happened to you” she said as she beckoned her to come to her. Chloe did but Eve and Rhiannon stayed by her side as she made her way up.

“I was knock down and landed on by a third year professor” she said then smiled “it doesn’t hurt really, and the guy apologised after he got off me” she said

“Yes, well turn around” Chloe did and McGonagall use a charm to get rid of the dust off the back of her robes and trouser legs. “Can’t do anything for the hair but at least you look ok now” she said as the rest of the year gathered in front of her. Chloe Eve and Rhiannon took a step back as the professor began her Speech.

“Good evening, and welcome to Hogwarts of Witchcraft and Wizardry” she pause and look over the crowd, counting make sure there were thirty three of them, when she was sure he continued as if she had stopped to count but as a dramatic pause. “Now, in a few moments you will be joining the rest of the school” she said and there was a murmur. “However, before you can be seated you must be sorted into your house”

“There are four houses here at Hogwarts; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin” Draco face practically glowed when his ‘family’ house was mentioned. “While you are here, your house will be like your family, your triumphs will earn your house points any rule breaking and your house will loses points at the end of the year the house with the most points will win the house cup, your sorting ceremony will began momentarily” and with that she turned away toward the two large doors.

“It's true then” Draco announced and Chloe rolled her eyes, the pain in her head was going slowly. “What they were saying on the train, Harry potter has come to Hogwarts” once he said that everyone started to whisper. Chloe leaned toward Eve and Rhiannon.

“Why is it special that Harry’s here?” she asked, confused. They gave her a shocked expression.

“You don’t know?” Rhiannon asked and Chloe shock her head. “He lived thought the killing curse, it was when he was one, in the first Wizarding war, the dark lord went to his house and killed his parents and tried to kill him but it didn’t and it killed the dark lord instead” she explained. Chloe turned her attention back to what Draco was saying.

“-I’m Malfoy, Draco Malfoy” Ron then tried to stop a laugh coming out. Draco turned to Ron and glared.

“You think my names funny do you” she said harshly. “There’s no need to ask for your name, red hair and a hand-me-down robe, you must be a Weasley” he said as if he was forced to sallow soap. Chloe frown at him. She had met the Weasley and saw no problem with being one of them. “You will soon find out that some Wizarding families are better than others, potter” and at that Chloe couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

Everyone looked at her and move so Draco could see her. Next to her Rhiannon was giggling as well but Eve was only having a small chuckle. Draco glared at her and was about to say something but she cut him off.

“Oh, I’m sorry, please do continue to spread your venom” she said and then smirked; he gave her a look of absolute rage.

“Do you have something to say, you fifthly little Mud-“

“Mr Malfoy” everyone turned to see McGonagall stood there with a look of ablaut disgusted. “If you finish the word I will have to send away from this school this instant” she yelled at the boy. He stood there are if he was petrified. “Congratulations you know hold the record for the earliest detention for a first year, you have four detentions with me after school this week, two hours long for each of them now you will stay quiet while I speck.”

Malfoy moved out the way and moved toward the two boys he had come across with in the boat. Everyone had become silent, now sacred of the woman. McGonagall came back in front of the crowd and looked to Chloe.

“Mrs Perth, this is your first warning, if I find you are making trouble again you will also get a detention. Chloe looked to the professor and nodded, everyone looked at her weird.

“Yes Professor McGonagall” she replied. Everyone grasped and McGonagall gave her a proud look. She then turned to talk to them all.

“We are ready for you all now” and with that she turned around to walk through the door.

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