My Sister's Mistress


Two months have passed since the Great Thaw, and Elsa and Anna are getting reacquainted after a lifetime apart. One night will change all that, and the power dynamic within Anna's bedchambers.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

COPYRIGHTS: Most characters/locations are © those Mickey guys. Rhys, Clara, various incidental characters and all original plot elements are ©2014 Cartesian Planeswalker and Jessica X. Cover by Kiirii13.

GENERAL WARNING: The following fanfiction contains SEVERE KINK. Each chapter will list the kinks involved before the story content. If any of the kinks listed hold the possibility of triggering you, please DO NOT READ THIS FIC. If you disregard this warning, you do so at your own risk. This thing gets dark, but all scenes represent consenting adults involved in play. Also, no kink-shaming and no mindless flaming. If your criticism of the fic only has to do with the kinks, keep it to yourself and go find something else to read.

Important note, however: please don't misconstrue the kinks in this fic as ones that Cartesian and/or myself actually participate in, have ever tried, or condone in reality. Most of them are all well and good, but there are a few of these that are simply not a good idea to try. PLEASE do your own research before attempting anything in this story with your own sexual partners! Be safe above all else!

CHAPTER WARNINGS: intoxication, incest, through-the-clothes action. (but it starts to get a lot worse next chapter)


Queen Elsa giggled as she ran the brush through Princess Anna's hair for about the umpteenth time, pausing only to touch it gently before brushing it again. Her younger sister's hair didn't really need any more attention, but she was enjoying herself immensely. They had a lot of lost time to make up for after being separated for so long. When they were little girls, they used to spend hours fixing each other's hair, so this ritual made her feel close to Anna again, as though they'd never been apart. Even though Elsa was busy with her new duties as queen, in the months since the thaw the two girls had spent almost every evening together. After dinner they'd retreat to one of their bedrooms, where they would talk and giggle and cuddle into the wee hours of the morning. It was the best part of Elsa's day.

"So then," Elsa went on, finishing her story about a particularly obnoxious advisor. "I reminded him that his position in my inner circle isn't at all guaranteed. Just because he was able to buy his way into our court decades ago doesn't entitle him to my trust. I'm considering letting him go..." She set the brush down and shifted on the bed to sit next to Anna rather than behind her. "There," she announced with a smile. "Beautiful, and all ready for you to mess it up while you sleep."

"Hey!" Anna gusted, cheeks rouging slightly at the remark. "Just because you can shake your hair out and it falls perfectly doesn't mean you get to poke fun at me all the time!" After a moment's hesitation, she shrugged and said, "Do you want me to brush yours out, too? I mean, I know it doesn't need the attention, but I could, I want to. W-well, I want to if you do, anyway."

Elsa smiled. "I'd love for you to brush my hair," she said happily, turning so that Anna was behind her and handing her the brush. "That feels nice," she sighed as Anna began running the brush through her hair. "Hmm... I know I keep saying it, but I've missed this so much, Anna."

"Yeah." Anna smiled wider than she would have if Elsa were facing her, allowing the silken threads to slowly filter down through her fingers as the brush separated and smoothed them. "I know exactly what you mean. Um, can I ask you something?"

Elsa leaned back a little, relaxing into the feeling of the brush in her hair. "Hmm? Oh- of course, Anna! You can ask me anything."

Nodding to herself, Anna moved on to another lock and set to work on it. "What did you think about, all those years up here by your lonesome? I m-mean, I know it can't have been any fun, I just wonder. You probably knew what I was thinking because I wouldn't leave you alone, but... you don't have to answer if you don't want."

Elsa paused. What had she thought about, indeed! She turned back to Anna, forgetting all about having her hair brushed. "I thought about you," she confessed. "I thought about you every single day. Words can't express how much I missed you, Anna." She reached out and placed a hand on her sister's face. "I would have done anything just to be able to hold you in my arms again."

Flinching in mild surprise, Anna recovered quickly and smiled, pressing her hand against her sister's. "Oh, Elsa... I know that now, I do! Just... ugh, this is probably only making you feel bad, I'm sorry, I never should have brought it up." Biting her lip, she looked left and right briefly, as if worried that one of the servants would spring from behind a tapestry at her words. Then she leaned in and whispered, "You know what we need?"

Elsa was about to assure Anna that she wasn't making her feel bad at all, she was happy to talk to her about anything. But she became distracted when Anna suddenly changed her tone. "Hmm?" she replied, looking around too, though she had no idea what Anna was looking out for. "No... what?"

"Can we go down and raid the wine cellar?" When Elsa merely stared at her, she blushed and rushed ahead, "Okay, okay, so it's supposed to be for visiting dignitaries or whatever, I know! But c'mon, you're the queen! Can't we just, maybe, um... sneak one?"

Elsa's face broke into a grin. "We'll sneak as many as we like!" she declared. Taking Anna's hand, she hopped down from the bed and began making her way down the hall. It was late enough that everyone else was in bed, so they didn't see another soul out and about. When they reached the wine cellar, Elsa lit the small lamp on the wall and shut the door behind them.

"Did you have something in particular in mind?" she asked. There was quite a selection. She took a bottle of white wine from the shelf, giggling as she wrenched the cork from the neck of the bottle. "I feel like a little girl sneaking into the kitchens!"

"Sheez, I know!" Anna snorted, stuffing both hands into her mouth to keep herself from bursting out laughing. When she had regained control of herself, she peeked over the top of the bottle, stealing glances up at Elsa's face from the corner of her eyes. "So, um... what should I expect it to taste like?"

Elsa raised an eyebrow. "What, you've never had wine?" She took a small sip right from the bottle, sighing happily as it warmed her throat and belly on the way down. "Mmm, quite good... almost tastes like grape juice! It isn't too dry at all." She took another drink before handing the bottle to Anna. "Try some."

Anna chewed her lip for a moment, glancing up and then back down at the bottle, then rolled her eyes at herself. "Why am I so nervous? This was my stupid idea." Even so, her hand shook slightly as she reached out and took the bottle from her sister. Licking her lips briefly, she silently counted to three before tipping it back and downing a generous swallow. Seconds later, she was coughing. "NNHh!" she managed between hacking fits. "It burns!"

Elsa couldn't help but laugh at her sister coughing and sputtering. "You can't just knock it back like it's water, silly," she teased, rubbing Anna's back gently. She took the bottle and helped herself to another drink, demonstrating the proper size for a sip of wine, before handing it back. "Try again, and don't be so ambitious this time."

Anna's lip curled, but she did as her sister bade her, measuring the size of her sip carefully in her mouth before swallowing. "Uh," she gasped afterward, tongue hanging out in disgust. A heartbeat later, however, she was smacking her lips. "You know... okay, maybe now that I'm used to it, that's not so terrible." Another sip of equal volume. She wiped her mouth indelicately, then flushed at her manners. "Sorry, I probably look like the village sot next to you."

Elsa laughed. "Oh, hush!" she teased, taking a big drink of the wine to rival Anna's first swig. "We're raiding the cellar, not attending a wine tasting." She grabbed another bottle from the shelf, this one a drier red wine, and tucked it under her arm. "Come on, let's take these back to the bedroom!"

Face warming at the notion of even finishing the first bottle, let alone a second, Anna yanked the door open before dousing the light and following her sister's light, dainty footsteps past the storage rooms. As they ascended the stairs, her head began to grow muzzy, and she tried to focus on Elsa's movements, to imitate them instead of trying to remember how to walk on her own. 'Her hips are so graceful,' came her unfiltered thoughts through her mind. 'Wish mine looked like that when I walk. I probably look more like the guards, or Kristoff or somebody.'

When they returned to the bedroom, Elsa shut the door behind them and sat down on the bed, taking another sip from the open wine bottle. The queen laughed at Anna, who was already looking flushed. "Lightweight!" she teased. "You're so cute!"

"Shut up!" Anna growled self-consciously, swiping the bottle and taking the largest gulp yet, determined to prove herself a quick study in the art of drinking. Of course, this backfired and she gagged, spraying half of her mouth's contents out and away from the bed, some of the droplets landing on both her and Elsa's knees. "Ugh... aww, now look what you made me do!"

There was a moment of silence before Elsa began laughing uncontrollably at her sister's antics. "What did I just tell you?" she teased. "Now you've made a mess! You're lucky it was the white wine..."

She reached out to brush a bit of wine off Anna's face, and her fingers lingered on the younger woman's cheek. How had Elsa never noticed before how soft her skin was? There was a long moment of silence as Elsa looked into Anna's eyes, studying her face calmly.

Still swiping furiously at her knees, lips pursed in anger and humiliation, it took Anna a moment to register the contact. When she did, she looked up and asked, "What? Do I..."

But whatever she had been about to ask would remain a mystery. Elsa was so close, and her flawless gaze was focused on nothing else but Anna. For whatever reason, she felt her neck and face begin to flush, her pulse quickening and her breath faltering. "Elsa?"

Elsa felt herself begin to blush, too, and pulled her hand away. For a moment, the thoughts creeping into her mind had been positively indecent. Her sister was... beautiful, to say the least. Despite her trepidation, she didn't take her hand away at first. Probably not nearly soon enough.

"I'm sorry," she said when she finally brought her arm back down to her side. "You... you had some wine on your face, and I just... I think you're beautiful, Anna." Elsa turned bright red and scooted back a few inches on the bed, feeling suddenly self-conscious. She hadn't meant to say that out loud, but the drink was already going to her head, and her mouth was galloping ahead of her judgement.

"I- I am?" Anna blinked, her head swimming. Something was incongruous between her head and her heart, or her heart and her body. None of it was making any sense, not Elsa's reactions to a simple touch, nor the thrill that shot through her at the compliment. "Well, I mean, so are you. Everybody knows that, though; I was even watching how your hips move when you walk a minute ago, and boy, if I had half your poise..." Something about the words that just tumbled from her lips didn't feel right, but she couldn't place it, so she simply pretended to be very interested in the floral pattern on Elsa's bedspread.

Elsa blushed too, surprised by how readily her sister returned the compliment. Anna still had the white wine, so she opened the bottle of red, wincing at the stronger taste as she took a sip. Then she looked up, suddenly registering what Anna had said. "You were looking at my hips?"

Anna's head jerked up again, and she felt herself nearly fall back when she overbalanced. Sure, she was clumsy, but normally she could at least make simple movements without almost landing herself in the floor. "Y-yes? I mean, wow, have you got hips! I'm built like a broom." She took another smaller sip, careful to pace herself, then asked, "Why? Was that wrong?"

Elsa couldn't help but smile. Was that wrong? "Well, I don't think so, no." She stood up, closing the distance between herself and Anna. "You're not built like a broom. You have... very nice hips. And such beautiful lips..."

Suddenly, the bottle felt heavy in Anna's hand, inconvenient. Elsa was filling her vision, long, shimmering waves of platinum-gold hair fanning back and over her shoulders, nightgown tugging against her figure just enough to display its every offering. But it wasn't offering anything to her - what a bizarre thought! Confused with herself, Anna tore her eyes up to her sister's, mouth going dry. "My... lips?"

Elsa was blushing so hard now she could feel the heat in her face. "Your lips," she repeated softly. "They're very pretty. They look so soft and..." Oh gods, what was she saying? This was her sister! Elsa took a step back. "I'm sorry," she stammered. "I didn't mean to- I-I shouldn't have..."

"I-it's okay!" Instinctively, Anna shot out her free hand and captured one of Elsa's, holding her fast. "Why should you be sorry? My... do you really think my lips are that pretty? I mean, they're not as perfect as yours, but it... that feels nice, hearing you say it." Her heart was in her throat as she rubbed her thumb lightly over Elsa's palm, a tingle running up her arm at every small movement.

"I really do," replied Elsa. She looked down at Anna's hand holding hers, sighing softly at the gentle feeling of her sister's thumb ghosting over her palm. Her free hand reached out to touch her face again. "I really do think so..." She let her thumb move softly over Anna's lips. "Oh my... Anna, this isn't right. What I'm…this…it isn't- oh, we should stop!"

A chill shot down from her lips to her stomach when the thumb came into contact. Quickly thereafter, the burning from the wine made the chill vanish and intensified, her face flaming as she leaned into the touch. "Why would we stop? It feels so comfortable, this... I'm so comfortable with you, Elsa. Whatever you do is bound to be best for me."

Elsa took a deep breath. This did feel good. Even though it was wrong to feel like this for her sister, to suddenly want her in this base, primal way… it felt right, too, in a strange way she couldn't put her finger on. "Okay," she said softly. "Just... stop me, if you don't want me to..." Then, closing her eyes and acting quickly before she could change her mind, she leaned in sighed softly into her sister's mouth, holding her face tenderly in her hands.

"Mm!" Anna burst out, ready to push her sister away... but she couldn't. Never had she been kissed like this before, so tenderly, so sweetly! It put every last one from Kristoff to shame, pliant where his were firm, fluid where his were clumsy. Then all thoughts of anyone else left as her entire focus came into sharp relief. Elsa was kissing her. Her beloved sister, the queen of the realm, was cradling her face against her own.

Elsa felt like she was in heaven. She only broke the kiss when she had to breathe, sighing softly as she pulled away. Her sister's warm lips tasted of wine and chocolate, and something else that was very distinctly Anna. "Anna..." she sighed breathlessly. Suddenly, her knees felt weak and her breath came short and quick. She wrapped her arms around the younger woman's waist and kissed her again, more passionately this time.

The drink heavy in her stomach, Anna felt her mouth returning the kiss with enthusiasm, though she could not remember asking it to do so. How could this be real? They were two women! Elsa was pulling her in, their lips kneading together, hot breath rolling over her cheek. They were related by blood! Anna's hands were passing up Elsa's back, then falling to her hips. This was not allowed - they would be run out of Arendelle if word of it ever spread! Why then was it so darkly sweet to her?

Elsa kissed Anna until she had to breathe, and then kissed her again, harder and firmer. A soft moan escaped her lips as her knees gave out beneath her, pulling Anna with her as she slumped to the ground. The next thing she knew, she was lying on her back on the floor, and Anna was on top of her.

"What-" Anna began, mind swimming with conflicting thoughts as she looked down upon the radiant beauty splayed beneath her, the pale, flushed skin of her sister's bare neck. Licking her lips, she tried again, one of her hands passing gently over Elsa's smooth stomach. "Wh... what just happened? What did we do?"

Elsa's eyes met Anna's, a pleasant shudder running through her body as she felt Anna's hand on her belly. "We...we just kissed," she confirmed in disbelief. Her head was swimming too; she'd had far too much to drink.

The hand slowly raised until Anna's fingertips were a mere inch away from one of Elsa's breasts before she drew it back to her own chest, panting with distress. "Wait, what? You couldn't... I couldn't have, that's wrong, I..." She swallowed again. "Why would we do that, Elsa?"

Elsa felt the panic rising in her throat. "I don't know! We shouldn't have, we... I'm so sorry." She moved as though to sit up, but stopped when she realized she was just pressing their torsos together again. She blushed bright red and bit her lip to stifle a moan of desire.

Both of Anna's eyes locked onto Elsa's mouth as her breathing became slower but heavier, as she felt her pelvis grind down against Elsa's. She reached up to cup her sister's cheek, one fingernail tracing small circles at her temple. "If... I kiss you this time... will it make us even?"

Elsa blushed. This was completely wrong, and as the older sister, it ought to be her job to stop it. But she longed to feel Anna's soft lips against hers again. "Yes," she said softly. "I… I suppose it would."

A hot rush of panic surged through Anna at those words. She had been half-kidding, but the rest of her was deadly serious, and she wasn't sure how to feel now that she had been given explicit permission to partake of the forbidden fruit hanging so succulently mere inches from her nose. As she drew closer, she whispered, "Elsa, I'm scared..."

Elsa's eyes fluttered as she felt Anna's hot breath against her face. "Don't be afraid," she whispered, reaching up to run her fingers through Anna's hair.

"I'm not afraid of you, just... of what I'll..." And then she was crushing her lips against Elsa's, breathing in the sensation so much clearer the second time, stomach doing flips as she felt the base of her scalp being stimulated, her sister's mouth inexplicably against hers when it really had no business being there.

Elsa moaned softly into Anna's kiss, her back arching involuntarily into her sister's soft body. One hand ran down Anna's spine to the small of her back, holding her close. "Ahhh... gods, Anna..." she sighed, placing smaller kisses around the corners of her mouth. "If we do this, if we... nobody can ever know."

Feeling their stomachs touch made Anna yet more light-headed than she already was, but she managed to flick her tongue out against Elsa's lips as they paused in their ministrations. "Mmhh... why should anybody know? Wait." Her hands came up to push against Elsa's shoulders, only the slightest pressure to keep their lips apart. "If we do what, exactly?"

Elsa's eyes widened. Had she implied too much? "Well... this," she said softly. "And... and whatever comes of it." She glanced down between them, where Anna's legs were straddling her hips, and where she could feel her sister's warmth threatening to soak through her underwear.

Anna followed her sister's gaze. "Whatever comes of..." A frightened little squeak ripped from her throat, but as Elsa's body moved slightly it lowered in pitch until it became a hum of reluctant pleasure. The hands on Elsa's shoulders slowly began to massage them, kneading to display her approval.

Elsa took Anna's face in her hands and kissed her again, flipping them over so she was on top. She couldn't discern if she'd always harbored these feelings for her sister, or if it was just the corrupting influence of alcohol. Perhaps it was a bit of both. Leaning over Anna carefully, she began making a trail of kisses down the younger woman's throat. "Tell me to stop," she whispered. "And I'll stop..."

Head full of buzzing hornets and lungs full of fire, Anna's unfocused eyes beheld a sea of blonde as her sister's lips worked down her neck, her hands falling to rest on Elsa's shoulder blades. "Don't stop... don't ever stop." Then she let out a breathy little laugh and whispered, "Why do I keep saying things like that? Am I losing my mind?"

Elsa smiled, her head swimming with excitement as she kissed her way across Anna's shoulders. "I think we've both lost our minds," she mused dreamily. With the intention of laying closer to Anna, Elsa pushed her sister's legs apart gently. Without realizing it, she pressed their heated sexes together through their nightgowns. As she shifted slightly to kiss Anna's lips again, a jolt of pleasure ran through her body. "Anna!" she cried, her hips bucking forward reflexively.

A brand new explosion of sensation assailed Anna, and she screamed, "ELSA! WHAT-!" She wasn't sure of any words that could have followed her last, but instead her mind went completely white when Elsa moved again, feeling the searing warmth of her sister against her own opening, surprised at how hot the Ice Queen herself could become in the midst of sex. For no matter how hard she tried, she could not interpret their actions in any other way. She was having intimate relations with her own flesh and blood. Elsa was deflowering her.

Elsa moaned and bit her lip gently as she moved against her younger sister. "Anna!" she cried again, supporting herself with her arms as she continued shoving her hips against Anna's. After moving rather clumsily for a moment, she found the right leverage and set a steady, leisurely pace. The sheer pleasure was almost overwhelming. She locked eyes with her sister, breath coming in short gasps as her pleasure rose.

"Elsa!" Anna gasped more quietly, more desperately as her thighs parted further to allow her queen free reign, to welcome every thrust against her tender, virgin flesh. Within a few more gyrations, everything began to feel too big, too strong for her to tolerate. Her desperate fingers clutched at Elsa's bucking hips, mouth hanging open as she squeezed her eyes shut and simply felt the friction, her sister's nearness and insatiable thirst.

Elsa felt Anna spread her legs farther, so she began thrusting harder, grinding herself firmly against her sister. She had to close her eyes, too; the sensations were altogether overwhelming. Before long she felt the tension rising inside her like a tidal wave threatening to break forth. Elsa was careening quickly towards the edge, and Anna - sweet, beautiful Anna! - was the one taking her there. "Anna..." she whimpered, burying her face against her sister's slender neck. "Anna! Ohhh gods... I'm so close, it's going to... I c-can't..."

Anna screamed as a pinprick of whiteness shot up through her, coaxed there by her sister's relentless speed. Seconds later, there was more, until she was riding the crest of a wave of pleasure unlike anything she had ever experienced. "NNNNHHHah, Elsa, It's so good! What are you doing to me?! AHHH!"

Elsa wanted to explain everything to her innocent sister, but the force of her own climax took her by surprise. The only sound she could make was a long, breathless scream. Her whole body shook with the force of her orgasm. White hot light exploded behind her eyes. She kept thrusting against Anna as they came, until her arms gave out beneath her and she collapsed against her sister's chest.

"Anna," she moaned softly, her breast heaving as she struggled to catch her breath. "Ohhhhh gods, my sweet Anna..."

Anna's eyes were wide and unseeing as she wrapped her arms around Elsa's back, clinging for dear life, unable to think or move anymore. Her racing heart seemed to be forcing her entire body to shut down, wiping her mind clean.

"Elsa... that... why did..."

And then any sounds ceased to hold any meaning as Anna curled slowly against her only remaining family, feeling sleep stealing over her with its overbearing shroud...


[NOTES: Welcome to the raunchiest work of fiction ever crafted! Yes, Cartesian and I have been working on this for well over a month, and all of our efforts have finally come to fruition! It's dirty, it's weird, and it may turn your stomach at least once, no matter how many squickfics you've read (in fact, there were a few suggestions one of us made that the other one turned down; turns out everybody has limits!). Anyway, now that the rough draft is complete, it's time to unleash the polished-and-edited chapter one. If you're worried about how vanilla this first part is... oh, just you wait.


IF this story gets taken down due to the content, you can be sure to find it on AO3. They're a bit less prudish.

Although it will not be a PWP; there's going to be plot, and fairly decent plot if I do say so myself. But all chapters will involve at least some small amount of nudity/liaison/friskiness, even the plot-heavy ones.


Jessex and Cartesian]

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