My Sister's Mistress

Chapter 2

CHAPTER WARNINGS: domination/submission, consent play, hair-pulling, paraphilia: used panties, boot worship, spanking. Also, incest and frickfracking (obviously).

[[NOTES: Okay, so here's where it starts to get darker. Also, you'll probably notice, longer. Cartesian and I went back and forth quite a lot about how much we should put these two through, and in the end decided to go for broke; nothing we wouldn't be willing to at least discuss in real life, but literally everything up to that line was at least considered. A lot more to come in the future!]]


Elsa didn't remember falling asleep. She awoke to a splitting, throbbing headache; the light coming through the windows made a deep pain stab behind her eyes. She raised her head, and found she was on the floor, using her sister's breast as a pillow.

"Ohhh no," she groaned, sitting up slowly and cradling her dizzy head in her hands. The events of the night before came flooding back, and she was overcome with fear and shame. "Oh no, no, no..."

"Hmnh?" Anna's head tossed slightly, but feeling another beside her caused her eyelashes to flutter open, a sweet, uncertain smile playing at her lips as she rubbed her face. "Elsa? Wh... is it time for the coronation? Wait... no, that already happened." When her hand dropped, she was grinning. "You're back in my life now. Should we go get breakfast?"

Elsa groaned at her sister's cheerfulness. How was she not miserably hung over, too? "Anna," she began nervously. "Anna, look at me. Do you remember what happened last night?"

"Huh?" Anna tried to sit up, but fell back again. "Whoo! Whatever it was, it must have been exhausting, I... I can hardly move!" Her breathy laughter faltered and died when she finally focused on the anxiety in Elsa's eyes. "Wait, what's the matter?"

Elsa bit her lip as she struggled not to cry, but the tears began rolling down her face anyway. She felt like a sick deviant, and perhaps even a defiler, taking advantage of her sweet, innocent sister in their drunken state. "Anna," she sobbed. "Try to remember. We were drinking and we started kissing. You... that is, we... became intimate."

The room remained silent for several long, drawn-out seconds. The rustling of the trees outside the castle could even be heard in the quiet. Then Anna began to snort. Elsa's head whipped around to find Anna giggling, covering her mouth with both hands as she snickered openly.

"Did you not hear me?!" she groaned, eyes flashing with anger and fear. "Ugh…how can you not remember? Anna, we've committed a terrible, unforgivable sin! Nobody can ever know!"

"Oh, you're so stupid! Quit messing around and help me up, I'm starving for some reas..." Anna paused in mid-word when she tried to sit again. "For... Elsa, my nightgown..." Indeed, a patch of it was pressed down between her legs. When she reached to tug it loose, it gave most unwillingly, and a sound not unlike that of frost being shattered filled the air. "NH! Ow, it was stuck! What in the..."

"You see?" said Elsa, gesturing self-consciously to her own ruined nightgown and bloomers, nearly at a loss for words. "Anna, we had sex. Fucked, as they say. I- I fucked you." She buried her face in her hands and sighed. "Gods, I am so, so sorry. This is all my fault!"

As the events of last night began to slowly creep into her conscious mind, Anna felt a building pain behind her left eyelid. "Oooh... oh, wow, we got so drunk, and- and then you started... you st- started t-to..." Her face burning, she turned away from her sister slightly, ashamed at how her face must look, ashamed of her entire body. "Oh no, I let you- I took your virginity from you, didn't I? No, no, no! How could I, that was so, so... what's wrong with me, why didn't I stop you?! How are you ever going to find a king for yourself now if- if your own sister soiled your reputation?!"

"No, Anna... I took yours. This is my fault, I am the elder sibling, and I should have stopped it... I took advantage of you." She reached for the princess's hand, squeezing it gently. Tears were rolling freely down her face now and she made no effort to hide it. "I'm so sorry, Anna. Please know that."

Anna rolled over, eyes widening at the tears on her sister's flawless pale cheeks. "Oh, Elsa, no, don't-" Scrambling to her knees, she threw her arms around Elsa's shoulders and squeezed her tightly. "No, hey, come on... I'm a little freaked out, but don't cry, please don't cry! So we got a little plastered, and we..." When Anna tried to verbalize what they had done, her mind began to boil again so she bypassed that particular thought and went on ahead. "But it only happened once, and it was just the wine, and we're both okay, aren't we?"

"Oh, Anna..." Elsa thought about pulling away, but she didn't have the strength to. She threw her arms around her sister's neck and sobbed against her shoulder miserably. All her anxieties and shameful thoughts, pent up since the moment of their reunion, came pouring out at once. "That's the most awful part. I'm not sure it was just the wine! Alcohol lowers inhibitions, but it doesn't change a person's intentions. There's something wrong with me, Anna, I'm... perverted and sick. And now I've hurt you with my sickness."

Anna became very still for a moment, absorbing this proclamation. Then her hand began to slowly move up and down Elsa's back again. "Okay. Um, okay. Well, I don't feel very hurt by it, so... so there's that, isn't there?" She bit her lip, thinking back to the passion in their embraces the night before, Elsa's mouth pushing into hers, wandering hands and thighs touching thighs. Panic began to rise in her chest. "Elsa, I'm really sorry, it's all my fault, if I hadn't suggested we go down to the wine cellar none of this would have happened!"

Elsa began to calm slightly, and leaned into Anna's soothing touch. As shameful as it still felt, admitting it aloud felt like a load off her shoulders. "We're both to blame," she stated sadly. She wiped her eyes and hugged Anna tightly. "But I'm so confused, Anna. I love you, and I know it's wrong to want you like this, but it felt so right at the time. I can't explain it!"

The panic in her chest started to cause a ringing in Anna's ears. "You... love me? Well, I mean, obviously I love you, too, but... but how do you mean it when you say that?" She managed a thick swallow, her voice growing weak as she whispered, "Like, you're in love? Courting? You want more of... of what we had last night?"

"I don't know," replied Elsa. She pulled away and stood up, wincing again at the insistent throbbing in her head. "I need to think, to clear my head. I don't know what I want or what any of this means." She turned around, gazing at Anna sadly. "This could mean ruin for both of us, Anna. You know that, don't you?"

"Yes." Without her sister's presence, Anna now felt small and fragile, alone on an island of shame. "Only if people find out about it, though! And I'm not gonna tell them, that's for sure!" She pressed a hand into her own face. "Wow... oh, wow, what we did..."

Elsa nodded. What they did, indeed! She felt tears coming to her eyes again. "I need to be alone," she sighed sadly. "Anna, please call Gerda and ask her to run a hot bath for me. I just... I need a while to relax and collect my thoughts."

A pain shot through Anna's chest at those words, but she also could appreciate the need to sort through her own feelings. There were quite a few of them, and they were all jumbled up right now. "Alright." She pushed unsteadily to her feet, blanching when she felt how rubbery and sore her thigh muscles were. Her thoughts went briefly to just how hard Elsa had been riding her before she pushed them away. "I... Elsa, I'm really sorry, I'm so sorry, but... we'll talk later? Promise me?"

Elsa paused before turning to give her sister a brief smile. "I promise," she said softly, before turning to leave.

~ o ~

Later that night, when she couldn't bear the suspense of keeping Anna waiting any longer, Elsa sent for Gerda to fetch her sister. The queen had spent almost the entire day alone in her chambers, pacing and crying and wringing her hands with worry. She hadn't bothered to get properly dressed after her bath, but she deliberately wore her most modest nightgown, and kept her hair in a conservative braid. The situation called for all her resolve, and all Anna's focus.

When Anna arrived, she bade Gerda good night and knocked firmly against the door, straightening her everyday dress. She had elected not to don her sleeping clothes because she was afraid it would set the wrong tone. Perhaps if she looked as she normally did during the day, they could start their conversation with a clean slate, unencumbered by Elsa's previous worries or her inability to articulate her own heart's state. Whatever they were about to decide, it wouldn't be because she was underdressed.

Elsa heard the knock on the door and gave a relieved sigh. "Come in, Anna," Elsa said, her voice deceptively calm as she sat at her vanity chair. "Please, sit down." She took a deep breath to gather her composure as Anna entered. Their eyes met, and the queen lowered her head in shame. "We need to talk. Anna... I'm sorry, but we need to put last night behind us. We can never speak of this again."

Anna had been sinking onto the fainting couch nearest Elsa's vanity, but heavily dropped the rest of the way upon hearing her words. "What? Oh. Y- okay. But never? How can we never speak of something like that again? It was so, so... magical."

Elsa sighed sadly. Magical, indeed! It had been the most miraculous, pleasurable moment of her life. But she had to put it behind her, for both their sakes. "Anna, listen to me," she said firmly. "We're two women, and blood siblings! It was a terrible sin. If anyone found out, we could be killed."

At that last word, Anna felt her heart skip over a beat, but then she sighed. "Elsa, they'd never kill you. You're their queen, and ruler of this entire kingdom! Besides, I'd like to see them bring down someone with the powers you have, even if they did get it into their crazy heads to try."

"I'm the first female monarch this kingdom has had in centuries, and the youngest in decades. My power depends on my people's approval and my advisors' cooperation!" Elsa snapped, rising to her feet. "You're so naïve; do you really think the people would remain loyal to me if they discovered I was some kind of, of... perverted blasphemer?"

"But..." Anna twiddled her fingers, tears playing at the corner of her eyes. "But how can it be blasphemous or perverse if, um... if it felt like everything I've been missing in my life, all from the same source?"

Elsa's eyes met Anna's. In truth, she felt exactly the same way. "You shouldn't speak like that, Anna," she said instead, her voice breaking as tears threatened to spill forth again. "We have to start over and put it behind us."

"We've done enough starting over!" Elsa and Anna were equally shocked by the volume of her outburst, but Anna leaned in slightly as she went on, "I... damn it, I've been waiting so many years for us to be together! And okay, this isn't how I imagined it happening, but should that mean we have to stop?" Knowing how weak and wheedling her words were about to sound, she gulped nervously. "Nobody has to know! Everybody sees us how they always have outside of our bedchambers! We can do this!"

Elsa shook her head vigorously, taking a step back from Anna. "I wish we could!" she sobbed. "But we can't! We just can't, Anna! I wish it were that easy and simple, but nothing ever is!"

Feeling her own eyes pricking with heat, she stood hesitantly, staring down at her boots. "Elsa... I am scared. I can't believe any of this is happening, much less with you. And I understand your fear, because I share it. Thing is... we can't go back. Not really."

"Perhaps not," Elsa admitted. "What's past is past. But we can move forward." She closed the distance between them and took her sister's hands gently between her own. "Please don't make this harder than it has to be..."

"No, I don't think you understand." Anna took several bolstering breaths, gripping Elsa's hands back much more tightly, firming her resolve. Then she squeezed her eyes shut and said, "That memory is never going away. We can't go back to just being sisters after last night, because... because my body won't let me. It got a taste of yours, and now it knows what it wants."

Elsa gave a pained sob. "Oh, Anna..." she whispered softly, placing a hand on her cheek. "What have I done to you? I'm so, so sorry..."

At the touch, Anna's head leaned gently into it, licking her dry lips. "You have done everything to me. And I want it all again. I need it now." Her lip quivered. "You don't... think I'm disgusting, do you? For enjoying it that much, f-for wanting it again so soon, even though you're trying to force me to stop?"

"No, Anna!" Elsa insisted sincerely. "You could never disgust me, never! If only we could, I would..." She stopped herself before she could give too much away. If Anna knew how ardently she wanted this too, she'd never be able to end it. She pulled away abruptly. "No. No, we need to cease all of this right now..."

Anna visibly wilted at the loss of her sister's touch. "Y..." Swallowing, she went for her ace in the hole, hating herself every moment she was doing it. "You told me before that you had been harboring these feelings long before we got tipsy, before we kissed. How long, Elsa?"

Elsa wrung her hands nervously. Despite what she'd said about forgetting it all, she felt she owed Anna the truth. "Since the coronation," she said softly.


It was barely more than a breath, but clearly it shot through Elsa like an arrow through an apple. "I... I was so shocked to see what a beautiful woman you'd become. And when I thought I had lost you, I thought my life was over, because you're the only..." She couldn't continue.

"So for all this time, you've been dealing with this all alone?" Anna let out a tiny sob. "B-because... because of the kingdom, and because you thought I m-might turn you away?"

"Yes. For you and for the kingdom, I was willing to take the secret to my grave. And now it is both our burden to bear. I'm sorry, Anna. Maybe if I had been honest, this wouldn't have happened."

"Maybe. Or maybe it would have, anyway. Maybe we're just not normal sisters, and it w-wouldn't have mattered one way or the other." Her voice got quieter. "Elsa... no one has ever made me feel like that when they kissed me before. Not that jerk Hans... and not even Kristoff. Nobody."

Elsa smiled dryly. "I wish I could say that. But I don't really know. You were... you were my first kiss." She turned her back on Anna then, wiping the tears from her eyes with the back of her hand. "But it doesn't matter. Anna, you should leave now. You should go back to Kristoff and forget all about this."

"But you knew you wanted to kiss me!" Then Anna stopped, blinking in surprise. "I was y-your... your first kiss?" Then she gulped, tugging at the collar of the stifling dress she had been so happy to don scant minutes ago. "And you were able to do it that well? Wow, Elsa, you m-must be some kind of natural-born smoocher!"

"Anna, stop it!" Elsa snapped. "What part of 'forget about it' do you not understand?" She heaved a heavy sigh, hoping the warmth on her face wasn't a tell-tale blush. "Oh… this has to stop now! You're driving me mad, Anna!"

"And I'm already mad for you! Last night has been running through my mind ever since we parted ways this morning, and... and I don't know how to handle this, so I was... so I was hoping you could just handle me. I m-meant help me figure out how to handle it! I did, I swear – not 'handle' me like- well, maybe…"

"No!" Elsa cried, her voice rising to a desperate shout. "No, Anna, enough! This conversation is over. You need to leave, right now!"

Anna took a step forward. "But where the hell am I supposed to go?! I can't run from my thoughts! It's not going to work, that's never going to work! Please, just..." Her hand stretched out for Elsa's forearm desperately.

"Just what, Anna?" Elsa snapped, pulling back and out of reach. "F-Fuck you again?!" She gave a little sob and shook her head. "It's never, ever going to happen! Never!"

"Elsa, I'm practically already at my end just being in the same room with you!" Anna shouted, cheeks burning red but tone angry. "Are you really going to deny me the one or two minutes it would take to get me the rest of the way?!"

"Yes!" Elsa cried, though it sounded like more a moan of pleasure than she meant it to, her voice betraying the true feelings that her words were trying to frantically to conceal. "I am! You can hold me down and force me, have your way with my body, and I'll still deny you! I will fight you on this until you believe me when I say that we... we cannot be!"

Anna opened her mouth to scream about how intolerable her sister was being. Halfway through the action, however, she paused, brow furrowing in suspicion. "Is... Elsa, in the middle of that, was that a... challenge?"

Elsa threw her arms in the air in frustration. "Goddamn it, Anna!" she shouted. "I-" Then she stopped short, her jaw dropping. The idea of her sister holding her down and forcing her to submit was... arousing, at the least… scandalously thrilling at worst. "Oh..."

Anna watched the telltale train of thought as it played out across her sister's face. Anna's mouth spread into a slow, sly grin, eyes gleaming. "Wow, okay, so maybe you didn't mean it that way... but it seems like you're not opposed to the idea."

Elsa felt her breath quickening. Her cheeks had to be as pink as her lips by now. "I won't- I… I can't say yes," she whispered, her voice full of desire and anticipation. "I will fight you..."

"You'll fight me. Do you want me to fight back?" Anna wasn't sure if she felt more sickened or excited by this idea. Her body was beyond decided; sweat was trickling down her back, and her palms itched to touch her sister's bare skin. When Elsa didn't reply after a few heartbeats, she took a predatory step forward. "Lick your lips right now if you want me to ignore every single time you resist." Would she really do it?

Elsa paused for a long moment, never breaking eye-contact with Anna. This was really happening. She could feel herself growing wet already beneath her nightgown, the heat spreading painfully throughout her body. Slowly and hesitantly, she let her tongue dart across her lower lip.

Three quick, long strides took Anna right in front of Elsa. She reached out and caught the braid that hung over her shoulder, tugging it toward her. "Kiss me."

Elsa wasn't prepared at all for the surge of pleasure that shot through her body when her sister pulled her hair. She had no idea how… hot it could be when Anna was so assertive. A small moan escaped her throat, but she placed her hands on Anna's shoulders and held her at a small distance.

"No!" she gasped breathlessly.

"No?" Anna growled, pulling her closer, trying not to let her fright at her own actions show on her face. "I want your lips on mine, and I intend to have what I want." Her other hand shook Elsa's shoulder more roughly than she could have believed possible of herself.

Elsa's eyes met Anna's, and she glared at her with as much resolute fury as she could muster. "Make me," she whispered, her lips less than an inch away from her sister's.

Her stomach churning, Anna slowly began to push her sister backward until they reached the nearest bedpost. With snarl of disgust - more at her own actions than anything else - she slammed her up against it, not bothering to be polite or gentle. "Oh, I'll make you."

Elsa struggled half-heartedly as Anna shoved her back against the bedpost, crying out as the hard wood ground into her back. Anna's lips pressed firmly against hers, and though she pushed against her shoulders, Elsa moaned softly into the rough kiss.

"Nhh," Anna sighed as she drew back. Already, she was having trouble holding onto her role as jailer, slave-driver. All she wanted was to be tender with her sister, but it seemed that would not be in the cards for them. At least not yet. "Strip."

"I won't," Elsa said stubbornly, trying to resist the urge to comply with her sister's demands. But this was honestly the most arousing thing she'd ever experienced, to be able to step out of her role as queen and relinquish all control to her sweet sister.

Hesitating for the barest instant, Anna tugged down hard on the braid until Elsa's head was level with her chest. "STRIP. Now."

The force with which Anna pulled on her hair was surprising, but not at all unwelcome. Looking up at her sister from beneath half-lidded eyes, Elsa reached up and began to unlace the front of her nightgown. She pulled it down over her shoulders, and the loose-fitting garment fell to the ground and pooled around her feet, leaving her completely bare. She hadn't thought to wear underwear since she planned to go right to bed after they talked, but now…

A wave of heat shot up Anna's entire body the very instant Elsa's hands met her laces, and only turned into a towering inferno when she saw there would be no underwear to remove. "I-" She had been about to express her surprise, but changed tactics as she relaxed her hold on the braid. "Very good. Now, are you going to get on the bed, or do I have to put you there?"

Elsa blushed furiously and covered herself with her arms as Anna's eyes raked over her naked body. "I won't do it without a fight," she whispered. Gods, this was the most aroused she'd ever been in all her life. She took a step to the side and moved as though to walk away from the bed, never breaking eye contact with her sister.

Anna shot her a warning glare. "You've already been naughty. No undergarments?" When Elsa took another step, she shot her hand out to stop her.

Elsa blushed even deeper, her face growing intolerably warm as she pulled away from her sister's hand, moving towards her dresser as though to open the top drawer. "Does that displease you?" she replied in a defiant tone. "Shall I put some on?"

Anna stalked over to Elsa, raising her hand as if to tow her back to the bed, but then her steps slowed to a halt a pace away. "You shall. But nothing from there." Eyes still locked into her sister's gaze, she slowly raised the back of her own dress until she could hook her thumbs over the top of her bloomers. "Just a moment," she whispered as she began sliding them downward.

Elsa's eyes widened in disbelief as Anna lifted her skirt and began removing her own underwear. She turned to watch, and leaned back against the dresser. "You surely don't expect me to wear yours!" she exclaimed.

"Expect it? No, this is going to happen." Stepping her boots daintily out of each leg, she then held them out and walked forward until they were dangling directly under Elsa's nose. Feeling her pulse ratcheting upward as she spoke, she commanded, "Put them on."

Elsa hesitated for a moment. This wasn't at all what she'd been expecting, but she couldn't deny how arousing it was. She took the short bloomers from Anna's hand and put them on very slowly, never breaking eye contact with her sister as she did so. Pulling them into place, she sighed and shuddered pleasantly when she realized how wet they already were.

Anna swayed on her feet at that moan, knowing well its source, and felt her own center flare at the thought on her own juices mixing with Elsa's, one of her most private garments hugging those mesmerizing hips, pushing against her sex. Gathering herself, she then grasped her sister's chin and pushed it upward, narrowing her eyes without looking away. "Good girl. Now, kiss me again."

Elsa waited for a tense moment before closing her eyes and letting Anna kiss her again. Their lips pressed together hungrily, eliciting a muffled groan from Elsa. Her knees felt suddenly weak, and she felt her own wetness soaking into fabric of Anna's underwear. When she finally needed to breathe, she placed her hands on Anna's shoulders and pushed her away forcefully, challenging her defiantly with her eyes.

"Oh, you were done, were you?" Anna gasped, eyes only half open for a moment until they shot wide. "That's not your decision." Then she clasped the blonde braid in one hand and wrapped the other around Elsa's throat. "Now, do you want to get on the bed or not? Think... carefully." She punctuated the last word with a light squeeze.

Elsa gasped in shock when she felt Anna's small hand wrap around her slender throat. For a brief moment she wondered if this had gone too far. Then she squeezed gently, and the brief loss of air made Elsa wonderfully light-headed, sending another jolt of excitement down her spine and between her thighs. Her eyes fluttered and her knees trembled, her lips parting in a silent moan. Eager to push Anna further, to see just how forceful she'd be, Elsa locked eyes with her again and whispered, "No."

The corners of Anna's mouth turned down in an exaggerated frown of disapproval. "Aww." Clucking her tongue, she reached up and rested the tip of her index finger on Elsa's nose. "That's really too bad. I would have been so much easier on you if you had gone willingly." Then her hand spread wide, palming the entirety of her face and shoving it toward the floor.

"On your knees."

Elsa gasped as she felt Anna's hand on her face, pushing her down. She had to obey in order to keep the forceful motion from hurting her neck. So she dropped to her knees, looking up at Anna with lust and just a bit of fear in her eyes.

"Hmm..." With a tiny smirk, Anna put her hands on her hips, gazing down at her sister. "Do you like it on the floor better than you would have on the bed?

"Does it matter what I like?" Elsa replied dryly, her voice hoarse with lust and desperation.

Anna's lip pulled into a snarl. "No, but I asked as a courtesy, you ungrateful cur." Where was this all coming from? Her sister seemed to be darkly enjoying it, even while she remained afraid... of Anna, or of her own decadence? Swallowing down her misgivings, she braced one hand against the nearest bedpost and slowly raised one leg until the sole of her boot was resting very lightly against Elsa's face. "Lick, cur."

Elsa couldn't believe how effortlessly Anna seemed to be taking on this forceful, dominant role. It was like her sweet, innocent sister had been completely transformed. She never took her eyes off Anna's as she slowly drew her tongue up the sole of her boot, silently marveling that she was really carrying out this strange and shameful act.

It took everything Anna had not to shiver as she watched Elsa's tongue lavish the underside of her boot. It was disgusting, servile, but it was exhilarating that she had caused it to happen... and that Elsa wanted it to happen. Swallowing thickly and stifling a moan, she switched legs, all too aware of how heated her loins were when her thighs rubbed together. "And now the other. Do it and be quick."

Elsa obeyed, moaning softly as she licked the other boot, as she could distinctly smell Anna's arousal even beneath her skirts. It gave her quite a thrill to know this was turning Anna on. "Now what, Your Highness?" she whispered with just a hint of derision in her voice.

Debating for less than a second, she lowered the boot and shoved it against Elsa's sternum, pushing the blonde onto her back and wincing as her legs flew out to either side, her knees drawing closed instinctively. Then she crossed her arms over her chest and growled, "I don't think I like your tone."

Elsa gave a startled cry as Anna's foot pushed her back onto the floor. Gods, this was the hottest thing she'd ever seen, her sister standing over her with her boot against her chest. "What are you going to do about it?" she replied with a mocking grin. "Spank me?"

Anna was suddenly a bit afraid of herself when she felt anger at the mocking grin. Perhaps this was just a role she was inhabiting, but Elsa was disrespecting it. Therefore, she tilted her ankle to one side and pressed gently against one supple breast, watching the skin give and pucker around the boot's sole. "Are you giving the orders now, whelp?"

Elsa gasped and moaned as Anna's boot pressed against her breast. The pain was surprisingly thrilling, and she found herself arching her back into the firm pressure. "I told you," she gasped breathlessly. "That I would fight you."

"You did, didn't you? And I told you..." Licking her upper lip, she gradually drew her boot downward along Elsa's supple stomach until her heel was hovering over the center of her bloomers. "That I would ignore your every resistance." And she ground downward with slow but unrelenting pressure.

Elsa's back arched high off the floor as the heel of Anna's boot pressed down against her heated, swollen sex. She cried out at the delightful combination of pleasure and pain, her legs parting slightly to give her better access. By now Elsa's whole body ached with need, but she refused to beg or break her promise to resist. She was going to see this through to the very end.

Anna could hear herself panting, even though she didn't mean to do so. How was this so erotic when she was causing her sister physical pain? Come to that, how could she be doing this to her sister? Nevertheless, she began moving her boot from side to side, attacking Elsa's poor, tormented labia with as much force as she dared, carefully watching the expression of her beloved for any sign of unacceptable pain. As if any level of it were acceptable.

Elsa felt Anna's boot pressing harder against her sex, and her eyes widened, gazing up at Anna in disbelief. She cried out in pain, but the pleasure was making her toes curl, and her fingers grasped desperately at the carpet.

Eventually, of course, it did become too much. The firm pressure was overwhelming, and Elsa gave a little sob, biting down on her lip as she withdrew slightly from Anna's touch.

As soon as she heard the earnestness in Elsa's sob, she drew back just enough to lessen the pain, only lightly skimming her sole over her own bloomers, noting how dark the spot in the center was now. Her eyes felt hot at knowing she had legitimately hurt her sister, but what else was she to do? Stopping would only mean Elsa became disappointed, or would seclude herself away forever. That was unacceptable. Clearing her throat, she snapped, "Has my little cur learned her lesson in obedience, or do we need to keep going?"

Elsa gasped in relief when Anna lifted her boot. The pain had been very real for that brief moment, but she saw the concern in Anna's eyes, and even though her sister didn't break character, she knew she was safe. "Yes!" she moaned. "Yes... I'll obey you..."

"Good," Anna said with a slow smile, fighting not to make the world a sigh of relief. Then she stepped back, kicking idly at Elsa's ankle for good measure as she did so before pointing to the bed. "Up, girl."

Elsa got slowly to her feet and sat on the edge of the bed, her cheeks flushed and her breast rising rhythmically with her excited breath. Her eyes met Anna's, and she held the contact as she laid back on top of the covers.

"No, no, no," Anna said, voice falsely sweet as she wagged her finger back and forth. "I think somebody had a request before, didn't she?" Then she grabbed both of her ankles and began to roll her over. "All fours."

Elsa's eyes widened in excitement as she wondered what Anna meant. A request? She turned slowly and pushed herself up onto her hands and knees, watching Anna over her shoulder as she moved. She could feel her own arousal on the inside of her thighs now; she had probably ruined her sister's underwear.

Anna nodded approvingly, mostly at the view this presented but also partly at her compliance. Every inch of gooseflesh she observed inflamed her desire tenfold. Her sister was so beautiful. How could she have ever wanted those boys, when she had this waiting for her right there in the castle? Coming back to her senses, she hissed, "I believe I can find something for this. Wait here." When she was halfway to the closet, she turned and barked, "Move even an inch and I'll see that you regret it. For weeks."

Elsa longed to see what her sister was doing, but after being on her back beneath her chastising boot, she took Anna's threat somewhat seriously. So she stayed there patiently on her hands and knees, trying to keep her breath calm and steady as she waited for Anna to return.

"Ah, here it is." The swish of air being bisected hummed aloud as Anna returned from the closet, paces slow and measured, with Elsa's new riding crop in her hands. The queen was just beginning to learn the art of riding on horseback; she hadn't even used the crop yet. "These are often used for breaking in a new... animal, aren't they? And if I'm to ride you..." Her cheeks bunched from her mock-angelic smile.

Elsa's jaw dropped, and for a split second, fear flashed in her eyes. But her sister had stopped before when she needed her to, and she trusted her to do so again. She bit her lip nervously and gripped the sheets to brace herself, waiting for the first strike.

Positioning herself behind her prostrated sibling, Anna surveyed her canvas. "So many targets... where shall I strike first?" As she lightly traced the tip of the crop up one alabaster thigh, she said, "You requested this. Do you have a preference, cur?"

She had requested this, Elsa finally realized, though she'd just been trying to get a reaction at the time. Well, this was a reaction, to be sure. She shivered pleasantly as the tip of the riding crop went up the inside of her leg. "Um... my bottom?" she requested shyly, more than slightly ashamed of her excitement. "Please?"

The little "please" set Anna's loins aflame all over again. All she wanted to do was run her tongue over everything she saw, but that wouldn't be allowed. Not until they had completed this ritual Elsa set in place. Drawing back her arm, she paused long enough to say in a slightly shaky voice, "This is for your own good, you know." And then the crop whistled as it surged forward, lying flat across the twin spheres of her sister's backside, the sound of the strike muffled by the soft fabric of her bloomers.

Elsa was surprised by the strength of Anna's strike. She gave a sharp cry as the crop struck her backside, followed by a lusty moan. She dug her fingers harder into the sheets, and her toes curled tightly against her feet.

A silent tear rolled down Anna's cheek, but her voice was clear and commanding as she asked, "Was that enough? Or do we need to keep going?" Not waiting for an answer, she struck again, slightly lower and slightly harder.

Elsa was too aroused to notice the single tear her sister shed. She was about to answer when she was struck again. A little scream escaped her throat, turning into a needy moan at the end. How could something so painful and demeaning feel so good? She supposed it felt right and just for Anna to beat her, considering all the sadness and pain she'd given her over the years. This exciting, disgraceful act was her penance.

"Excuse me?" Anna said, her voice growing husky with regret and lust, mind buzzing at the insanity of what they were doing together. "I couldn't quite catch that. Speak up!" And then she lashed again down on the fleshiest parts of her thighs, her free fist vibrating with the effort of keeping herself from breaking her focus, of giving in to her yearning to stop this entire charade. "Is that enough?!"

The third blow was too hard, and Elsa gave a pained cry, her body shaking slightly as her arms threatened to give out beneath her. "Enough!" she whimpered. "Yes, enough, please! No more!" She took a long moment to catch her breath before turning to look at Anna over her shoulder. "God, Anna, this is driving me mad... I can't take it anymore, I need you!"

The tear streaks on Anna's face were horribly obvious, but she immediately half-screamed, "TURN AROUND!"

Shocked by Anna's angry tone after she'd submitted completely, Elsa turned around. The moment she saw the tears running down Anna's face she was afraid she'd made a horrible mistake. She looked at her sister for a long moment, waiting for any sign of what she was expected to do next.

Anna gritted her teeth, hands twisting around both ends of the riding crop. Her breathing was so rapid it sounded as if she was about to hyperventilate her way into unconsciousness. "The other way. Turn away. Now."

Elsa obeyed, turning her head back so she was facing forward. There were a few tears running down her cheeks now too, for fear that she'd pushed her sister too far.

Nearly a minute slipped past as Anna shook with silent racking sobs, pressing her hand to her face. Elsa could never know how horrible that last part had made her feel. Like the worst scum of the earth. Like a demon. Then she drew in a slow, even breath and swiped at her eyes and cheeks furiously as she remembered the last three words she had spoken: I need you.

Falling to her knees, Anna wrapped both hands around the nearest thing she could reach, her ankle, and pressed her lips gratefully into Elsa's toes, hoping her lashes weren't still wet enough to give her away.

Elsa heaved a sigh of relief as she felt Anna's lips pressing against the tips of her feet. She turned around to face her sister, her own eyes welling up with tears when she realized Anna had been crying. She took her sister's face in her hands and kissed her tenderly, pulling her into a firm embrace. There was no hesitation between when Elsa moved and when Anna accepted her, and she sagged against her sister's body in relief, lips kneading into lips and arms wrapping around her bare back, doing everything in her power not to completely break down, not to betray how fragile she had been seconds before.

Elsa kissed Anna gently for a long time before she began tugging at the buttons on her dress. "Anna..." she whispered. "Anna, I'm sorry! I love you! I need you, please..."

"Yes, Elsa," the younger sister groaned hotly as she felt her garments being undone, shucked and tossed aside. Elsa had a difficult time of it with Anna constantly trying to graze her palms along every inch of her sister's flesh, but somehow they managed it, and soon enough Anna was yet more bare than Elsa. "M-my bloomers... you're still in them."

Elsa leaned back from Anna just long enough to remove her underwear and toss them across the room. Then she pulled Anna down on top of her on the bed, kissing her even more hungrily than before.

"Ahhh, gods..." Elsa groaned between kisses, her hands grasping tightly at Anna's shoulders. "That was so... I need you right now, my Anna!"

Anna pulled back just enough to gaze intently into her sister's eyes, their lips still the barest inch apart, hot clouds of breath colliding to form a storm of desire between them. The sensation of their stomachs and chests sliding over each other was intoxicating, but she needed to be sure. "You mean that? You really liked it, I didn't... h-hurt you?"

"Yes," Elsa replied without hesitating. "It did hurt, but at the same time... it felt so good!"

Hot flames of desire overrode all other sensation and thought as Anna's tongue dove into the waiting mouth below her, as she trapped one of the slender thighs between her own, feeling her wetness glide against the silky skin there. Her sister felt good. She had made her feel that way. Nothing would ever come between them again.

Elsa moaned happily as Anna kissed her, their tongues lashing together. Her hands moved slowly downward, exploring her sister's body, her soft breasts and her slender waist... until they came to rest on Anna's hips, squeezing firmly and urging her to move against her. Elsa's hips bucked upward as Anna's leg pressed against her wetness. "Yes!" she cried breathlessly, throwing her head back against the pillows.

"Oh, Elsa," Anna panted quietly, hesitantly, eyes wide at the transformation in the woman below her. Not since she had first glimpsed her in the ice palace on North Mountain had she looked so free and uninhibited. Moments ago she had been cowering on the floor, and now she was adrift on waves of ecstasy. "ELSA!" Her elbows dug into the bed as she managed to raise her hands just enough to grasp huge handfuls of Elsa's milky breasts, squeezing and tormenting them lightly, back arching while her mouth dipped down to run lightly over one pink peak, moistening its taut flesh.

Elsa bucked and moaned again as she felt her sister's lips at her breast. Her hands came up to tangle in her soft, red hair. "Anna," she sighed. "Ohhh gods, Anna, yes..."

Smiling nervously, the taste of sweat filled Anna's being as she allowed her tongue to rake up and over Elsa's chest and along her neck, after which she moaned, "I... I can't take this anymore, I'm gonna... are you?"

"I'm so close," Elsa agreed breathlessly. She bucked her hips a little harder against Anna's moaning and biting her lip as she tried to hold back her climax. She didn't want it to be over yet, she wanted this moment to last forever. "Ohhh, ANNA, YES! Don't stop, please!"

"YES, Elsa!" she half-growled, half-wailed as her hands slid up to grip the blonde's shoulders for support, legs parting slightly to allow even more of her heated flesh to come into contact with her sister, pressing their bodies closer together with every thrust of her pelvis until they were nearly indistinguishable from one another. "I'll never stop, I- we'll always be like this, I'll never, ever sto- sto- STOOOOOP!"

As Anna's body lay firmly against her, Elsa held her there tightly, wrapping her arms around her shoulders and hanging on for dear life. Then Anna's thrusts became faster and more desperate, and Elsa felt herself coming unwound quickly. Her whole body trembled as she came, her fingernails digging into Anna's shoulders. "Annaaaa..." she cried, her voice rising into a desperate scream. "ANNA! Ahhh...!"

"MMMMHH!" Anna shrieked against Elsa's shoulder, muffling her cry of mingling pain from the stabbing needles in her back and the sharp heat between her legs as she butted up against Elsa once more, shimmying her hips from side to side instead to prolong the moment, to coax every last drop of love from the connection. Then she fell completely slack, sucking in gasps of oxygen to revive her near-expired body. "Oohhh... oh, my Elsa..."

Elsa must have blacked out for a split second, because when she opened her eyes, she was sprawled on the bed with Anna laying limp on top of her. The older woman reached up to embrace her sister, gasping for breath as she cradled her head against her breast. "Oh Anna..." she sighed. "Anna, my love..."

At the last word, Anna stirred, pressing her lips into the smooth surface beneath her. "Love... I love you, I do, I always have..." Weak though her words were from exhaustion, they could not have been more clear or heartfelt.

Suddenly overcome with love and fear, Elsa began to cry. "Anna," she whispered. "I couldn't bear to be apart from you... but if we're going to do this, we must take this secret to our grave together. Do you understand? Both our lives will be in danger from this moment on."

"Danger," Anna breathed, instinctively clutching tighter to Elsa's body. "Yeah, I... of course, I understand." Unable to bring herself to cry though, she simply pushed herself up to kiss away her sister's tears. "But it's worth it to me, you know that, right? You are worth any sacrifice. And..." She hesitated shyly, biting her lip.

"I would give my life for you, Anna," Elsa finished for her softly. She already knew without a doubt that her sister would do the same. She took a deep breath, trying to regain her composure. "I'll need to make discreet arrangements in case we're ever discovered... don't worry, I'll see to it." She sat up, her mind reeling. Covert passage from the country. Failsafes. Was she truly willing to abandon her kingdom to be with her sister, if it came to that?

"R-right," Anna said, embarrassed that she hadn't even thought that far ahead. The right sister truly had inherited the throne. "And I guess, um, we'll have to probably, uh, sound-proof this room - or my room. One of the rooms." Slowly, achingly, she pushed herself up to join her sister, slipping a hand around her waist. "But listen, I need you to know something."

Elsa slid naturally into her sister's embrace, as though their bodies had been made to interlock. She rested her head on her shoulder and kissed her cheek. "Yes, love? What is it?"

Shivering at the kiss, Anna grinned like a fool for a half-second before her face grew serious again. "Um... just because I understand why we can't be open with... with how we are, it's not- I'm not ashamed of this." Her fingers flexed possessively against Elsa, nails digging in slightly. "I'm not even a little bit sorry that I fell in love with you, sisters or not. It's not a trap I fell into, or something you did, it's just... how things are. And I like them that way. Okay?"

Elsa smiled sadly. She couldn't honestly say that she wasn't ashamed. The knowledge that they were committing two cardinal sins by being together, let alone what their parents would have thought, made her heart heavy with guilt. Still, a pleasant shiver ran through her body at the feeling of Anna's nails against her skin, and she knew she couldn't deny her heart its only happiness. "Okay," she said softly.

Anna frowned further at the smallness in Elsa's reply. "I'm only sorry things have to be so hard for us. For us, though. We are us now, and we always will be." She wanted to say more, she wanted to ask what her sister was thinking and feeling, wanted to make all her worries disappear, but she didn't know how. She wasn't smart or perceptive like her big sister. Instead, she just held her closer, pressing her lips into the crown of Elsa's white-blonde head and whispering sweet things under her breath.

"Always," Elsa repeated softly, though she couldn't shake the feeling that there was great sadness in their future, despite all the measures she might take to protect them both…


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