My Sister's Mistress

Chapter 3

CHAPTER WARNINGS: domination/submission, whip play, manacles, blindfolding, hot wax, spanking, anal fingering, analingus. Also, incest and frickfracking (obviously).

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Elsa had promised Anna she'd come over to her bedroom by seven o'clock. It was currently nine. Her meeting with her advisors had gone over the scheduled time, as usual. Sometimes she wasn't sure why she kept the stuffy, long-winded bastards around in the first place. Just when she'd thought the meeting was over, someone had brought up the new tariffs on goods imported from Corona, and the fur began to fly. At least she had her sister to look forward to after all the nonsense. In the months since their relationship had taken on another level, Elsa had grown rather comfortable with routine.

"Ugh, what a day," she groaned as she let herself into Anna's chambers and immediately began taking down her hair. "I'm so sorry I'm late, Anna. I swear, you'd think I payed those old fuddy-duddies by the word, the way they carry on..."

"It's alright," Anna laughed from where she was perched in front of her vanity, brushing through her hair and clad in a thick cottony dressing robe. Then she put on her best mock-haughty voice and said, "The burdens of the crown, what-what." Putting down the brush, she turned slightly to her sister. "By the way... did you ask someone to replace the doors to my chambers while I was out with Kristoff?"

Elsa smirked. "I did. Your room is soundproof now... for your trumpet lessons, of course." They both had a good laugh, and then she added, "But really, Anna, I've bought you a trumpet and hired a tutor to teach you on Wednesdays. You'll have to play it to maintain our ruse."

At the last bit, Anna's laughter faltered and her eyebrows drew together. "But... but I don't know anything about the trumpet except how to hold it right side up! You mean I actually have to learn how to play it?!"

"I don't care how badly you play it, as long as you play it. Just give the help some noise to complain about at odd hours, to justify the new door." She walked over to where Anna sat, placing a kiss on her cheek. "Though a bit of culture wouldn't hurt you, dear sister..."

Only the last comment made Anna fold her arms over her chest grumpily, though she still leaned slightly into the peck. "Maybe I'll make you pay for that later." Then she sighed and shrugged as she rose to her feet. "Is that pesky trade dispute all squared away yet?"

Elsa rolled her eyes. "Does it matter? As soon as one is squared away, another crops up. Diplomats bicker like housewives over anything they can, Anna. Pray that I outlive you and you never have to handle politics." As she spoke, she wrapped her arms around her sister's neck. "Enough about business. If I think about trade disputes any more today, I just might die of frustration. Now then… what does my sweet sister have planned for the evening, hmm?"

A twinkle shone in Anna's eye, but she quickly extinguished it and began shucking Elsa of her royal robes with delicate efficiency. "That would be telling. And hey, I'm interested in your day, okay? If you have to live through a bunch of geezers fighting over who gets to subjugate whom, the least I can do is ask how it went." A tiny note of sadness crept in as she whispered, "I'm... kind of useless around here."

Elsa smiled sadly at Anna, stopping her hands as she tugged at the buttons on her dress. "Hey," she said playfully. "You're anything but useless, Anna. You keep me sane!" She placed a kiss on her forehead and tapped her nose gently. "Unofficial, secret Princess-consort is a very important position!"

"Oh, is that what we're calling me now?" Anna giggled at the finger on her nose, then pecked Elsa quickly on the lips before returning her attentions to the dress. "Men and women from far and wide seek this position, I'm sure. I would if I were them."

"No other could ever catch my eye," Elsa teased. As soon as her dress was unbuttoned, she shrugged it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, leaving her in naught but her corset and bloomers. "I only have eyes for you, dear sister."

A shiver ran down Anna's spine as she begun to unlace the corset. Dear sister. The words felt so different now from when they were younger, but she relished how different, how personal they had become. How titillating. "More than just your eyes, if I remember right."

Elsa laughed as she turned around so Anna could unlace her corset. "More indeed," she replied. As her corset fell away, she leaned back against her sister's body, pressing the younger woman's hands against her breasts.

Anna's breath caught, but quickly resumed its natural state as she gave the ripe fruits beneath her palms a loving squeeze. "Mmm. So, I have to ask, even though it's pretty silly since you kinda just soundproofed my chambers." Standing on tiptoe, she leaned in to put her mouth right up to her sister's ear and whispered, "Will tonight be vanilla, or... dark chocolate?"

Elsa sighed happily as Anna kneaded her breasts, and leaned back further into her touch. Vanilla or dark chocolate? She assumed the euphemistic distinction referred to the intensity of their games. As she was somewhat tired, she replied, "Mmm... shall we say... somewhere in between?"

"Aww," Anna cooed with an exaggerated pout, though her sister could not see that at the moment. "Don't you want to see everything Dark Chocolate Anna has planned? I've had all day to think about this stuff, y'know."

Elsa rolled her eyes. "You're insatiable," she teased. She turned around and gave her a little kiss on the lips. "Alright, dark chocolate."

Anna grinned from ear to ear, then cleared her throat and wagged her finger under Elsa's nose. "Okay, so the safety word is 'kumquat' - and I want you to use it if you need to this time. Last Thursday I spent all night comforting you because you wouldn't, and that hurt me. A lot. You promise?"

Elsa winced. She certainly didn't want a repeat of Thursday night. "Alright, I promise. I- wait. What's a kumquat?"

"It's none of your business, whelp," Anna growled, sweeping Elsa's legs out from under her with a low kick and catching her roughly by the upper arm just before she thudded into the floor. "Maybe if you're good, I'll tell you later."

Elsa gave a little squeak as Anna swept her legs out from under her. She loved it when Anna jumped right into the game without warning; it kept her on her toes. She looked up at her sister from beneath half-lidded eyes, giving her a sultry smile. "As you wish... Your Majesty."

Anna's cheeks rouged, partly from the honorific and partly from the excitement of their play. Now that Elsa was only a few inches from the floor, she dropped her unceremoniously and began raking her bloomers down her legs, yanking high heels free as she slipped them past her feet, leaving her sister completely bare. "I've been practicing something for you," she purred as she tossed the shoes aside, twirling the underwear on her finger.

Elsa sat patiently on the floor, smiling at Anna with anticipation and excitement as she removed her shoes and bloomers for her. "You have?" she asked demurely. "What is it?"

With a coy smile, Anna delicately placed the bloomers in the top drawer of her vanity – a souvenir of sorts. When she turned back, satisfied at Elsa's slight blush, she casually undid her belt and let the robe drop to the floor, revealing herself to be clad only in a black leather bodice and thigh-high fishnet stockings, with a curious corded leather belt. "Oh, I'm not sure you're ready for it."

Elsa couldn't help but break character, smiling and raising her eyebrows. Where on earth had Anna managed to obtain such a ridiculous getup? Still, it made her cut an… interesting figure. No wonder she'd been so eager to play tonight; she wanted to show off her new outfit. "I'm sure I am, Your Highness," Elsa said sweetly.

One of Anna's eyes squinted closed slightly at the smile. That hadn't been quite the reaction she'd been expecting, but she decided not to let herself be riled by it just yet. Their play was just beginning. "Just remember you said that." Taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out, she drew the belt from around her waist and swished it forward, letting what turned out to be a bullwhip crack loudly against the floor a mere inch from Elsa's left hip.

Elsa's eyes widened. She jumped instinctively, recoiling at the sound of the whip cracking. A nervous breath rocketed into her chest. She and Anna had played very rough before, but this was a whole new level. Maintaining eye contact with her sister for a moment, she hoped Anna would see the bit of real fear there. She trusted Anna enough to let her try almost anything... but this was going out on a bit of a limb. "Is that f-for me, Your Majesty?" she asked softly.

"It's not for taming lions," Anna replied with a languid smile, though her pulse was racing. She almost broke character when she saw how scared Elsa seemed to be, but she held fast. All those hours of practice had been well spent; her control was impeccable. "Now... if we're ready to begin, I'd like you to crawl onto the bed for me." Elsa obediently climbed up onto the bed, laying out flat on her back, as was her usual instruction until Anna told her otherwise. Once her motions stilled, Anna cracked the whip again directly between Elsa's feet, lashing a thin tear in the top-sheet and sending up a puff of eiderdown. Elsa gave another little cry as she felt the whip strike the bed near her feet. Since when did Anna even know how to use a whip? And where on earth had she learned?

"You could have crawled faster than that. No matter." Anna paced around the side of the bed and reached underneath the stack of elegant pillows, withdrawing two manacles. "Raise your hands over your head."

"Sorry," the queen said softly. "Yes, Your Highness..." She raised her arms over her head.

Pointedly avoiding watching the curve of Elsa's back, though her eyes sought it out as if drawn magnetically, Anna slipped one manacle around one of her sister's wrists, locking it shut. "You are mine," she said in a low, seductive voice as she fastened the other one.

"I'm yours," she echoed as her wrists were locked into the shackles, sighing pleasantly.

An experimental tug confirmed they were firmly fastened to the wall – as they were a few hours previous when Anna last inspected them. Satisfied, she drew a thin strip of snow-white cloth from under another pillow. "Do you know what this is?"

Elsa looked at the white strip of cloth and ventured her best guess. "Is it a blindfold, Your Majesty?"

Smiling sweetly, she draped it cheekily over Elsa's breasts and said, "There are a few things I'd like you to see before you put it on." Tugging at a thin silver chain around her neck, an iron key drew upward from within her cleavage. "This is what can set you free. There is only one key."

So the manacles were more than just props; Elsa really was locked in. Knowing that her sister would unlock her if she said the magic word, the idea was incredibly exciting. "And you have the only key, Your Highness?" she asked, her voice already ragged with desire.

On a whim, Anna traced her tongue along the edge of it, the sharp metallic ringing through her buds. "I had these specially made just for you." Then she paced to her bedside table and held up a bowl and a candelabra. "These will also be important in tonight's festivities." She tilted the bowl down far enough for Elsa to glimpse the assorted fruits inside.

Elsa couldn't figure out what Anna had planned with the candelabra and the fruits, but she could tell her sister had gone to quite a bit of trouble. "Do I get to know what they're for?" she asked softly.

"Not yet," Anna whispered, putting them back before crawling onto the bed and pressing the handle of the whip under Elsa's chin, tilting her head up. Then she drew her lips into her own briefly, moaning hotly into the contact, wishing it could go on for hours but knowing they had a schedule to keep. Elsa moaned against Anna's lips as she kissed her, and whined needily when she pulled away. Her heart was racing and her warmth was spreading quickly between her thighs.

Breaking character slightly from her own lust, Anna whispered hotly, "I... could put the blindfold on for you, or you can do it. Up to you."

Elsa couldn't help but giggle. "It would be nice if you'd do it, since I can't exactly use my hands... Your Majesty."

Blushing again at being elevated above the true Majesty in the room, she shot Elsa the first earnest smile since the promise to use the word of safety. Then she flipped the cloth up and over Elsa's eyes, languidly reaching back to tie it around the back of her head. In as quiet a whisper as she could manage, she urgently told her, "I can't see your eyes now, Elsa, so I'm depending on you to tell me things..."

"If I need you to stop, I'll say the word," Elsa replied softly. Then the cloth was tied over her eyes, blocking out all sight. But she could feel Anna's weight beside her on the bed, and she could feel her own arousal growing. The warmth between her legs was growing almost unbearable, and her nipples had just began to pucker outward.

Anna took a moment to gaze upon the beautiful young monarch beside her, at her long, tapering legs, the gently-curling white hairs above her moist center. Then she saw the hardening peaks of her breasts and passed the handle of the whip over them gently. "We're going to play a new game, my pet."

Elsa shivered pleasantly as she felt the hard leather whip handle moving over her breasts. God, Anna knew exactly how to drive her mad with need. She especially loved it when her sister called her 'her pet'. It was demeaning enough to turn her on, but just sweet enough to make her feel cherished. "Wh- what game is that, Your Highness?"

"You seem to like sensations." With a smirk, Anna laid the cold ceramic bowl directly on Elsa's stomach. "Taste is one of the most powerful. Let's see how good you are with that." A small morsel of fruit pushed its way past Elsa's lips, gently, lovingly. It was small and round, the skin slick. Rich and dark and tart was its flavour. "Does my sweet sister know what it is?"

Elsa moaned happily as she felt Anna's finger push a tiny piece of fruit past her lips. Every sensation seemed magnified when her sense of sight was cut off. She sucked gently on the tip of Anna's finger for moment, then slowly licked her lips for a moment before she answered. The sweet-tart taste was familiar, but she couldn't quite put her finger on what it was. "Mmm... tastes like... plumb?"

"Awww." There was a clicking of Anna's tongue and a light scraping sound from the nearby table. "That was incorrect. I wonder how this will affect you, though? Been wondering about it for a while now." Then a white-hot splash landed on Elsa's hip.

Elsa recognized the scrape of metal on wood; Anna had picked up the candelabra. The hot, sticky stuff that dripped onto bare skin could only be melting wax. She gave a sharp intake of breath. Her back arched and her toes curled tightly as the searing heat dripped down the side of her hip and onto the bed.

Anna watched all of these reactions with a childlike glee, delighting in how her subject rolled and undulated in the negligible pain. Resisting the temptation to do it again, she put the candles back and said in a voice of barely-concealed excitement, "Okay... so that was actually a blueberry. Was it good anyway?"

"A blueberry," Elsa mused breathlessly, raising her eyebrows beneath the blindfold. "Of course... it was delicious."

"Good, that's... good." Clearing her throat, she pushed a larger object against Elsa's lips. "Bite." She did, and it crunched loudly, spreading a semi-sweet, semi-sour juiciness through her mouth. "What might that one be?"

Elsa recognized this one quite clearly. "Green apple," she said confidently.

Giggling, Anna laid it back in the bowl, leaning over and pressing a kiss against the side of Elsa's breast, just a small one but with very wet lips. "Much better, pet."

Elsa moaned happily as she felt Anna's lips press against the side of her breast. This was a lovely game, but she was growing impatient. "Anna," she whined softly. "That feels so good... please..."

"Hey!" There was a deafening crack that came from roughly a foot above where Elsa's chained hands rested on the pillow. "Our game has just started, cur. You're trying to skip to the end."

A frightened little yelp tore from Elsa's throat when she heard the whip snap just above her hands. "Ah! I'm sorry!" she stammered. "S-Sorry, Your Highness! I won't ask again!"

"See that you don't," Anna growled playfully. Then she forced a thin, somewhat slimy bit into Elsa's mouth, only a tiny bit rougher than before but still with care. It held a sharp tang but was incredibly sweet. "And this?"

This flavor was entirely unfamiliar. "Hmn... I've never tasted this before," Elsa admitted with a frown. "I don't know..."

Anna blinked. "Really? Never?" Then she recovered herself, speaking more sternly. "I, uh, mean, that's incorrect." Another scrape from the table. This time, the searing wax rolled down the slightly-inclined plane of Elsa's inner thigh, leaving a trail of cooling material in its wake.

Elsa gasped and bucked, straining against the cuffs binding her hands, as another stream of hot wax hit the inside of her leg. "Ahhh-!" she cried. "Anna!"

"You're moving an awful lot," Anna sighed in disappointment as she shifted on the bed. "Must mean you're not through being punished yet." Another drop rolled down the tender underside of her upper arm. While Elsa was screaming, Anna let out tiny moans of her own, pushing the handle of her whip against her already flaming-hot sex, shivering from head to toe. How long could she maintain this game without breaking down herself?

Elsa gave a sharp cry as she felt the wax slide down her arm. "I can't help it!" she gasped. "It hurts... it feels so good..."

Anna heaved a sharp sigh. "I was afraid of this." The bowl lifted from Elsa's stomach as she stood from the bed. "Alright. Roll over."

Biting her lip in anticipation, Elsa used her elbows to push herself up and roll onto her belly. She rested her head against the luxurious pillows, wishing she could see what Anna was doing.

Several seconds passed with the sound of leather sliding over leather as Anna wound the whip into a tight coil. Then a rigid bundle of cords began to trace its way up the sole of Elsa's right foot and along her leg until it rested against her inside knee. "You need to learn restraint."

Elsa chewed at her lip in her effort not to moan; but the cold leather pressed against her skin, and the feeling of Anna's body so warm and so close, made her whimper with need. "I'm trying," she sighed. "You turn me on so much."

After a moment's hesitation, Anna's need-soaked voice ground out, "Interesting. Unfortunately, it's also making it hard for you to obey." Then, gritting her teeth, she brought down the coiled whip on her fleshy hindcheeks.

Thereafter came a high-pitched cry. It stung as she felt the whip strike her bare bottom, and much worse than the riding crop had. The queen pictured Anna standing over her, wielding the whip as she had before and preparing for another strike. The thought made her burn with desire. She did her best not to move, but her toes curled tight against the bed. "Ohhhhh gods," she moaned into the pillow.

"What did you call me?" Anna asked with a sardonic chuckle as she struck again, then drew back and pressed the coil of leather between Elsa's fleshy cheeks, grinding with moderate force.

Elsa started to answer, but was cut off by another thwack of the coiled whip, this one a bit harder than before. She muffled her scream against the pillow, moaning as she felt the handle pressing between her buttocks.

"Well?" Anna goaded, moving the whip slightly from side to side without relenting, eyes watching the cheeks move back and forth at her prompting.

"G-G-Gods..." the elder sister stammered breathlessly through gritted teeth. She'd meant it as an exclamation, not a title, but when they were playing their game and Anna was in charge, who was she to argue? "Y-you are m-my god."

"Elsa..." Anna's throat felt very dry as she watched the handle move to and fro, no longer grinding as hard and instead watching the ripples move along her gooseflesh, playing a hand over her own collarbone as she observed this new phenomenon. It was nigh hypnotic. An unexpected need began to take root in her, one she had never even briefly entertained before. "Do you... want to try... another game?"

A heavy sigh of relief passed through royal lips as Anna lessened the pressure on the whip handle. "Y-yes. Yes, please..."

"Oh, I hope you like it," Anna cooed heatedly, voice shaking in anticipation as she pulled the bowl closer. "But if you don't, you... know how this works." A moment passed, and there was a wet gooshing noise. Then the whip withdrew, and Anna coughed self-consciously as she briefly prodded each of Elsa's thighs in turn. "Spread. Just a bit."

Elsa's eyebrows raised at the strange noise she heard, wondering what Anna had in store next. "Like this?" She raised her rear end off the bed just a bit, spreading her thighs apart, trembling with the effort it took to hold still.

"Control your reaction," Anna moaned, breath caressing Elsa's thigh as something sodden and pulpy worked its way past the two fleshy cheeks to the tiny opening they normally protected.

Surprise thrilled through Elsa as she felt something soft pressing against her rear entrance. "Anna?!" she gasped, her voice slightly panicked. "Wh-What are you doing?! What is that? Tell me now!"

"Guess." The pressure was very light and very subtle but did not lessen. Anna's voice was full of a dark glee as she went on, "Use your clues. What do you think it could be?"

Elsa quaked with fear and arousal as she racked her brain. As if she could tell what it was without seeing or tasting it! "A banana?" she asked randomly.

Anna's light titter belied the way one unforgiving finger began to force the sodden matter slightly inward. "Incorrect. Try again? I'll give you a hint; a banana is only this soft when it's too ripe."

Elsa's whole body tensed as she felt the object pressing more firmly and slipping inside. "Ahh-I-I don't know!" she exclaimed. She moaned softly as it entered further. The sensation was strange and slightly painful, but not altogether unpleasant. "Annaaaa..."

The smile slowly left Anna's face as she felt her arousal growing, beside herself at the somewhat favorable response to this particular experiment. She had been almost positive it would be met with immediate backlash, perhaps even to the point of using their word of release to end the proceedings. But no word had come. Forcing it inward another fraction of an inch, she whispered, "Y-yes, Elsa?"

Elsa drew a deep breath as she grew used to feeling the object inside her. A long, breathy moan escaped, and she rocked her hips back towards Anna. "Don't- don't stop..."

The moan that escaped Anna's lips would normally have been outside the mentality they set for themselves during their play, but given the entirely new territory they were exploring, she tried not to hold it against herself. "No? Are... do you like this?" Her finger slid in through the fragile flesh of the fruit, and she felt light-headed when she realized her finger had brushed against the slick skin of her sister's anus. "Do you want this?"

"Y-yes!" Elsa cried, trembling with desire as her fingers gripped the manacles around her wrists. "Yes! Ohhh gods, Anna, I've never... that's not a place I... but I think I do..."

"Oh, wow," Anna rumbled in a lower register than she was used to hearing from herself as she slowly withdrew her finger, staring now in morbid fascination as the skin stretched and moved, juicy pulp swirling around finger and orifice. Gulping, she slowly lowered her face to a better vantage point as she did so. "So this... what does it feel like?"

Elsa could hardly speak, she was trying so hard just to breathe steadily. "It feels so good," she groaned, resting her torso against the bed. "So hot, and w-wet... oh, Anna... Anna, fuck me!"

Anna whispered a litany that had been featuring heavily in her activities of late: "Mother, Father, please forgive us." Then she shifted to one side and lowered herself slowly onto Elsa's calf as she slid her finger slowly outward and, steeling her resolve, replaced it with her tongue.

Elsa whimpered with disappointment when she felt Anna's finger pull away, only to scream with delight when she felt it replaced with another instrument of pleasure. She rocked her hips back into her sister's mouth, moaning and writhing, straining against her manacles. "Anna!" she cried. "Ohhhhh... oh!"

"MMhhhh!" Anna moaned around her tongue, driven wild by the conflicting tastes of tangy fruit and a rich taboo she had never experienced before. Head spinning, she held steady against Elsa's thrusts, hands clamping down on her thighs to help steer her movements in the correct direction as she ground shamefully into the leg beneath her, leaving a deplorable slick in her wake.

Only wordless moans could be heard from Elsa as Anna pleasured her with her tongue. She couldn't come this way, but she didn't care; she'd lay here and let Anna do this all night. She felt Anna rubbing her own wet heat against her leg, and bent her leg slightly to give her a better angle. Back whiplashing at the new orientation of the leg beneath her, Anna nearly lost her tether but kept her tongue pressed against Elsa's opening while she adjusted her movements, rocking slightly as she began wriggling her tongue up and down, eyes on the back of Elsa's head and ears pricked to her cries of passion, waiting for any sign of change. "Mmmhh..."

"Annaaaaa..." Elsa cried desperately. The pleasure was becoming unbearably intense and she felt like she was close, so very close. The feeling of Anna's tongue quickly unfurling inside her, and her sister's wet heat against her leg, were driving her mad. "ANNA! Anna, I can't... with you in my... Ohhh Anna, make me come, PLEASE!"

Stray crimson hairs whipped into Anna's face as her mouth withdrew from Elsa's dark opening and she bleated, "Elsa! Gods, you love this, I can't believe... I'll do this whenever you want me to!" Positively shredding her sensitive skin on the shin beneath her, she slowly dragged the handle of the whip over one of Elsa's thighs as she asked, "You wanna come? Do you need to come now?"

"YES!" Elsa cried as both hindcheeks clenched. "Yes, Anna, yes! Please make me come! I need it so bad!"

"Okay," Anna panted brokenly as she lowered her mouth to her new favorite hole again, worming her tongue past the tight ring of muscle as she moaned around herself and into her sister. Then, barely able to move her arm, she placed the very end of the handle up against Elsa's clit, angling it so that every thrust would not only drag over its engorged mass but brush her fragile lips by the barest breadth.

Elsa's whole body trembled and shook as Anna's tongue entered her again, and the leather whip handle pressed firmly against her swollen clit. It didn't take long. She came with a long, desperate scream, stars exploding behind her eyes and fire racing up and down her spine. Anna just kept going, and so did her orgasm, until the pleasure was so overwhelming that it crossed the line into unbearable pain. "Enough!" she groaned brokenly. "K-K-Kumquat! I can't take anymore!"

Instantly, Anna's tongue whipped out of Elsa and the handle dropped down onto the sheets as she braced her hands firmly against the hips in front of her. "MMHHH! Oh, GOD, Elsa! Elsa, Eeeelsa, ELSAAAAAH!" Only a few more quick gyrations brought her over the edge and she exploded spectacularly, feeling her muscles clenching around the skin of her sister's leg as she reached such a peak as she had never known in all their previous sessions. Elsa was still trembling when Anna finished, which somehow only redoubled their shared pleasure. She felt her sister bucking hard against her and heard her screams of pleasure. It was the greatest feeling in the world to know her sweet sister had reached her peak as well.

As they lay there together, Elsa whispered breathlessly, "Anna... oh, Anna, untie me so I can hold you!"

"Ooh..." Anna let out a shaky laugh. "I... can you just get the key from me and do it yourself?" Before Elsa could object, she sighed and said, "Sorry, sorry." With the last of her energy, she crept along Elsa's frame, shivering slightly when the curly bronze hairs on her sex brushed against her hindcheek, remembering what she had done to that part of her sister moments previous. Then she withdrew the tiny key from around her neck and used it to release her slave from the shackles binding her there. "Beh... better?"

Elsa breathed a sigh of relief as her hands were released from their shackles. She pulled off the blindfold and turned over, pulling Anna down into her arms and cradling her head against her heaving breast. "Yes," she whispered. "Ohhh, that was amazing, Anna..."

Taking a slow, deep breath, Anna released her darker desires and focused on her sister, the person. "You're not just saying that, are you? I was, um, kind of trying to freak you out. Y'know, at first, but then we both got so into it! Seriously, you liked having peach pulp shoved up your ass?"

Even after their crazy antics, her sister's dirty language made Elsa blush. "No, I meant it," she sighed with a happy smile. "My bottom really did appreciate the attention. You certainly surprised me, of course..." She paused. "Is that what that was? Peach?"

Anna giggled weakly while listening to Elsa's slow breaths. "Okay, so in the moment I wasn't being very nice to you for not guessing, but to be honest... I don't know how accurate, um, that part of you is for guessing what kind of food it's touching."

Elsa laughed softly and rested her head on top of Anna's, drinking in her nearness. They spent a moment in silence before Elsa said, "So while school is in session, I do have to know... what's a kumquat?"

"Hmm?" Anna said, half-asleep. Then she stirred and reached over to the bowl, withdrawing a small, round fruit. It was vividly orange, but smaller even than a plum. "Do you want to try one?"

"Oh... it's a fruit, too!" She took the small sphere from Anna's hand and bit into it cautiously, smiling at the sweet, tangy taste before she made she frowned at the accompanying bitterness. "I've never had one of these before. Where are they from?"

Shrugging, Anna snuggled back down against the silky skin underneath her and smiled contentedly. "We got a few in on the trade routes from the Far East. You're... not supposed to eat the skin, though, and... there's seeds..."

"Ugh," Elsa muttered, spitting the half-chewed fruit back into the bowl. "Thanks for the warning," she teased her. Then she yawned, stretching lazily before flopping down onto the pillows. "Mmm... my whole body feels like rubber. Good job, my thorough sister..."

For a long moment, it seemed as if Anna wouldn't answer. Then a whisper drifted up from her lips. "Are you sure you enjoy all these games? Sometimes you look so scared, or disappointed, and it's only for a second... because then I see the pleasure take over. But I still worry..."

Elsa smiled. "Disappointed? Never! You certainly frighten me sometimes..." She wrapped her arms around Anna and kissed her forehead. "But it just turns me on even more. You know I trust you completely, don't you?"

"Mmm," she cooed at the feeling of her sister's lips. "Then, in that case... you have a surprise waiting for you in your wardrobe when you get back to your chambers. Sweet dreams, Elsa."

"A surprise?" Elsa giggled. "And you said 'sweet dreams'; am I being dismissed?" She pretended to pout as she stood up and started dressing again. The realization that her bloomers were now in Anna's drawer irked her for a moment before she decided it was unimportant; she had plenty of other pairs, and her own chambers were not far from here.

Anna stretched out languidly, fishnets slithering over themselves. "You can sleep here again, if you want, but... you know how the servants might talk, et cetera." She said this last part as if a well-rehearsed speech. Mostly because it was. "But yes... I expect you to enjoy your... surprise."

Elsa finished buttoning her dress and gave Anna one more kiss on the cheek. "Alright," she teased. "I'll be sure to 'enjoy it' as soon as I get back. Do lock your door if you're going to lounge around in that silly outfit, though, dear sister..."

"Silly?!" Anna blustered even as her hand passed lovingly over Elsa's hair, her indignation rousing her from her drowsy state the tiniest fraction. "But I- aww, I thought I looked all sassy in this. You think it's silly?!"

"Just a little," the queen teased with a laugh. "I suppose it's sassy too. It certainly makes an impression… I think I like you better naked, though." She kissed her once more before turning to leave. "Goodnight, sweetheart..."

"Goodnight, snowflake." But Anna only had eyes for Elsa's backside as her hips swung to and fro on their way out, licking her lips at the memory of what had been done to it only moments before.

~ o ~

Back in her room, Elsa went straight to the wardrobe. She was expecting her surprise to be some kind of new toy for Anna to pleasure her with. Instead she found that all of her bloomers had vanished, presumably taken by Anna. She laughed out loud. So her sister wanted her to go about tomorrow's business without proper attire? Very well; she decided to give her the benefit of the doubt, assuming she had some great plan in store for both of them.


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