My Sister's Mistress

Chapter 4

CHAPTER WARNINGS: exhibitionism, cunnilingus, fingering and masturbation. Also, incest (obviously).

[[NOTES: Well, friends. This chapter is a bit shorter than the others, but contains both kinkiness and plot. Mostly plot (although the kinky bits were something we had planned from early on in the roleplay). On the upside, we're also getting it out quite a bit faster than the last chapter, so count your blessings, friends!

As for the coming chapters following this... be prepared for a rollercoaster ride.]]


The next day, Elsa had to attend a meeting with her advisors first thing in the morning... without underwear.

Not a single man among those gathered could tell, obviously, but it made her feel a bit self-conscious... though it turned her on when she realized that was probably what Anna intended. Still, the dull conversation put a damper on such adrenaline-fueled excitement forthwith. They were hardly ten minutes into the meeting when the 'gentlemen' began fighting amongst themselves over the best way to handle the latest 'maritime threat' to their 'great nation'. This was quite typical of them, but even the most aggressive of them were raising their voices more than usual today. Elsa was bored stiff. She gave an impatient sigh as she listened to them bicker noisily, trying to discern the best course of action from the information in their angry banter, as she'd given up asking them any questions ages ago.

"...and that's why we need to deploy another fleet up the Coronan Strait!" old Bjorn was grousing, pounding his fist so hard against the table that his coffee nearly spilled. "We cannot risk another so-called 'diplomatic envoy' from the Southern Isles coming through it, that is unacceptable!"

"Deploying another fleet will give the impression that we are preparing for war!" countered Iorek, also slamming his fist on the table.

Elsa opened her mouth to speak up in agreement with Iorek, but with so many men shouting at the same time, she could hardly get a word in edgewise. Finally, she reached the end of her rope.

"SILENCE!" she shouted, standing up and holding her hand in the air. All the advisors grew quiet. "We will not deploy another fleet," she went on, her voice calm again. "Iorek is right. The peace we've made with the Southern Isles following Prince Hans'… conspiracy… is tenuous at best. Such an aggressive move could have disastrous implications. Furthermore, Arendelle doesn't have a large enough navy. We'd be spreading our resources much too thin. The matter is settled." She then sat back down, giving them all a look that clearly said it was her final word on the matter.

"It is not settled!" Arvid growled in his deep baritone, black beard bristling. "You know the upper echelon among Arendelle's high-class citizenry will never accept 'do nothing' as our response to the last scare. Need I remind Your Majesty about how they reacted back in September? We nearly had a full-scale riot on our hands!"

Elsa rolled her eyes. Last September, her decision not to enact a tax freeze had allowed property taxes to slightly increase, which would be good for the city but slightly costly to the rich. To say there had nearly been a 'full-scale riot' was a bit of a hyperbole; Arvid had a tendency towards exaggeration when he was arguing a point. In truth, Elsa hated having Arvid on her council. He was stodgy, conservative, elitist, and chauvinistic in almost every way possible, so his agenda was the precise opposite of what Elsa hoped to accomplish during her reign.

"I do not rule to please the wealthy," the queen replied, her voice even and measured, but tense. "I rule for the good of the nation at large, and this decision is best for the greater good. The matter is settled, and there will be no further discussion." She sat back in her chair, realizing too late that as she'd been gripping the table, a thin layer of frost had begun to creep across the surface of the wood.

"A…hah," Bjorn said hesitantly, eyes fixated on the manifestation of his queen's abnormal gifts. "Yes, I suppose it is, isn't it? We presented our points and you made a ruling, that is how this works." After a moment, he cleared his throat. "Now, on to the subject of this new constabulary..."

"I think there are more pressing matters at hand," Arvid interrupted. "In particular, the Queen's engagement... or rather her lack thereof. The people of Arendelle are growing restless. The kingdom hasn't had an unmarried queen since Hilda the Mad. Not to mention there is no heir to the throne, which leaves the monarchy in a very vulnerable position..."

Elsa glared at him, but several of the other advisors murmured in agreement. "I see," said Elsa, folding her hands in front of her impatiently. "And when you say 'the people,' I assume you mean the aristocracy."

"Naturally," said Iorek quickly. "Though we normally wouldn't dare presume to dictate how you conduct your courtship..." At those words, he leveled a glare at Arvid for his tactless broaching of the subject. "It remains a fact that the longer you delay seeking out a suitable companion, the more all classes in Arendelle will grow anxious and begin to talk. That is simply the way things are."

Elsa nodded, biting her lip nervously. Iorek was right. This was something she'd been afraid of, and that she'd hoped to avoid as long as possible. She felt that marrying and having children would make her unfaithful to Anna, even though the two of them could never be married. Anna was her one and only love; she had no desire to share her bed, or her life, with any man.

As she was lost in such dispiriting thoughts, she felt a peculiar rustling against her skirts and glanced discreetly under the table. Her eyes widened when she saw her sister hiding down there, slowly gathering the queen's skirts around her hips. So this was why Anna had stolen all her underwear!

"Shh," Anna mouthed without speaking, eyes alight with impish glee. Then she pushed the skirts a few more inches upward, glancing up at the underside of the table as if to gauge how much could and couldn't be seen from the vantage point of the advisors. Elsa said nothing, but for a split second she was too terrified to move. Her body thrilled at the sight of her sister crouching right between her legs in the middle of her council chamber, but her mind screamed in protest. This was the craziest thing Anna had ever done, and it could mean the end for both of them.

"Now," Lars spoke up, "I do believe when last we raised this topic, you had said the Duke of Swansea expressed an interest. Yes, he's a bit older, but his breeding is sound enough, and the goodwill between us and Swansea may open up new opportunities for trade."

"Therefore," added Arvid, "some of us have taken the liberty of inviting the Duke to visit for a week next month."

Elsa's brow furrowed in anger at his words. "You dare presume to schedule my courtship for me?" she snapped, nearly standing up in the chair – but Anna's hands pulled her quickly back into her seat. Her eyes met Arvid's, and each glared at the other. Now that the Duke had been invited, it would be diplomatic suicide for her not to see him. Though the queen's face was calm, her blue eyes were dark with anger and resentment. This time Arvid had gone too far.

"It is our right as council!" Arvid insisted. "The right then falls to you to decide his suitability, of course, but you cannot spurn potential suitors you have never even entertained!"

Anna's jaw clenched at the topic of conversation, but she quickly forced her irritation away. This came with the territory; the people of Arendelle would expect both of them to wed and produce offspring, which meant at least one of them would have to meet those expectations. The cost of being royalty. Meanwhile, what was about to transpire beneath the table had been brewing in the back of her mind for days now. Nothing short of a literal explosion within the meeting room could waylay these plans. Slowly, she began stroking her sister's now-bare knees...

Elsa gave a tiny shudder at the feeling of her sister's gentle hands. She wanted to argue with her advisors, but she knew Iorek and Lars were right. Also, Anna's brazen plan was already rendering her breathless. "Very well," she said curtly, sitting back in her seat and doing her best to relax. "I will meet with him. Now, on to the matter of the constabulary..."

"Oh," Arvid said in some surprise. Clearly, he had been gearing up for a larger argument and now felt the wind receding from his sails. "Y-yes, well, that is something we had decided needs be discussed."

"Then you may discuss it," said Elsa, sounding more terse than she intended. She glanced down at Anna under the table, her eyes filled with desire. This was an incredible risk her sister was taking, but possible consequences aside, the threat of being discovered gave her quite a leaned slightly to one side and pressed her lips against one of Elsa's thighs, hands still playing over Elsa's knees, and in that moment the queen was completely won over. As the men began to talk again, Elsa made the pretense of listening carefully to them as they spoke. In truth, her attention was focused on Anna.

"Splendid," Bjorn began, warming to the subject he clearly wanted to argue. "Now. The Royal Guard has been a fantastic way to keep the peace around Arendelle for thousands of years. However, the lower classes have expressed concerns for many years now that they feel complaints to the Guard go largely... ignored, unless they come from the upper crust."

Elsa sighed very softly when she felt her sister's lips against her thigh again, and a tiny chill ran up her spine. The rebuttals that came from Lars probably contained several valid points but Anna blocked them out, her fingernails tracing slow circles as they made their way further and further in toward their eventual goal. Elsa could only catch bits and pieces of the conversation herself. It sounded like the poorest citizens weren't being served by the guards at all, and the queen made a note to do something about it later. For now, her attention was focused on Anna's fingernails ghosting over her thighs.

As Anna's neared her center, Elsa grabbed her hand and pressed it firmly against her womanhood. She wasn't in the mood to be teased; all this nonsense about suitors had made her impatient and frustrated. If the blowhards hadn't been shouting at each other over ages-old proclamations and decrees and "tradition," perhaps they would have noted the tiny gasp of surprise under the table when Anna felt her fingers dip into hot liquid minutes before she was expecting them to. Elsa really was chomping at the bit; she was soaked. It was lucky the current fashion was to wear multiple skirts, because she was certain there would be droplets on the nearest one to the royal skin by the time they had finished. Biting her lip, Anna inched closer as she began moving her fingers ever so slightly, teasing the fragile flesh they had been thrust against.

By now, the men were shouting their arguments at each other across the table and paying no attention to the queen. She covered her mouth to muffle a tiny moan as she felt Anna's fingers begin stroking the outside of her sex. Her legs parted slightly to give her sister better access, but she kept her hand on Anna's to prevent her from pulling away.

"Outrageous! You know none of them will agree to such a measure, least of all in our day and age!"

Which one had said that? Anna didn't care. Matters of state had always been for Elsa to worry over. The fact that the queen had allowed herself to be put in the position where she had to focus on both that and more carnal matters at the same time was her own doing. Smiling, she sank her teeth lightly into the pliant flesh of one thigh as she began running her hand along the slick lips of her partner's most precious resource, delighting in how firm the grasp on her wrist was. Elsa was heavily invested in her little sister's dark ministrations now. When Anna bit into her skin, she had to gnaw on her own fist to keep from crying out. The steady motion of her sister's hand was driving her mad already. Scooting her chair closer to the table so the men wouldn't see, she rocked her hips slightly into Anna's hand. One leg came up to drape over Anna's shoulder, pulling her even closer.

The movement of the chair set Anna's pulse to racing as she pressed her tongue into succulent thigh-flesh, and then her brain surged with adrenaline when she felt the other leg slide over her back. She was changing her seating position for her. She was accommodating her bold plan to bring one of them to climax right under the noses of a half-dozen stodgy, old men. Taking a deep, steadying breath, she slowly began to work her mouth closer and closer to her other hand, the free one sliding down her own stomach at the same steady pace.

Elsa groaned softly, the sound going unnoticed beneath all the yelling. She whimpered and sighed into her hand as she felt Anna's lips and tongue moving closer to her dripping sex. She placed her free hand on the back of her sister's head and pushed her face gently against her. Normally she let Anna set the pace and take charge, but Elsa wasn't in the mood to play games; here, she was the queen, and the queen wanted her sister now.

Startled by the sudden contact of arousal-heated folds against her nose, Anna quickly angled slightly to push her lips against them, delighting in the salty, heady tincture of her sister. This was not the first time she had sampled its bounty, but definitely the most enticing occasion. Darting out a tongue to lap at the silky ribbons of flesh, the hand finally found her way to her own wetness through the fabric of her dress and pressed in gently, causing her to release a low moan directly into Elsa's body.

Elsa bucked against Anna's face as she felt her sister's lips pressing into her sex, whimpering softly at the feeling of her soft, warm tongue against each fold. She glanced up to make sure none of her advisors were watching, then tipped her head down to make eye contact with her sister. "Anna," she mouthed silently. "Don't you dare stop."

The adoration and love Anna returned through their gaze was undiluted and a hundred per cent pure. If Elsa had asked her in that moment to run screaming from the room and fling herself from the highest tower, she would have considered it. Instead, she followed her sister's commands to the letter. Scooting forward as far as the space constraints would allow, she thrust her writhing muscle deep within Elsa, twisting and churning and attempting to find every last ridge, every slight curve within her. Two fingers reached on either side of her own mouth to hold her sister open, and the other hand slowly gathered her skirts into a bunch around her waist so she could indulge herself.

Still glancing up every so often to make sure they were safe, Elsa watched Anna as she pulled up her own skirts to touch herself. God, she looked so sexy down there between Elsa's legs, her eyes half-lidded with desire. When she felt Anna's tongue slip inside her, her whole body stiffened, and she gripped Anna's hair tightly. "Mmmm... Anna..."

At the sound of her name, Anna briefly sharpened her ears to the din of debating old buffoons above her. Couldn't they hear her sister calling it out? Didn't they wonder about such an odd thing cropping up in the midst of their meeting? Apparently not. Delighting in the feel of a strong hand tugging at her ginger mane, Anna continued to devour Elsa with renewed vigor, emboldened by her soft mutterings and by the feel of her own hand tracing along her curly hair to prod at her own labia – but only teasing. She was too focused on bringing the queen pleasure to worry about her own for the moment.

Elsa bit down gently on her lower lip, still rocking her hips steadily against Anna's mouth. And to think the old buffoons still took no notice! She locked eyes with her sister beneath the table, stroking her hair with one hand and digging her fingernails into her chair with the other.

Just as Anna slid her tongue up a few inches to tease at the protrusion located there, mouth practically dancing in joy at the contact, Arvid demanded more loudly than before, "It's a matter of principle! Wouldn't you agree, Your Majesty?"

All eyes in the room turned toward the queen. Elsa froze as her advisors looked at her at once, just as Anna's tongue drifted up towards her swollen clit. "Ahh... um," she stammered. "Wh-what's a matter of principle? I can't hear what you're saying when you all shout over each other at once!" Her fingernails dug firmly into the wood chair, leaving a crackling of frost underneath. Normally she could control her powers much better than this, but she could feel the panic beginning to rise up in her chest, bringing with it a slight chill that made the all the men shiver.

"My queen, are you feeling well?" Lars demanded, not altogether unkindly. Anna's relentless pace made the sound ring in Elsa's ears, as if echoing down a mile-long hallway. "You look a bit flushed."

Elsa felt like cursing. Now everyone's attention was focused on her, throwing a huge monkey-wrench in Anna's plan. "By all means, please proceed. Don't let me get in the way of your shouting sport." There was an awkward pause as the men all realized they were being scolded. Elsa sat back in the chair again, silently urging Anna to continue by pressing her hand against the back of her neck.

Hands trembling now, Anna's tongue went back to work, twisting and wriggling inside her sister without letting up. Now that she had reprimanded them on their behavior, and the men's conversation slowly stirred back to a volume more becoming gentlemen, she realized it would be harder for Elsa to disguise her moans. Why did that notion drive her absolutely wild? Her own folds were now utterly sodden and she was having some trouble not moaning aloud herself. Elsa, meanwhile, was biting her lip so hard now she could taste her own blood. She clenched her jaw tight as she struggled not to scream, her pleasure rising higher as Anna's fingers worked gently inside her and her tongue stroked over her swollen clitoris. She felt a moan threatening to break from her throat, but how could she allow that and endanger the both of them?

The next moment, as if by divine providence, Arvid raised his voice, inciting the men into another shouting match. She had never been more grateful for their short tempers. Elsa's eyes met Anna's beneath the table, and she mouthed silently, "I'm so close... please!"

"And that is a violation! A VIOLATION!" Bjorn was shouting. The irony made Anna giggle.

Nodding emphatically, knowing the movement would only further drive her sister toward the cliff's edge, Anna poured every ounce of energy into her lips and tongue, suckling, even allowing her teeth to clasp gently onto patches of skin every so often, testing if this increase or decrease Elsa's obvious ecstasy. Her own middle finger was waggling back and forth across her pulsating nub, unable to resist stoking her own fires. Climax was within reach for both of them. It wasn't the redoubled effort, but Anna's teeth against her sensitive flesh that pushed Elsa right up to the edge – and the rumbling of the slight laughter that threw her over. Delicate lips parted and her eyes locked with Anna's for a moment. She couldn't contain the moan that burst forth, but she managed to transform it at the last moment into an angry shout.

"ENOUGH!" Elsa cried, slamming her free hand down on the table. Everyone fell completely silent. The advisors all stared at Elsa like children caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Elsa cleared her throat nervously as she realized she'd accidentally made a thin sheet of ice on the surface of the table. She waved her hand to dispel it before she continued. "I h-have had it," she snapped breathlessly. "With your childish bickering! Your behavior is a shameful embarrassment to yourselves and the crown! This meeting is adjourned. We will resume tomorrow when you're all prepared to partake in calm, intelligent discourse. You are dismissed!" There was a brief pause. Nobody moved. "NOW!"

"But we have three more topics of debate on the-"

"No, no," Iorek shushed Arvid, though he looked no less confused than the rest of the men shifting impatiently. "Perhaps we have been a bit more... zealous than usual, and it is unbefitting Her Majesty's presence. We shall adjourn for today and take things up on the morrow."

As the scraping of chairs filled the room with noise, Anna slumped against the table leg just behind her. That had been dangerously close. Her own screams of passion had been partially buried against her fist and Elsa's flesh, but only due to the volume of her sister's initial shout had they been masked. It would not have done at all for her to be discovered there, regardless of whether or not they divined the true nature of her presence.

Elsa remained at the head of the table, calm and composed, until all the advisors had left the room. Then she slumped down limply in her chair, pulling Anna up into her lap with a weak tug. "What kind of stunt was that!?" she cried. Though her voice was angry, she was smiling. "You nearly got us found out! It was... it was the sexiest thing you've ever done! Gods, Anna..." She threw her arms around her sister's neck, resting her head against her breast as she caught her breath.

"You're not mad?" Anna asked shakily, smoothing the cleanest of her hands over Elsa's somehow still-perfectly-coiled blonde bun. By the mountains, her hips ached and her heart was pounding out of her chest. "Really? Because it was definitely hot, we can both agree on that, but when they started- I mean, when we almost got caught, it felt like maybe this was too far, maybe I really messed up big this time, and it's..."

"Maybe it was too far," Elsa agreed. "Ohhh, I was so scared, Anna, but... just the thought of you making me come right under their noses was almost enough to finish me! You are so, so bad..." As she spoke, a wicked grin spread across her face. She kissed Anna hard and fully, moaning at the taste of her own sex on her sister's lips. Then she gently took the hand that had been pleasuring her and licked each finger clean, never breaking eye contact with Anna.


"Stand up," Elsa whispered breathlessly. "We're not finished."

"Wait, what?" Anna breathed, and as her brain caught up the colour drained from her face. "Um, w-we're not?" At Elsa's continued stares, she slowly extracted herself from the elder sister's lap, shaking like a leaf. "Just what are you going to do to me?"

"Don't look so frightened," Elsa teased. "Nothing insanely risky..." She gave her sister a wink before gracefully sliding out of her chair and dropping to her knees in front of her. Her hands slid under Anna's skirt and began caressing her legs slowly, smiling up at her with raw lust in her eyes.

"Mmmh," Anna moaned, each queenly fingertip leaving trails of fire along her flesh. She had sated herself without holding anything back, but already her arousal was swinging back in the other direction. "Unnh! B-but what if the servants come in to clean up? What if one of the advisors decides he needs t-to-"

"Shhh," Elsa replied. In truth, the servants never cleaned this room until the evening, but she wouldn't mention that to Anna. She wanted to give her sister a taste of her own medicine.

Elsa made a slow, seductive show of gathering up her skirt and tugging down her bloomers. Anna was already dripping wet. She placed a small kiss on her trembling thigh before drawing her tongue slowly across her entrance. Hands flailing, Anna almost fell backward until she caught the lip of the table, steadying herself. Her already-inflamed sex was now being mercilessly teased by Elsa's wanton caress, the semi-rough surface of the tongue driving her out of her mind. Her breath came in gasping pants as she held onto the oak slab for dear life, knowing she could no longer support her own weight, quite possibly for the rest of the day. Only Elsa could do that to her.

Elsa's lips curled into a smile as Anna scrambled to support herself against the table. "Gods, Anna, you're so wet," she hummed contently, licking very slowly up and down her entrance, just barely parting her folds. She wrapped her arms around Anna's legs to steady her as she pressed the tip of her tongue against her clit. A pleasure-soaked cry burst from Anna's throat at the torture being laid on her most sensitive half-inch of quivering flesh, the feeling of her sister's arms somehow both comforting and sensual. As much as was possible, she widened her stance so her thighs would part, inviting Elsa in yet further.

Elsa took the hint from Anna's change of posture and brought up one hand to stroke her folds while she lapped gently at her sensitive protrusion, driving the younger sister of Arendelle closer to the brink with each passing sliver of time. When she was sure it would only be torturous to draw out these proceedings any longer, she slipped one finger inside, stroking with a gentle rhythm. "Hmmm..." she sighed happily. "Does this feel good, Anna?"

Nodding as if in pain even while her voice gasped wetly, Anna slowly slid one arm over so her hand was almost cupping her own backside as she leaned her body against the table, then reached the other hand up to cradle Elsa's head against her, coaxing her further in and welcoming the penetration. "Y-yes... yes, sister…"

Nothing turned Elsa on quite as much as hearing that word spoken in Anna's dulcet tones. She moaned happily against Anna's heated sex, widening thighs allowing her to press her head in even closer. She worked her fingers a little harder, curling them up against the rough spot inside her on each stroke. "You like this?" Elsa whispered, her lips ghosting over Anna's swollen clit as she spoke. "Tell me you want me, Anna..."

"OH!" Anna half-screamed when she felt her sister seeking out that most sensitive of areas inside of her, teeth stabbing down into her bottom lip a moment later. With great effort, she blocked out just enough of the pleasure to form coherent words again and stutter, "I w-want it! I want you, Elsa, I want you ins- inside me, I want this so bad! MMMhhhn… please!"

Elsa smirked triumphantly at her sister's desperate cry, and pressed her fingers even more firmly against that special spot inside her. "Yes," she whispered. "Come for me, love!" She wrapped her lips around Anna's clit and sucked relentlessly, never releasing the pressure from her hand.

"Nhh, nnhhhh, NHHHHHAAAAAAH!" Anna cried out, unable to keep her own volume low with her sweet spot being assaulted without reservation, Elsa's mouth fellating her clit so excellently that her mind went wholly blank as she threw her head back and shuddered from head to toe, her orgasm rocking her from battlements to foundation, every last second sheer torture and sheer bliss. "ELSAAAAAA!"

Elsa moaned right along with Anna's screams, and continued pleasuring her all the way through her climax. When her sister's screams began to subside, Elsa stood and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Then the two of them sank to the floor again, arms and legs together as they embraced.

"Gods, Anna..." she moaned wetly as she drew back, fighting to swallow. She nibbled playfully at her sister's neck as she whispered in her ear, "Hmmm, you're so sexy… it's entirely unfair..."

Feeling their mingling flavors on her palate and nearly passing out at the knowledge, she leaned into Elsa's lips as she replied weakly, "I... I'm sorry to do anything that would be unfair to you, Elsa. How can I... be less sexy? Make things easier on you?"

"Oh, hush," she replied with a roll of her eyes. "Don't you change a bit." Her eyes darted back and forth before she kissed Anna once more. "We should probably get out of here, we... won't want anyone coming to look for the source of such noise."

"What would they find, though?" Anna panted with a weak, sated smile. "Two members of... royalty, just... enjoying their sisterhood." Slowly, her tongue lolled out and ran over her bottom lip. "And your sisterhood is delicious."

Elsa had to stifle a loud laugh. "You're positively indecent," she teased. With great pains from the depletion of her energy, she stood up, reaching out to help Anna to her feet. "Come on, let's go have a bath," she suggested with a mischievous smirk. "Thanks to you, my dress is sticking to my legs..."

"Let's?" Anna breathed, leaning on her sister more heavily than even she had anticipated. After a moment, a small, gleeful smile began to replace the lewd one of a moment previous. "Bathe together? But you said we couldn't, that they would talk... oh, Elsa!"

The two sisters slowly stumbled from the room, only able to keep moving due to each other's support. Neither would have it any other way.


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