My Sister's Mistress

Chapter 5

CHAPTER WARNINGS: domination/submission, whipping, collars/leashes, pet play, nipple clamps, stocking fetish, foot fetish/worship/sex, angry sex, strap-on sex, strap-on fellatio, cunnilingus. Also, incest and frickfracking (obviously).

[[NOTES: Pretty lengthy chapter this time! Really, it's almost long enough to be two chapters but there's no easy place to put a cut in the middle of a scene like this one. It was actually during the writing of this chapter that we settled on a title for our Elsanna carnival of horrors. Just a small fun fact.

TO REITERATE. This chapter is potentially triggering, especially the whipping part. Know yourself; if you cannot handle the level of kink, please please PLEASE do not read. I only want people to enjoy this fic, not have anxiety attacks because of it.

Also... there may or may not be a scene that was removed from this chapter due to length/believability. Will it ever see the light of day?! ONLY TIME WILL TELL!]]


The Duke of Swansea arrived a fortnight following the discussion with the advisors, on a modest pair of ships bearing their flag. The queen's mood was reflected in the pearly grey clouds obscuring the sun; mostly amenable, but not especially overjoyed at the prospect. All in Arendelle were excited at the prospect of his coming, though they held their breath as to whether or not it would be a favourable meeting.

"I'm not ready for this," Elsa said softly, looking down at her gloved hands then back up at the door. She had no desire at all to meet the Duke of Swansea, or any other suitor for that matter. But what choice did she have? As much as she hated to admit it, Arendelle needed a legitimate heir… and her advisors had made sure she couldn't escape at least thing meeting.

Elsa waited until she heard Kai announce her, and then stepped through the door into the parlor. The Duke pushed his chair back and stood to receive the Queen. She thought he looked rather kindly, with his graying, curly black hair and well-trimmed goatee. A few wrinkles at the corner of his eyes showed he was predisposed to smiling, and a thin, faint scar on his jawline suggested that he had seen at least one battle in his years. His clothing, a neat, military-style uniform, was crisp and clean.

"Your Majesty," his somewhat raspy voice greeted her with a genteel bow.

Elsa forced a smile and curtsied with flawless manners. Her face gave away none of her nerves or discomfort, at least for the moment. "Good afternoon, Duke," she replied demurely, offering her hand for him to take, which he did. As they took their seats, Gerda arrived and began serving tea. "How kind of you to take time out of your busy schedule to visit..."

"Nonsense," the Duke blustered, holding his saucer up for Gerda to have an easier time reaching. "I would have come sooner if not for some pesky dispute with the sanitation commission. The citizenry want indoor plumbing everywhere now." Then he let out a short bark of laughter. "Forgive me, what an indecent thing to mention at tea!"

Elsa couldn't help but laugh. The Duke seemed like a kind enough man. "Indeed," she agreed haughtily. "Matters of state are hardly appropriate for polite conversation." She gave him a sweet smile, hoping he had a sense of humor. By now the tea and finger sandwiches had been served and Gerda made herself scarce, leaving Elsa feeling rather… stranded.

"Quite," he agreed softly, smiling warmly and giving a soft chortle. "So, then... rather fond of this climate. We sailed out of some pretty awful storms in my region."

The weather? Elsa couldn't believe they were talking about the weather. Then again, she wasn't sure what else to talk about. The Duke was easily old enough to be her father, and even if he was friendly, she feared they wouldn't have anything in common. "Arendelle is only this pleasant in the spring and summer. Our winters are terribly bitter." She sipped her tea. "Are storms quite common in your homeland?"

"Dismally so," he grunted, reaching for a finger sandwich. Then he picked up the plate and tilted it in Elsa's direction instead. "This time of year, we're a pea soup nearly every day."

"Thank you," said Elsa, taking one of the sandwiches. In truth, she was far too nervous to be hungry, but she nibbled at it daintily to be polite. "That's a shame," she said. Feeling at a loss, she looked nervously back and forth between the Duke and her sandwich. What a nightmare...

The Duke watched her for a long moment over the top of his teacup. Then he sighed and put it back down on the saucer. "Well, then. Was it your statesmen who twisted your arm into this meeting, or my sister?"

Elsa was so shocked and embarrassed that she almost choked on her tea. "Um..." she started awkwardly. "My statesmen. They can be a bit... overzealous at times."

Tugging at his beard, he nodded a few times before saying, "Mmm. At least it was fairly mutual. Really was afraid Liza had sent you a flood of letters demanding you see me until you relented merely from running out of room to keep them all. Or from having to burn them. For her, diplomacy is a cudgel to be swung at her enemies' heads."

Elsa couldn't help but smile again, though she wrung her hands nervously. "I suppose my advisors received the letters," she said, her nerves returning almost immediately. "I must admit I've been letting them deal with matters of courtship on my behalf. It wasn't exactly something I was... um, planning on."

"Oh?" The Duke couldn't help but allow some surprise to show. "Well, I confess I had not anticipated being asked to come, but had naturally assumed... you don't wish to produce an heir?" Harumphing, he pondered that a moment. "It would put the kingdom at a distinct disadvantage and complicate matters a bit, but that's certainly your prerogative. You are the queen, of course."

"I am the queen," said Elsa, nodding slowly. "And my kingdom is my first and foremost priority. Hence my choice to agree to our meeting." Realizing she was coming off as cold, she smiled apologetically. "I consider it my duty to produce an heir, and so I shall. But in truth I have little personal interest in marriage or romance."

"Agreed," he replied with no small amount of disdain. "Naturally, I wouldn't mind a partner to share my life with, but it's simply a low priority. I've always expected that if - and a dubious 'if' at that - I ever did wind up with either marriage or romance, it was going to have to find me. Not the other way around. Gallivanting to and fro, barking up the skirts of any young lady who might have me, it's... unbecoming, and it would have been even when I was young. Now, I'd just as soon preserve my dignity and continue on with my Dukedom as anything else."

Elsa's interest was piqued. She couldn't help but wonder why the Duke had never been married before... but as kind as he seemed, she felt in her heart he was a bit of a misfit, like herself. If he was really so stuffy and passive, he would be perfect for her needs. Someone who would ask little of her as a wife, and would probably leave her in control of Arendelle. The Duke could present an opportunity. If Elsa played her cards right, she might be able to retain all her independence, and continue her affair with Anna undetected. The Duke would be little more than a figurehead in her life and kingdom.

"I feel very similarly," she said cautiously. No sense acting too eager.

"Delightful! Then we needn't feel pressured about the rest of my visit here and simply enjoy one another's company. I'll go back to Swansea and declare that I sought you earnestly, and you tell those old windbags that you tried their suggestion and would just as soon they not make any further ones." His smile continued to be genial and betrayed no emotion other than relief as he cheekily toasted her with a finger sandwich.

Elsa smiled conspiratorially and playfully raised her sandwich in a mock-toast as well. Who would have thought this could be so easy?

~ o ~

The Duke's stay was a short one, but overall it was pleasant. Elsa spent a bit of time with him each day, but never longer than an hour or two. He made it clear that he didn't expect the Queen to entertain him; after all, he had important matters of his own to attend, treaties and legislation and the like that couldn't wait until his return. Other than their tea and lunchtimes, Elsa had her time to herself, and she went about her usual routine. It was all too easy to push the Duke to the back of her mind, and to keep him from Anna…

Seven days after their first meeting at tea, Elsa knew she had to tell Anna what had been decided between them. She had been putting it off as long as she could; she knew Anna would be sad and disappointed. She'd feel betrayed. In truth, Elsa felt as though she was being unfaithful to Anna, and just the thought of it made her feel sick. It was the final night of the Duke's stay when Elsa finally resolved to tell her sister… no matter how hard it may be, Anna deserved the truth, and she would find out eventually whether or not Elsa gave her this consideration.

"Anna," Elsa said softly, stopping her as they walked down an empty hall to attend dinner with the Duke. "My sweet sister... I need to tell you something."

"Well, hurry it up," Anna blustered as she glanced between Elsa's face and the door to the dining room. It wasn't that she didn't care what Elsa had to say, but she was hungry, and she could smell the delicious scent of roasted meats wafting under the door. "The food's not going to eat itself, you know."

"Anna, I…"

Suddenly the dining room door swung open, cutting Elsa off mid-sentence, and they were formally announced by Kai. She gave a defeated sigh and walked into the room. A chance missed for now; she'd have to try again later.

"Milady," the Duke said kindly, pulling out a chair for the queen.

Elsa acknowledged the Duke politely as he pulled out her chairs, and sat down gracefully. "Thank you, Milord," she replied. "Duke, I would like to introduce my dear sister, Princess Anna." She gave Anna a quick, desperate look, pleading with her eyes for her sister to be polite. Even though her sister wasn't yet aware of the impending marriage, she knew the Duke was there to court Elsa.

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Sir Duke," Anna said with courtly poise, dipping her head in a seated emulation of a curtsey.

"Rhys, please," he bade her with a true bow, having not quite gained his seat yet. "And the pleasure is all mine, Princess. I had assumed your fair sister to be the most flawless and graceful woman in the land. Apparently, however, she has competition from within her own family."

Elsa gave the Duke a small smile. She knew just how beautiful her sister was; she didn't need him to remind her. She was greatly relieved to see that Anna kept a civil tongue in the Duke's presence as well. In fact, she was impressed to see that Anna betrayed no sign of suspicion or jealousy at all. Dinner went without a hitch, and Elsa bade the Duke goodnight sweetly, promising to see him off at the docks in the morning. She caught up with Anna halfway down the hall, stopping her with a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"Anna, listen to me. We need to talk." Expression pained, Elsa squeezed Anna's hands tightly as she took them into her own. "I've decided to marry the Duke. I'm sorry... You will always be my true love, and my lover, but Arendelle must have a legitimate heir to the throne."

There was a moment of silence before Anna spoke, her face falling. "Wait... what? Decided?" She looked disappointed but not shocked as she watched Elsa bite her lip nervously. "But I... sorry, I knew this was coming, but I expected... I thought we would decide this together."

"I… I know," Elsa replied with a wince, her eyes full of guilt. "But the Duke turned out to be a rare opportunity. I don't think he's any more invested in the 'benefits' of this marriage than I am. We are each using the other to fulfill an expectation."

Anna looked between the dining room door several yards behind them, picturing the round, good-natured face of the stodgy old Duke. He would now become part of their lives, instead of being merely a guest who could be packed off and forgotten about. The set of her jaw tightened slightly. "Ah, I see. Well... thank you for making me feel like more than an extra piece of royalty. Again."

"I'm so sorry, you have every right to... what?" Elsa's brow furrowed, her face a confused combination of sadness and anger. "Anna, how can you begrudge me this? You know I'm only doing my duty. I don't like this any more than you, but I honestly think the Duke will make it easier for both of us."

"Maybe so, but I-" At the last moment, Anna caught herself before shouting or becoming overly emotional about this. It was futile. She gave a defeated sigh and shook her head. "We're together in all ways other than officially. Just thought... maybe I just thought you might include me in the decision about who we bring into this family, that's all." And with that, she set off down the hallway.

"Anna, wait-" Elsa called weakly. But Anna kept walking, and forcing her sister to trail along sadly behind her.

"Nice enough guy," Anna commented without preamble as they made their way down the hall to her chambers. "Teensy bit stuffy, though."

"Very stuffy," Elsa corrected, her voice soft and tired. "I don't anticipate having to... perform my... marital duties terribly often."

Mouth curving into a catlike smile, Anna whispered, "Don't look forward to being hoisted with Rhys's dukely petard?"

Elsa turned bright red at the very suggestion. "Anna!" she snapped. "Is this a joke to you? Of course I don't look forward to it! As far as I'm concerned, once I've borne a healthy child, I'll never lay with him again!"

"Perhaps you could borrow my blindfold?" Before her sister could answer, Anna slipped through the door into her chambers, a hapless giggle floating out behind her.

"Anna, don't be like this," Elsa huffed angrily as she followed her sister. "I'm sorry, I should have talked to you first..."

"No, no, it's fine!" Anna said airily as Elsa eased the door shut. "I mean, these are the queenly duties, after all. Not mine. And I'm sure eventually someone will expect me to marry some prince or other, and I'll be put in the same position."

"Nobody will make you get married!" Elsa snapped angrily. "Don't act like this is your awful burden to bear, too!" She sat on the end of the bed, sighing as she rested her head in her hands. "Gods, Anna... don't play this game, it's childish and I can't take it! I know you're angry!"

"Who's angry? I know my place." Already beginning to feel a guilty glee at her attitude toward her sister, Anna sat at her vanity and pulled off her boots one at a time before reaching up to undo the bun that held her braids in place. "Wouldn't that be petty, if I got all mad over something that's none of my business?"

"'None of your business'?!" Elsa cried. "'Know your place'? Is that really how you think I regard you?" She came up behind Anna's vanity chair am embraced her from behind. "Anna, of course it's your business... you have every right to be angry."

Anna's shoulders tensed at her sister's touch, but relaxed a moment later as she slowly stroked along one of Elsa's forearms. Her eyes darkened in the mirror, a wicked smirk tugging at one corner of her mouth. "Yeah, I guess. Now... I think know what will make both of us feel better."

Elsa's worried frown didn't quite disappear. How could Anna want her right now? "And what's that, my sister? Surely you don't mean…"

"Oh, but I do." Smiling sadly, Anna leaned her head back so her mouth was at Elsa's ear. "Today's word of safety is 'croquet'. As in the game. Gods help you if you forget it."

All the color drained from Elsa's face. Anna's very tone made her shudder. "Croquet?" she repeated softly. "Alright then." She draped herself over Anna's shoulders, placing a soft kiss on her cheek. "Do what you will, dear sister..."

The way Anna held Elsa's face a moment later was neither soft nor loving. It was a grip like a vice. "Oh, so now you're giving me permission, cur? Funny. We'll see how funny it is when I'm through with you." And then she stood, dragging her sister behind her to the hope chest at the foot of the bed by her cheeks and jaw, eliciting a surprised cry from Elsa. Her free hand tossed it open, and rattled among many objects both benign and ominous, until she found a length of leather, a rope, another riding crop, and a purple velvet bag. The bag clinked slightly as she set it upon the bed.

Elsa's eyes widened when she saw the things Anna was pulling out of the chest. What on earth was in that velvet bag? She pulled herself out of Anna's grip, turning away as indifferently as she could. "'We'll see' indeed," she replied coldly. "Maybe I'm not feeling very cooperative tonight..."

"Oh?" Anna asked as she checked how pliable the crop was, voice frostier yet than the Ice Queen's. "And maybe you'd like to decide very quickly whether or not you'd like to be able to wear that dress ever again. Strip. Immediately."

Her sister's threat was intriguing, and making Elsa wet already as she turned back to face Anna, her breath racing as her eyes fell on the riding crop. She wasn't too fond of this dress... "Make me," she snapped defiantly.

Anna swayed visibly, mouth growing dry. This was the first time Elsa had patently refused to undress for her when threatened if she did not. Her teeth ground together as she reached down into the chest and pulled up a leather whip with multiple thin strings of leather hanging from its handle. "Turn around."

Elsa gasped at the sight of the whip in Anna's hand. Still, her resolve was firm. She was still a little upset from her discussion with Anna, but that wasn't the only reason. Now that Anna knew her hand was promised to the Duke, she wanted her sister to lay claim to her again. She wanted to be manhandled, to be reminded whose she really was…perhaps as much for Anna's sake as for her own. "I won't," she snarled, her small hands curling into fists as she stood her ground.

At that, Anna very nearly broke character. Elsa hadn't been this resistant since their first encounter. Her stomach sinking slightly, she whispered, "Fine." Then, with no further warning, the whip surged forward and lashed her sister across her stomach, leather biting through the material to the corset she knew to be underneath.

The sudden blow from the whip caught Elsa off-guard. She gave a little cry as she felt the leather lashing across her belly, stinging a little even through the sturdy fabric of her corset. She staggered back a bit, bracing herself against the wall, still defiantly glaring at Anna.

"Turn around, cur. Do it." When Elsa still didn't move, Anna growled, "You're going to feel the taste of this whip now whether it's on your front or your back, so turn around."

The sting of the whip had made a strong impression. Elsa slowly turned around, bracing herself with her hands against the wall, though she never broke eye contact with her sister. Again, the whip came forward, slashing apart the dress and leaving weals on the skin several layers beneath. No more deterred by the gasps of pain than she was by the sight of the ruined garment, Anna struck again perpendicular to her last. Elsa endured the first blow to her back with no more than a gasp, her fingernails scratching at the wallpaper. With the second blow, she gave a tiny sob.

"Gods!" she cried, biting down on her lips. "Ahhhh..."

"What's that?" Anna snapped as she flogged her sister again, this time lower, down across the tender backside. The underwear would not have provided nearly as adequate protection as the corset, she knew, but there was no turning back now. "You called me a god? Then why do you defy me?"

Elsa cried out, her back arching painfully as the whip stung her backside. "I don't call you a god," she snapped defiantly, her voice breathless and strained. "Gods aren't petty and jealous!"

Anna was equal parts aroused and incensed by her sister's bold reaction. "How dare you! The cur deserves to be punished!" Then she cracked the whip one more time, downward along her entire back, catching between her shoulder blades this time as it lashed all the way to her hips. Strips of her dress were beginning to fall away now, and she noticed a few rents in the corset material. Her throat constricted when she saw the tiniest thin red line below Elsa's neck. If the cut had been any deeper than the surface, it would be bleeding.

Elsa whimpered and moaned as the whip struck the length of her back. Her legs were trembling beneath her with the effort it took not to buckle over from the pain. Her arousal was driving her mad as well. Each blow from the whip made hot lightning shoot down her spine.

The instrument of agony still clutched in her hand, Anna strode forward with purpose and began snatching at what remained of the dress, tearing it to shreds in her haste to divest her sister completely. "Do not test me again, do you understand?"

In short order, the tattered cloth ringed Elsa's high heels, now no more than useless rags. Elsa shuddered pleasantly as Anna tore away the remains of her dress, leaving her in just her bloomers and her ruined corset. She turned her head slightly to make eye contact with her sister once again, but she didn't answer her question. Tears welled at the corners of her eyes, and her breath came in quick gasps.

After a few ragged breaths, Anna set the end of the whip handle on the shoulder nearest Elsa's face. There was a sharp pointed spike on it. "Answer me, whelp."

Elsa recoiled slightly at the small metal spike on the end of Anna's whip. Where on earth was she getting all these strange implements? There was a long silence, in which Elsa didn't look away from Anna's eyes for a single moment. "Yes..." she finally gasped. "...Your Majesty."

With a sadistic little smirk, Anna began trailing the cold metal down along Elsa's bare shoulder, so light that it almost tickled. It bumped and slid over the corset until it reached her bloomers, then suddenly there was a loud slashing as it slit the laces open, sending the garment sliding down her legs and to the floor.

Elsa drew a long, relieved breath as her corset suddenly fell away. The welts left on her back by the whip stung very slightly. She had overestimated Anna's strength and force, but the thrill was still there. A single tear rolled down Elsa's cheek as she turned to Anna and said, "I'm sorry... I won't disobey you again."

"Good, my pet. You can learn." After patting Elsa on the cheek briefly, she turned back to the bed. "Now take the rest off and hurry it up, or you won't get a treat when we're done."

Elsa slid her bloomers off and left them on the floor, walking over to where Anna stood by the bed. Completely naked now, she laid back on the bed, as was their routine. She had given in. The silk sheets were soft and easy on her back, and she sighed softly as she looked back at Anna.

Her sister was holding the leather and rope in one hand. Lips twisting into a mockery of a smile, Anna cooed, "Awww, that's sweet. She thinks the treat comes now. No, no. Heel." Her free hand pointed to the edge of the bed immediately in front of her.

Elsa bit her lip nervously and blushed. It always made her feel exposed and violated when Anna issued her orders in this way. Of course, that was exactly the point of the exercise. Her heart was pounding as she bent over the edge of the bed, bracing herself with her hands against the covers.

"I had this made especially for you," Anna whispered, her genuine excitement showing just a tiny bit around the edges of her anger, lust, and the twisted role Elsa had draped upon her shoulders. Only as the rich, dark-brown leather slid around Elsa's neck and through the shiny silver buckle did it become clear what it was: a collar. As her fingers lovingly threaded the rope through the loop at the back to form a leash, the younger sister added, "Hope my baby likes it."

While Anna turned her attention back to putting the whip away, Elsa's fingers came up to test the collar around her neck. It fit perfectly; it was snug and comfortable, and but not so tight as to make it difficult for her to breathe. When had Anna measured her? "Yes," she replied softly. "I do." This was exciting in the same way as having her wrists chained to the wall, but more so.

"Now then," she called out in a sing-song as she snatched up the velvet bag. "I've been saving these toys for a very special occasion. Are you excited?"

"Yes, Your Highness," Elsa replied sweetly, turning to face Anna and blushing when she saw the velvet bag. "Where do you find all these wonderful... things, Your Highness?"

"As if merely finding treats for my pet would be good enough for her," Anna cooed as she withdrew a handful of what looked to be tiny clothespins wrapped in leather. "But there's a leather worker in town I have make some of them, a smith who makes others." Before Elsa could ask, she said, "I'm very discreet. They all think my name is Inga Erikssen and that I have black hair."

Elsa smiled. So Anna was willing to spend a good deal of money, as well as a lot of time, on their little games. The thought flattered and pleased her. "What are those?" Elsa asked cautiously, eying the clothespins and wondering where Anna intended to put them.

By way of answer, Anna caught up the lead and drew Elsa by the collar a bit closer. "You're going to wear them, my pet. Just a few. This time." Producing one, held lightly between her fingertips, she slowly started tracing it down her sister's jawline and neck, lingering on her collarbone.

Elsa shuddered pleasantly as Anna drew the smooth leather over her neck. She smiled. "Th-thank you, Your Highness," she whispered. "I can't wait to try them."

Nodding absentmindedly, Anna flexed it slightly to make sure that its grip was no tighter than when she had purchased them. Then, expression remaining impassive, she slowly let it close around Elsa's left nipple.

"Aaahhhh..." Elsa's eyes widened and a low moan escaped her throat as the clothespin clamped down around her nipple. The steady pressure was the perfect balance of pain and pleasure. "OH! Mmmm..." she whimpered.

Biting her lip, Anna slowly drew her hand away, allowing it to close the rest of the way. "Does the cur like her new clamps?"

Elsa drew a sharp breath as the clamp closed down on her nipple completely. Her back arched forward, pressing her chest against Anna's. "Yes!" she gasped.

The feeling of the back of the clamp pressing into the exposed portion of her own breast made Anna start; its unprotected metal was so cold. "AH!" Recovering herself, she smoothed a gentle hand over her sister's cleavage as she pushed her backward. "We're not done yet, love. Here." Slowly, she closed another prong around the other pink peak, watching the skin pucker and stretch beneath its relentless pressure.

Elsa cried out as the second clamp was placed on her right nipple. "Ah! Nnn... AH! Gods, it's so..." Her back arched again painfully as the pressure sent waves of pleasure straight to her core. She grabbed Anna's shoulder and squeezed hard.

"Nnh," Anna groaned, both from the stabbing pain from Elsa's fingernails and from her vicarious enjoyment of her sister's obvious stimulation. Licking her lips, she raised one hand and lightly flicked the meat of her breast, watching the flesh undulate slightly, the clamp bobbing up and down the barest fraction of an inch.

When Anna touched her painful, swollen breast, Elsa moaned and writhed against her. "Ohhhh gods... Ahh! Yes!" She forced herself to open her eyes, locking her gaze with Anna's. She could see the desire in her younger sister's eyes, and it turned her on even more. "That feels so good... please, don't stop!"

"Yes," Anna whispered in a motherly tone, passing her hands over Elsa's cheeks and resting them upon her neck. "I think two is enough for now." And then her voice went slightly darker. "But more punishment remains. She needs to be taught that I am the master. She needs to remember that I am to be consulted." The stress on the last word conveyed the true origin of the shift in moods; Elsa's earlier misstep in relation to her courtship. "There's another device in my bag of tricks. Is my pet ready for it?"

"Yes, Your Highness," Elsa said softly, shrinking away a bit at the darkness in her voice and biting her lip nervously. Anna's implication didn't go unnoticed. So Anna was bringing her anger from their disagreement into their game? So be it, Elsa decided quickly; she wanted her sister to teach her a lesson. She felt awful for going behind her back. In truth, Elsa needed this, too.

Slowly, Anna paced around the bed until she was at the head. Next, she picked up the leash and tied it to the ring Elsa's shackles had been anchored to previously, testing the knot. Elsa didn't break eye contact with her sister all the while; she continued watching her as she went back to her velvet bag, her face a puzzled mask of nerves and curiosity.

"This one... I commissioned weeks ago. I'm not ashamed to admit I tested it myself to make sure it would... fulfill its intended purpose. Pun intended." Anna withdrew what looked to be a thin loaf of dark bread. Upon closer inspection, it was made of leather, and seemed to fit into another stretch of leather.

"What is it, Your Highness?" Elsa asked, her voice straining from pain and anticipation. She stared at the strange shape for a moment before she put all the pieces together; Anna must have commissioned a false phallus, the kind she'd heard were used by Greek and Egyptian women of ill repute. But she couldn't be certain, as she couldn't get a good look at it in the dark candlelight.

Anna grinned as she turned it slightly, displaying a harness. "The price you're paying." Then she bent at the waist to step through the straps, hitching them up and around her waist. Still adjusting a few bits here and there, she barked out, "Spread."

Elsa obeyed quickly, laying back on the sumptuous pillows and parting her legs wide. Now she was certain her guess had been correct, and she waited nervously for Anna to turn around. Her sister had fingered her before, but she'd never penetrated her with anything larger than a riding crop.

With a heave, Anna was suddenly standing atop the bed in the space Elsa's legs had occupied scant seconds previously, towering over her sister by metres, fists on her hips. The look in her eyes was cold, nearly malicious. A smile played at the corners of her lips without quite taking hold. "What does my pet want right now?"

A gasp escaped Elsa's lips when her sister jumped onto the bed, standing in front of her with the leather phallus strapped to her hips like a man's erection. Her eyes widened. It looked massive compared to anything Anna had used on her before. She hesitated before she whispered, "I... I want you." Her voice was breathless with anticipation. "I want you to take me, sister..."

"You do?" Bracing her hands against the ceiling, Anna casually traced her stocking foot along the outside of Elsa's wide-open entrance. "Here?"

"Yes," Elsa gasped, eyes fluttering and body trembling as Anna's foot made a circle around her dripping entrance. "Yes, there! Please..."

Eyelids lowering slightly, she whispered, "Interesting." Then she slid one toe beyond the entrance, the crisscrossing threads allowing plenty of feeling to pass through her stockings, an odd shiver creeping up her spine at the sensation of saturated arousal upon an area of her person that had yet to experience it.

Elsa closed her eyes and moaned when she felt Anna's stockinged toe slip inside her, dipping into her wet heat. The threads lent it a different sensation than the fingers she had felt previously, one not altogether unwelcome. She gazed up at Anna, admiring and pleading with her eyes. "Please, I need you," Elsa moaned. All this buildup and letdown, together with the steady but intense pressure on her nipples, made her desperate for release.

"More?" Anna began gliding her foot up to the swollen clit above, wriggling her toes unabashedly against her sister's sensitive sex now, goading, taunting. "Boy, you really are insatiable. One would almost think you didn't even want to try this new toy, but..."

"Ah!-a-aaannaa..." Elsa moaned loudly as she bucked her hips up into Anna's foot, grinding her clit against her sister's teasing movements. "AH! Please! I want- I want to try!"

The fingertips of Anna's hands slid along the ceiling as she glided forward, the appendage that had seconds before been manipulating her sister now suspended a mere centimeter above Elsa's gasping mouth. "And I want you to try."

The heady scent of her own arousal made Elsa whimper with need. Closing her eyes, she took Anna's toes in her mouth and laved her tongue over them slowly. Anna swayed visibly, eyes wide and disbelieving. A hesitant lick had been all she was braced for, all she had anticipated. Her stomach roiled at this sight, yet her loins glowed with heat. How did everything that was wrong and vile make her feel this way? "Ah... oh, Elsa, you..."

Elsa could tell she'd surprised Anna with her enthusiasm. She smiled up at Anna adoringly, her lips releasing her toes slowly. She placed a tiny kiss on the top of Anna's foot. "Yes, Your Majesty?"

Somehow, at that moment, Anna felt more worshiped than she ever had in all her life. Like she might actually be important. But the game was not over. Not by half. Tears touched the edges of her voice as she traced the foot along the outside of her sister's breast, managing to say, "You... n-need to brace yourself."

The concern in Anna's voice caught Elsa's attention. She braced herself firmly against the bed, gripping the sheets beneath her. "I'm ready," she said softly.

Slower than she normally would have, Anna lowered herself to kneel before her sister, hands falling to her hips before sliding back along smooth thighs to find her knees. Then she began drawing them up and outward, opening her more fully, hanging onto her shins. "You may have to work a little to accommodate this. But I'm sure you will, pet. It's going to be glorious."

As Anna knelt and pushed her legs farther apart, Elsa wrapped her hands tightly around her shoulders, bracing herself against her sister's body. She glanced down between them where the phallus hung from Anna's hips, and she wondered if it would really fit inside her. Elsa squeezed Anna's shoulders to calm her nerves. "I know it will," she whispered.

Anna nodded, unable to fully hang onto the self-assured, haughty expression in her eyes, to seal out all of her uncertainty. Slowly, with the utmost care, she angled her hips to lay the length of the leather phallus up against her lover's opening, only just pressing against it.

"Ahh-" Elsa whimpered nervously as she felt the length spreading both lips apart and rubbing against her heat. She smiled at Anna lovingly as she rocked her hips slightly against the length of the leather shaft. "It feels so big..."

"It is," Anna hissed as it slid easily down, well sped on its way by the slickness of her sister's juices. "And you will be sure of that in a moment." Then she sat back slightly, removing her warmth and nearness from Elsa's chest as she pressed the tip against the taut, yielding muscles inside the delicate pink flower.

Elsa didn't dare look down as the shaft entered her. She locked eyes with her sister, whimpering as the tip pressed just past her entrance. Her outer muscles yielded slowly. It was barely an inch inside and already she felt like she was being stretched to her limit.

"Something the matter?" Anna teased in a mockingly light voice, eyes glinting down at the discomfort in her sister's with a detached sort of pleasure. Her hips rolled forward, forcing the tip in another half-inch, feeling the pommel of her new weapon grinding back against her. The lump of material that held it in the harness was substantial enough to entice her fragile sex nearly as much as Elsa's was at the moment. "My pet isn't already done playing, is she? Oh, that would really displease her... master."

The emphasis on the male title was clearly intentional. Elsa groaned and shut her eyes tightly as the leather phallus pressed in even deeper. The agony from the clamps had turned into a dull numbness now, leaving Elsa with nothing to distract her from this new pain. She tried to breathe deeply and steady herself, but her breath came in quick gasps. "No," she replied softly. "N-no... Master!"

Sensing the lingering reticence, Anna's fingernails bit slightly into Elsa's calves as she nestled the adjoining ankles against her own shoulders. The noises coming from her lover at the steady, impenitent advance of the blunt instrument were both pained and grateful, and she had to run her tongue over her own parched lips. As she moved, she began working her hips up and down, then side to side, widening the way just a hair at a time, coaxing Elsa's gently-tapering hips to more fully admit the full girth of the toy.

As Elsa felt her ankles lifted onto Anna's shoulders, she gathered the courage to glance down between them again. The long, thick shaft looked even bigger now that it was partly inside her, the fit itself seeming impossible. "Ahhh, GODS! AH!" It felt like she was being torn in two. Despite the pain, the sensation sent waves of pleasure through her whole body. "M-master!" she cried breathlessly. "Yes! T-take me!"

"Yes, whelp. It's time I took you. Took what's mine." Lips teasingly close to Elsa's now, Anna let out a long, slow exhale as she rocked forward and drove the leather cylinder all the way to the hilt, deeper even than she had dared force it into her own self when she had first tested its usefulness. The strained, incensed look in her sister's features stirred a pang of remorse within her heart but it was quickly silenced; they both wanted this. They had been wanting it in some subconscious way for weeks, months. This had been a long time in coming. Hopefully, she could not say the same for her sister now that a half-foot of rigid leather and steel was within her fragile body.

Elsa's eyes widened as Anna's hips slammed forward, burying the shaft inside her completely. She screamed. The tip of the shaft slammed against the neck of her womb, sending a sharp pain through her belly. It felt like the piece of leather was tearing her apart. Her fingernails dug hard into Anna's shoulders.

Panting as if she were the one being penetrated, Anna held herself forward, watching for the shift in her sister's features to denote that her body had accepted the gift being held between their moist sexes. One of her hands fell away from the calf and slid between their chests to squeeze the supple flesh around the clamp still protruding up from Elsa's nipple. "Does she like her punishment?"

Though she set her jaw to quiet herself, a little cry escaped Elsa's throat, anyway. "Yes!" she squeaked. "Y-yes, she does..." Her back arched into Anna's touch when she squeezed her breast, inadvertently pressing the shaft firmly inside her. "AH! Gods - YES!"

"She's not supposed to like it," Anna growled quietly as she drew the phallus out, inch by inch, chest heaving. As this transpired, she sat back, holding herself several hand-breadths away from her sister's body, distancing herself both physically and emotionally from what she was about to do. Elsa moaned softly as the shaft was drawn out so only the tip remained inside her. "She's just supposed to feel it!" Then, again, she rolled her hips forward at greater speed until she had slammed it hard and fast all the way back into Elsa's raw opening.

"AAAH! ANNA!" The scream was deafening. She bit her bottom lip hard, her fingers drawing blood on Anna's shoulders. "Anna, it- it hurts!"

"What are you supposed to call me?!" Anna shouted as she began maneuvering in and out at a slow and cautious pace, not quite driving it in the way she had before but no longer pausing between movements. The pain in her shoulders only further fanned the flames of rage burning in her stomach, tightened her jaw as her teeth clenched. The teasing butt of the phallus did little to lessen her ire. As she spoke, she moved her hand to the other breast and squeezed lightly. "Answer me, whelp!"

Elsa winced at Anna's angry shout. She'd forgotten herself and broke character, though, so she should have expected it. "M-Master!" she gasped breathlessly. As Anna slowed her thrusts, Elsa felt her pleasure starting to rise. "I'm sorry," she moaned. "F-forgive me, master..."

Pulling both hands back, Anna sat nearly upright as she grasped Elsa's ankles and held them aloft, leaning her lower abdomen in as close as she could and driving every last inch of the invading force past her sister's defenses. When she could move no further, she ground her hips this way and that, ignoring how much her lover writhed and squirmed. "Earn my forgiveness!"

This new position made Elsa's body practically fold in half, and allowed Anna to penetrate her even deeper. "Y-yes, master..." Elsa moaned breathlessly. She cried out softly with each thrust of Anna's hips, clinging tight to the sheets beneath her. It felt like Anna was really and truly taking her, filling every inch of her body and claiming her as her own. "Ahh-AHHhhh, YES!"

"NHH!" burst from Anna's throat as she found her rhythm, watching and listening for every nuanced breath and cry from her lover, sweat running in rivulets down her temples and the nape of her neck. The leather surrounding her torso was beginning to chafe slightly, but every inch of skin it touched sent shivers along her, titillating her while simultaneously driving her need to subjugate, to conquer. Reaching further up, she threaded her fingers between Elsa's toes and pushed more, watching tendons stretch taut, feeling the resistance of muscle and bone. "Do you like this, cur?! Do you like being fucked?!"

Elsa whimpered and groaned as Anna stretched her legs back tightly, thrusting into her at a confident, steady pace. The worst of the pain had given way to pleasure now. She had no idea her sister could be so forceful and dominating, even after their previous sessions when Anna had taken charge. This was a whole new level of force and fury, fueled by Anna's real-world anger and hurt.

"YES!" she cried. "Yes, M-master!"

"Tell me!" Anna growled, hips falling down upon the backs of Elsa's thighs with increasing frequency and pressure. The leather phallus was now thoroughly coated in her sister, and Anna spared it a few moments of her attention to watch it glide smoothly into her, the lips pulling at it on its way back out. "Tell me what it is you like, say it!"

"AAAAAH-ah-aahhh!" Elsa tried to buck her hips up against Anna's, but her sister was holding her firmly in place. She could only shake and moan as Anna took her faster and harder. She felt every inch of the leather shaft inside her, filling her completely, stroking the perfect spot inside her with each thrust. A raw scream escaped her throat. "OH GODS! I like it when... when you f-fuck me... rough and hard!"

"Yes!" Anna growled. "Now say I'm your master and you are my cur!" A few more thrusts and Elsa had not responded, her body too deep in the throes. With great effort, Anna hitched herself backward to pull out of her sister and slapped the length of leather directly onto the outside of her sex. "I can't hear you, cur!"

Elsa tried to answer on command, but in her throes of passion her voice failed to produce recognizable words. She whimpered with need when her sister pulled back, tugging the shaft out of her roughly. She gave a startled cry when it slammed down onto her from the outside. "AHH! You're my master! I'm your cur!"

Teeth grinding themselves into dust, Anna smacked it down again, watching droplets of her sister's fluids scatter across her abdomen. Every movement ground the base of the phallus back onto her own swollen clit, and she felt her cheeks flushing as she rasped out, "More! Tell me you belong to me! You are my possession! Speak!"

"I'm yours!" she exclaimed breathlessly. "I belong to you!" Elsa fought her urge to shy away from Anna's anger, whimpering as the phallus came down again. Anna's possessive demands only made her want her even more. She wrapped her legs tightly around Anna's hips, pulling her closer. "I'm all y-yours, Master!"

Forcibly shaking Elsa's legs in a deep state of sexual frustration, Anna shouted, "I own you! Outside this room, you may be a queen, but in here you are mine to do with as I please!" Suddenly struck by inspiration, she climbed over Elsa's body, hovering over her chest so that the leather facsimile dangled directly in front of her face, the tip brushing over her lips. "Tell me how you like to be treated. We both know it's not gently. I want to hear you say it."

Elsa gave a little whimper as the leather phallus was held just against her lips. Her tongue darted out accidentally, and she moaned at the sweet, heady taste of her own arousal. Looking up at Anna from beneath half-lidded eyes, she said softly, "I like to be treated like..." She hesitated, blushing with embarrassment. " your cur. I like it when you take me without being cautious… like I am your possession. Like I'm your rightful p-property."

Knowing what Anna would demand of her next, she decided not to make her ask. Elsa took the leather phallus in her mouth as though pleasuring a man, wrapping her lips around it and drawing her tongue across the head.

A groan pushed its way out of Anna, one more masculine than she had expected. It lent itself to their current play. Liking the sound, she grunted again as she took a fistful of Elsa's fine spun-gold hair, working the leather around her sister's ministrations, imagining what it must be like to have such an organ and to feel another's mouth teasing it that way. "Yes, look at you. Filthy love this."

Unable to answer, Elsa simply nodded, whining softly as Anna tugged on her hair. Her head bobbed back and forth gently on the leather shaft as her hand came up to grip the base, pushing it gently back against Anna's own arousal.

"Ah!" Anna gasped against her will, shivering from head to toe as she struggled to maintain her balance. That couldn't be allowed; too much of it and Elsa would usurp the balance of power. Things just didn't work that way. Sliding her legs further apart, she began driving the phallus both through Elsa's fingers and further past her lips. "What's that? Hungry, my pet?"

Elsa gasped as Anna moved her hips forward, pushing the shaft deep into her throat. She gave a little cry and opened her mouth wider to accommodate its thick girth. It was hard for her to breathe like this, but the lightheadedness only heightened her pleasure.

Behind Anna's wicked smile, she was curious about how long it would take for Elsa to break. Surely no one could take the whole length of it down their throat, leather or otherwise. Then again, would she break? Or would she choke trying to admit the whole of it? Erring on the side of caution for the moment, she began thrusting in and out of her sister's mouth, pushing it in no deeper than it had been when she changed her tactic, watching her perfect lips slide over its deeply-tanned surface.

The queen gasped for breath when the shaft was pulled out of her mouth, only to have it thrust back in moments later. Anna was fucking her mouth just like she'd fucked her womanhood. It seemed like the ultimate act of subjugation, the most awful and filthy way that Elsa could serve her master.

"You're gasping like a fish out of water!" Anna snapped in irritation, removing it from Elsa's mouth and slapping it across her face, imbuing the action with just enough force to be felt. "Tell me you'll try better next time."

"I'm sorry!" she whimpered, flinching as the leather phallus struck her with a wet smack. Her cheekbone throbbed; it was far and away from any lasting injury, more humiliating than dangerous. "I'll try harder, I promise!"

"Make me believe you!" The next strike was with equal speed from the opposite direction.

"Alright!" cried Elsa, flinching from the second strike, heart in her throat. She took a deep breath and took the phallus into her mouth again, sucking gently and laving her tongue over the smooth surface.

Burning grew both in Anna's loins and behind her eyes. She had meant for Elsa to convince her with words, not actions. The desperation with which her sister serviced their instrument was so complete and heart-rending that Anna found herself listening for their word of release, praying that Elsa would use it. But until the moment she did, Anna would play her role to the utmost. "Harder!" she commanded in a strangled tone. Elsa obeyed. She gripped the base of the phallus in her slender hand and sucked on it harder, her head bobbing slightly along the length as it slowly slipped farther down her throat. She looked up at Anna to meet her gaze, her eyes filled with lust and the utmost adoration.

"Good," Anna cooed darkly as she sat back, watching it bob in midair as it withdrew from Elsa's lips with a light pop. Something about that last look Elsa had given her was too much; Anna couldn't keep watching that go on. Her rump brushed over cold metal, and she held herself up at the last moment when she remembered the clamps still adorned her sister's chest. Dropping heavily onto those would likely leave permanent damage, which was the last thing either of them wanted. "Now tell your master how much fun that was."

When Anna finally pulled the false phallus out of her mouth, Elsa sighed with relief, shuddering as her sister's backside brushed over the clamps still squeezing her nipples. "It was so much fun," she panted breathlessly. "I loved it." She reached up cautiously, placing one hand on Anna's knee. "Please take me again, master," she begged quietly. "Please make me come. I need it so bad!"

Anna inched backward until the phallus was resting in Elsa's cleavage. Her eyes flicked down to it, then back up to lock with her sister's lust-filled orbs. "Show me how bad you need it. Maybe if you do, I'll give you what you desire."

Elsa blushed a deep shape of red as her mind raced, wondering how she could show Anna how much she needed her. She slipped her hand down between their bodies, stroking the outside of her dripping, swollen sex. Her whole body shuddered at the contact. "Ahh! Master!" she sighed. "I'm so wet... you've made me so wet, Your Highness, I need you so bad I can't stand it!"

"Then beg for it, cur." Standing in one swift motion, she rested one foot lightly in the cleavage where the thick toy had rested a moment before. "Beg for release harder than you have ever begged. Grovel."

"Please!" Elsa gasped as her sister's foot pressed down against her chest, making it hard for her to breathe. She caressed Anna's stockinged leg up and down with both of her hands, and placed a few kisses on the tips of her toes. "Please, Master, please fuck me! Please make me come, I beg you! I've never needed you so bad... I think I'd die without you... please, Master!"

One single word pierced through Anna's intention to force Elsa's groveling to continue: die. That was hard to ignore, and she found she didn't even want to. A moment later, she was lowering herself to kneel at the entrance again, blunt leather shaft at the ready. "Very well," she whispered heatedly as she caressed the right breast briefly with a trembling hand. "We can't have you dying. That would mean you can no longer serve your master."

Elsa gasped and moaned softly as Anna removed her foot from her chest, the air rushing back into her lungs so fast it made her dizzy. She watched without blinking as Anna knelt before her, ready to enter her again. "I wish to always serve my master," she replied softly, reaching out to wrap her arms around her sister's shoulders. "Always."

"Hope you still feel that way in a moment." Then, gritting her own teeth, Anna began pushing the phallus deep into Elsa at a moderate pace without stopping until it was all the way inside.

Elsa's hips bucked up to meet Anna's as she penetrated her. Elsa moaned loud and wrapped her legs tight around Anna's waist. It hurt as if her very hips were being wrenched apart, but it also seemed to fit inside her so well that she trembled with pleasure. "Ah-ahh-AAAAHHH!" she cried. "Yes!"

"How does this feel?" Anna breathed against Elsa's shoulder, hands braced against the bed to hold her above the body splayed out beneath her. "Describe it to me!"

Elsa racked her brain for the right words to describe what she felt, though it seemed almost as though words would never suffice. She gasped breathlessly between Anna's thrusts, "It feels like... you're filling me... completely! AH! It hurts... feels so good!"

Teeth sinking into the muscle beneath her mouth, Anna picked up the pace as she left her mark on her sister's neck, suctioning until she began to feel lightheaded. "Nhhah!" she gasped when falling back. "Filling you! That's right! I want to fill every last inch of you with me!"

"YES!" Elsa cried and writhed when she felt Anna's teeth sink into her neck. "Yes, Master!" Her fingers tugged at Anna's hair as her pleasure rose higher. "Fill me... take me... AH! FUCK ME!"

"Yeah, I'll fuck you! I'll fuck you so hard you can't see straight!" Anna groaned into her sister, the pressure against her scalp a welcome counterpoint to the merciless taunting the pommel of her leather weapon was leveling at her sweltering sex. It was unbelievable to her that Elsa could handle the full girth of it; she couldn't herself. The queen really was magical. "Elsa!"

"I'm yours," Elsa moaned. "Yours... all yours!" Her left hand grasped desperately at Anna's hair, while her right hand groped the younger woman's pert backside. She squealed with each thrust Anna gave her, as every motion made the leather phallus press firmly against that perfect spot inside her. "Master... I'm gonna... I'm s-so close!"

Her grunts more guttural than she ever imagined they could become, Anna tilted at Elsa like a knight in the joust, running full out and working herself into a frenzy until all she could think about was how "close" her sister was, how she was getting there herself. How, through this combination of leather-working and blacksmithing, she was taking Queen Elsa's virginity for herself. "Yeah! Yes, Elsa, come for me! Give all of yourself to me! Elsa! ELSA!"

It was the sound of Anna's voice, rough and low and possessive, that pushed her over the edge. Elsa came hard with a long, high-pitched scream. Her legs flailed and her hips bucked uncontrollably against Anna's thrusts. "YES!" the queen cried. "Yes! D-don't... stop... AAANNAAAA!"

The pleasure rolled over her body in waves for what felt like ages until it finally subsided, and Elsa went limp beneath her sister. Something cold and wet touched her face; she opened her eyes and realized that in her throes of ecstasy, she'd accidentally created a small snow cloud above the bed.

Anna held very still for a moment, pondering at the fluffy flakes slowly cascading down her own neck and shoulders. Then she giggled slightly, tucking a strand of hair behind Elsa's ear as she leaned down to kiss her forehead, breath still shaking from how close she was to her own orgasm now. "Wow. Did I really go at you so hard that you lost control of your powers?"

"I guess so," Elsa replied hoarsely as she felt Anna's lips pressing against her forehead. With a wave of her hand, she dismissed the cloud and all the snow that it had made. She was surprised herself; it had been a while since she had truly lost control of her powers. Then again, it had been a while since her sister made her come so hard. She decided to put aside any worry over that for the moment. "Mmm," she moaned. "Anna... that was amazing. I think I'll be sore for days."

A seductive grin pulled at the princess's lips. "Really? Well, you're not quite through yet." Reaching back, she undid a few buckles and slid from the harness with a tiny gasp of pleasure, leaving the leather instrument still inside her sister. With shaking limbs, she somehow managed to crawl forward until she was kneeling over Elsa's face again. "Finish your master off?"

Elsa smiled. "Of course," she said softly. No matter how tired she was, she always had enough left in her to finish her dear sister. She reached up and placed her hands on Anna's knees, pushing her legs apart, and drew her tongue slowly over her entrance. "Mmmm... Anna, you're dripping..."

"HAH!" Anna gasped out, every last ounce of her character dropping away now that her sister was pleasuring her. "Gods, Elsa, you sounded so, so... hot! It was driving me crazy!"

Elsa reached around to squeeze Anna's backside as she pleasured her, moving her tongue in lazy circles around her younger sister's clit. "You sounded fairly hot yourself," she replied breathlessly against Anna. "Calling yourself my master... you looked so good astride me..."

The combination of deceptively strong fingers against Anna's hindflesh and the punishing muscle orbiting her sensitive nub was almost enough to send her over the edge. It was her sister's words which finished the job, and so effortlessly that the redhead was unprepared for the end. "OH! Wh-whoa, I- NNNHHHAHAH, yes, ELSAAA!"

Elsa had been about to add two fingers, but Anna came so quickly that she didn't have a chance. She kept stroking her swollen clit gently with her tongue the whole time, until her sister's cries turned into soft moans and her trembling ceased. "Anna..." she sighed softly, caressing her thighs gently. "Untie me so I can hold you... please?"

"Hah... hh... huh?" Dizzily, Anna managed to fall to her side. Reaching upward to where the leash was fastened to the wall now seemed like too much work, so she forced her fingers to fumble at the buckle holding the length of leather around Elsa's neck. Once she had the collar off, she awkwardly used one limp foot to help slide the phallic device out of her sister's innards, listening to it thump against the bed. "Okay, done... now hold me. I'd like that."

Elsa rolled onto her side and took Anna in her arms, cradling the younger woman's head against her breast. "Mmm... gods, Anna," she whispered. "That was incredible. I want you to take me like that all the time!"

The wide-eyed look Anna returned to her sister was positively agog. "You... all that, it was... and you want that every time?!" Then she winced and looked down at the nearest clamped nipple. "Oh, gosh, and these are still on you- hang on, I can get them!"

"Well, maybe not every time," Elsa laughed, "But the next time you want to wear it, I certainly won't complain." Her bruised flesh had become so numb that she'd forgotten about the clamps. She winced and whimpered as Anna removed them from her breasts; the blood rushing back, and the sudden return of sensation, was excruciating.

"Oh no," Anna breathed, touching Elsa's face gently once both clamps were off, not daring touch her anywhere else. "Is... is it bad? I never used them on myself for this long, did- no, no, no, I can't have hurt you!" Slowly, her eyes began to fill with tears.

"Don't cry!" Elsa said quickly, her voice sounding pained. "Anna, don't cry... I'll be fine." She placed her hands gently over her breasts, which were now swollen and bruised. "We just won't leave them on for so long next time, okay?"

Face screwed up in empathy, Anna slowly pressed her lips to the back of one of Elsa's hands. "O-okay, I promise, I'll be better about remembering how long it's been, I swear I w-will!" And then all of a sudden she was sobbing in earnest.

Elsa embraced Anna tightly, kissing her forehead and cheeks as she sobbed against her shoulder. "Anna..." she whispered. "Shhh... Anna, don't cry. Please listen to me; it isn't that big of a deal. I'm so glad we did this…and every time I feel the bruises, I know I'll get wet just thinking about how you made me feel tonight."

"Really?" Anna blubbered, her breath hitching as she attempted to stem the flow of tears. "You... the bruises and welts, they really do that for you? You swear you're not just placating me?"

"I swear," Elsa replied sincerely. "Every time I hurt the next day, every time I look at the marks you leave behind, I'm reminded that I'm yours." She captured her younger sister's lips in a soft kiss.

Anna nodded against Elsa's mouth, then cracked a tiny smile. "Good... because you're going to have trouble hiding this one tomorrow." Her slender hand laid a fingernail upon the red mark on Elsa's neck. It was true; Elsa would have to wear something with a very high neck when she met with her advisors.

"You know, Anna," she began softly, "we won't be able to do this before the wedding, and a while after. The Duke will know I'm being unfaithful if he sees your teeth all over my skin..."

For a brief instant, a wicked glee shot through her at the thought of marking Elsa for the world to see - including her new husband. Then she dismissed it. Playing with fire would only result in both of them being burned at the stake. "Yeah, I know. You're probably right... I..." And then a yawn overtook the rest of her words.

Elsa couldn't help but yawn too. "Anna... stop it," she giggled. She buried her face in her sister's auburn hair. "Hmm... I swear, just when I think you can't wear me out anymore..."

Anna's voice was so muzzy it was growing harder to distinguish her meaning. "Elsa... can I tell you a... secret?"

"Hmm?" Elsa asked weakly. She opened one eye. "Of course, Anna... what is it?"

"This part... it's worth more than all the stuff... before it to... me..." And then the younger sister was snoring quietly.

A single tear was shed from Elsa's eye at her sister's sweet confession. She wanted to tell her how much she loved it too, but Anna was asleep before she could. She too was asleep within minutes, her arms and legs draped protectively over her sister, the love of her life.


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