My Sister's Mistress

Chapter 6

CHAPTER WARNINGS: strap-on sex, fingering, brief blood play, bathing. Also, incest and frickfracking (obviously).

[[NOTES: A somewhat tame chapter of plot-furthering. Okay, so it's still chock-full of smut, but it's eminently tamer than last chapter, to be sure! Also, this fic is half over, my friends.

On a lighter note, I've been writing fanfic for ten years under this penname, and it looks like I'm not slowing down anytime soon! LONG LIVE JESSICA X (or something)]]


It was only six months later, in the middle of winter, that Elsa found herself upon the day of her own wedding. The Duke had offered to delay things for a year if the Queen preferred a summer wedding, but Elsa didn't think she could wait a whole year; she thought she might die of the anticipation and dread.

An hour before the ceremony, she remained at her vanity. She'd been ready an hour ago, but she had stayed behind to talk with Anna. The two sisters sat side by side on the vanity bench. Elsa rested her head on Anna's shoulder, their hands clasped firmly together in front of them.

"This was Mother's wedding gown," Elsa said suddenly, her voice soft and thoughtful.

"It was. She always refused to try it on for us again, even when we begged." They chuckled in a subdued tone before Anna whispered, "Said she wanted the next person who ever wore it again to be one of us. And that she'd see it on us then."

Elsa's lip quivered, and she squeezed Anna's hand tightly. If she cried now, she'd have to do her makeup all over again. "I want to think she can see me wearing it," she began. But if their parents were indeed watching them from the heavens, she couldn't imagine how ashamed they must be. "No... I hope she can't. I hope she and Father never know what's become of us."

"Sometimes I think about that, and... maybe they would understand." Taking a deep, shuddering breath, she began passing her hand over Elsa's cheek, wishing to stroke her hair but unwilling to mess up the ornate bun that Gerda had worked on for hours. "We still love each other. We need each other. I know the things we do when we're in the moment are shameful, and I'm kind of the worst sister ever, but... Gods, I hope they understand. They have to."

"We may never know if they do or not," said Elsa, her voice breaking as she struggled desperately not to cry now. She wished she could believe Anna – she really wanted to think that their parents would understand, even if they didn't approve – but it seemed too strange and far-fetched to imagine. A part of her was certain that she and Anna would burn in hell and they would never see their parents again. "I should go," she said hoarsely as she turned away, unable to look at her darling sister. "My carriage is waiting."

First, Anna nodded morosely as Elsa pushed herself to her feet unsteadily. Then she said, "Wait just a second." Standing herself, she slowly hitched up her formal dress and began sliding her blue bloomers down to around her ankles.

Elsa turned, surprised to see Anna lifting up her elegant skirts to remove her underwear. "Anna, now?" she asked softly.

Giggling, Anna said, "No, though I'm, uh..." Instead of finishing her sentence, she held up the bloomers, showing the very tiny wet spot. "Well. Anyway, I just realized you didn't have anything borrowed or blue, so you can borrow these. They're one of your pairs in the first place, anyway."

"How thoughtful of you…" Elsa couldn't help but laugh as she took the bloomers from Anna's hand, blushing as she sat down on the bench again to replace her underwear with the blue ones. "Thank you, dear sister, for lending me these bloomers that were mine in the first place." She stood up and gave Anna a peck on the cheek before turning towards the door. "I'll see you at the cathedral, my love, and at the ball afterward."

"Alright," Anna breathed as she leaned slightly into the kiss against her better judgment, then called after Elsa, "And, um... think of me during the ceremony? I'll be wearing these." She was holding up Elsa's discarded underwear, directly under her nose and inhaling deeply, hoping for a chuckle or a roll of the eyes.

Elsa turned again and met Anna's gaze, her voice shaking. "I will think of you every moment of every night I spend with him." With that she turned on her heel and left Anna standing there, her fragile smile breaking altogether.

~ o ~

The carriage ride to the cathedral seemed to take ages. When the queen arrived, everyone was already waiting, prepared to begin at the moment of her arrival. Her groom stood at the altar in his finest attire, a distant uncle waiting to escort the bride down the aisle to be 'given' to him. How long had she left them waiting? Elsa realized hollowly that she didn't care. Her face was calm and stoic as she made her way to the altar, but inside she felt like sobbing. Everything about this felt so wrong, more wrong than even her unnatural powers or her unholy union with her sister.

The former Duke of Swansea, soon to be King Rhys, beamed with pride when his eyes found her, resplendent in her flowing white gown. The traditional military uniform from his country of origin now sported the Arendelle coat of arms on one sleeve, to serve as a bridging of the gap between their peoples. In future, all of his uniforms would be those of Arendelle, of course. This would technically mark his last day as a Swansean, though he would continue to rule and visit his Dukedom.

On the minister's other side stood Anna, deep blue-and-green robes framing her figure elegantly as her sister approached the altar. Despite the sadness of their situation, the freckles on her cheeks glowed with pride at how perfect and beautiful Elsa looked. Her loveliness was truly unparalleled.

Elsa couldn't bear to look at Anna all through the ceremony, and her mind was elsewhere as the minister read their vows. She responded appropriately, if not enthusiastically, to her cues and obligations within the ceremony. A fantastic part of her imagination wished that Anna would object when the time came. She imagined her sweet sister would make a horrible scene, and the lovers would be forced to flee at the last second...

But Anna remained dutifully silent. The ring was placed on Elsa's finger, and she shared a brief, chaste kiss with her new husband. The crowd clapped appreciatively. As Elsa returned down the aisle, now arm-in-arm with the new King of Arendelle, it took every ounce of her strength to keep from collapsing on the ground and bursting into tears.

Not that any less could have been expected of the Arendelle royalty, the ball following the ceremony was an extravagant affair, gold embroidery adorning every napkin and tablecloth, a feast fit for ten kings gracing the tables, a string quartet sending elegant strains coursing through the ears of every contented soul. Laughter and the clinking of glasses were the only noises that detracted from the serenity of music. Anna was uncomfortable in her seat. She didn't want to dance with anyone and she didn't want to mingle and make droll conversation with persons with whom she shared nothing in common, even for the sake of keeping up appearances.

At long last, however, there was a lull in both music and mutterings, and she stood, clanging a fork against the side of her glass. "Attention! Attention, everybody… uh, please!"

Elsa was shocked when Anna struck her glass to call for everyone's attention. Her sister had hardly said a word since the ceremony, and she certainly hadn't expected her to make an announcement. She turned away from her new husband and their guests, her eyes fixed on her sister.

"So," Anna began warmly in a carrying voice, beaming down at her sister. "My big sister is a bride today. I've never seen her look more beautiful. Honestly, I really mean it; she looks beautiful all the time, but seeing her all dolled up in our mother's gown... gosh. Has anyone ever seen anything more spectacular?"

"I certainly haven't," the former duke said graciously. The way he patted Elsa's arm was more reminiscent of a kindly uncle than a romantic partner. Privately, Anna found herself approving more now than she had in all the previous months. Maybe she could tolerate his presence.

"But this is nothing compared to how I've seen her when no one's looking." And then she fixed Elsa with a look that was mostly blissfully content, but the eye that was only visible to Elsa and the few members of the wedding party behind her – which included Rhys – could see the somewhat cheeky wink.

The crowd chuckled in good taste at Anna's gentle jibe, and clapped politely at what they thought was a sweet display of sisterly affection. If they only knew the half of it! Luckily, Elsa had already told Rhys that she and her sister were very close, so she wasn't too worried about repercussions. Still, the private implication made her blush. As Anna sat back down, Elsa raised her glass.

"Thank you, Anna," she said clearly, with not a hint of irony in her voice. "No matter what, you and I shall always be the closest of sisters." Once again, everyone applauded sweetly, especially the women in the crowd.

"To the Queen and her new King!" Anna replied loudly, raising her glass high. She wondered how many would catch the implication; the King belonged to the Queen. Anna considered him little more than a servant in practicality. But she didn't dally with that thought long. Elsa's proclamation that they were the closest of sisters was sending sparks down into her loins. Teasing each other in front of a crowd! It was the only thing in the room more decadent than the chocolate fondue.

Elsa shot Anna a coy smile across the room as the applause died down and the party resumed. She felt just a little better having shared that small moment with her sister. But her happiness was short-lived. Before she knew it the ball was over, and Elsa found herself with nowhere to go but to bed. She and her husband were to retreat to the royal suite, and in the morning they would depart by carriage for their honeymoon in the mountains. As Elsa left the ballroom arm-in-arm with her new King, she glanced over her shoulder at Anna. She dared not move her lips, but she hoped her gaze would say well enough, 'I'm sorry. I love you.'

Anna waved feebly, wanting to feel jealous, wanting to be angry and mourn the loss of what had been a physical relationship in which they were the only ones who had experienced it with each other. But ultimately all she could feel was sympathy. After all, it was Elsa who had to endure the carnal liaison with the man she had only married for reasons related to diplomacy and duty. Her only comforting thought was that it was the royal heir's discretion to lay their new spouse the night of the wedding, or to wait until they reached their honeymoon destination. Somehow, it comforted her to know that Elsa could delay touching his pasty old body so they would never have to do it on the castle grounds if she so chose. Which, Anna had a sneaking suspicion, this particular queen would.

~ o ~

Upstairs in the royal suite, Elsa sat at her vanity, still in her wedding dress. The Duke was in the adjacent room, the bedroom... waiting for her, or so she presumed. She hadn't seen him since they retreated to their rooms. She already dreaded the moment she had to share his bed, but after what had transpired between herself and Anna, she couldn't bear to lay with him this night. Technically, it was within her discretion to refuse him until they'd begun their honeymoon. She would simply have to tell him so; besides, she had to get used to asserting her right and authority as queen. Steeling herself for what she hoped would be a brief conversation, she stood and stepped out into the bedroom.

"Rhys?" she said softly. It felt strange calling the Duke by his given name. "I just wanted to say… I'll be sleeping in my own room tonight."

Rhys looked up from where he had been removing his starchy old uniform to shrug into a more comfortable jacket, somewhat startled. "Hmm?"

"I'll be sleeping in my own room," Elsa reiterated, perhaps a bit too quickly. Immediately she felt guilty for being short with him. "I… I'm sorry. I don't wish to…c-consummate our marriage. Tonight."

"Consummate? Ah." He seemed a tad pained as his cheeks coloured. "W-well, erhm... I must confess, that comes as something of a relief to me."

Elsa breathed a sigh, and with it exhaled her pent-up anxiety. Well, that couldn't have been easier after all; Rhys seemed as nervous about their conjugal obligations as she was. Elsa took his hand and smiled at him kindly. "Well…wonderful! Why don't I change into something more comfortable," she suggested, "and we can play a bit of chess before we retire for the night?"

Rhys looked as relieved as Elsa, and perhaps even more so. "Ahh… Capital idea, my queen," he chuckled.

Several minutes later found Elsa in one of her more modest and presentable nightgowns, covered by a dressing gown and a warm robe. Her new king, on the other hand, was still more or less dressed for the outside world. They were seated around the chessboard with a bottle of champagne (provided with a note from Gerda and Kai that left little room to the imagination as to their reasoning behind sending it along) open on the small table next to it. With a sly aside to her powers, Rhys insisted she play white.

"I'm quite glad things went off as easily as they did," he said when several moves in, advancing another pawn. "Truth be told, I thought my bumbling nephew could have misplaced the ring when it came time to hand it to me."

Elsa hardly drank any of the champagne, but focused her attention on the chess match. Rhys was a formidable opponent, she could tell. They were only a few moves in when she noticed he was already playing her into a corner. Countering rather cleverly and setting up a trap of her own, she looked up as he spoke. "Hmm? Oh... yes," she said uncomfortably. "He seemed like a good boy, if not entirely…present in the moment." A few more moves passed in silence. Elsa began setting up another trap that might trick Rhys into leaving his king unprotected if he became distracted.

"I suppose I may speak frankly, now that we are married." Elsa said somewhat abruptly, clearing her throat nervously. "In truth, Rhys, I have little interest at all in the conjugal aspects of our marriage. I see it as merely a means to an end. I hope this doesn't offend you..."

Blanching slightly, Rhys delayed his response until he had done his best to counter Elsa's clever ruse, more praying for than certain of his success. "Not at all. You had alluded to it before without spelling it out so clearly. If that is the case, I am of course glad to fill this role as far as the political aspects are concerned, and the... other aspects only when entirely necessary. I…" He hung his head just slightly and lowered his voice a bit, as though imparting a close secret. "My men would attest that when they were all partaking of the brothels, I would be up in my rooms, poring over charts and missives. Such things have never been of high import. However..." He hesitated, feeling he might be about to overstep his bounds.

Elsa nodded, listening intently. Rhys did seem like the kind of person who would cloister himself away to work on business when his comrades were partaking of carnal pleasures. If he'd been a soldier, it was no wonder he'd been made to be ashamed of his lack of interest in women. "However...?" Elsa prodded softly, noting that Rhys had detected her plan on the chess board. "Please speak freely, my lord."

"However, I must express at least this once my regret that you haven't waited for another suitor with whom you might be more... physically compatible. I know," he forestalled her protests with a raised hand. "You have no desire to explore such things, and that is why we find ourselves in our current arrangement. With which I am more than happy. It just... well, I can't help but wish for the best for you. My visits have been less frequent than I'd have liked, but I find you a companionable and capable woman. If there were another man out there who could… ahhm… stir your passions, I'd hate to feel you were chained to me when that time came." After a moment of shocked silence, he finished with, "And I promise never to bring it up again. I've said my peace on it, and am fine with whatever decisions you have already made... and could make in the future."

Elsa listened, shocked and awestruck. She had figured Rhys to be kind and passive, but had never imagined he'd be so forward and open. He was essentially giving her his permission to be unfaithful, to take a lover, if doing so ever struck her fancy. She'd heard of monarchs silently tolerating each other's lovers, but this was more than the queen could ever have hoped for. Under her circumstances, it was awfully convenient. Not that she would ever tell Rhys about her long-term illicit affair with her own sister, but at least he'd been able to unknowingly assuage some of her guilt. "You are most considerate," she said, working to keep her voice dispassionate. "Though I sincerely doubt that any man shall ever... stir my passions, as it were... I appreciate your... um, your letting me know. And I shan't forget this."

"Good, then," Rhys sighed, releasing some of the tension in his shoulders. "One other thing, though; a wedding present. Could give it to you once we reach the mountains, but I assume now is as good at time as any." He proffered a thin, carefully-wrapped box.

Elsa couldn't help but smile. "A present?" she mused. "How thoughtful; you really didn't have to get me anything, Rhys..." She took a small sip of champagne as she opened the box – and immediately regretted it.

Inside the box were two silk blindfolds, like the kind used for sleeping, but plain and black. She was so surprised that she nearly choked on her drink, and had to cough and sputter a moment before regaining her composure. "Ahh... th-these are... very nice?" She pulled one out of the box to get a better look. This was something she'd expect Anna to nip out of her little velvet bag! "Are these for... us?"

Only from Elsa's reaction did Rhys's cheeks start to colour, when they had not from all the wine at the ball or the glass of champagne. "They are. Well, I'm sure you're imagining something other than I meant, only... oh, bollocks." Clearing his throat, he gestured feebly. "Since we're... for the sake of an heir, at least, it would... I was only thinking the less we saw of each other, the more comfortable we might be. Do you follow?"

Elsa nodded in understanding. So Rhys truly had to be dreading their union as much as she was, if not more. "I understand," she said softly. "Rhys... there's no tactful or easy way to say this, so... well, I'll just say it. We'll be in the mountains for a two weeks. If we... um, sleep together each night, there's a strong chance we'll conceive. And if I'm found to be with child soon after, then our job is finished. We can have it out of the way and never worry about it again." She paused, biting her lip nervously. "Do you agree?"

The new king had been shifting uncomfortably in his seat, but at her final question he took a deep breath and let it out slowly, passing a hand over his beard. "I do. It... well, it mostly sounds exhausting, but we must uphold our duty." He chuckled weakly, looking deflated. "If my men heard me talking about the opportunity to lay with a queen as fetching as you like it was something to be dreaded instead of celebrated, I'd probably never live it down."

"There now," Elsa half-teased, reaching out to touch Rhys's hand and smiling kindly. "I won't speak a word about it to anyone… least of all your men!" She paused, reaching for a way to phrase what she was feeling as delicately as possible. "But really, Rhys, you ought not be self-conscious about your desires, wherever they may lie. There's no shame in what does or doesn't please you."

Nose now as red as his cheeks, he grinned self-consciously at her as he patted her hand with his other. "It seems we have allied ourselves with each other by a brilliant stroke of luck, my queen. Your words do me more service than you may ever know." For a long moment, they both sat in reflective silence. Then he took a deep breath, releasing darker thoughts to be examined again at a later time, and reached out to take up his knight. "And... check."

Elsa's eyes widened as she gazed down at the board. "Wha- oh! Check indeed!" She paused for a long while. "I do believe that's checkmate, dear husband." She knocked over her king with one finger and flashed him a sweet smile. "It seems we've had a stroke of luck indeed. It has been ages since I've had a real challenge at chess. Even if you only prove to be a most formidable strategist and opponent, then our union will have been fully worthwhile."

~ o ~

The first few days Anna had spent in the castle without her sister were dreary and bleak. The following week and a half was excruciating. Many decisions as to the governing of the kingdom had been left up to her in Elsa's absence, though the advisors had taken care of the lion's share. To her, this only further proved that she was not cut out for a life as a ruling head of anything more crucial than a few street urchins trying to decide on whose turn it was to beg for coin. She simply hadn't the head for it.

Add into that her aching physical needs that went untended, and she was climbing the walls by the time Elsa and Rhys were due to arrive. Many lonely nights were spent in the company of the artifacts she had commissioned to use on her queen instead of herself. Most pathetically, many days were spent simply lying in Elsa's bed and breathing in her lingering scent. The odd letter from the two of them – written in Elsa's elegant script, she lovingly noted – allayed her fears of anything wrong, but did nothing to fill the void left behind by her elder sister.

Then, at last, the day was upon them. Humming gaily to herself all the while, Anna bathed and perfumed her body, donning a brand new dress the royal seamstresses had conspired to craft purely for this occasion. At long last, her love was returning. Too long had she been waiting.

~ o ~

Elsa couldn't believe the day of her return was finally at hand. She couldn't wait to see Anna. For the whole of the day-long carriage ride, she'd been absent and dreamy imagining her reunion with her sister... both their immediate reunion, and a private one she was certain would happen later that night.

The honeymoon in the mountains, though it had been far too long, was not entirely unpleasant. The first few days were awkward at their best moments, and unbearable at their worst. Still, hidden away in the mountains with just a few guards and servants, Elsa and Rhys eventually grew to enjoy one another's company. Once they grew comfortable enough, they had spent a great deal of time together playing chess and cards and discussing literature and music, as well as some practical politics and policy. Elsa felt as though she'd gained an important ally and friend in Rhys. Best of all, if all went according to plan, the two friends would never have to endure another night in a shared bed again.

When the carriage finally stopped in front of the palace, Elsa had to hold herself back from jumping out and sprinting inside. Instead she allowed Rhys to help her out of the carriage, and walked arm-in-arm with him up to the gates. But once Elsa spotted Anna waiting for them in the courtyard, she broke away from her husband and ran to meet her without reservation or decorum.

"Anna!" she squealed like a delighted child, throwing her arms around the younger woman and holding her close. The embrace appeared outwardly to be sisterly and chaste, but Elsa knew Anna would understand why she squeezed her especially tight and for so long. "I missed you so much, sweet sister," she whispered. "I never want to be apart from you again."

"And you never will, if I have anything to say about it!" Anna giggled, tears of joy sliding down her cheeks despite her best efforts to keep them in check. Though she did not at all wish to end their embrace, eventually she did, pushing back to gaze at Elsa. Then she said, and a bit loudly for the benefit of the nearby servants, "There looks to be a healthy flush in your cheeks, sister. Was the honeymoon all it promised to be?"

Elsa smiled, catching onto her sister's intent immediately. "All and more," she replied sweetly. Behind them she heard steady, dignified footsteps on the cobblestones. They had been embracing for so long that Rhys was just coming upon them in the courtyard. "Rhys," Elsa said politely as he approached, placing a hand on his shoulder while squeezing Anna's hand in the other. "Would you think me rude if I left you to catch up with Anna? I'll visit very soon to see if you're settled and comfortable..."

"But of course, my queen," he said amiably, making a slight bow in Anna's direction. "Think I'll just go in for a long soak, if you don't mind. Always a pleasure, Princess."

Nodding cordially to Rhys as he went inside, Elsa cast Anna a brief, conspiratorial glance before grabbing her hand and running full-speed into the castle. The young women giggled and squealed like girls as they dashed through the hallways, Elsa leading the way to Anna's room. Once inside, she locked the door behind them and grabbed Anna by the shoulders, pulling her into a rough, hungry kiss. "Anna..." she sighed breathlessly between each time their lips met. "Oh, Anna... Gods, how I've missed you!"

"Mmhh!" Anna moaned into the kiss, her surprise momentary and fleeting as her mouth parted, her frame shuddering with the effort of concealing her sudden arousal. Her hands came up to push Elsa away, to hold her at arm's length so she might talk or ask a question, but the sudden weakness in her limbs made it all but impossible to accomplish. "Mmhhh..."

"I'll tell you everything later," Elsa promised breathlessly when she felt Anna's slight resistance, leaving a trail of kisses down her sister's slender throat and tugging gently at her braids. "Anna," she sighed. "Anna, make me yours again..."

"Oh, Elsa," Anna breathed wetly, worrying at the bun atop her sister's head until it came free, dropping a sheet of luxurious platinum onto the hand she had resting on her shoulder. "You were never anyone else's. Not even this past fortnight." Her neck moved forward almost automatically as a shaky moan floated out of her lips.

Elsa could feel her sister's desire, she could hear it in her voice. "You're right," she whispered as she tugged at Anna's braids, pulling them out, running her fingers through the beautiful red tresses. "I was always yours... but I need to feel like it again." She left a long, lingering kiss on Anna's throat. "I want to feel like I'm yours again." Firm hands took hold of Anna's hips, pulling her almost roughly against her own body. "Anna, my love, I need you... make love to me! Here, now! Please..."

"Of course, Elsa," Anna breathed heatedly, eyes closing in bliss at the feeling of fingernails gliding between strands, the light tugging at her scalp. "Here and now. Anywhere you want! But... I wanted to offer you something."

Elsa opened her eyes for a moment, but didn't stop kissing Anna. She made a trail of hot, wet kisses up her neck and along her jaw, before nibbling softly at her earlobe. "What, darling?"

Moaning lightly, Anna let out a tiny giggle when her earlobe was nibbled before asking, "Do you remember... when I took you as a man? With that crazy thing I had made." Her voice dropped to a whisper. "If you wanted, um, you could... use it on me this time."

The queen's eyebrows shot up. The idea of wearing Anna's strange toy was all at once foreign and exciting. Elsa turned towards the chest at the foot of Anna's bed, eyes alight. "You'd let me try?" she asked. "That's... oh, Gods. Would you help me put it on first?"

Nodding anxiously, Anna led Elsa over to the bed, quickly opening her hope chest of dark treasures. It was readily apparent that it was nearly twice as full as it had been before Elsa's nuptials, but Anna wasted no time in fetching the harness and adjoining implement. "Um... gosh, I'm so nervous! You wanna strip down to your bloomers, at least? J-Just that you can't really put this on over a dress."

Elsa made a note to ask Anna later about all the new items in her chest. For now, she wanted nothing to break this moment. She stripped down to her corset and bloomers as quickly as she could, tugging impatiently at her buttons and laces. "You're nervous?" she asked breathlessly as she stepped into the harness, watching curiously as Anna helped her fasten the straps. "I suppose I assumed you'd used it before..."

"Well, I have. Lots of times." Anna flushed as her hands slipped off the buckles. "N-not that many! I mean, not every day or anything! But only by myself, not..." With a shrug, she bit her lip as she tightened the buckles, then stepped back to admire her handiwork. Instantly, she seemed more meek than Elsa had ever seen her. Smaller. "Wow. You, with that on..."

"You like it?" Elsa said self-consciously, stroking the length of the leather phallus. She shuddered as each movement shook the base against her own sex. Even when it was inside Anna, she'd be able to feel it, too.

Anna's eyes looked left and right. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Then she said in a hushed voice, as if each word was a struggle to verbalize, "Take me."

The sudden meekness in her sister's eyes was such a turn-on that it spurred Elsa excitedly into her new role. She grabbed Anna's shoulders and backed her up against the wall, kissing her passionately. Fumbling for purchase, Anna's hands went to Elsa's waist, her touch feather-light as she returned the kiss eagerly, moaning lightly against her sister's mouth as it plied at her. She could feel the tip of the leather phallus pressing into her hip, but she did her best to ignore it and its implications, pouring all of her sadness and the weeks of isolation into their current embrace. All she wanted, all she had ever wanted, was right in front of her.

Elsa bit and licked almost desperately at Anna's lips. She'd never needed Anna with such urgency before; she was desperate to have her sister again. "Bed," Elsa growled. "Now."

Without waiting for her to respond, she wheeled Anna around and pushed her back onto the bed, straddling her immediately and pressing their lips back together. The gasp that issued from Anna was more stunned than excited, but she didn't have time to recover between then and when she was being kissed again. Elsa broke away to breathe and left a trail of kisses down Anna's jaw and neck while Anna slid her hands up and over Elsa's breasts to rest against her collarbone, harboring a secret smile inside of her at the joy it brought feeling her queen's sweet skin under her palms again.

"You are wearing far too many clothes," Elsa snarled impatiently. Reaching between them, she gave a firm tug to the front of Anna's dress, popping open the bodice and sending buttons flying. Her teeth found the soft flesh at the top of Anna's breast; meanwhile Elsa's hands began gathering her sister's skirt around her hips.

The thrill that shot through Anna was pronounced and full of searing heat. This dress had been specially made just for today, and Elsa had destroyed it. Was her need so violent, so completely all-consuming? Anna knew she would forever cherish the ruined garment as a testament to their passion. It would be a trophy, a memento. Her spine undulated when the stabbing pain reached her chest but she loved it too much to worry over its source. "Mmhh, my Elsa..."

Anna's passion-filled voice, paired with the way her back arched smoothly into her bite, sent fire straight to Elsa's core. "Anna..." she sighed, pulling away just long enough to yank down Anna's bloomers and throw them across the room. "My Anna!" Her cold fingers found Anna's heated sex.

"NNH!" Anna gasped out, hips instinctively twitching away from the sudden contact. "Oh, I- oooh, Elsa! More!" Biting her lip to draw strength from the mild pain, she inched her hips back the other way, forcing the chilled fingers into her wetness, fists bunching the sheets underneath her. Already she could feel the heat burning, the end of her tether being reached. Too much time had passed since they were last together. How much longer could she hold out against her sister's advances?

Elsa was more than happy to oblige Anna's request. She gently rolled her thumb over her sister's swollen clit, teasing her outer folds with her four fingers. She could tell Anna was pent-up and about to come completely unwound already. "Patience, sweet sister," she whispered. Pushing Anna's knees apart to spread her legs, Elsa positioned herself between them, lowering her hips so the length of the shaft was pressed against Anna's entrance. "Déjà vu?" she whispered. "Tell me what you want, Anna."

Now that the moment had come, Anna's carefully-conceptualized union with Elsa was somehow more intimidating than she had expected. Meeting her sister's eyes was too much for her to handle. She dropped her gaze and whispered, "I want to b-be... I want it inside me." She gulped and draped her arm across her eyes, saying in a rush, "I want you inside me, Elsa!"

"Yes," Elsa moaned at Anna's lewd request, leaning down to kiss her sweetly on the lips. "Don't be afraid, darling... I'll be gentle." She reached down between them and guided the leather shaft into place, resting the tip at Anna's dripping entrance. Then she pushed her hips forward slowly, easing it inside.

The scream from Anna was so much lighter and more fragile than she was used to hearing from her own throat when they were in her chambers. Giving all of the power to Elsa for a change, it wasn't the same as when she normally held onto it…but it was enticing, and as maddening as it was arousing. How could it feel so different when Elsa was inserting the object than when she did it by her own hand? Either way, it was; she felt so much more whole, filled more completely. Arching her back, she tried not to hug Elsa's hips too tightly, to give her sister every chance to probe her sodden, inflamed depths.

Elsa rested her head against Anna's, unable to take her eyes away from her sister. Her shrill cry sent chills down Elsa's spine, making her hips buck forward on reflex. The leather shaft sank deeper into Anna, pressing against Elsa's swollen sex on the other end. "Like this?" she whispered, her breath hot against Anna's neck.

"Y-yes!" Anna panted, feeling bone and sinew shift to admit more of the intruding shaft. Taking the arm away from her eyes at last, she gripped Elsa's shoulder, teeth gritted against the subtle pain and immense pleasure. This was really happening. Elsa was truly deflowering her; she had finally, completely given herself to her sister. "Yes, Elsa!"

A lusty sigh escaped Elsa's throat as she let her hips rock forward, burying the leather shaft completely inside of Anna. The resistance pushed the end of it firmly against Elsa, and she found that by thrusting her hips, she could grind her clit against it. She quickly established a steady, leisurely rhythm. "Anna," she moaned, savouring the sound of her sister's name on her own voice again. "Anna!"

The cry that floated out of Anna contained all of her hatred for the past month and her joy at its end; this was a cleansing. The following moans were all for her sister as she dug into the sheets again with one hand and into Elsa's milky flesh with the other, stretching her thighs wider than she normally would have dared, the thick and unyielding device plunging into her over and over as Elsa took her, her body hungering for more with each following moment. "Elsa... Elsa, it's so big! You're so big inside me!"

How could Anna's voice be so damn sexy? Elsa gripped her younger sister's hips as she drove into her a little faster, whimpering as her own sex was ground against the shaft's base. "Anna," she groaned. "Anna! Yes... sing for me, love..."

A sickly-sweet pleasure pooling in her gut at the request, Anna's jaw dropped open as she loosed the most earth-shattering squeals of elation she could muster, finding it not altogether difficult to produce them in the moment. With great effort, she began pushing back against the blunt object, slamming their hips together as Elsa drove her body insane with the lightning-bright sensations. "I... I'm about to... Elsa, harder, make me come!"

Elsa moaned wordlessly and buried her face in Anna's neck, thrusting faster and harder as her sister had requested. "Yes! Anna! Aaannaaaaah...!" She was close, too, and the extra speed was all it took to push her over the edge. Elsa's climax burst like a white-hot light behind her eyes, fire flooding every inch of her body. She thrusted even more desperately, slamming deep into Anna and grinding herself mercilessly against the base of the shaft.

With a tremor that would have shook the foundation of the castle had they been atop a fault line, Anna's orgasm echoed that of her sister, reverberating through both of them and into the bed below. It was paradise. Queen Elsa brought her so effortlessly to the gates of Valhalla. Throat raw from the wailing she had loosed, she drew her hand slowly back from Elsa's shoulder to see tiny half-moons of red; her fingernails had drawn blood. "Oh... oh, I... damn, sorry about that, I didn't... mean to..."

It took Elsa a long time to come down from her own climax. Eventually she registered Anna saying something. "Hmm? Oh... I- I didn't even notice!" She glanced at the little red marks on her shoulder and laughed breathlessly, resting her head against her sister's breasts. "Gods, Anna," she whispered. "That was... incredible... Oh, it's been much too long since I've found release in your arms. I'll never, ever leave you again, Anna... I won't ever let you go."

Licking the tiny droplets of blood from her fingers and recoiling at the coppery tang that suddenly blazed across her palate, Anna quickly swallowed and cradled Elsa to herself, basking in the warmth the frigid sun in her skies offered. "It's okay, Elsa. I... of course I missed you, but I know you always come back, always. It's okay." Clearing her throat hesitantly. "Um, and I'm glad you enjoyed my 'welcome home' gift. I thought you might, since..." But she fell silent, her bravery deserting her in her moment of need.

Elsa blushed slightly, realizing her sister was referring to her coupling with Rhys. "Oh. Well... yes. Most of all, I just wanted to be with you, Anna." She kissed her cheek quickly. "Why don't we take a bath and I'll tell you all about the honeymoon? Anything you want to know."

"Yes, please!"

With great care, the sisters extricated themselves from the entangled mess they had made of their bodies, bringing the harness and its usual leather-clad tenant along to the side of the bath to be washed. To avoid the suspicion of the servants, they had to run and prepare the bath themselves; but soon enough, they were soaking in the oil-perfumed heated water. Anna immediately asked after the night the newlyweds had arrived in the mountains. Elsa smiled shyly as she began her tale, lathering a flowery-smelling soap in Anna's hair.

"Well, the first night was... awkward. Rhys really wasn't any more eager than I was, Anna. He even bought us both blindfolds to wear! But it was mercifully short... the poor thing didn't last very long at all, and he didn't expect me to pretend I'd finished in the same actions." It felt like a load off her shoulders to tell Anna about it, as though confessing her sins to the very goddess she worshiped. "We agreed to try each night, and we did. He improved slightly over time so there was less discomfort. Hopefully I'll be found to be with child, and I'll never have to lay with him again, at any rate..."

Still snickering slightly at the idea of blindfolds as a gift, Anna dipped her head back as Elsa lowered her into the water to rinse free the suds. "Sounds like you made the best of an annoying situation. Glad he was gentle with you, though, I was kind of worried about it." As she raised back up out of the water, she turned and allowed her body to float down and settle against her sister's, straddling one of her thighs and nestling her chin into firm cleavage, gazing up with mingling adoration, pity and contentment. "It's why I wanted to let you take me with the toy this time. Let you switch from what you'd been doing the past two weeks."

Elsa sighed happily as she snuggled in against Anna's body, cradling her head against her breast. "It was very thoughtful. Although you taking me with it is nothing like Rhys, I promise... he's much, much smaller." She immediately felt bad for speaking of her husband that way, given that it wasn't exactly his fault her heart belonged to another. "But he really is a sweet man, Anna. He's got a brilliant mind! I'll be glad to have him on my side in meetings with my council."

"That's good, then. Maybe I can eventually think of him as family, too." She reached up and traced a finger along Elsa's shoulder for a moment before she snorted and asked, "How small is small?"

"I don't think he'd appreciate me saying!" Elsa laughed. Then she blushed and grinned. "Half the size of our little toy, if that. Though I suppose all men could be that size. I have no idea!"

"Oh, wow!" Both sisters laughed for a goodly moment, and then Anna wrapped her arms more tightly around Elsa as she whispered, "I'm glad, actually. To be completely honest, I was afraid he would be way too big or something, could injure you. You hang around in the village long enough, you start to hear horror stories."

"I don't want to hear the horror stories," Elsa said quickly, poking Anna's nose. "Ugh... how uncouth. I am growing to like Rhys very much, but I hope I never have to see him naked again."

Anna's mouth dropped open. "So you did peek, even with the blindfolds! What..." Blushing, Anna looked left and right again, still shy about imaginary people hearing some of her less-eloquent words. "What does a... well, y'know. What does it look like, anyway?"

Elsa blushed a deep shade of red. What a ludicrous conversation! "Well, it... it looks a lot like a... a finger." She paused, her eyes drifting as she clearly envisioned something she found unpleasant. "A sad, soft little finger with a mushroom on top."


If not for Elsa's decision to soundproof the room long ago, their laughter could have been heard all the way down the halls.


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