My Sister's Mistress

Chapter 7

CHAPTER WARNINGS: chains, manacles, experimentation/test subject, clamps/pinching, tickling, electrotism/shocking, fingering, assturbation, strap-on fellatio, strap-on sex, congress of cow (doggy-style), strap-on anal. Also, incest and frickfracking (obviously).

[[NOTES: Okay! So this chapter has been quite some time in coming, I'm sure a lot of you have been chomping at the bit for it. Fact was, I had other projects to focus on, and Cartesian had problems within her personal life which needed immediate attention. Either way, it's here now for you to read and I hope the delay will not lessen your enjoyment. I hope the length makes up for the wait!

Also, this chapter has another scene which has been deleted for flow and length, and may or may not be revealed at a later date. (Ooh, what could it be?!)]]


The next two months flew by in a bit of a blur. Elsa was elated to be with Anna again, and it was clear for all to see. Being with her sister put an extra spring in the queen's step and a smile on her face. Everyone in the palace knew how happy she was when she was with Anna. So, in a way, she supposed it was lucky they'd been separated for so long; for now it made sense to everyone that they'd be inseparable!

When Elsa wasn't with Anna, she busied herself with affairs of state, now aided by Rhys, who happened to agree with many of Elsa's hopes and goals for the kingdom. He was a particularly useful ally when she met with her advisors, at which time his calm but steadfast demeanor managed to silence even Arvid during a heated debate. The queen had been so happy with Rhys, in fact, that she almost forgot why she had him around in the first place...

Until one morning, Elsa awoke suddenly from a deep sleep and promptly vomited all over her bedclothes. At first she was just ashamed and disgusted with herself; she hadn't been sick since she was a small child and the whole experience left her feeling nervous and unsettled. When the problem persisted for several days she visited the court physician, and the official word from the doctor only confirmed her suspicions; she was pregnant.

Her arduous nights with Rhys had served their purpose, and the discovery left her with an odd mix of relief and dread. The great relief was that she was one step closer to never having to lay with Rhys again, and never again to betray her sweet sister. She'd wanted this. But the prospect of motherhood seemed like the most daunting thing Elsa had ever considered.

Less than an hour after seeing the doctor, Elsa came knocking at Anna's door, having worked herself into a bit of a state with wonder and worry. She wanted to tell Anna before anyone else, but she had to wait for the right moment.

"Anna?" she called. "Are you in there? Um... it's me."

"Go away, Elsa!" Anna called out in a passable imitation of a ten-year-old version of the queen. "I'm busy building snowmen!"

Anna's teasing voice sounded just like Elsa when she used to dismiss her younger sister from her door. Though it usually wouldn't bother her, it now sent a cold pain through Elsa's heart. "Anna, don't tease me like that," she said as she opened the door and stepped inside, fighting back the spontaneous urge to cry. "Are you busy, sweet sister? I need to see you..."

Elsa's hand was still on the door's handle when it was suddenly flung wide, the grinning face of her sister poking out at her from its depths. Her entire freckle-dusted visage was alight with mischief. "Sorry, sorry- I'm just hyper! Guess what?!"

"What?" Elsa asked, grinning. She couldn't stay sad when she saw Anna's smile. "I know that look... you've got something up your sleeve, Anna! What is it?"

Voice dropping an octave, Anna replied, "Do you want me to tell you in the hallway? Ooh, Elsa, so bold and uninhibited..."

Elsa giggled like a schoolgirl. "In your dreams!" she teased, taking Anna's hand and rushing into the bedroom, shutting the door behind them. "Now tell me!" She wrapped her arms tight around her sister's waist. "Or I swear I'll tickle you until you scream!"

"You will not!" Anna laughed, then embraced her sister tightly. For a moment, all was simply the warmth between the two of them, bodies pressed together and contented at the nearness of the one they loved without reservation. Then, when she was done soaking that in, the youngest whispered, "A certain shipment from the New World arrived today. Just you wait!"

"A shipment?" repeated Elsa. "From the Americas? How exciting!" She was beaming back at Anna now without a hint of sadness. Her sister's joy was positively infectious. "But that doesn't really tell me anything! I think I'll have to persuade you after all..." Her fingers danced up Anna's sides, threatening to dig in and tickle without mercy.

Giggling already, Anna tried to squirm away from her sister. "N-no, no, no! It'll ruin the surprise! And speaking of which," she said, playfully swatting Elsa's hands away, "Are you busy right now?"

Elsa rolled her eyes. "Of course I'm not busy," she replied sweetly. "I came here to see you, remember? I suppose you're going to show me then, hmm?"

"Show you a few things." Anna walked coyly to her sister, one foot in front of the other, until she was standing immediately in front of her, hands behind her back and cheeks bunched from her grin. "Okay. You pick the word of safety today, and make it a really good one. One you can't forget."

Elsa paused, drawing a nervous breath. She should have known her sister's surprise would be carnal in nature, but she'd been naïve enough to think Anna might be excited about a new food or a dress. She didn't want to get too distracted from the real reason she'd come to see Anna... but then again, maybe this was just the distraction she needed. She'd come to her sister in need of comfort, and nothing made her feel better than finding ecstasy at Anna's hands. "Okay," she replied. "Um... how about…violin?"

Brow furrowing, Anna asked, "Hey, do you not want to play right now? It's totally okay if you don't, we can save this for later."

"I do!" Elsa replied quickly. "I really do! I was just surprised, that's all." She took Anna's hand and squeezed it gently. "You know I'm always happy to play... and I really want to see this surprise!"

Immediately, the grin was back, Anna's reservations erased by her sister's enthusiasm. "Okay, good. You know I worry." Closing her eyes and taking a few deep breaths, the lids were slow to reopen as she intoned, "The subject may remove its clothing. Fold it neatly and leave it in a stack next to the bed."

Anna's sweet, excited voice had become suddenly dispassionate and mechanical. Elsa was shocked and confused, but she was also curious. She went about removing her clothing as casually as she could, wondering if Anna would notice she wasn't wearing a corset as per her doctor's recommendation. If she did, she said nothing about it. Now nude, Elsa folded her dress, underclothes, and stockings in a neat stack, which she then placed on the table beside the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed, watching Anna carefully. "Now what?"

Nodding in detached satisfaction, Anna reached behind herself to unlace the back of her dress. When it slid from her, the redhead was left standing in a sort of skin-tight black leather suit with gleaming silver buttons holding its front closed. She reached into the drawer of her vanity and procured a pair of matching gloves, one of which she drew onto her right hand. "Lay on your back, spread-eagle."

Elsa's eyes widened and her brow quirked when Anna slipped out of her dress, revealing the suit. In truth, Elsa found all this leather clothing of hers rather ridiculous, but if such things made Anna feel sexy, then it didn't really bother her. Still, she wondered where exactly her younger sister procured these outfits. What strange merchant agreed to make them? Was it a tailor or a butcher? The thought of Anna commissioning such garments seemed absurd. Stifling her slight bemusement, Elsa followed Anna's orders. She laid on her back with her arms out and her legs apart, comfortably in the center of the bed.

When Anna approached, slipping the second glove in place as she walked, she twitched aside the gauzy fabric trailing down one of the nearest bedposts from the canopy above it. This revealed something that had not been there when last Elsa visited the chambers; a heavy chain. At the bottom of it was what appeared to be another leather collar, but one much smaller than would suit the neck of an average person. But when Anna began to pull it around the nearest ankle with brief and efficient movements, its purpose became clear. The buckle clinked as it was pulled taut.

Elsa watched Anna curiously as she procured her instruments. They seemed a bit... heaver than usual; the chains were a surprise. But Elsa's interest was piqued when her ankle was clasped in a leather strap and lifted off the bed. She looked up at Anna with rapt attention, her breath coming in short gasps.

"Relax your limbs, subject," Anna said in the same flat tone as before while she fastened the buckle on the other leg. As she moved to the head of the bed and began capturing the queen's wrists, she mostly avoided Elsa's eyes, as if she were beneath her notice or inconsequential. Her entire being was focused on the task at hand.

At long last, all four limbs were secured. Once she had tested the last one to make sure it fit snugly without being too tight, Anna reiterated, "Relax," before she reached behind the bed and began pulling at the chain that dangled there. Slowly but surely, Elsa's limbs began to raise off the bed until her entire body was hoisted free of its resting place.

'Subject?' Anna had called Elsa many names since they began playing these power games, but 'subject' was new. Elsa looked at her sister, searching her eyes for any sign of attachment, but Anna seemed not to even notice her. The queen gave a little squeak as she was lifted fully up, suspended above the mattress like a human hammock.

Once the chain was looped around its mount on the wall to hold it in place, Anna stooped to begin withdrawing things from her chest. Once she straightened, she had a handful of the clamps she had used once before. She paced toward the head of the bed, squinting at Elsa's face as if to determine something.

Elsa tried to crane her neck to see what Anna was doing, but it was too much of a strain. It wasn't until her sister was standing over that she saw the clamps in her hands. "I remember those," she breathed quietly, her cheeks and neck flushing.

After a moment more of contemplation, Anna reached out with one already open and slowly allowed it to close over Elsa's bottom lip. Elsa's eyes widened in shock. She hoped Anna wouldn't leave it there long, as it would bruise quickly, but the sensation was not unlike a very rough, biting kiss. She whimpered softly and closed her eyes.

"Hmm," Anna muttered to herself as she tapped her chin. Then she withdrew another clip and allowed it to close around the nearest ear lobe, removing the first one from the lip on her way back, leaning over to stare intently at where it had been a moment before.

Elsa's back arched softly as the clamp closed around her earlobe. She gave a small moan, her eyes fluttering open to gaze up at Anna. She was surprised to find her sister examining her like a perplexing book. "Anna...?" she breathed softly.

"Uh-huh," she noted in a sterile tone as she quickly paced around the bed to stand on the other side. Elsa's back arched more sharply as the second clamp closed on her other earlobe. Then, after contemplating briefly, Anna pressed one into the tender flesh covering Elsa's ribcage, just beneath her breast, and allowed it to close. She squirmed and strained at her bonds, whimpering pleasantly.

Flicking lightly at it, Anna then looked up and down the entire length of her sister, hanging there between all four bedposts like a butchered ham. Her hand extended a few seconds later to place a fourth clamp on the nearest nipple, easing it closed much slower than the last few.

"Ahhhh— GODS!" Elsa moaned as the fourth clamp closed very slowly on her nipple, sending a bolt of lightning down her spine. "Anna!"

"Interesting," Anna murmured under her breath as she paced around the foot of the bed, stopping only briefly to observe the sight she found when standing literally even with Elsa's glorious opening before moving on to the other side. Running one of her gloved hands over the underside of Elsa's upper arm, she then clamped a sampling of the flesh between two prongs of another cruel little device.

Anna was studying her like a doctor, Elsa realized suddenly. Observing her like an experiment. The realization made her feel both excited and alienated. She didn't have long to dwell on it, though, as Anna placed another clip onto Elsa's arm. She whimpered and bit her lip firmly. Then, without warning, she began removing all the clamps.

"Subject seems especially reactive to firm sensation," Anna said dispassionately. "Two tests remain."

Then she reached into the chest and brought up a small jar with a cork in its top. Elsa craned her neck to see what it might contain, but it was opaque. The odd, clinical personality Anna had crafted made Elsa uneasy, even though nothing so far had felt especially uncomfortable. But since this character didn't seem to mind when she asked questions, the queen said, "What's in that jar?"

"Something from the kitchens," Anna answered, as if whether she even answered or not was of no import. Striding to the end of the bed, she knelt on the end until her chest was level with Elsa's suspended hips, thighs on either side of her head. "Relax your muscles."

Something from the kitchens? This was reminding Elsa more and more of… the peach. A repeat of that performance would be disturbing but not altogether unwelcome. She closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, relaxing her whole body until she could feel only the chains were holding her up.

The next instant, two gloved fingers were sliding into Elsa's semi-open sex, wriggling back and forth. Anna did not waste a single second on hesitance. Elsa gasped and arched high in the air as Anna's fingers plunged into her very suddenly. The gloves made her fingers incredibly smooth and cool, and the motion made Elsa's back undulate slowly. "Ah!" Elsa sighed. "Ahh-mmm, yes!" There was something else too, the familiar scent of… olive oil! Anna must have been using it as a lubricant on her gloved hands.

Dipping her head to one side, Anna adjusted the angle of her arm to better penetrate her sweet sister, allowing her thumb to drift upward to the clit, pressing in ever so slightly as her fingers waggled in disparate directions, stroking that perfect spot inside her. "Fascinating."

The intensity was magnified by the sudden onset. Elsa's toes curled tight against her feet, and she gripped the chains holding her wrists, desperate to brace herself against something. "Aaaahhh... YES!" she groaned. "Aannaaaah..."

"Subject responds well to clitoral stimuli. Progressing to the next stage of this experiment."

An instant later, another well-lubricated object was pressing up against Elsa's lower opening. Her neck snapped up when she felt it. Anna was sliding one finger inside her ever so slowly; meanwhile, her other hand hadn't stopped teasing her sex. Her eyes rolled shut as the combined sensations overwhelmed her, her whole body trembling.

Anna couldn't suppress a moan of her own as the finger finally made its way past the verge once Elsa's body stopped resisting its steady progress. A pink tongue wetted her lips as the oiled, leather-clad digit slid past the first knuckle, and then the second. Three fingers, and not all in the same opening. The sight of it was positively decadent. It sent tendrils of heat down Anna's body and into her own sex, which was rapidly gathering dew.

"Annaaaah..." Elsa moaned, her whole body rigid as Anna's finger sank deeper inside her. The sudden, simultaneous pleasure was pushing her quickly to the edge. "Anna, I'm gonna- I'm gonna- gonna come!"


Instantly, all fingers were removed from their respective places as Anna took a half-step backward and off the bed again. Elsa gave a strangled cry when her sister stopped touching her entirely. How could Anna be so cruel? Elsa had been just on the brink of an incredible climax. She lifted her head weakly, trying to see what on earth Anna had stopped for.

"Final experiment."

Presently, the younger sister was dropping a strange and heavy artifact onto the bedside table with a loud clang. It seemed to be made up of metal gears and cylinders, and a large handle on one side was attached to a crankshaft. A long leathery hose was slowly being unwound from around its bulk by the leather-clad princess. At its end was a wooden handle, out of which protruded some sort of metallic prongs. It looked like something out of a mad scientist's lab.

"Anna," Elsa said, her voice serious and a bit frantic. "What is that? Y-you have to tell me what that does..."

"The subject will find out momentarily." Cranking the contraption with her free hand, Anna extended the prongs so they were within easy sight above Elsa's nearest pink peak. Whirring filled the room, soon joined by an ominous low hum. Elsa couldn't believe Anna wouldn't tell her what the frightening device was for. Frozen like a deer, she watched the metal prongs come closer to her chest, the strange humming sound growing louder.

Scant seconds later, a violet flash sparked between the prongs, arcing to alight upon Elsa's sore, swollen nipple.

Either the force of the electricity, the pain, or merely surprise – she couldn't tell which – caused Elsa's whole body to spasm. For a brief moment, all sense of direction ceased to hold meaning; it was both delightful and horrible, beyond anything she had ever experienced. Then a terrifying thought occurred to her, one that asserted itself above all others: what if such a shock could hurt her baby, or cause her to miscarry? Had she already ruined everything by allowing this to happen?

"VIOLIN!" Elsa shouted only a split-second after the shockwave ended. Tears sprang to her eyes. "VIOLIN! Anna, STOP! Let me down!"

"Elsa?" Anna breathed, blinking as she was snapped violently from her persona, disoriented. Then she tossed the wand aside, one gloved hand resting on Elsa's upper arm. "Oh gods, wh-what's wrong?"

"LET ME DOWN!" Elsa shouted, straining violently against her leather cuffs. She needed to be free, out of this strange and vulnerable position, so she could be close to the real Anna. "Let me down, Anna! NOW!"

Tears sprang to Anna's eyes as she took a step back in dismay. "I... what did I do? They promised it would be safe, that the charge was so minimal that nobody could ever be-" Then her brain caught up to Elsa's words. "Down? Yes! Oh no, you're in this- hang on, Elsa, I'm getting you down! I swear to our ancestors I'm getting you down!" Vaulting onto the bed, she fumbled madly with the chain, lubricated hands sliding off it several times. A sob broke from within her throat as she finally caught hold of the chain well enough to unwind it from its holding position and begin lowering her sister back to the mattress.

Elsa held her breath until her body came in contact with the bed again. As soon as the tension in the chain was gone, she sprang up, throwing her arms around her younger sister. She sobbed against Anna's shoulder for a moment before catching her breath and regaining a bit of control. A crackling of frost still formed underneath her fingertips on the surface of Anna's silly leather suit.

"I'm sorry," she stammered. "Anna I'm so, s-so sorry... I came here to tell you, but then you said you wanted to play, and I knew I would feel better..." Gods, she was rambling. After gasping for a few calming breaths, she managed to say, "Anna, I-I'm pregnant."

Anna went rigid at that last word. Everything came to a grinding halt. Several seconds passed before she moved or even breathed. When she did, she merely whispered, "You're... what?"

Elsa frowned at Anna, looking up at her tearfully. "I said I'm pregnant," she repeated. This wasn't exactly the warm, supportive reaction she had expected from Anna. She pulled away from her younger sister and wiped the tears from her face.

"No, I- God, I'm sorry, it's..." Tears spilled down Anna's expressionless face. "I... you were hurt, and now you're gonna have a baby, I- give me a second, I-"

"J-just get me out of these cuffs, Anna," Elsa sighed exasperatedly.

Anna started trembling all over, staring off into the corner. "God, you're gonna have a baby, and I'm zapping you with that, that thing! What if- no. No, I couldn't have, they said it was safe, you were..."

"I don't know," Elsa sighed, shaking her head. "Maybe it is perfectly safe. I panicked, okay? But I... I don't want you to use that... that thing on me again!" Elsa couldn't stand the chains and cuffs binding her limbs any longer. She squeezed her eyes shut and channeled all her fear and anger into ice. The iron buckles on the cuffs, as well as the ends of the chains themselves, froze solid and shattered. "Gods, Anna, stop it," Elsa sobbed. "You're not helping!"

Finally truly focusing on her sister's face, Anna raised her hands to Elsa's eyes, then saw the gloves. Growling distractedly, she ripped them from her hands and flung them over her shoulder before wiping the tears away. "I'm sorry, you'll never know how much, I- I'd been planning this for so long, and by now I even forgot you might be pregnant from your honeymoon, and I just wanted you to have a special new... but you hate it, of course you hate it!" Belatedly, she reached up to brush the remnants of the chains away and unbuckle the leather restraints. "I'll get you out! These are coming off now, hold on, Elsa! I'll do your feet next, and then... and then everything will be fine!"

"I should have told you first thing," Elsa sobbed as Anna's hands moved to her ankles. "Or I should have said the word when I saw the machine. I-I'm to blame too..." She breathed a deep sigh of relief as the last of the leather bonds fell away. She continued to sob, but she reached out to embrace her sister. How could she stay mad at Anna when this was really her own fault? Elsa rested her head on Anna's shoulder and cried for a while before regaining control and catching her breath. "I haven't told Rhys yet," she whispered absently. "I wanted you to be the first to know… Oh Anna, hold me, please! I need you more than ever now..."

"Okay," Anna breathed, still sounding as if she would fall apart at any moment as her hands slowly came to rest on Elsa's shoulders. "We... I'd never, ever want to really hurt you, I hope you know that." Burying her face in her sister's neck, she wrapped her arms more tightly around the body beneath her as she whispered, "But I almost hurt your... I almost hurt our baby, Elsa. That makes me feel sick. Can you forgive me?"

Elsa's heart ached after Anna's heartfelt reply. Of course her sweet sister would understand; of course Anna would be there for her. This was the Anna she knew and loved. "Yes, it will be," she replied softly. "Oh, of course... of course I forgive you, Anna!"

Smiling bleakly, Anna slowly allowed herself to begin kissing along Elsa's face. "Just tell me what I can do to make it up to you for what... for what happened." Forcing herself to remember that neither of them were truly at fault for the near-incident was not easy for Anna, but it was important to do it now. For her sister's sake. "Anything you want, name it."

"Well..." Elsa thought as she dried her tears on the back of her hand and smiled at Anna, sighing happily and arching her neck into her soft kisses. A mischievous smile crept across her face. "You still owe me an orgasm." She giggled. "I was really enjoying myself up until you stopped to get the machine..."

"Hmm?" It took Anna a moment to replay the events in her mind, eyes stinging with shame when she remembered the end of their play. Then she focused on what Elsa meant, and her mouth dropped open. "Oh, I- oh, with both of your...?"

Elsa blushed. "Well, yes..." she said softly. "It felt amazing." She squeezed her sister tightly, moving to kiss Anna's neck. "Make love to me, Anna," she whispered in her ear. "Take me slow and gentle for a change."

Briefly, Anna's expression darkened at Elsa's last three words. For a change. Their games ran too dark, too often. Perhaps that would have to be addressed in the near future. At the same time, here was her sister, still excited and wanting her. "Alright… Slow and gentle for my queen."

There was no mistaking that expression on her Elsa's face; she wanted what Anna had to offer. The younger sister took on a persona, but this time one of someone with not a care in the world, burying the weeping and self-loathing she wanted to wallow in until later. Elsa's body still needed to be sated in the here and now.

With a little wink, she began taking off the leather top as smoothly as she could, given its skin-tight fit. The breeches and boots followed. Now only a lacy covering graced her most intimate area. Taking up the gloves, she turned back to Elsa with an inquisitive eyebrow raised. "You didn't seem to mind these, though."

"I didn't… mind it," Elsa agreed, giving her a little wink and a smile. Never would she ever tell Anna how ridiculous she thought she looked. "If it makes you feel beautiful, then that's all that matters, you know. The gloves felt... interesting." She reached up and took Anna by the shoulder, pulling her in for a passionate kiss before she could put them on again. "But I just want to feel you for now, Anna..."

Shivering, Anna again flung them over her shoulder as she fell against Elsa, hands exploring her sides and shoulders as they resumed their kiss, tongue sliding the length of her lower lip before dipping inside to find its companion. Their lips and tongues danced slowly, making Elsa moan against her sister's mouth, wrapping her arms around Anna's waist and holding their bodies close together. At length, one of Anna's hands played downward until it rested on Elsa's hip for a minute or more before moving on to dip between her thighs and tease at her thatch of golden curls.

"Ah!" Elsa whimpered when she felt Anna's fingers wandering along the outside of her sex, and her hips bucked gently up to meet her hand. "Ahh... Anna!"

"Mmmmhh," Anna sighed contentedly, sliding her hand lower. Her sister was so warm and inviting. Why had she wanted to wear gloves in the first place, to rob herself of directly experiencing this?

Feeling her readiness, Anna plunged her middle finger all the way in, flicking it up and down against the most sensitive spot before pushing it back inside until her knuckles prevented further exploration. Elsa's hips undulated steadily against the stroking motion of Anna's fingers. Neither of them broke the kiss, Elsa moaning softly against Anna's lips, holding her close with both hands against the small of her back. Lowering her thumb into the generous amount of fluid gathered there, Anna coated it well before moving it up to rest against the rigid protrusion above Elsa's opening. Then, once she had readjusted her position on the bed so they were both more comfortable, she began moving the thumb in gentle circles around its circumference.

Elsa cried out and bucked hard against Anna's hand when the thumb pressed against her swollen clit. She lay to the side of her sister, so Anna leaned over her slightly, and Elsa could gaze up into her eyes. This was what Elsa needed; this was the gentle, loving intimacy for which her worried heart ached.

"Anna," she sighed breathlessly. One hand gripped Anna's shoulder tightly, and the other came up to fondle her own breast. "Mmmm, yesss... more, Anna!"

"More?" Anna panted, their kissing having winded her. Then she remembered what she had been doing previously. How serious had Elsa been about wanting that? They had only really done it during their edgier play; it seemed like such a depraved and sinister thing to perpetrate on any human being. Might she be open to it during a more tender encounter such as this?

"More," Elsa repeated breathlessly, rocking her hips steadily into Anna's ministrations.

"Oh... okay." Her sister did, in fact, request she finish what they had started before the incident with the machine. Thumb still ministering to the slick little nub, she stretched her hand wide and drifted her middle finger over the still-slick gate of highest taboo.

When Elsa felt her sister's finger against her rear entrance, her eyes widened and she smiled mischievously. That was better than what she had in mind. "Yes," she whispered, parting her legs farther to give Anna better access. "Yes, please, Anna!"

"R-really?!" Anna exclaimed, equal parts heat and surprise in her tone. Then the thrill overtook her when the obvious pleasure in Elsa's face confirmed it beyond shadow of a doubt. "Elsa, by all the gods, you... you are so, sooo exciting to be with!" Leaving a final kiss on Elsa's lips, she moved downward until she could take over worrying the clit with her left hand and devote more attention to penetrating the anus with her right, sliding just the tip of her finger inside, feeling the viscous olive oil that lingered from her earlier intrusion.

Elsa could only gasp breathlessly as Anna praised her, though she would have liked to return the compliment. Then she was rendered completely speechless when she felt Anna's finger slip inside almost effortlessly. "AH!" she moaned loud and gripped the bedsheets beneath her. "Gods! ANNA!" Her hips rocked rhythmically for a moment longer before her whole body went rigid, toes and fingers trembling. "Annaaaah... I-I'm g-gonna come!"

Again, Anna felt compelled to demand confirmation but restrained the impulse, instead simply letting her fingers do the talking. Faster and faster she moved over Elsa's rapidly-reddening button, only just wiggling the finger of her other hand as it slowly sank in past the second knuckle, the moans of her lover rolling over her like waves of perfumed air. Inspired by that word picture, Anna puckered her lips and blew lightly over the exposed private regions of her sister as she continued to stimulate them.

Feeling Anna's finger moving inside her, her thumb on her clit, and her cool breath against her heated sex was altogether too much. Elsa came with a long, breathy moan. Her muscles spasmed tight around Anna's finger as the familiar white, hot light burst behind her eyes, her back arching painfully high off the bed.

It felt like ages before her climax subsided, leaving her breathless, a thin sheen of sweat glistening across her skin. She struggled to open her eyes and gazed lovingly at her sister. "Mmmm... Anna..." she sighed, reaching down to stroke the younger woman's cheek lovingly with the back of her hand.

Leaning into the touch, Anna grinned giddily as both of her hands stilled their movements. After a few more seconds, Anna leaned down and kissed Elsa's smooth stomach with such tenderness that she did it again, hoping to top her own action. "Was Her Majesty pleased with my efforts?"

"Mmm... yes," Elsa sighed, running her fingers through Anna's hair as she gazed down happily at her through a lovely, post-orgasmic haze. She giggled when her sister kissed her belly yet again, arching slightly into her soft lips. "Oh, I was very... pleased!" She rested her head against the pillow for a moment, closing her eyes. Then she sat up slightly, grinning at Anna shamelessly. "Will you take me again?" she asked.

"Will I- Elsa," Anna breathed with equal parts shock and enthusiasm, staring up into the glittering blue irises of her sister. "Of course! You, um, want me to get right back to work, or try something else?"

"How about this?" Limbs shaking, Elsa moved to the end of the bed and opened the chest, pulling out the leather phallus and its harness. "I've just been so... well, horny lately!" she confessed as she handed it to Anna, leaning back into the pillows again and blushing scarlet. "These past few days have been such a whirlwind... one minute I feel like bawling, and the next I'm so aroused I can't even think!"

Anna just knew that by now her bloomers were soaked. This insatiable new Elsa was very much to her liking. Her hands fumbled slightly as she took the apparatus from her sister's, but as she began to dress herself in it, she hesitated. "Oh... but wait, is... could this have any chance of hurting the baby? M-maybe that's a silly question, but what do I know about that kind of thing?"

Elsa shook her head with almost no hesitation. "I don't think so," she replied. "I asked the doctor if I could still make love to my husband." She giggled. "Of course when I said 'my husband', I really meant you."

Snickering, Anna cinched the straps tight within their buckles. Then she placed her hands on her hips and said in as low a register as she could pitch her voice, "Well then, little lady. You ready to handle your big, strong husband? A man has needs, you know."

"Oh, yes," Elsa laughed playfully. Moving forward on her hands and knees, she gazed up at Anna and placed a small kiss on the tip of her leather manhood. "That's why I'm here," she whispered in a sultry voice. "So... how may I fulfill your needs, husband?"

Blinking several times at Elsa's slipping into the role, Anna decided to maintain hers for a moment longer. "You're already doing a fine job there," she rumbled, landing an affectionate hand on the queen's head.

Elsa flashed Anna a sweet smile before taking the top of the leather shaft into her mouth. She gave a contented little hum, her head bobbing slowly back and forth as she sucked gently on the false phallus.

"Mmm," Anna intoned as she tried not to picture her lover doing this on a real male organ. It had been established that nothing of the sort had taken place with Rhys during their awkward-yet-necessary coitus; Elsa had firmly ruled that out. They had tried one or two positions simply out of boredom, but otherwise did not vary from the standard example of marital relations. But what if...

What if Anna had been born a boy? What if she really did have one of those, and Elsa were fellating it with her perfect little mouth right now? Arousal suddenly began burning its way up her body, filling her cheeks with rouge. She really had no desire to ever touch one herself, but her curiosity wasn't so easily squelched. The tanned facsimile had so much surface area. If that were Anna's skin instead of leather, how would it feel to have so much flesh that was sensitive to erotic stimulation... and have it all being enveloped by her sister's mouth?

The next moan that came from Anna was so low and hungry that she gave herself chills.

Elsa was surprised to hear Anna's voice, so deep and raw that it sent a shiver down Elsa's spine. She couldn't believe this turned her on so much, when she couldn't even feel it! But she supposed Anna was getting a very nice show. She pulled back for a moment to run her tongue up and down the length of the shaft. "Does this please my darling husband?" she teased, taking it back into her mouth at a leisurely pace.

"It does," Anna sighed, watching smooth lips pucker perfectly around its girth for several long seconds before she couldn't stand the teasing any longer. She slipped her hands underneath Elsa's shoulders and yanked the elder girl to her feet, taking her lips ravenously, tongue laving her with recklessness that belied her own carnal yearnings.

A little cry rose from Elsa as she practically melted into Anna's passionate kiss, her body alight with intense passion and need. She broke the kiss to lavish Anna's neck and shoulders with smaller kisses, nibbling occasionally at the tender flesh of her throat. Her hand moved down between them to stroke the leather shaft. "A man has needs, hmm?" she teased, leaning in to whisper into Anna's ear. "Then satisfy your needs... however you please."

Though Anna's head had dipped to one side, almost quivering from the attentions on both neck and the phallus, Elsa's words cut through her mind, cleared it slightly. "If... If it please you as much as I, then get on all fours on the bed for me."

Elsa obeyed without hesitation, turning around so her back was facing Anna before she got down on her hands and knees. "Like this?" she teased, wiggling her pert backside in the air.

Unseen by her sister, Anna covered her mouth to prevent a squeal of delight from escaping her. The sight before her was as flawless and inviting as it ever was, and she couldn't resist planting a loving kiss in the stretch just between her sister's openings.

Elsa gasped and laughed when she felt the unexpected kiss. "You dirty man!" she teased, looking over her shoulder to shoot Anna a quick wink.

"I'm about to get much dirtier." Returning the wink with equal cheek, Anna then slid onto the bed more fully behind her sister, kneeling with the battering ram leveled at Elsa's open gates. As she pressed the tip against the lips, the amount of lubrication was so complete that it very nearly began sucking it in of its own accord.

"Ahh!" Elsa moaned as she felt the thick shaft enter her. She didn't have the patience to wait for Anna to penetrate her completely. She rocked her hips back against Anna's, sheathing the whole length inside her. "AhhhHH, gods yes!"

Blinking, Anna allowed a "Whoa!" to fall from her mouth before she became accommodated to their now-intense pacing. Latching onto Elsa's hips, she tried to emulate the sounds she had heard from the stablehands as they laboured, her voice harsh where it was normally soft, ragged where it would be silken. "H-Harder!"

Elsa couldn't believe how rough and primal Anna sounded and felt behind her. "Yes," she sighed, rocking her hips back a little faster. The leather phallus, sheathed completely within her, pressed firmly against the neck of her womb as well as that special spot inside. She gripped the sheets beneath her tightly. "Ahhhh-ah-ANNA!"

Her own arousal was beginning to weaken Anna's knees, but she pressed on. Inspired, she tried to speak a command but her throat was so dry she had to clear it to get it working again. "Put- put your hand on it. Touch yourself while we... while I fuck you."

"Yes," Elsa replied breathlessly. Supporting her weight on one arm, she placed her other hand on her dripping sex, her fingers dancing lightly over her clit. She felt the leather shaft moving in and out against her hand as Anna thrusted against her hips. "Yesss... oh, Anna!" she moaned desperately. "Anna, fuck me!"

"GODS!" Anna bleated, her only moderately-convincing male persona slipping away as she became so caught up in their union. Her head swam as she stared down at the way her false phallus pumped in and out of the sodden opening. Its sides moved in a peculiar fashion now from Elsa's added ministrations, and her hindquarters rippled gently. Anna's thumbs moved to either side of where the two hemispheres met, gently tugging them apart.

Elsa didn't even notice that Anna had dropped her character, she was so caught up in her own pleasure. The huge shaft inside her was almost enough to make her come, even without touching her clit. Each time she felt herself getting close, she held back, easing the pressure on her sensitive nub to prolong the pleasure. When she felt Anna's hands parting her buttocks, she looked over her shoulder briefly, giving Anna an encouraging smile.

"H..." Anna's throat was thick when she tried to swallow again, heart pounding in double-time with each thrust up and into her sister. "However it pleases me? Did... you mean that?"

"Y-yes!" Elsa panted breathlessly between Anna's thrusts. "H-however it... p-pleases you!"

Nodding to herself a few times by way of convincing herself to proceed, Anna gave one more deep thrust to the hilt, holding inside for a long second. Then she allowed it to fall all the way free, bobbing slightly in the air.

Elsa's moan of desire was cut off when Anna suddenly pulled away, leaving her bereft before what might have been an incredible climax. Again, she had been denied, and it both frustrated and enticed her. "Anna," Elsa whined weakly. "Why did you stop?"

"To give you want you wanted."

And with that, bracing for whatever reaction she might receive, Anna pressed the well-coated tip up against Elsa's rear entrance, thumbs tugging the skin around it further apart with every second.

"What I... OH!" Elsa's question was cut off in the middle when she felt the tip of the shaft pressing firmly into her. "Ahhh, gods," she whimpered. Elsa was trembling too much to hold herself up on one arm anymore, so she rested her head and shoulders against the pillows, pushing her rear end a bit higher in the air. "Yes! More, please!"

"More," Anna panted madly, feeling a detached sense of wonder as she forced the shaft through the slightly-resistant defenses Elsa's body presented. They had already been weakened by previous advances to the point where it admitted the tip more readily than she would have expected. What was it about watching a rod coated with Elsa's own juices going into that forbidden place that set her off so effortlessly?

"G-Gentle!" Elsa moaned as the shaft penetrated her tight entrance, pain and pleasure mingling as muscle and sinew stretched to accommodate its heavy girth. "Please," she gasped, gripping the sheets desperately with both hands.

But Anna didn't want to be gentle. Still, she managed to slow her pace slightly, biting her bottom lip so hard she nearly drew blood to force herself to think. "Relax," she panted hotly. "You have to... let it in, or it won't move so easily." Then she began working it gently side to side, gasping anew at the sight it provided. Why was this so mesmerizing? Why couldn't she get enough of it?

Elsa moaned as the leather shaft sank deeper inside her. She took a deep breath and tried to relax her muscles as Anna continued to push forward. "I'm trying," she whimpered. "It's... AH! It's so big!"

"Do you need more olive oil? I can... I can put more." But then she realized she couldn't; not without pulling out and starting the process all over again once she had retrieved the tiny jar. That could arguably be more difficult for Elsa to endure. "Oh no..."

"What's wrong?" Elsa asked breathlessly. She followed Anna's gaze to where the jar of oil lay just out of their reach. "It's okay, Anna. Y-you can get the jar, I-I'll be okay."

Teeth gouging into her lip again, Anna actually squinted one eye shut as she slowly removed the length from within her sister and immediately grabbed for the jar.

Elsa's body didn't want to let go of the smooth leather; she gave a strangled moan as the shaft slid out of her. "Ahhh! Mmph... d-definitely needs more oil..."

"Gods, I'm sorry!" Anna whispered, trying to keep the comment quiet so as not to fully shatter the mood with her earnest apology. Within a half-second, she was poised at the entrance again, noting that it had not fully closed; good. That had been the driving force behind her haste. With the tip against the slick skin again, she began dribbling oil down it as she pushed.

Elsa set her jaw and braced herself as the thick shaft pressed against her entrance once more, this time accompanied by cool, soothing oil. After a tense moment of silence, it began to slide inside. Elsa moaned, her toes curling tight against the balls of her feet. The oil was exactly what was needed. The leather phallus moved with almost no resistance now. "It's so big, Anna!" Elsa groaned, her voice heavy with lust. "Ohh gods..."

Eyes the size of dinner plates, Anna kept up the steady pressure until it was all the way in. And then she simply stopped, holding it there. The entire length and width of the unforgiving instrument had slid inside.

Elsa whimpered and moaned as the length of the shaft kept sliding in. Over and over she expected it to meet resistance, for its progress to be halted, but it kept moving smoothly, until Anna's hips met Elsa's backside.

Running her hands down her face and onto her chest, Anna felt her sweat-soaked palms envelop her own breasts as she breathed, "Wh... what does that feel like, Elsa?"

"It feels...h-huge!" she gasped breathlessly. "Like it's – AH! – s-so deep inside me... It feels so good, Anna!"

"That's fantastic," Anna sighed, goggling at how their bodies were flush with that enormous length inside her sister's backside. Hastily moistening her lips again, she allowed a final drip to fall before setting the jar down. "Tell me... say you love it this way!"

"Gods, yes!" Elsa cried. Muscles contracted suddenly around the object inside her, sending an intense wave of pleasure straight to her core. "Anna... I love it... when you take me this way!" She slid one hand between her legs and began stroking her clit gently, her hips rolling in time with her own ministrations.

A moan of pure, vicarious pleasure escaped Anna as she balanced just right, beginning to draw herself slightly out of Elsa as she squeezed her own chest to enhance the experience. By the movements below her, Elsa had taken up her previous suggestion again. All that stimulation... she wouldn't last long. "Put your f-fingers inside, Elsa!"

Elsa obeyed in a matter of seconds, slipping two fingers inside herself and curving them gently up. She rocked her hips desperately back towards Anna lest she try to pull the shaft all the way out again. "Anna..." she moaned. "Anna, fuck me, please!"

"You're ready for that?" Anna panted as she briefly reached down to tease her own sex through the lace, listening to the moist sounds coming from beneath Elsa. "For me to... to put my all into this? You're sure?"

"Yes!" Elsa whimpered impatiently, rocking her hips back a little more insistently. Gods, was she ready for it! Her whole body was on fire, all the muscles in her hips and belly aching for release. "Yes, Anna, please! Fuck me, now!"

Saying a silent prayer for all to be well, Anna laid a steadying hand onto Elsa's waist as she pulled back another inch before tilting inward, driving all the way to her sister's thighs again, hearing her own slap against them with a sharp noise that shot through to her core.

Elsa screamed into the pillows as Anna drove into her roughly. She could feel every inch of the leather shaft inside her, even with the two fingers she was using to pleasure herself. Her free hand moved back, groping blindly behind her until she found Anna's hand, locking their fingers together tightly.

A part of her heart shattered when Anna felt Elsa lock their hands together. This was so personal, so close. Despite the sheer number of times they had made love, they still managed to find new ways to better the experience. Ice wasn't the only sort of magic her sister was capable of. "Yes," she panted hotly. "Yes, Elsa! I love you!"

"Anna!" Elsa moaned back, her voice raw and ragged. "I love you, Anna!" She squeezed her sister's hand tightly, working her fingers quickly against the sensitive spot inside her. "Anna..." she panted. "I'm s-so close! I'm gonna... AHH!"

Elsa pushed herself over the edge a little quicker than she'd intended to. She screamed and thrashed as she came, her hips slamming roughly back into Anna's. As the climax rocked Elsa's frame, flinging her to and fro, Anna fought to remain upright. So searing was the heat of her own arousal that she scarcely managed. Her hands and the bottoms of her feet began tingling from lightheadedness, and she tried to force herself to breathe as she watched every muscle in her lover's back ripple and contract. It was one of the most beautiful sights she'd ever seen.

Once Elsa had begun panting, Anna knew she had to take care of herself, and soon. Otherwise, she would go insane. But how could she? "Mmhh, Elsa..."

When Elsa finally regained her senses, she looked over her shoulder to smile dreamily at Anna. That was when she realized her sister was excited and frustrated. Elsa had reached her peak twice now, but Anna had yet to come at all. The older woman gave her lover a wink and said breathlessly, "Hey... your turn, love."

"I... I don't think I can w..." It was do or die. With her head spinning, Anna eased the phallus slowly out of Elsa's body until it fell clear. Elsa moaned softly as the leather phallus was removed. Hands trembling, Anna nearly tore through the leather straps as she whipped them free of the buckles, allowing the harness to slide down her thighs and gather at her knees.

As tired as she was now, Elsa was more than happy to help Anna finish. She rolled over to lie on her back, smiling up at her sister. Poor Anna looked like she was about to come undone with lust. "Anna," Elsa sighed. "Sweet Anna... come here, my love." Sitting up slightly, she placed her hands on Anna's hips and pulled her in close, pressing her leg in between the younger woman's thighs.

A pant that turned into a moan escaped Anna when she felt the convex surface of the smooth thigh pressing into her most sensitive area. With a cry of frustrated joy, she reached down and tore her undergarment from herself, shattering the air with the nose of rending fabric. Then she was helpless, falling against Elsa, feeling hands on her back and breath on her neck as she ground into the leg beneath her. "Oh! Gods, it- wow, I'm so close already! You drive me to insanity!"

Elsa watched in wonder as Anna tore her underwear off her body and began thrusting against her leg immediately. She wasn't surprised that she was close; she'd been humping the back of the leather phallus for a while. Elsa's hands slid down to squeeze Anna's buttocks, grinding her more firmly against her leg. "Don't hold back," Elsa whispered in her ear. "It's okay. Come for me, darling!"

"AH!" Anna half-shrieked as she drove herself toward the edge of reason, sinking her teeth into Elsa's shoulder to prevent herself from making any more uncouth noises, from further embarrassing herself. Why was this time so different? Why was her mind unraveling? Frenzied, she slid over her sister's leg faster than she had ever moved, breath rattling in her chest as the cruelly perfect sensations shot up through her sex and into her abdomen. "Elsa! ELSAAAAH!"

Beside herself, Elsa held Anna tight against her as she came, feeling her body tremble. She'd never seen her sister so maddened with lust before, even in her highest moments of ecstasy. She waited until Anna's climax had passed before whispering, "Darling... are you alright?" She kissed Anna's forehead and ran her fingers through her hair.

A moment or two passed as Anna sucked in breath after breath, feeling the sheen of sweat on her face beginning to evaporate as her body sank down into that of her sister. Then she took one final deep breath and sighed, petting Elsa's shoulder idly. "Yes, I... gods, that..." Swallowing, she tried again. "I'm really sorry, I don't know what came over me. Wow. That was intense."

"It was intense," Elsa agreed, kissing Anna's forehead again. "Thank you. That was... amazing." Elsa laid there silently for a long time beneath her sister, just reveling in their closeness and the beauty of that moment. Then, out of nowhere, a thought occurred to her, and she was suddenly overwhelmed by a longing sadness.

"I wish this baby was ours, Anna," Elsa said very softly. "I mean really ours."

Anna pushed herself up just enough to blink down at Elsa. "What? Hey, of course it is." Chewing on her lip, she more properly curled her body around her lover's, hoping the nearness would act as additional consolation. "You're forgetting something, here. My family is your family. That means both of us are in that womb right now, growing a... a whole new life. Even if I was a man and we had done things together, I'm sure the baby wouldn't be all that different than he or she is now. There's..." Her lip trembled slightly when she saw how bleak Elsa's expression remained, and she held out a finger to caress her cheek gently. "We are the parents. You and I may be the only ones who know that, but we are. Okay?"

Elsa closed her eyes and sighed sadly. Hard as she tried, she couldn't stop a tear from rolling down her cheek. Anna always knew just what to say, but it wouldn't ever be enough to fix this. Anna wouldn't ever know what it was like to be forced to lay with another in the name of duty, to bear the child of a near stranger. "Okay," she replied softly, wrapping her arms tightly around her sister. "I love you so much, Anna..."

"I love you, too."

Though as Anna settled against her sister, feeling her previously-frantic body now fading toward a deep sleep, she had the nagging sensation that Elsa wasn't satisfied with her answer somehow. Pressing a light kiss to Elsa's collarbone, she resolved that one day soon, she would figure out a way to cheer up the one person who completed her. Somehow.


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