My Sister's Mistress

Chapter 8

CHAPTER WARNINGS: pregnancy, foot massage, minor exhibitionism, fingering, hair-pulling, cunnilingus, fisting/handballing, masturbation, face-sitting. Also, incest and frickfracking (obviously).

[[NOTES: Another shorter, more smut-focused chapter for your perusal. Hopefully, this won't turn too many people away! For those of you reading this for the plot (if there are indeed such people in the universe), trust me – the next chapter will provide a wealth of that. For now, enjoy the smut!]]


The next three months seemed to crawl by at a snail's pace. Despite Anna's constant pampering, everything Elsa disliked about her life as queen bothered her even more than usual. From her lengthy political meetings to the minutia of dining etiquette, each minor annoyance now seemed like a major nuisance. Most of the time she was irritable and tired. Rhys offered to take over courtly business for a while, but Elsa refused. It would weaken her monarchy, she reasoned, to appear indisposed… and though Rhys's heart was in the right place, giving over too much power would make it ever harder to maintain the respect of her advisors.

To top off all the trouble, the queen now had to put up with a midwife hired by Rhys. Weekly visits were a bit much, in Elsa's opinion, but Rhys insisted that considering the stakes, they ought to be proactive to prevent any possible complications. How could Elsa argue otherwise? She knew as well as he how much the entire kingdom had riding on her pregnancy.

The idea of being a mother, though initially frightening and distasteful, was beginning to appeal a bit more to Elsa. It was hard not to become attached to the little person inside her, especially when they began to move about quite a bit. The baby was of atypical size, according to the midwife, and quite strong. Elsa looked rather big for being five months along, and she felt the child stirring more than the midwife said was common. The queen was now looking forward to meeting her child, who she'd already begun to love, as much as she was looking forward to simply having the pregnancy over with.

~ o ~

One afternoon, after a particularly long and frustrating meeting, Elsa sat all alone in an empty throne room. Though she found the meeting room more familiar and hospitable, it was considered more regal to entertain foreign dignitaries in the throne room. She remained there now partially because she just didn't feel like getting up, and partially because she was very comfortable in the soft, high-backed throne. Lounging there with her feet propped up on a small stool in front of her, the queen found herself drifting in and out of a light sleep.

"Hey," Anna called over to Elsa, knocking on the door to the throne room as she entered. "I, um, saw you sent everyone away and thought you might like a little something." As she crossed to stand next to the footstool, she produced a tall glass from behind her back that sloshed with a deep red liquid. "It's lingonberry juice."

Elsa's eyes opened the moment she heard Anna's voice. Rubbing the sleep from them, she smiled absently before she spotted the glass of juice. "Huh? Oh!" She reached out and took the glass, sipping at it with a contented smile. "Mmm... thank you, Anna! This is just what I needed… Usually I can keep myself comfortable no matter what's it's like outside, but now the summer heat is killing me. I think my condition might be interfering with my control over my own core temperature. Actually..." She leaned back again in the throne, resting her free hand on her swollen belly. "Would you mind shutting the door and opening the windows?"

"Of course, love." Glad to have brightened her sister's day, Anna hurried to do as the queen requested. Once the door was closed, she went on as she crossed to the heavy curtains obscuring the windows, "By the way, Olaf seems to have made some new friends with the horses. They're all chattering away down in the stables right now. How he can talk to them, I really don't know, but hey, he is a magical snowman."

Once her sister had closed the door, Elsa closed her eyes and waved her hand above her head, putting a small chill in the humid air. Then, while Anna was up opening the windows, she swirled her finger above the glass of juice, cooling it off and adding three perfectly-proportioned cubes of ice. She sighed happily as a bit of a breeze began blowing in through the open windows. "Is he really?" Elsa mused, sipping at her juice. "Well... even if he can't, I'm glad he's having a good time pretending to understand them. At least one of us is enjoying the summer."

Giggling, Anna secured the last of the drapes and returned to her sister, skipping happily. "It's his favorite season now, thanks to you." When she heard the cubes clinking in Elsa's drink, she smiled wider and sat on the unoccupied edge of the stool. "So how'd your meetings go today, dear?"

"Even worse than usual," Elsa grunted, rolling her eyes. "You remember the Duke of Weselton? He keeps sending emissaries and diplomatic envoys to try and re-open trade with Arendelle. You'd think ice was a valuable commodity or something." She shook her head. "Of course I refused; he burned that bridge when he tried to have me assassinated. I'll never gain the respect of my advisors if I don't put my foot down..." She sighed, sinking a little further back in her chair. "Ugh, I don't want to talk about it anymore. Just thinking about his stupid hairpiece makes me angry. Ugh."

The corner of Anna's mouth twitched upward. "It does look like a drowned squirrel, doesn't it?"

Elsa crossed her arms on her chest and pouted like a child, while her sweet sister waited patiently for her indignant mood to pass. After a moment of silence, Elsa raised her eyes to Anna's, batting her eyelashes sweetly. "Annaaaa..." she said in a sing-song voice. "My feet hurt. Will you rub them for me?"

"Of course," Anna said with a slight smile as she pried Elsa's heels free. They were actually hard to remove this time; the pregnancy was having a dramatic effect on every part of her sister, it seemed, up to and including her swollen ankles. Anna was grateful she would likely never have to go through such agony herself. The people of Arendelle would expect it from her as well, but they were in for a disappointment. "And I didn't mean to make you angry. Just, I figure if I ask about your day I can maybe give you a chance to get things off your chest. But it's not an obligation. Sorry, shutting up now."

Elsa heaved a relieved sigh and slowly went comfortably limp in her throne. Just having her sore feet rubbed made most of her tensions melt away, at least for the moment. Anna had gotten quite good at massages as of late. "Mmmm... thank you, Anna. You take such good care of me..." She gave her sister a playful smile. "You really are a magnificent husband."

Chuckling as her now-practiced thumbs dug into the tender flesh of one of Elsa's arches, Anna shrugged. "It's my duty to my bride. You and our child are all I really care about, y'know?"

"Our child," Elsa repeated softly with a smile. It was becoming easier for Elsa, over time, to think of the baby inside her as being hers and Anna's together. It would always be so in spirit and intention. As she thought of the baby, her eyes darkened mischievously. "Our child," she chuckled. "Hasn't held still all day. She's a busy little thing already."

Anna frowned as her fingers moved upward to pull at and twist the toes of her current project. Apparently, or so Elsa had told her, being stuffed further down into the heels due to the child's additional weight was nearly torturous on them, so she had been learning to pay special attention. "Really? I thought this was usually her nap-time in there."

Elsa hummed contentedly, arching her feet into Anna's touch. "Who knows? She isn't so courteous as to inform me of her schedule." Though she was a bit annoyed, Elsa's voice had a fond and teasing air. "She does as she pleases, whenever she pleases. I'm just along for the ride." Sipping her juice again, Elsa closed her eyes and relaxed almost completely. After a long moment, her legs began to squirm. "Hmmmmm... Anna," she sighed softly. "That feels good..."

"Does it?" Anna noted the squirming of Elsa's legs; this usually indicated either arousal or a more ticklish reaction. Expecting it was the latter, she tried to make the movements of her hands more firm when she switched to the opposite foot. "You know, we still don't know it's a 'she'. And we still haven't picked any names. Did you... give that more thought yet?"

"I'll call her a 'she' until I have proof that she's otherwise," Elsa replied. "And as I said, I want to meet my baby before I worry about naming her. I can't name a person I've never met." She sighed pleasantly, wiggling her toes and arching her back subtly. "Mmm... less questions, more touching..."

Anna was tempted to take the "more touching" as an open invitation to do untoward things to her sister, but restrained herself and kept her hands on Elsa's feet for the time being. "Sorry. Just trying to stay involved. There's not so much I can do to help since you're the one who has to do all the heavy lifting." When one of Elsa's eyebrows went up, she hastened to add, "Um, I just meant you have to do more work! Not that you're heavy or anything – gods, no! You look perfect! You're the hottest pregnant woman in Arendelle – of all time, even! You're gorgeous!"

Elsa couldn't help but smile at her sister's sweet, fumbling compliments. She didn't feel gorgeous at all, but Anna seemed to find her pregnant body sexy and she wasn't going to argue. "You're too sweet, Anna," she replied softly. Then her eyes widened suddenly. "Oh! Anna, quickly!" Elsa grabbed her sister by the wrist and pulled her closer, pressing her open palm against her round belly. "Do you feel that? Right there!" Her baby was kicking up a storm, to be sure; there was no way Anna could miss it. Elsa's eyes met Anna's, and she grinned. "I can't wait to meet her, Anna. I can't wait to see her and hold her in my arms."

"Oh!" Anna cried out when she felt one of the kicks. Tears sprang to her eyes. "That's the first time I've... before, when you tried to show me, I tried to feel it but there was no..." Sniffling, she smiled down at the mound her hand rested upon, caressing it as if made of glass. "Our little princess, growing inside of you... I wish... oh, it's silly, but I wish we could trade places, even if just for a day. To feel a whole little life coming into being within my own body..."

Elsa chuckled. "Be careful what you wish for," she replied snidely. Then she spotted the earnest tears gathering in Anna's eyes, and her heart melted. "It is quite a wonder sometimes," she admitted. As if on cue, the baby kicked so hard that it made Elsa wince. "Ooh... and other times, not so much." Her hand rested on top of Anna's. Impulsively, Elsa placed a long, lingering kiss on her sister's cheek.

Cooing almost purely to herself, Anna reached up and placed her free hand along Elsa's neck, rubbing up and down with unabashed tenderness. "You just have to think of how this will all be once you have the baby. We'll be parents, and- and I can take care of her all the time while you do the queenly thing. Plus, we'll have the nannies."

"I don't want to have nannies," Elsa mused stubbornly. "I want to take care of my baby myself. I'll carry the babe with me to council meetings if I must." She paused. "I do hope she's a quiet baby... Mother always said I was a quiet and sweet-tempered baby..." She trailed off absently, smiling sweetly at her younger sister. Anna's masterful foot massage, and her sweet and loving touch, made Elsa suddenly excited and needy. She rested her forehead against Anna's and whispered mischievously, "Anna... did you lock the door when you shut it?"

"Of course," Anna said contentedly, leaving a quick peck on Elsa's lips – but when she felt Elsa responding with an inordinate eagerness, no matter how brief the contact was, she blinked in surprise. "I... well, you didn't seem to want to be distur..." A gasp burst from her throat as she looked over her shoulder again, then whipped back around to gaze down in shock at her elder sister. "Elsa! Here?!"

"Why not?" Elsa replied with a dark grin. "The doors lock tight, and the room was soundproofed ages ago. Bjorn tells me it was a matter of national security in our grandfather's time. Loves to go on about it, in fact, though he and the others can never agree on the details…" She wrapped her arms around Anna's shoulders, pulling her as close as she could with her round belly in the way. "Come on, Anna... don't tell me you've never thought about having the Queen on her throne? It's almost a cliché..."

An excited flush stole into Anna's cheeks as she turned that thought over and over. "Well... I haven't. You told me to keep our adventures confined to the quarters ever since the under-the-table affair. You're really serious about this, aren't you?"

Elsa was dead serious. Part of it was that she was very comfortable where she was and didn't want to move. Also, she derived a sick thrill from the seemingly-exposed feeling of having sex in a locked-but-normally-public room. In her current condition, Elsa couldn't endure the rough treatment she so adored from Anna, and therefore she rationalized that she had to get her jollies some other way.

"I'm changing the rules," she whispered in her sister's ear. "I'm the Queen... I'm the one upon the throne... and I want you to fuck me, Anna!"

Her coloring only deepened as Anna felt overwhelmed by the suddenness of Elsa's loss of decorum. "But it's the throne, Elsa. You... make so many important decisions here." Her voice was already deepening with her lust as she passed a hand over the ornate arm, fingernail following the grooves. "Our father ruled from this very throne, and his father before him. Are you sure you want me to... take you, right here on top of it?"

Elsa's eyes darkened and her brow furrowed for just a moment. Then she calmly replied, "This is my throne now. I am Queen, and I am not defined by the monarchs before me." She tenderly stroked Anna's hair. "It would be different if we made love in our parents' bedroom... that's too personal. But this throne belongs to whomever sits upon it, and now it belongs to me. Or to us, if you'll relent."

"Then it would be my pleasure to pleasure you atop your seat of power." Anna took a deep breath, letting her reservations drop away, and leaned in to take the queen in a heated kiss, suckling her bottom lip almost before Elsa had been given a chance to respond. Her mind reasoned that if they were to do this thing, there wasn't a moment to waste.

Elsa appreciated Anna getting right to the point. She moaned against her lips as they kissed, squeezing her sister's shoulders and hitching one leg over her hip. It felt different and exciting to be in charge of Anna for a change, and Elsa was enjoying the sudden change in their dynamic. "Ever the loyal princess," she mused against Anna's lips. "Kneel before me, Anna."

Gulping, Anna drew back, watching Elsa's face. So stoic, not even a hint of a blush; she knew what she wanted and was going to have it, right then and now. "Yes, Your Majesty." One last kiss upon her lips before she withdrew. With a practised slow pace, she dropped back onto her heels and crouched before her sister, hands sliding up the hem of her dress and resting just below her knees.

Elsa watched Anna with sincere adoration as she knelt on the floor before her throne. She shuddered as Anna's hands began slowly working her dress up her legs. Elsa refused to wait; she wanted Anna immediately. She wrapped her legs around her younger sister's shoulders and pulled her in close, tugging her skirt up around her hips. "I want you to pleasure me," she said without a hint of bashfulness.

"Yes, Your Majesty." With a wry grin, Anna reached out and twitched aside the starched fabric that covered Elsa's sex. The very first thing she noticed was the light coating of liquid. How long had her sister been aching for this? Minutes? Hours? Biting her lip, she reached out and brushed the tip of her index finger along the outer lips, teasing the feathery blonde hairs and turning her eyes up to watch for a reaction.

A sigh wafted from Elsa's throat as Anna's fingers brushed the hair above her sex. She wasn't in the mood to be teased. She grabbed her sister's hand and pressed it firmly against her heated entrance. "I've dealt with enough nonsense today," Elsa said. Her voice was authoritative and firm, but a smile crept into her expression. "Get to the point, princess."

Pursing her lips, Anna let just the tiniest bit of exasperation slip into her voice as she again said, "Yes, Your Majesty." Apparently, Elsa was in no mood for foreplay. Without further ado, she slid her index finger all the way inside her sister. "Is this the point you requested?"

Elsa's whole body undulated gently as Anna's finger slipped inside her. "I don't like your tone, princess," she growled, tugging gently at one of her sister's braids. "But yes... mmmmm... you may continue."

To her own significant surprise, Anna let out a quiet moan when her hair was pulled. Did she enjoy that sort of thing? It didn't seem likely, and yet she thought she might have. Biting her lip to prevent more sounds from escaping her, she slowly began stroking Elsa's soft inner walls, first just the sides and then pressing her finger up into the ceiling, watching the fragile-seeming lips twitch from side to side as she moved.

"Ahhhh... mmm, yes..." Elsa moaned softly as Anna's finger stroked gently inside her. Her sister knew just how she liked to be touched. Relaxing back in her throne, Elsa moved her hand to the top of Anna's head, stroking her hair lovingly. "AH! Ahhhhh... more!"

"Mmmh," Anna breathed as she stroked harder and faster, bringing her other hand up to hold a thumb firmly against Elsa's clit, breathing in the heady scent of arousal that was now pervading the atmosphere inside the throne room.

Elsa's hips bucked against the thumb on her clit. "Ahh-! ANNA!" she cried. Her fingers tangled roughly into her sister's hair, her other hand gripping her throne so hard it made her knuckles turn white. "Yesss... Anna, don't stop!"

A lightheadedness plagued Anna when her hair was again pulled firmly, and she sighed heavily, just barely able to keep up her frantic pace. With a sudden longing, she placed the thumb of her indisposed hand on the clit and moved the other one between skin and fabric up to rest on Elsa's stomach, a strange bittersweet mixture of warmth and arousal now vying for victory in her heart as she administered relief to her pregnant sister's pent-up frustrations.

Elsa moaned loud and gazed adoringly down at Anna, resting her own hand on hers through the fabric of her dress. Her pleasure was quickly rising to a plateau, but not quite high enough to push her over the edge just yet. Her legs tightened around Anna's shoulders. "Anna..." she sighed. "Anna! M-more! Please!"

"Elsa!" Anna half-laughed, half-panted as her shoulder began to ache slightly. "I'm... I'm going as fast as I can, how can I do any more than this?!"

"Use two fingers," the queen ordered Anna with an irritated frown. "Or three." Her hand moved down to Anna's, pressing it more firmly against her sex. "I need you inside me, Anna... I need it now!"

That was certainly an intriguing notion. Two fingers was the most she had ever dared use. Could Elsa's body admit three? Surely it could; it had made way for their false phallus, which was more or less the same girth as three of Anna's dainty digits. Perhaps a very careful, very gentle attempt would be okay. Immediately, she withdrew just enough to reenter with her middle finger in tow, flicking them up and into Elsa at most of the speed she had been moving at before.

Two fingers was better, but it didn't quite do the trick. Elsa wriggled and bucked desperately in her seat, her legs trembling around her sister's shoulders. "M-more," she stammered. "More, Anna, please!"

"Good grief," Anna breathed mostly to herself as she exited and added a third finger to her next intrusion into her sister's body. This time, she felt very light resistance; Elsa's body was willing to admit it, but had reservations about the formation. Adjusting it so her fingertips almost all met each other, she pushed harder and felt the resistance give.

Elsa threw her head back and moaned, gripping the armrests of her throne with both hands. Three of Anna's fingers together were almost as big as the leather toy they sometimes used. Elsa could feel herself nearing the edge now; the heat and moisture coming off her sex were almost unbelievable. "G-Gods! Anna!" she moaned. "Th-that feels so good! Don't stop!"

Nodding and feeling Elsa's relentless grip tugging at her scalp, she rammed the three fingers harder and harder into Elsa, licking her dry lips and trying to ignore how unbelievably intoxicating the scent of her pregnant sister was. Not that she didn't always smell divine, but something about this particular level of arousal... it drove her wild. The hand that had been resting against her belly trailed down to pet Elsa's outer skin, collecting a few drops of dew before lifting it to Anna's waiting tongue. "Mmmhhh..."

Head spinning, Elsa watched from behind half-closed eyes as Anna licked a drop of her arousal from the tip of her finger. Everything about Anna was so incredibly sexy, from the way her tongue darted between her lips to the little noise of desire she made when she tasted her sister's essence. "ANNA!" she cried desperately, tugging roughly at her hair. "Anna... I'm... I'm s-so close!"

It seemed to Anna that Elsa needed just a bit more to get her the rest of the way. There was one more thing she could try, of course, but it seemed as equally thrilling as it was potentially dangerous. "Elsa... do you trust me?"

Elsa looked at Anna as if she were unhinged. "Of course I trust you," she replied quickly, voice ragged with desire. Then it clicked in her head: Anna had thought of something crazy. And, if memory served, Anna's crazy ideas usually drove Elsa mad in the best way. She smiled at her sister and parted her legs a little further. "I trust you completely," she whispered.

Biting almost through her lip, Anna nodded her understanding, flashing Elsa a brief reassuring smile as she withdrew the three fingers. Then, hoping she wasn't making a horrible mistake, she made it four.

"Ooh," she gasped mildly as she felt the staunch refusal of her sister's body to admit anything wider than her previous efforts. But it was only at first. Seconds later, bone and sinew parted the tiniest fraction more, and Anna felt her knuckles stretching out the invitingly hot sex of her queen. Elsa whimpered nervously as she watched Anna put all four fingers inside her, stretching her body more than ever before. Her muscles squeezed tight around the slender fingers inside her. Just when she thought Anna would pull back, she instead pushed further. She expected there to be pain, but there was none; just the most exquisite fullness she'd ever felt in her life. Their eyes met, and Elsa moaned. Then Anna's fingers were inside her and Elsa felt herself coming harder than she ever had before. Her eyes rolled back and her legs thrashed against Anna's shoulders.

"Ah... ahh... ANNA!" Elsa screamed. "ANNAAAAAH!"Hastening to make the climax as complete as possible, Anna pressed her tongue against Elsa's clit at the last possible moment, the thighs around her ears muffling the cries of pleasure coming from above her. From this close, there was no denying how deep within Elsa she was. Somehow, some way, it was a beautiful sight.

A few seconds later, Elsa's body had begun to slacken, and she backed up to gaze upon the shining face of her lover. "Wow... you really... that was fun for you, huh?" Anna sighed.

Elsa thrashed and moaned for a long time before she went limp against the throne. She must have passed out briefly during her climax, because when she opened her eyes she briefly forgot where she was; then she looked upon Anna and it all came rushing back. Her muscles spasmed gently around Anna's hand, still lodged deep inside her. "Anna, that was... that was... unbelievable..."

A laugh escaped Anna's lips, weak and astonished but happy. "You're damn right it was! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought you could open this... wide!"

The tiniest movement of Anna's hand felt like an earthquake to Elsa. Her hips bucked against the digits inside her, and she grasped desperately at the throne trying to brace herself. "OH GODS! Annaaa..." Her breath came in quick gusts, and a dark flush crept up her cheeks. "That feels amazing," she sighed. "Ooooh... don't stop now, keep going!"

"B-but didn't you just- and you want me to- AH!" The sudden thump of a heel against Anna's back decided things; Elsa wanted more, and more was what she was about to get. Squirming, feeling the room tilt ever-so-slightly on its axis, the younger sister continued to thrust her semi-collapsed hand in and out of the body of her sister, feeling the skin squelch around it, listening to the sensual sounds that had never been so loud as they were in that moment. Watching it happen was like something out of a surreal dream. Anna felt her own sex growing overheated for the first time since they had begun. Soon, she would need to stop and see to herself if things kept going this way.

Elsa closed her eyes and lost herself in the maddening pleasure, her moans rising and morphing into small screams. Anna was only moving her hand a little, but the small thrusts felt enormous and powerful to her over-sensitive body. The unbelievable pleasure was already pushing her over the edge again. "ANNAAAAAAH!" she wailed as she came for the second time. Her whole body thrashed and trembled for a long while before her body drooped back down against the throne once more. "Gods! Anna!" she panted breathlessly. "I... you... that was... oooooh, come here and kiss me!"

Shaking her head dumbly, Anna slowly began sliding her thumb up the inside of her palm with every thrust. Then, teeth clenched tight enough to force a tick in her jaw, she held fast when she felt the already-taut skin begin to resist. "Elsa... did you know? That your body can do this?"

"N-n-no..." Elsa replied breathlessly, shaking her head. She really had assumed Anna would pull out and kiss her, but instead she continued pushing her hand in further, thumb now underneath her palm. Elsa bit down on her lower lip as she felt bone and sinew stretching again to accommodate her sister's hand. "I n-never even imagined... AAHHH! It- it feels so big!"

"Elsa... hand me something," Anna panted huskily as she watched the entirety of her hand slide into Elsa, beside herself that this could even be taking place. Her heart rate skyrocketed when she felt the soft lips of Elsa's labia actually touching either side of her wrist. "Anything, a... your sceptre, just- I need something solid, quick!"

Elsa barely heard Anna's request; she watched in awe as her sister's whole hand disappeared inside her. She'd never felt so full, so pushed to her very limit. "I...wha...? Oh!" Her hand fumbled beside her throne, latching onto the gold sceptre that was a symbol of her sovereignty. She passed it to Anna with a desperate groan.

With jerky movements borne of desperation, Anna glided the sceptre from in front of her down her front, past the arm she was trying not to flail inside of Elsa, and forced it under her own skirts. There was no time wasted as she pressed the butt of the handle up against her own underwear, grinding against it freely. A loud, quavering note issued from deep within her upon contact, and she felt her submerged hand twist slightly within its resting place.

"NHH!" Elsa couldn't believe the scene playing out before her eyes; while she was being filled with her sister's hand in her own throne, Anna was getting herself off with the royal sceptre! As Anna's hand twisted slightly inside her, Elsa came completely undone. She screamed so loud she thought the sailors at the dock might hear, her whole body shaking as her muscles clamped tight around Anna's hand. Just when she thought it was over, another wave of pleasure swept over her, and then another.

"Elsa," Anna panted, eyes brimming with tears. She knew inside that her sister was enjoying herself, but the sound came so very close to pain that it still rent her heart in two. Lowering herself yet more onto the sceptre and enjoying its cool resistance defying her hot arousal, she flexed and moved her hand as much as she dared, hearing Elsa's multiple orgasms reverberate around the room, head filled with that pungent incense that flowed from where her wrist disappeared inside the queen of Arendelle.

Said queen came crashing down from her endless climax, resting limply in her throne and gazing dreamily at Anna for a moment. Then she gasped, "Anna! Stop! Enough... I can't... pull out, please..." Her tired muscles spasmed painfully around her sister's fist. "You can finish, darling, and I'll watch..."

"Hmmh?" Anna replied numbly as her own hips began to thrust slightly, hand still rolling deep inside Elsa. There was something quite literally mesmerising about the sight before her, and she might have continued doing it if not for the foot suddenly mashing into her face. "Wha?!"

"Anna! Pay attention, princess!" Elsa gave Anna a gentle tap on the chin with her foot. Her tired body was beginning to ache persistently and cramp around Anna's hand. "Ah! Anna, I need you out, now!"

Blinking away her indignation at being woken from her dreamlike state, Anna went over her lover's demand in her mind again and suddenly understood that she might be hurting her. The toe halfway up her nose attested to this. Biting her lip, she slowly began easing out of Elsa's body, trying to flatten her hand as much as possible on the way out. "Sorry, I just... gods, Elsa, watching all of that go in you... I can't describe it."

Elsa nodded weakly in agreement. "It- it f-felt incredible... AH!" She winced and gripped the arms of her throne as Anna's hand was dislodged and gingerly removed. She slid carefully down from the throne onto the floor in front of Anna, then wrapped her arms around her sister and kissed her gently. As she leaned against Anna's body for support, Elsa whispered in her ear, "There... now you can finish. Gods, Anna, that was... oh!" She gave a little cry as she felt her baby kick hard and fast. She smiled up at Anna. "I think we woke her up again!"

"Mmhhh," Anna moaned, trying to smile and mostly managing it. "That's- NNH! -to be expected, I guess, since we were messing around in her courtya- ya- YAAAH, whoa, I need to get this taken care of soon!" Licking her lips, she pushed back from Elsa slightly, twitching aside her bloomers. "Sh-should I lay down on the carpet here, or do you w-want to help me? Or..." Slowly, inexorably, her aquamarine eyes went to the throne.

Grunting, Elsa reached behind herself and groped around until she found the cushion from the seat of her throne. She placed it on the carpeted floor and carefully laid down on it so her head and shoulders were supported. Then she gestured for Anna to join her. "Sit above me, darling... I'll take care of you."

The princess's face began to redden further as she dragged herself up by the throne's armrests to hover above Elsa. "Um... okay, I'm so hot I can barely see straight right now, but... sit above you? I can't be on the throne, I'm not the queen! Or..." When she took note of Elsa's raised eyebrow and the position she was in, the red grew exponentially. "Oh, you- oh."

Elsa smirked. She didn't think she'd ever seen Anna so worked up; it seemed as though the poor girl truly couldn't see straight. She took Anna's hand as she lowered herself down over Elsa's shoulders, then grasped her hips and pulled her forward, darting across her entrance with her tongue. "Gods, Anna, you're dripping wet..."

A line of fire sizzled its way up Anna's spine as she gasped out Elsa's name, bent double with one hand squeezing Elsa's where it lay upon her hip and the other falling to the floor as she was sampled. "I... well, what did you expect? After what we... and what I got to watch happen, who on earth could still be d-AH! Dry?"

"Nobody in their right mind," Elsa affirmed hungrily. Bracing Anna with her arms around her legs and her hands holding her hips tight, Elsa drew her tongue slowly up and down her sister's entrance, laving tenderly over her throbbing clit and across her inner folds.

"Hnh!" Slowly but surely, Anna's hips widened and her thighs drifted apart as Elsa attacked with her mouth, taking such care with every tiny wrinkle and nub of her sex that she nearly came from the first action. Her cry rivaled that of the second or third orgasm that rocked her sister with her fist inside her body – and that very thought brought Anna a wave of fresh pleasure that broke against the one coming up from her loins. "MMmmfff!" It seemed cruel for Elsa to hold back anymore; her poor sister had been tortured and teased enough already. She explored every fold and corner of Anna's heated sex with her tongue before wrapping her lips around her clit and sucking gently. Her tongue darted out repeatedly over the sensitive nub. That hit the spot immediately. Squeezing much tighter on Elsa's hand, Anna lowered herself more fully onto the face below her and managed to wail, "Yes, right there! More of that! M-more!"

Elsa moaned softly as she redoubled her efforts on Anna's clit, sucking firmly and laving her tongue over it simultaneously. She brought one finger up to slip inside Anna, gently stroking the sensitive spot inside her. Her eyes were trained unwaveringly on her sister, watching the entrancing movements of her body so close to ecstasy.

"ELSA!" Anna shrieked, ululating and clenching with her entire being as the climax stole over her, stabbing into each and every corner of her frame. Her sister certainly knew precisely how to stoke the flames of her passion. It seemed like hours passed before the aftershocks subsided and she slowly sank down and rolled off the angelic face that had so effortlessly unmade her. "Elsa, you... damn it all, this has been incredible!"

"Yes it has," Elsa agreed dreamily, turning her head to the side so she could kiss Anna gently. The two of them laid there on the floor for a long while, just catching their breath and smiling at each other. Elsa was too spent to move yet. "Just when I think we've done it all, you always have a surprise for me," she teased.

Painfully straightening her legs to attempt working free a slight cramp, Anna grunted, then kissed her sister again, her own flavour tingling against her lips as she smiled contentedly. "Well, that's my job now, isn't it? To worship my queen in the most... creative ways possible?"

"Something like that," Elsa replied with a soft giggle.


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