My Sister's Mistress

Chapter 9

CHAPTER WARNINGS: pregnancy, roleplay, light bondage, nursing/lactation, fingering. Trigger warning: brief vomit mention. Also, incest and frickfracking (obviously).

[[NOTES: This is where the plot takes a turn! Don't worry, before that there's some steaminess to keep you entertained, but expect to be at least mildly surprised (unless you're good at predicting plot lines, then expect to say "Aha! I knew it!" or something similar).

Jess would like to dedicate this chapter to my good friend dragonxborne, who (along with many others) has helped me through a somewhat difficult time. And has kinks of her own. ;D]]


The sun was low in the sky as Princess Anna made her way through the castle, pausing only briefly at the top of the stairs to catch the faintest hint of simmering sauce and roasting fowl on the air. Their supper would be soon. As such, she felt it her duty to go and check on her sister's progress.

Elsa had been holed up in her study for the better part of the past two weeks, ironing out a series of trade agreements that would prove most profitable and go a long way toward securing Arendelle's future for generations to come. Since they'd cut off all trade with Weselton and the Southern Isles, it was becoming more and more apparent that the nation needed new sources of income. Anna knew to be very important, and therefore she had been content to spend a few days (and often nights) alone the past week.

However, it was beginning to grate on her nerves. Elsa had not come to her chambers once in almost three days. Things were going to have to change, and soon, or she'd be climbing the walls with lust.

Pausing only briefly outside the door to the queen's study, Anna knocked three times before calling out, "Elsa? You in there?"

Elsa didn't realize she'd been nodding off until Anna knocked on the door, making her jump slightly in her chair. She rubbed her eyes, sighing sadly as she looked down at the treaty on her desk. She really shouldn't have let herself fall asleep; there was still a great deal to do. "Come in, Anna," she called, her voice tired and exasperated as she leaned back in defeat, her lumbar region aching in protest.

The door clicked softly as it swung open, Anna peering around the corner. "Almost time to eat. Um... how's it coming in here?"

Elsa shook her head. "It isn't," she replied angrily, sweeping the papers off her desk with a gust of cold air. "I've had it up to here with this incomprehensible, legalistic claptrap!"

Anna couldn't head off her gasp, but she instantly regretted it. Elsa was under a lot of pressure, and reacting negatively to it would only further exacerbate her sour mood. "I... well, it'll be okay soon enough." Feeling more awkward around her elder sister than she had in ages, she tiptoed closer as Elsa glared down at the desktop until she could lay a hand on her shoulder.

"I know, I know," Elsa grumbled, leaning back a bit into Anna's touch and massaging her temples with tired fingers. "Ugh… I'm sorry, sister… I've just had such an awful day. I swear I've never seen a more verbose document for such a trivial purpose…"

"Aw, don't feel bad," Anna replied sweetly. "I know you're under a lot of pressure, darling. Besides, you're really gorgeous when you're angry…"

Elsa was in too sour a mood to agree or argue with Anna. She glowered down at the now-empty desk, and at her huge belly that prevented her from getting close enough to even write comfortably. Sighing in resignation, she took Anna's hand. There was a long silence before she spoke again, and when she did her voice was tired and anxious. "I saw the midwife today."

"Oh?" It was a valiant fight, but Anna could still feel her body tensing despite her best efforts to remain impassive. This could either be very good news, or very bad. "And... what did she say?"

"She said... the baby's very big. Much too big for how far along I am, by far. It will be a difficult labor." Elsa bit her lip nervously, her grip on Anna's hand tightening.

Nodding sadly, Anna allowed her eyes to drop to her sister's stomach. In the weeks following their stolen moment in the throne room, Elsa had indeed swelled to an immense size. It was a delicate matter with all in the kingdom; their monarch, while still a radiant beauty in most ways, was oddly misshapen around the middle now. Whisperings of her girth cut off abruptly whenever the queen approached, but this fooled nobody. It was quite trying, as the last thing Anna wanted was for Elsa to catch a single word that described her as anything less than perfect.

"Didn't need a midwife to tell me that. Still, I... well, you know I'll be there with you every single minute, right? When you- um, when the time comes."

Elsa nodded, smiling sadly. "I know," she whispered. Then she shook her head. "I don't understand... it can't be on Rhys's side, he's shorter than I am, for pity's sake!" She slammed her hand on the table irritably, making a patch of ice on the wooden surface.

"Oh!" It took all her willpower for Anna to keep from recoiling at the slamming fist, but somehow she did it. "Elsa..."

"It must be me. My unnatural lineage is doing this somehow."

Frowning deeply, Anna allowed both of her hands to fall to her sister's shoulders, digging in with all of her strength. "Everything will turn out alright. I'll be right there, waiting with you, holding your hand." Throwing caution to the wind, she leaned in and whispered, "Besides, we both know your, um, lady parts can handle quite a bit of punishment."

The queen had been relaxing for a moment at her sister's affectionate touch. But when Anna whispered in her ear, her eyes shot open. "Really, Anna!?" she snapped, turning to push her away. "This isn't a joke!" She stood up, her fingers shooting frost across the table as she braced herself against it. "This isn't the same at all! I could very well die, Anna! Don't you understand that?"

Anna's face was stricken as she backed up a half-step. "I... but I meant it, if you took my hand, then it shouldn't be impossible for you to..." Her breath hitched as her eyes filled with tears, one hand clutching at the air for Elsa. "Why'd you have to say that? You're not- you can't die! You're magical, if anyone in this kingdom can deliver a larger-than-average child, it's you! S-so what if the midwife said this or that? How many magical mothers has she catered to before, huh?"

"Magic has nothing to do with it!" Elsa shouted, spikes of ice shooting from her fingers and lodging themselves in the floor. She winced nervously; she hadn't lost control of her powers like this in ages. Suddenly frightened that she might hurt Anna, she wrapped her arms around herself tightly. She was at the end of her rope, and with only three weeks until her baby was due, Elsa had never been more afraid in her life. She looked over her shoulder at Anna, eyes brimming with tears. "My powers won't help me, Anna..."

"Sure they will!" Biting her lip for a moment, she rushed forward and clamped her hands on Elsa's upper arms. "Listen, it's... when the baby comes out, there's usually a bunch of water, right?"

"Anna—" Elsa began.

"You can control water, make it freeze or unfreeze, bend to your will!" Anna continued. "Maybe you can use that somehow – or if you, um, get hurt when the baby comes out, you could seal the wound shut with ice!"

"Anna, please…"

"See? You're not powerless! And I'll be right there to help you, I can run and get whatever you need!"

"ENOUGH, Anna!" Elsa knew Anna was trying to help, but in truth it was only making her feel worse. Her sister had no idea what she was talking about. Pulling away from Anna, Elsa made her way over to the window and gazed out sadly at the brightly-colored autumn leaves. Had nine months really come and gone already? The whole situation seemed entirely surreal. "Go away, Anna," she whispered, her voice shaking. "Just... leave me alone for a while. Please."

Pouting silently, Anna turned to leave. She was halfway to the door when she turned back. "Can you at least come down to dinner, please? In a few minutes?" When Elsa didn't reply, she took a deep, steeling breath. "You and the baby both need your strength, you know. You have to eat."

"I have too much to do," Elsa replied with a shake of her head. "Have Kai send it up." She didn't look back at Anna, because she knew if her sister saw the tears falling freely down her face, she wouldn't leave.

"Alright, alright." Obviously, the monarch was overly tense from the burdens weighing on her heart. Sustenance would not ease that pain the slightest bit. Other… methods would be needed. Clearing her throat, Anna asked casually as she reached the doors, "So will you be cooped up in here all evening, or could I maybe see you later tonight in my chambers?"

Elsa paused for a moment. It had been days since she and her sister had even held each other in their sleep. Anna's offer was tempting. But she was too frustrated, too fearful and overwhelmed, to sleep with Anna tonight. She wouldn't be able to enjoy herself at all with so much on her mind. To top it all off, she was now angry with Anna, and it would probably take a good night's rest to make Elsa release those bitter feelings. "I told you I have a lot to do, Anna," she replied softly, still looking out the window. "I'll be in here."


With that, Anna took her leave, expression bleak yet determined. It wasn't going to be so easy for Elsa to be rid of her for the night. Regardless of her personal and business-related reasons, Anna had been getting a pretty resounding brush-off of late, and it rankled. That was about to come to a startling end.

~ o ~

True to her word, Elsa took her meal alone in her study. Eating made her feel a bit better, and since Kai had been kind enough to clean up the dropped papers, she returned to her work. Elsa read and edited and re-wrote treaties and proclamations late into the night. It was nearing twelve o'clock by the time she reached the last document, which only required she proofread it to ensure there were no glaring mistakes. Just one more, she thought. And when this is done, I'll sleep until noon, advisors be damned...

A sudden gust of wind blew the page across the desk. Elsa had just replaced it and dropped a paperweight onto the corner when she realized there should be no such gust of wind in a room with closed doors and windows.

"Don't anybody move!"

Framed in the now-open window was a lithe figure clad all in black, with velvety breeches, a robe-like tunic, soft black shoes, and a black hood that covered all but the blue-green eyes. Over one shoulder was a coil of rope and in the other hand was a small blade. "I be here fer yer valuables, wench!"

Elsa's brow knit when her eyes fell upon the figure dressed in black. The intruder came upon her with knife drawn. How could a bandit have gotten past the castle guards? Elsa raised her hands in a defensive posture, summoning whirlwinds of ice around her fingers. "Stay back!" she warned, moving as though to rise. "I- I don't want to hurt you!"

"No one needs be hurt, aye!" the interloper crowed, hopping down from the ledge in a theatrical fashion. Theatrical? It was nigh-melodramatic. What's more, the bounce of unbridled breasts added together with the melodic lilt of the voice made it clear the scoundrel was female. Striking a pose with her non-weaponed fist at her hip, the would-be thief issued another command. "But you'll stay where ye be sittin' if ye know what's good for ye, missy! All I wants is me booty!"

'Missy? Me booty?' Elsa's eyes narrowed. Nobody talked like that – and she knew that voice! "Anna?" she hissed. "Gods above, wh- what are you doing!?" She spun around to make sure the door was shut. This could only be one of Anna's ridiculous games. "How did you climb all the way up here?"

The "thief" froze in her tracks. "Wh-who be this Anna? Though a saucy wench, I'm sure, I be not her!" Then she recovered her poise and darted forward, holding the point of her knife – as it turned out, a child's play-sword made of silvery wood – under Elsa's throat. "Pipe down, or there'll be hell to pay for ye!"

Elsa felt the wooden knife pressing against her throat and rolled her eyes. What would Anna think of next? Well, she'd gotten the last signature on her last document, so Elsa didn't see any harm in playing along... though she was still a little mad at Anna from before. She wasn't sure what compelled her to give in to the silly game. Perhaps it was the amount of effort her sister must have put into this venture, climbing all the way up through the office window from the courtyard. Anna never tried halfway, she had to admit.

"How dare you threaten the Queen of Arendelle!" Elsa replied, pushing the toy sword away. "A 'saucy wench' indeed! What business have you here, brigand?" She couldn't stifle a giggle when she said 'brigand'; the whole scene was ludicrous.

"Ye mock me!" Thief-Anna growled, holding the useless blade up to one side of Elsa's face. "We'll see how ye mock me in a moment!" Then, quick as a flash, a lariat from the rope was around the queen, pinning her upper arms to her sides. "Ha!"

Since when did Anna have, or know how to use, a lasso? Elsa gave her sister a curious look. "Oh no!" she gasped, a smile creeping across her face. "Are you going to..." She barely stifled another giggle. "Rob me of my treasures?"

Running in tight circles around the chair, Anna made quick work of binding the queen in a few loose loops to the chair back. "Oh, yes," she purred into Elsa's ear as she made two more easily-breakable restraints for her wrists, anchoring them to the arms. "Every last item of value ye own, be ye queen or no queen."

In a few swift motions, Elsa found herself pulled back into her chair and held tight, her wrists completely immobilized. "I have nothing of material value," Elsa lied smoothly, knowing the 'thief' wasn't there for jewels or money.

"Sounds like a fish story ta me!" Leaning in, Anna's eyes smiled slightly as they met Elsa's, cheeks bunching through the thin, dark fabric. Her mouth pressed close to Elsa's ear, and in the barest whisper she told her, "Tonight's word is 'barnacle'. Nod once if you understand."

Elsa understood. She nodded her head once before she began wiggling in the chair, putting up a half-hearted effort to escape from her bonds. "You won't get away with this, you scoundrel," she snarled. "Just who do you think you are?"

"I be the shadow in the night, the greatest thief in all of Arendelle! Ghostfinger!"

It was all Elsa could do not to chortle aloud at the ridiculous name her sister had crafted for herself. Ghostfinger indeed! "Oh, you are, are you?"

Ignoring the telltale quivering at the corner of Elsa's lips, Anna drew back and grasped the front of her sister's dress. "And I do believe yer keepin' it to yerself how much loot ye got for me to find! Perhaps... here!" And with that, she opened the front of the dress forcefully,

A little squeak tore from Elsa's throat as her dress was rent open, revealing the entirety of one swollen breast and most of the other. "You see through my ruse so easily," she whispered with a mock-affronted voice, trying to disguise the quite real surprise of being partly disrobed.

The self-named "Ghostfinger" traced a hand along the glittering necklace, then curled her fingers underneath it so that her knuckles grazed the buoyant flesh it rested upon. In the end, however, she reached behind Elsa's neck and unclasped it, tucking it into some sort of inner pocket of her belt. "Oh yes. There be... ample booty here." Her fingers returned to Elsa's skin, two of them tiptoeing across its surface. "Methinks I might not needs search the rest o' yer room, milady."

Elsa didn't take her eyes off Anna as she traced her fingers enticingly over her breasts. They had been particularly sensitive lately, and she arched into Anna's touch immediately with a soft sigh. Though she'd initially been irritated with her for blindsiding her with a game when she was busy, by now Elsa was completely won over. How could she say no to her sweet sister? "Take what you will, brigand," she whispered breathlessly. "I... I surrender my treasure."

It was obvious from the gleam in Anna's eyes that the treasure being offered up as sacrifice was to her liking. Still, even as she caressed the pale, engorged flesh, she whispered, "Aye. But how might this be gettin' me to me next port?" Unable to help herself, one fingertip came to rest lightly against the exposed nipple, fascinated by its additional pinkness and added size.

"Nonsense," Elsa whispered, pressing outward needily into Anna's finger as it grazed her swollen, aching nipple. "You shan't find more valuable riches elsewhere."

With a start, the thief seemed to come back to herself. "Maybe I shan't, but I takes what I wants, when I wants!" And with that, she grasped the entirety of Elsa's breast – not nearly so roughly as a true brigand should have done, but still with a firmer hand than a lover would use.

Elsa winced and moaned as Anna wrapped her hand around her breast, squeezing the tender flesh. "Ah! Yes... It's all yours... f-for the taking, rogue!"

"All mine..." The would-be intruder dipped her head down and let the peak prod gently at the bridge of her nose, letting out a very quiet sigh as she listened to the moans coming from above. After another few seconds, she pressed the tip of her cloth-concealed nose into the teat, a light shiver passing along her spine.

"Yours," Elsa repeated breathlessly. Her whole body was on fire already. As Anna pressed her nose into her breast, Elsa shuddered pleasantly and gave a low, needy groan. "Ahhh... mmm... all yours! Take it..."

A low chuckle issued from deep in the thief's throat as she looked up at the queen, playing the part to the hilt. "And what means ye by that? Take it?"

With great care, Anna rolled up the bottom of her mask until her lips were revealed, stretched tight over her teeth in a leering grin. Elsa flushed as the sight of Anna's soft, pink lip. Just the sight of her sweet sister's mouth drove her mad, thinking of all the things that mouth could do to her.

"T-take what's yours," Elsa clarified hesitantly.

"It be your downfall." Then, at a pace so casual it was as if she had all the time in the world, she allowed her tongue to unfurl and caress the very tip of the peak.

Elsa watched without blinking as Anna's tongue laved across her nipple, making her back arch sharply forward. "Ah! Ahhh... T-take me!"

"Mmm," Anna intoned. "A fine treasure indeed." As her lips curled around the pink nub, she allowed her free hand to fall to the unoccupied mound, cupping it tenderly through the scant fabric holding it in check. Wetted teeth grazed either side of it as she opened her mouth to envelop it, tongue curling around its circumference.

"OH!" Elsa wiggled in her seat and strained against her bonds as Anna's mouth enveloped her aching nipple. She longed to bring her hands up and tangle her fingers into Anna's hair. "Ahh... haaahhhh..." In the midst of her passion it was hard not to call her sister by her name. That was the only thing she disliked about Anna's games. "D-Does this treasure p-please you, handsome rogue?" she sighed.

The rogue's eyes flicked upward briefly. In fact, it appeared that the freckles along the bridge of her nose darkened slightly. Either way, the lips parted from the teat briefly to pant, "Aye, it please me more than the seven seas." Immediately, she fell to again, suckling gently and massaging with both hands.

It was impossible to miss the blush that crept across her sister's face. Elsa smiled down at Anna as her sore nipple was gently suckled. To her surprise, some of the aching pressure in her swollen breast was gradually relieved. She rested her head on the back of the chair, sighing happily. "Hmmmmm... Don't stop, please..."

"Mmhmm," the interloper conceded as she suckled hungrily, hoping to sate her carnal thirst. What she had not expected was to sate a thirst of another kind. "Hmmhh?!"

Elsa looked up again when she heard Anna's little squeak of surprise, gazing down at her dumbly for a moment before she spotted the drop of fluid escaping from the corner of Anna's mouth. Her breath caught and she blushed deeply. Her sister was quite literally nursing at her breast! "I... I didn't know I could... do that yet," Elsa said apologetically.

The thief that was Anna was very clearly turning a deep scarlet on the other side of her mask as well by what little was visible. The hand on the still-concealed breast went up to wipe her chin and came away with the translucent-white droplet. Then her throat worked and carried most of the milk down her throat, which was followed by panting. "Neither did I... um… I didn't think that would start until after the baby was born." Then she cleared her throat and looked away ashamedly.

It saddened Elsa to see her sister look so embarrassed and ashamed. If she hadn't been tied up, she would have taken Anna's face gently in her hands and kissed her. Instead she stroked her sister's leg with the side of her stockinged foot. "Hey..." she whispered. "Don't feel bad. It... it actually felt good." Now it was Elsa's turn to blush. "I guess that's why they've been so sore, they needed... release."

"Really?" Anna's eyes returned to the pink areola and its protrusion in the center as her hand drifted down to hold the foot still. Not once, even during Elsa's pregnancy, had she really thought of them as anything other than areas to stimulate for added pleasure. Now they were spouts for a child. She had robbed their precious baby of the chance to sample her mother's milk first – and she wasn't even a child herself! More than any of their previous antics, this did not sit right with her because it was not for her, it was for someone else.

And yet... that someone else had not arrived, and Elsa's chest was sore from containing all that drink. She had said the lessening of pressure was a relief. Could it possibly be alright for her to partake again? Did she want to? That answer was all too easy. Yes. Yes, she did; it had been thrilling, disgusting, extraordinary, to feel a completely unexpected jet of warmth into her mouth. The flavor, soothing and mild. It felt like home.

"Does... me queen wish me to... ease her pains again?"

Elsa waited, patiently and silently, as she saw the gears turning in Anna's head. It wasn't often that Elsa was the one taking Anna by surprise. She nodded bashfully. "If it pleases my dashing rogue... I'd like it very much."

Anna was visibly trembling when she grasped either side of the exposed breast, licking her lips, double- and triple-checking Elsa's expression for signs that she was angry with her, or annoyed, or uncomfortable. She herself was not at all comfortable with this situation, she felt so guilty and depraved. Lecherous even. And yet she needed to follow through. What's more, Elsa seemed to want this, seemed to need the relief. Slowly, reticently, her lips wrapped around the teat once more.

Elsa confirmed Anna's thoughtful glances with a reassuring smile. When her sister's lips enclosed her nipple and began to suckle gently, the relief was gentle and gradual. Elsa let her head fall back again and moaned softly. "Ohh... yes! That- that feels so good! The other one too... please?"

There was a wet popping sound when Anna pulled back. "I haven't got two mouths, milady!" Immediately afterward she fell back to work, heart pounding in her throat, entire body shivering. Fluid was pouring from Elsa's chest into her. She was drinking her sister's milk. This was so unforgivable and yet so calming. What if she found this to her liking? What if she became addicted to it?

The taboo of the act also gave Elsa a thrill. To see her grown sister suckling at her breast like a newborn was so scandalous that it made Elsa dripping wet. But she also thought it somewhat fitting that Anna should do this for her. The act was so intimate, and no person but Anna could conjure up such love and devotion in her heart that she'd be willing to nurse them as she would her own child. "Anna..." she whimpered. "I-I love you! Oh, Annaaah..."

Anna would not allow herself to break from her 'Ghostfinger' character completely, so instead she simply nodded as she drew away from it, panting and swallowing thickly. "An... acquired taste, yer queenness." Truth be told, she was red hot and ready to bowl her sister over and grind up against the nearest part of her like a mongrel in heat, but there was an order to things. Licking her already-wetted lips, she slowly turned to the other breast and eased it out from behind its fabric abode. "More? Yer... certain ye wish to offer up such bounty?" Her unspoken question: does this not sicken you? Does it not disgust you to your very core to watch me do this?

Elsa understood her rogue's hidden meaning well enough, and slipped back into character along with her. "I am certain," she whispered breathlessly, "That there is no one else to whom I'd rather give this bounty." She flushed an even deeper shade of red as her sister's hand grasped her other breast, this one still tender and sore. "Aaahh... y-yes! Please don't stop, my sweet rogue..."

"Aye, Yer Majesty." The thief could feel her eyes misting over with mingling shame and relief as she took the fully-engorged breast, allowing them to slide closed so she wouldn't have to watch this insanity she was perpetrating. How Elsa's nipples had changed in the preceding months! They had actually somehow grown in size, even though this shouldn't have been possible. And to feel something come from inside them, dribbling into her mouth and rolling along her tongue, was as exquisite as it was alarming. Yet all was as nature intended. With slow, determined pacing, Anna drained it of its stores, flexing her fingers around its girth to further ease the milk free and pleasure her sister.

Closing her eyes, Elsa lost herself in her pleasure as Anna suckled and squeezed her aching breast. The would-be thief has ended up worshipping her Queen after all, she thought contently. As Anna continued, Elsa's need for her only grew. "Stop," she whispered breathlessly. "My rogue... there are many more riches to be plundered here..." She brought her legs up to wrap around Anna's hips, pulling her a little closer.

Taken slightly aback by the sudden turn in their play, Anna found her masked face sandwiched in the valley between the still-swollen breasts of her sister. "Where might they be?" she whispered heatedly, hands pawing up to Elsa's now-bared shoulders, lips quivering an inch from her collarbone, then hovering just under her chin. "These riches ye speak of."

"Your Queen thinks you know where," Elsa replied with a smirk. She squeezed Anna with her legs, grinding their hips together. Elsa was certain Anna would feel her wetness through the fabric of her dress. "Touch me, handsome thief," she sighed.

Unable to stop herself, the roguish princess pressed her milk-moistened lips against Elsa's briefly, crushing them together hard, trapping and encircling. When she pulled back, it was all she could do to force her voice to cooperate as she said, "A h-humble thief such as I? You honor me." Then, with slow and careful grace, she began to slide down to the floor.

Elsa moaned happily against Anna's lips, leaning into her kiss as much as she could and wondering at the mild taste of her own milk. "You wouldn't dare turn down such an honor from the Queen herself," she whispered. Her hips bucked slightly in the seat, anticipating Anna's touch, and her arms strained at the ropes. "Touch me, sweet rogue," she repeated.

There was a problem Anna encountered the moment she reached the floor: her sister's girth had increased several times since the last time they attempted play in this position. She couldn't quite see forcing her head beneath it and into her lap. How might she improvise around this? With a light shrug, she turned to the desk and snatched the nearest thick – and likely dull as dishwater – tome of legal speak, stuffing it down and under Elsa's bottom so as to angle her hips up and out. "Up ye get, Majesty!"

It only took Elsa a brief moment to catch onto Anna's intention. She lifted her hips up slightly and allowed the book to be slid underneath her, pushing her hips up for easier access. She spread her legs as far apart as she could and beckoned her sister with her eyes. "Such a clever thief," she teased. "Now come here and take what's yours! That's a command..." Her eyes darkened with lust. "...from your Queen."

"Ye command me to take what I wish? Odd sort of queen, eh?" Anna snickered. Not giving Elsa a chance to reply, she tossed her skirts up and began stroking the heavily-soaked bloomers she found there with one deft hand.

Elsa had half a mind to scold the rogue for talking back to her monarch, but her voice was quickly taken away by pleasure. Elsa's heated sex was practically throbbing with need for Anna; she was so close already! As her sister's fingers massaged her through the fabric of her bloomers, Elsa couldn't contain her cry of pleasure. "AHH!" she exclaimed altogether too loudly. "AH-AHHH!"

The closeness of her orgasm both surprised and pleased Anna. Seemingly, lack of practice had not dulled her edge in the bedroom arts. Suddenly, she needed to get the queen off immediately. Jerking her sister's bloomers down around her ankles, she threw all hesitation out the still-open window and plunged two fingers deep into the filled pool of her sex, the squelching of it almost loud enough to drown out Elsa's cries. Elsa's hips bucked hard into Anna's hands as she was entered. Right away, her sister's deft touch focused on that perfect spot inside, and Elsa found herself nearing the brink. She bit down on her lower lip in attempt to stifle her desperate cry; but it emerged against her will, a desperate, almost pained-sounding scream.

Almost immediately, someone shouted down the hall. Elsa froze, her eyes meeting Anna's. Someone had heard them!

"Shh," Anna hissed as she rose hesitantly, hand whipping out of Elsa in such a way that she felt her heart sink in regret at how it must have felt. Absentmindedly, she brought it to her lips and sampled Elsa's wares, then thought to jerk the mask down over her face. "Maybe they won't-"

The doors slammed open with the force of a charging mare going down a steep hill. Two guards were holding either door ajar, and another – captain of the night watch – was taking in the shape of the room. His eyes finally focused on Anna, and on the queen behind her, chest on display and skirts only having fallen to cover her to the knees.

"A rogue!" the guard captain cried, hand falling to his scabbard. "Here for rapine most foul!"

"N-no," Anna started to breathe, before realizing it was a futile protest. There would be no holding them at bay, not for directly attacking her sister, their queen. To them, the black-clad figure was nothing but a thief who had terrorized their monarch. She was as good as dead.

Elsa stared, frozen in place, at the captain and his guards. This was it... this was the day she feared from the beginning, the day their incestuous affair was uncovered. The Queen felt suddenly ill, her heart jumping into her throat.

"Seize the intruder!" shouted the captain of the guard.

"W-wait..." Elsa tried to protest, but the two guards had already rushed forward to grab the masked rogue. The captain took off his jacket and draped it over the Queen's exposed chest before cutting the ropes that bound her to the chair.

"What is the meaning of all this?!" came a voice from the hall. It was soon followed by a half-dressed King Rhys, obviously both groggy and incensed. "Guards, have you taken leave of your..." The color drained from his face as he took in the rogue, the guards holding her arms behind her back, and the state of his queen. The placement of the jacket did nothing to temper the rage and disgust vying for attention on his face. "This... what the devil has been going on in here?"

Before anyone could speak, 'Ghostfinger' stepped out and to one side, stomping on the nearest guard's booted foot. As he howled, she dropped into a crouch and jerked the other one up and over her back, depositing him on the floor. In a flash, she was turning for the window-

For all the good it did her an instant later, when the pommel of the captain's sword came down upon her head. She took a single further step before she stumbled and collapsed, unconscious.

"Good work, man," Rhys wheezed, gasping for breath but beginning to retake command of the situation now that the initial shock had passed. Drawing himself up, he strode to the form on the floor. "Now, then, we'll see about who has the gall to invade this castle!"

Elsa's face had gone pale the moment Rhys entered the room. The situation couldn't be more awful and humiliating unless their parents themselves arrived from the afterlife at that very instant. When the pommel of the guard's sword came down on Anna's head, Elsa had nearly screamed. Rhys was now striding towards her unmoving form, his hand outstretched to yank off her hood. Elsa knew she had to act now; there was one last chance to save herself and Anna.

"STOP!" she cried, springing to her feet with as much agility as she could muster as a pregnant woman clutching a jacket over her shame. She threw herself into Rhys's arms, blocking his path to the fallen rogue. "Stop, I command you all to stop!" she gasped. "Rhys... Rhys, don't, please! I can explain everything! Just send the guards away, I beg of you!"

Everything came to a standstill in the queen's study for a long and tense moment. The first to move was the captain, who shifted uncomfortably in his stance over Anna's fallen form, sword at the ready. No one had expected this development.

"M-my queen," Rhys began, his features clearly expressing concern for her sanity. "This rapscallion has done... unspeakable things this night! How can you even begin to…"

Tears began to form in Elsa's eyes as Rhys stared at her like she was a madwoman. The sweet, bumbling man had become one of Elsa's dearest friends over the past few months. How could she even begin to tell him the truth? Holding the captain's jacket against her chest with one arm, Elsa turned to face the guards. "I said get out. Wait outside the door until you're called!" she shouted, a small flurry of snow beginning to fall in the warm room. "Now!"

The guards all hesitated for a long moment before they stepped out of the room warily, muttering amongst themselves as they stood beside the door.

"Rhys," Elsa began softly, her voice shaking. "Please listen to me. This isn't what it looks like. It's..." She took a deep breath, gathering all her courage and resolve. She stepped away from Rhys and knelt beside Anna, placing a protective hand on her shoulder. "Rhys... this is no thief. This is my lover."

"Your lo-" At length, Rhys gulped, staring between the doors and the two women on the floor. "Ah. But then why..." Brow furrowed, he pointed first one way and then another, then merely shook his head and began anew. "I'm sorry, I can't even begin to fathom what you're playing at here! Your lover swoops in from the window, and he ties you to a chair and destroys your clothes?! It-" He knelt nearby, sensing that approaching Elsa any further might incur her wrath. "Tell me you aren't covering for him because you recognized him as some sort of friend. No matter their identity, any vagabond who dares force the queen into such... such things against her will, he must be put to death!"

Elsa buried her face in her hands and sobbed, overcome by embarrassment and shame. Oh, how could she even begin to explain her twisted passions to Rhys? "But that's just it!" she cried. "This is merely a game we're playing at! It's about trust, and power and control, and- RRGH! It doesn't matter! Nobody is being put to death, do I make myself clear?!" As she cried, Elsa did her best to pull Anna into her arms, cradling her awkwardly as she checked to see that she was still breathing. Anna was alive, thank the gods, but it was inevitable that her identity would be discovered. "Forgive me, Rhys," she sighed sadly, stroking Anna's shrouded head and kissing her closed eyes. "Please forgive me... everything that happened, we only meant it out of love!"

A long moment passed as the king watched the two of them together, how tenderly she held the figure on the floor. The small, feminine figure… A sudden understanding flashed across his eyes as he spotted a wisp of red hair poking out of the hood. There was a sharp intake of breath, but he did not give voice to that thought. He only watched them for a bit longer before speaking.

"I'm afraid... things can't be that simple, my queen."

"Why not!?" Elsa demanded desperately as she looked up at Rhys again, her face panicked. "Nothing has happened that can't be fixed! No harm has come to me, or the castle!"

"You were seen, Your Majesty," he said weakly, staring down at the hooded figure lying limply in Elsa's arms. "Both of... Your Majesties. Three guards know something transpired here. Either we have the lot of them put to death, and every other guard or member of the castle staff they may have told in the past few minutes, or... there will be no way to cover things up in any way other than... a beheading. Publicly."

Elsa's heart sank. How had Rhys figured out so easily that the masked rogue was really her sister? She glared at him as she held Anna against her breast, cradling her protectively. "Then have someone else beheaded!" she sobbed, her voice breaking. "A condemned criminal, a foreign spy, I don't care who! I won't let you hurt her!"

"Nothing can be done about it right now," he rasped as he stared between the two of them. The word "her" had clearly cut straight through him; confirmation of his suspicion. He passed a hand over his face. "How... h-how long?"

Elsa hung her head in shame. She didn't have the heart to lie to Rhys now. "Since… before you and I met," she confessed softly. As she spoke she pulled away the hood covering her would-be rogue's face, running her fingers tenderly through the bright red hair. "I know it's wrong, but… we both decided it didn't matter. I... I love her Rhys. I know I can't even begin to make you understand, so—so you'll just have to believe me when I say that what we have is worth it. And I will fight tooth and nail for it, mark my words!"

Nodding, Rhys stared off into the corner for several long seconds. Then he made four quick strides to the window and was sick over the side. Elsa hid her face against Anna's shoulder as Rhys vomited out the window. It broke her heart to think she and her sister disgusted him so. His hand was raised when he turned back to the queen, however, cutting off any words of concern or reproach.

"I'm sorry you had to see that," the man grunted. "But I've never... well. It's none of my concern, and we have more pressing matters to tend." Straightening his dressing robe, he said in a more formal tone. "I'm afraid that, at the very least, I must bring a prisoner to the dungeon this very night. We're rather short on prisoners, so there's no choice. The princess will have to go."

Elsa began to cry softly, muffling her sobs against the fabric of Anna's dark tunic. Rhys was right; someone had to go to the dungeon, now that the false intruder had been spotted. "Alright," she whispered hoarsely. "I... I understand." Still holding Anna tenderly in her arms, she nodded to Rhys. "You can call the guards again," she whispered.

"Right." Replacing the handkerchief he had been using to dab at his face and mouth, the king started to make for the door, then stopped and knelt beside them. With a shaking hand, he pulled the hood back down over Anna's face. "It... is a long shot, but with a bit of luck... no one ever need know it was her. Gods, I don't know how we might make this work, though... I'm sorry, my queen, but I really don't."

"Just... don't let them touch her or expose her identity," she entreated him, taking his hand and squeezing it tightly so as to further impress upon him a sense of urgency. "Tell them to lock her in the dungeon, but no harm must come to her."

"Of course. Your guards are fine men, I'm sure they won't overstep their bounds." Their eyes locked over the prone form of the princess. Elsa looked so weary, though still flushed from her indiscretions. Rhys looked peaky from getting sick, but there was no revulsion in his eyes; only confusion and pity. "I'll... go and call the guards."

Elsa nodded silently. She remained with Anna as Rhys left the room, only letting go of her when she was pulled from her arms by a befuddled captain of the guard. The guards left with the masked intruder thrown over the captain's shoulder. Elsa remained on the floor a moment after they left, crying softly, her face buried in her hands. "Rhys," she said softly, looking up at him through tear-filled eyes. "Whatever happens... whatever comes of this, I am deeply sorry. I never meant to hurt you."

The former Duke of Swansea merely stood for a moment, hands behind his back and looking toward the doors where they had taken away the disguised member of royalty, ignorant as to whom they carried. "Our… arrangement makes sense now. You had your reasons for seeking out a king who would neither be overly amorous, nor force the issue of the bedroom. All this time... of course, it was plain as the overlarge nose on my face that you loved her dearly. To this extent, though?" Shaking his head slightly he turned back to Elsa, taking in how low she had left herself low in his presence, and grimaced. "Come, now. Let's get you off to bed." He held up his hand as the queen opened her mouth to speak. "Discussions can keep until morning, it's... the hour is late."

Rhys helped Elsa to her feet and accompanied her to the doors of her bedroom. Once there he did not bid her goodnight, but looked her sadly in the eye and gave her shoulder a light squeeze, before turning and making his way slowly down the dark hall. Elsa didn't know what to say. She wanted to apologize to him for everything… for using him, for putting the kingdom in jeopardy… but she had no time.

When Elsa and Anna first admitted their undeniable love for one another, the queen had realized immediately that they needed a backup plan. Just in case they were ever discovered, they had to be able to escape quickly, and at a moment's notice. So the day after their second illicit encounter, Elsa had begun making all the necessary arrangements. Rather than being held in the national bank, the personal inheritances of both sisters was held in the queen's personal safe. She also had a contact with a foreign shipping company, a small group of merchant vessels based in Sweden, who had given her a writ of passage for any of the company's ships. All she needed now was a way out of the castle. Anna was in the dungeon, and Elsa had escaped from there before. They just had to get from the castle to the docks quickly, perhaps on horseback, or… on a sledge.


The rugged ice harvester immediately came to Elsa's mind. He was their best hope. To the queen's surprise, he and Anna had remained friends after their short romance played itself out, and that had been long before that fateful night when the sisters became… so much more. Surely he would come to their aid, to Anna's aid, if she told him that her life was in danger. Sitting down at her desk, she found the first piece of blank paper and began penning a quick and desperate letter…

~ o ~

Kristoff didn't usually keep late hours. It was unlike him to ever stay up past midnight, since his job required him to rise with the sun to get a head start up the mountain. But this night he'd stayed out late at a tavern, drinking with some of the other ice harvesters in celebration of… was it Mikael's daughter's wedding? Or was it Hafnar's birthday? He couldn't remember. Kristoff didn't usually drink a lot either, but sometimes keeping up with the guys meant knocking back a few pints of mead whether you wanted to or not.

So by the time Kristoff returned to his comfortable cottage near the woods behind the castle, it was nearly two in the morning. He blundered in the front door on unsteady feet, wanting nothing more than to fall into bed and sleep for three days. Even Sven was already fast asleep, for crying out loud. He trudged into his bedroom and slumped face-forward onto the bed, groaning with satisfaction as he sank into the soft quilt and mattress. It was so warm, so comfy. Sleep was already beckoning him, tugging at his heavy eyelids…


Kristoff's eyes shot back open, his sleepy gaze darting towards the source of the noise. To his surprise there was a bird at his bedroom window, pecking at the glass with its beak. "Ughhh… Go away!" he shouted against the quilt. But the bird continued to peck at the window. Grunting irritably, he dragged himself to his feet and trudged over to the widow, intending to wave his arms and scare the bird off so he could get some fucking sleep, for gods' sakes. But when he saw the bird up-close he froze in place. It looked exactly like a turtledove, but it appeared to be made entirely of ice and snow… and on its left leg, someone had attached a message with a piece of thread.

There's only one person who can do that, Kristoff thought.

As soon as the window was open, the bird flew inside. It landed on his bedside table and waited quietly for the message to be retrieved, as though it was completely aware of the dire importance of its mission. Stunned, Kristoff pulled the string to free the note. This had better be good, he thought irritably as he unrolled the tiny scroll and read its brief contents.

Dear Kristoff,

Please forgive me for calling upon you so suddenly, and under such terrible circumstances. Anna and I need your help immediately. For your own safety, I simply cannot divulge the details of our situation, so you'll have to trust me when I say that our lives are in danger. The castle, and perhaps all of Arendelle, is no longer safe for us. You are Anna's most trusted friend, and therefore I too trust you with both our lives.

We need your help to flee the kingdom. I implore you to prepare your sledge immediately and come to the north side of the outer palace walls, for our welfare depends on a quick and quiet escape. Throw this letter upon the fire and come at once.

Queen Elsa of Arendelle

Kristoff rubbed his eyes. He wasn't that drunk. He read the letter twice over just to be sure he'd understood correctly. Of all the times to need rescuing in the wee hours of the morning, Elsa and Anna sure picked the worst night. But how could he refuse to go? Anna was his best friend in the world, besides Sven, even after their breakup a little over a year ago. And Elsa… well, Elsa understood ice like nobody else Kristoff had ever met. A kindred spirit. Besides, it was thanks to them he had this comfortable house, his beautiful sled, his well-paying job… There was absolutely no question. Kristoff had to respond – not just as a service to his monarchs, but out of loyalty to his friends.

Just as Elsa's letter instructed, Kristoff discarded the small scroll into the crackling fireplace and trudged, awkwardly but deliberately, out the front door.

"Sven?" he called as he headed for the stable. "Sven! Wake up, buddy, we got a job to do…"


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